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Archive-name: Miscell/guidedog.txt

Archive-author: Nevyn

Archive-title: Guide to Sex with Dogs

    A few people have chatted to me via private mail, asking 

for advice on having sex with animals.  I would like to put 

down a few pointers for novices.  Let's concentrate on dogs for 

this article,  as they are the animal of my preference, and 

also I think they are the animal most furries will readily have 

access to.  I will try to explain any jargon I use,  but only 

briefly, as I don't wish this to be a technical discourse.  If 

you need clarification on terms used here, comment to me on 

Alt.Sex.Bestiality or check a good 'Encyclopaedia of Dogs'.  I 

am also only going to refer to animals that have not been de-

sexed (in the case of males, having their testes surgically 

removed.  In the case of females, having ovaries removed).  I 

can't bear the thought of any animals of mine missing out on 

sexual pleasure. Even so,  I know in any city dog populations 

are too high, and hundreds of dogs are destroyed daily. There 

are good arguments for de-sexing,  but a responsible owner 

should be able to keep an entire animal without accidental 

litters (and still keep the animal sexually satisfied!)

    Also note that when I refer to dogs,  I mean any breed 

Labrador or larger.  In my mind, anything smaller than a 

Labrador isn't really a dog.  If I refer to a 'Giant Breed', I 

am talking in the category of English Mastiff, Great Dane, St. 

Bernard, Irish Wolfhound, Newfoundland, etc.  These are REAL 


    The first rule that leaps to my mind is this:-  the 

animal MUST BE CONSENTING!!  If the animal is enjoying the 

experience of having sex with you,  the sex is so much more 

fulfilling.  If the animal is not enjoying it,  you are 

committing rape.  If you have to force the animal into 

anything, stop.  I hope most of us would agree that we are 

animal lovers, sharing  sex with our animal partners as a gift 

of pleasure.  Any other attitude toward your animal partner 

makes you a loathsome, slimy reptile, unworthy of the status of 

a toad. So there.

    Let's start with bitches.

    Bitches become sexually mature (depending on the size of 

the breed) at around 8-18 months.  The larger the breed, in 

general,  the later they will have their first heat (Oestrous, 

the bitch becomes fertile after a 5-7 day period of menstrual 

bleeding.  Male dogs become insanely attracted to her scent, 

and will chew/dig through anything to get at her.  This lasts 

for around 7 days, followed by another 5-7 days of menstrual 

bleeding.  After that the bitch is no longer fertile.  Her next 

heat will follow in six months).

    Before her first heat, I would recommend a minimum of 

sexual activity.  Let her discover her own place as a dog 

before confusing her with too much sexuality too soon.  By all 

means caress her entire body, and around her vagina gently.  

Let her get used to your hands being everywhere on her, but 

avoid active stimulation of her clitoris at this stage.  Cuddle 

her, and love her for the puppy she is. It is a good time for 

exploration of her body and genitals for you to get used to the 

differences between her and a human partner.  You will notice 

that the entrance to her vagina is a 'Y' shape.  The tail of 

the 'Y' points toward her front, and that is where her clitoris 

is.  The lips are coated with a fine velvety fur.

    During the early stages of her first heat, the bitch may 

become depressed, or even frightened by the sudden changes in 

her.  She may start to wander off in search of a mate.  Comfort 

her and be a friend to her, and don't let her escape off your 

property.  It is now your responsibility, for the next three 

weeks, to ensure she isn't mated by the sudden hordes of randy 

male dogs hanging around your house.  Let me recommend high 

wooden fencing, and a handy bucket of cold water for potential 


    After the first bleeding stops,  her vagina entrance will 

have enlarged quite significantly.  She may actively invite you 

to sex by turning her rump toward you, and flicking her tail 

aside every time you catch her eye. In other words, she is now 

horny, and it is up to you to relieve her.

    Get naked.  All the better to use you whole body in the 

act.  Work with her as though she were human.  That is, spend 

time caressing her, hugging her.  Play with her nipples,  which 

will have become larger and more sensitive with her heat.  

Arouse her as much as you can.  When she is really turned on, 

her vagina will be well lubricated, and she will almost be 

begging you to make her cum.  The best way to do this is to use 

one or two fingers.  If you are a male, do NOT try inserting 

your dick into her unless she is one of the Giant Breeds, (or 

you have an exceptionally small dick).  If you hurt her, she 

may become frightened of you, and will not enjoy the sex.

    Move around behind her and insert one finger gently into 

her, slowly.  If she isn't wet enough, use saliva or KY jelly.  

