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Archive-name: Miscell/gigolo.txt

Archive-author: Adam Starchild

Archive-title: How to Become a Gigolo


    There's no other line of "work" as pleasurable and as

overflowing with opportunities to enjoy luxury, travel

and riches as that of the gigolo.  And believe it or

not, today it is easier than ever for a man to enjoy

life as a gigolo!

    To become a successful gigolo and enjoy the benefits of

this kind of life, you must develop and project the

proper way of thinking.  There's a great difference

between a "male prostitute" and a gigolo.

    The male prostitute makes himself available to all

women of all ages, generally concentrating on bored,

frustrated and "exploring" housewives looking for extra

loving as well as variety to satisfy their sex needs.  This

type of woman is very easy to spot, and even easier to take

to bed.  It makes of a lot of, and a variety of beautiful

sex, but it's all for free.  You have to know precisely how

to cultivate these women to start, and then get them to

continue paying you for each time you "service" them -- not

just the loan of a few dollars -- which you never intend to

pay back -- but $50 or $100 plus expenses for each tryst

you arrange with them.

    The gigolo concentrates his efforts on making himself

available to widows and wives of busy businessmen who

really don't care what their wives do, so long as they

don't become emroiled in a public scandal.  These women

range in age from about 45, on into their 80s.

    So the first thing you're going to have to do is stop

looking for ladies at or about your own age.  Dress

yourself more neatly, more stylishly, and begin

"hanging around" the places these women frequent.

    You'll find very few in church!  Those that you do find

in church will want to possess you, and somehow or

other steer you to the altar.  You'll find most of them

in night classes at your local college; in

self-improvement, self-awareness, and new life-style

classes; and of course, in all the better class supper

clubs and hotel type lounges.

    Relative to evening college courses and

self-improvement discussion groups -- these are your

easiest and most fertile "hunting grounds," because

psychologists long ago proved that the basic reason for

adult enrollment in self-improvement programs is

directly related to a person's need to be loved.  All

you have to do is understand this basic fact, and make

yourself available to fulfill the needs of the women

enrolled in these programs.

    Your best opportunities for "being picked by a live

one" at a supper club or hotel lounge will occur

between 4 and 9 in the afternoon and evening; and

between 12 midnight and closing time.

    If you want to be a successful gigolo, play it cool and

don't advertise that you're on the make.  Become

friends with the class instructors, discussion leaders,

club managers, bartenders and waitresses.  In

conversations, exhibit the depth and scope of your mind

by discussing at greater length the subjects being

presented, current events and your own experiences as

you would have them relate to those topics.

    Yes, your own experiences such as: last year when I was

in Paris or Rome or wherever.  Try to tie your own

contributions to the conversation in with the subject

being discussed.  If you haven't been there, a visit to

your public library and frequent perusal of the travel

magazines should give you all the background

information you need to carry on an acceptable

conversation about exotic other places and your

intention to visit them.

    When a woman seems to be "overhearing" your discussion

or joins in, welcome her and project to her that you

think she's intelligent, knowledgeable and an

authority.  Nver -- even if you're talking about sex --

size these women up or let on in any way that your

ulterior motive is to get in bed with them.  Know

something about these countries -- you don't want to

sound like a crass boorish oaf.

    Be friendly and courteous to them.  Be sympathetic to

their points of view.  If you want to disagree with

what they say, do so with the utmost thought, respect

and compassion for their feelings.  It's generally

better to cater to their opinions with agreement,

understanding and tact.

    Allow these women to come to you.  Do not chase them or

give them any hint that you're looking for them, or a

woman of their type.  Do not initiate a conversation.

Make yourself available -- play hard-to-get.  Let the

woman exercise her independence and feelings of making

her own selection.

    This means that unless she's really "turned on by the

radiance of your personality," or else quite desperate,

she will not "pick you up" on this first meeting.  But

don't despair -- have patience and continue your

display of intelligence, good manners and charm. If

you've done as instructed -- cleaned your nails and

shined your shoes -- you've got her interested and

she'll keep an eye on you, especially when you're with,

around, or talking with other women.

    Whether you're in the company of a special lady you've

been cultivating, in a group of men and women, or

stting at the bar with a woman close by -- always try

to sit next to a woman or be in a group that will

include women -- put off ordering another drink.  Don't

volunteer by asking if you could buy the lady a drink,

and don't rush to pick up the tab.  Let the woman do

the volunteering, the asking, and the paying.  If she

won't do it, another one will, and when one woman

recognizes that to "get to you," she's going to have to

pay, they'll all see and understand, and quickly fall

into line.  Those that don't aren't the ones you should

be spending your time on anyway.

    Whenever a lady strikes up a conversation with you, let

her bne the aggressor and ask the questions about you:

Don't you ask the usual -- what does your husband do;

where are you from, and/or what do you do for

excitement.  You should set the stage, lead her into

asking these questions of you, and volunteering this

kind of information about herself.  Don't volunteer

this information about yourself, nor be impatient to

learn the facts of her background.  She'll ask the

proper questions and tell you all about herself, when

she's ready to consider taking you on as her gigolo.

    If you must initiate the conversation or say something

to take up the slack in a conversation, say things such

as this weather reminds me of my trip to Rome last

year; or you know, the shine from your hair and that

gorgeous style reminds me of my hairdresser friend in

Paris.  Never start a sentence with a question.  Make a

statement about some romantic playground first, and

then if she doesn't follow through with qestions ahout

your statement, you might casually ask if she's ever

been there or wanted to vist the places you're talking


    Remember this:  These women are usually very wealthy,

bored and sexually starved.  Their men, in their

struggle to become rich, often neglect their connubial

duties, and die relatively young -- leaving rich widows

who are hungry for fun, excitement, and sex.  These

wealthy widows are not adverse to using their late

husband's accumulated money to pay for the services of

a gigolo.  Most are in fact, looking for the "right

man" to attend their needs, regardless of cost!

    Gigolos are sometimes hired as travelling companions,

business secretaries or escorts.  Some people chuckle

and refer to an older woman's beau as "her stud."

    Actually, the connotation of a "stud" is a misnomer,

because the dictionary defines a stud as a male animal

used, or available, for breeding purposes.  Although

the women paying for the services of a gigolo almost

always is paying "her gigolo" for sex whenever she's in

the mood, or feels the need for sex, to give her good

sex is certainly not the extent of his duties, nor does

the woman expect her gigolo to make her pregnant and

bring forth babies.

    On the contrary, most gigolos are either sterile from

natural causes or have had vacsectomies.  You'll find

that most of the women you'll be meeting as a gigolo

will insist on your being sterile.

    Most people also think of a gigolo -- or a stud, if you

will -- as having a "foot long cock as big around as a

stove pipe!"  Such is not the case!  Most gigolos have

only average size tools.  They are very good lovers

though.  They've made a practice of reading women to

the point that they know exactly what turns on the

woman they're with, and they pull out all the stops to

please her precisely as she wants to be pleased.

    A good gigolo is a good listener, a good talker, fun

for a woman to be with, an actor, a real charmer, and a

good lover.  The women wanting you as a gigolo crave

companionship, understanding, romance, and sex.  In

essence, a gigolo must know what to do and/or say, and

precisely when to