Don't use mineral oils or anything that isn't used for human 

sex.  As your knuckle brushes past her clitoris, it is likely 

she will sharply hump her hips downward.  This is normal.  (It 

surprised the bejesus out of me the first time it happened)  

Slowly withdraw your finger, and repeat.  She should start 

humping up and down on your finger quite strongly.  Keep in 

time to her movements, pushing up as she humps down.  Use your 

other hand to caress her nipples and stomach.  She will cum 

fairly quickly and easily (this is why sex with animals is 

better than humans...).  You can tell when she is, as you will 

feel her vaginal muscles squeezing on your finger and she will 

start convulsively licking her lips.  Try to sustain her 

pleasure for as long as you can; play with her clitoris.  

Generally treat her as you would a lover.

    If your bitch is one of the Giant breeds, and you are 

male, by all means screw her.  Highly recommended in fact.  She 

will hump your dick as readily as she will hump your finger.  

Crouch behind her (or have her stand on a slightly raised 

platform) and guide your dick into her with one hand.  Her tail 

will probably get in the way (I don't believe in cropping tails 

either), so you will probably have to drape it over one of your 

legs.  Use your other hand on her hip to steady yourself.  When 

you have your dick firmly in her, you can grasp her hips with 

both hands and thrust into her.  Mmmm, savour that warm, tight 

pussy. I usually like to bring her to orgasm by hand first, and 

then screw her afterwards, otherwise she tends to hump on my 

dick, and I will often fall out of her.  Feel free to cum 

inside her.  You will enjoy it immensely, and it is impossible 

to get her pregnant on human semen.

    After you have both orgasmed, she will probably become 

very affectionate (if she enjoyed it) and playful.  Lie with 

her for a bit, stroking her, and telling her you love her.  You 

will communicate your feelings to her.

    Don't feel constrained to wait for her next season for 

sex.  Between heats, she will still be receptive to sex,  but 

you may find she is a bit tighter.  You will probably have 

difficulty inserting your penis fully into her.  Don't force 

it;  you don't ever want to hurt her, betraying her trust in 


    Some variations:-  Suck on her nipples, with her standing 

or laying down.  I find that very stimulating for both of us.   

You may like to lick her vulva and clitoris.  I don't enjoy 

that much,  but give it a go.  She will love it.  Not many dogs 

are into anal sex,  but one or two don't mind.  They seem to be 

the exception though.  If your bitch doesn't like it,  don't 

force it, or you will cause her to resent you.  If she does 

like it, (as my bitch Xanth does) then anal sex is great.  

While your are screwing her arse, you can be masturbating her 

vagina.  The sensations on your dick are, well, indescribable.  

Caution here:- NEVER move your dick from her anus to her 

vagina; you will carry bacteria, and it is likely she will get 

an unpleasant infection.  The reverse is highly recommended 

though; going from her vagina to her anus, as you will be well 

lubricated, and it will be easier to enter her.  I would also 

suggest you wash the faeces off your dick afterward fairly 

quickly too.

    For a change, you can screw her missionary style; her on 

her back, and you laying on top.  Be prepared for frustration, 

as they don't quite seem to be built correctly to enter from 

that angle.

    Bitches don't seem too keen on either human semen, or 

licking human vagina.  Sorry.  Again, Xanth is an exception, 

and it is quite pleasant to place my dick in the side of her 

mouth, and jerk myself off though her jowls.  She does like the 

taste of my semen, and I do cum in her mouth (and she does 


    I think that is about the limit of what you can do with a 

bitch.  They don't seem too keen on cross-dressing, or wearing 

rubber, so onward to male dogs.

    Dogs are the greatest sex-toy invented, for both men and 

women.  They are ALWAYS horny, and get really enthusiastic 

about sex.

    They will mature sexually around 8-10 months of age.  As 

with bitches, try to avoid too much deliberate sexual activity 

before that age.  Explore their genitalia and get used to how 

everything works.  Their balls go from almost non-existent at 3 

months of age to the serious pieces of sexual apparatus in a 

black velvet sac at 9 months.  A dogs penis mostly stays hidden 

in his sheath, so get your dog used to you pulling his sheath 

back, exposing his dick.  Caution here:-  Do not expose a young 

dogs penis for too long.  The pink flesh is VERY sensitive and 

can dry out.  This is extremely painful for the dog, and he 

will have difficulty retracting it.  Should this occur, 

lubricate it gently with generous quantities of KY jelly, baby 

oil, or any lubricant safe for sex, and carefully pull the 

sheath back over his penis.

    Another note here.  A dogs penis is very different from a 

human penis in shape.  I'll give dimensions for Hamlet (my 

Great Dane). When the dog is fully sexually aroused, the tip of 

the penis is tapered to a point, with a small, round hole in 

the end.  The taper widens sharply to a diameter of about an 

inch, then the shaft is about 4 inches long.  This meets a 

swelling of flesh of almost 3 inches in diameter.  This is his 

knot.  Then there is a further inch or so of shaft, before it 

joins the flesh at his groin.  Take a deep breath here,  that 

is about 8 inches of dog-flesh!  The entire length is more 

sensitive than the glans of a mans penis.  At full arousal, the 

knot can either be hidden in the sheath, which stretches around 

it, or outside, with the sheath pulled right back.  If it is 

fully exposed,  you will have to wait for the swelling to 

recede before you can pull the sheath back down.

    Masturbation.  Jerking your dog off.  Great! They love 

it; never seem to get enough (although, by the gods of 

Gorgonzola, I do my best to give them enough!).

    Get naked.  Heaps more fun.  Caress your dog all over his 

body, around his rump, and over his balls.  Tease him a bit.  

You can tell when they are REALLY turned on, they will butt 

their heads into your groin if you stop.  When you and he are 

ready, kneel beside him (if you are right handed, kneel on his 

left side) facing slightly toward his rear.  With your left 

hand, keep caressing him, scratching his head, back and chest.  

Reach under his belly with your right hand, and between his 

rear legs.  Start by stroking his sheath, then actually hold it 

with your whole hand and pull it forward and backward along his 

dick.  When he starts swelling, follow the contours of his knot 

inside his sheath with your fingers opening and closing as they 

pass over it.  Do not touch the sensitive flesh at this stage, 

or he'll go soft on you, he won't enjoy it.

    He will probably be humping his hips as you are rubbing 

him now, and you can increase your tempo to match his.  While 

his knot is covered by the sheath, you can squeeze it quite 

hard, and pull on it quite strongly; it will increase the 

intensity of his orgasm.  By now he should be squirting dog cum 

quite freely.  It is almost clear for the first few squirts, 

and pales to a milky colour later.  Keep you fist closed around 

his knot, and undulate your fingers.  Perfect the technique 

that your dog likes best.  He will probably reach his head 

around and lick his penis while he's cumming.  They like the 

taste of their own cum, and the feel of their tongues on their 


    At this point, you can sustain his pleasure, and increase 

your own by lightly tweaking the tip of his dick with the 

fingers of your left hand.  Keep your other hand clasped around 

his sheath.  You will be rewarded with a volley of fresh 

squirts of cum.  At this stage, I often lick the tip with my 

tongue, or downright suck on his dick, and drink his cum.  NO 

TEETH!! Don't even touch that sensitive flesh with your teeth!

    Don't be afraid to swallow the dog-cum.  It tastes 

slightly salty, and goes down the throat a lot easier than 

human cum.  Highly recommended.

    When his orgasm is starting to wane, he will probably 

just wander off, head down, dick hanging between his knees.

    Girls,  dogs love to mount people, and they are 

passionate, fiery lovers.  Get naked.  Play with your dog, and 

get him excited, and aroused.  Let him lick your vagina, as 

that seems to act as a great stimulant for you both.  For 

missionary style, sit on the edge of the bed, feet on the 

floor.  Now pat your shoulders and invite your dog to put his 

paws up there.  When he does, lie back, and he will walk his 

back feet forward between you legs until he is laying on your 

stomach, with his sheath right over your entrance. Lift your 

left leg and wrap it over his rump to pull him forward, as you 

use your right hand to guide his penis into your vagina.  It 

helps to have a partner assisting here.  It is easiest for the 

dog if you keep the tips of your fingers clasping his sheath as 

a guide when he starts humping into you; it helps stop him 

pulling out too far.  

    Caution:-  if your dog is one of the Giant Breeds, DON'T 

try to 'tie' with him.  When dogs are mating, the knot at the 

base of their penis swells and lodges inside the bitch, and 

they get stuck together for up to half an hour, unable to 

separate.  Part of natures delightful way of increasing the 

chance of  impregnation.  If you are unable to accommodate a 

swelling of flesh almost as large as a tennis ball, you may get 

badly injured (try explaining THAT away at the Accident and 

Emergency department of the local Hospital!).  Seriously 

though,  if he swells inside you, and you aren't able to 

accommodate him,  you will be stuck, in extreme pain, for up to 

half an hour.  If you are unsure,  buy a sex toy of similar 

dimensions as your dogs dick, and practise on that.  When it 

becomes natural and pleasurable,  by all means, tie with your 

dog.  Heather has told me that being tied to Hamlet is both 

erotic, and very fulfilling.  He will cum inside you,  and that 

is quite erotic,  and you cannot get pregnant from a dog.  Go 

for it, and good luck!

    Letting  your dog mount you 'doggy style' is quite 

natural for the dog, and satisfying too.  As above,  play with 

him,  get him excited, and then just bend over.  For smaller 

breeds (German Shepherd, Labrador etc) you will probably have 

to kneel.  Pat your back, and rump, inviting him to mount.  He 

will place his paws on your back.  Just bend right over, and he 

will slide forward and enter you almost effortlessly.  It is 

likely you now have long, red scratches down your back from his 

claws.  Oh well,  just say you have a passionate lover!  Again,  

reach around and guide his dick with your hand.  He will hump 

quite enthusiastically,  so will need some guidance, and 

restraint.  If he does tie to you,  he may want to step off 

you, and turn away, so you are rump to rump, with him still 

tied into you.  This is natural, as it is how they mate 

normally with bitches.

    Men, you can let your dog mount you, and screw you in the 

same way.  I can't seem to get Hamlet to enter me missionary 

style, but I am sure it's possible with other dogs.  Experiment 

with that one and let me know.  Doggy style though, is easy, 

and very fulfilling.  The same caution applies as above.  DON'T 

tie with Giant Breeds, unless you have practised on something 

the same size.  The first time I tied with my first mature 

Giant (a Newfie called Stan) I couldn't accommodate his huge 

knot, and he tore out of me.  I had rectal bleeding for a week.  

Nice huh?  Don't say I didn't warn you.

    A variation for both men and woman is to have your dog 

lie on his back on the bed.  Straddle him with your knees, 

facing forward, and lower yourself onto his penis.  You can 

reach around and scratch his balls while you are riding him, or 

bend forward and let him lick your face.  Both are good fun.

    Screwing your dogs anus;  well, I've said it before, most 

dogs aren't interested in arse-play.  Hamlet isn't dead keen on 

it, but will tolerate it while he is orgasming.  In fact it 

seems to intensify his orgasm if I screw him in the final 

stages of jerking him off.  Use PLENTY of lubrication; Too much 

is nearly enough.  Use the same technique as for vaginal 

intercourse with a bitch; drape his tail over one of your 

thighs and guide your dick into his hole with one hand, pulling 

his hips back with your other hand.  If he doesn't like it at 

this stage, he will try and get away.  DON'T force him to 

comply with your perverted desires if he doesn't want to.

    If all is going well,  you can reach around and tweak the 

tip of his dick with your fingers.  You will feel his rectal 

muscles clamping onto your dick as he squirts.  Very pleasant.  

Don't spend too long with your dick inside him, or he will get 

annoyed and not let you near his rear again.  Just thrust into 

him gently a few times.  If you are like me, you will find this 

so stimulating you cum almost instantly anyway.  After you 

withdraw,  praise your dog and cuddle him, fondly him, and make 

him feel good about you,  then go and wash your dick well.

    In my experience, all male dogs like the taste of human 

semen.  Whether you just want to quickly jerk off, or after a 

sustained love-making session with a human partner,  let your 

dog clean you up.  They have very soft tongues, and are very 

careful and gentle.  You are denying yourself and your dog a 

great deal of pleasure if you don't let him lick up your semen.

    A couple of extra points about male dogs:-  it is more 

pleasant sucking on their dicks after they have a bath.  It is 

quite natural for a male dog to have a build-up of a mixture of 

body fluids, dead skin, and general scum inside their sheath.  

It probably won't kill you,  but the thought of it in my mouth 

makes me feel queasy, so a quick cleaning session is called 


    Dogs are great partners in threesomes (in any 

combinations of humans and dogs).  Experiment,  have fun.

    Spend some time during your love-making with your doggy 

partner to praise them, and re-assure them.  Fondle them, 

cuddle them,  and generally treat them like an equal.  They are 

giving the gift of their love to you too,  so don't take them 

for granted.  Afterward,  lie with them, hug them, talk softly 

to them.

    If you own a dog, and don't have sex with them, think on 

this;  Dogs love sex.  They enjoy the sensations of orgasm, and 

unless you help them to achieve it, cannot achieve it 

themselves.  Think on how frustrated you would be if you 

couldn't even masturbate yourself when you were horny.  As a 

dog owner, you have taken the animal from his natural habitat 

where he would mate at every opportunity if he could, and put 

him in an environment where sex just isn't available.  If you 

love your dog,  you should extend the gift of sexual release 

toward him or her.  It will deepen their love for you, and your 

love for them.  I'm not asking you to engage in wild sexual 

odysseys with your dog (I can highly recommend it as fun, 

though!!),  but at least you could jerk off your male dog, or 

rub the clitoris of your bitch to relieve them.  It isn't 

unhealthy, it isn't sick, it isn't even perverted (I mean, 

animal breeders do it for a living).   It is love.




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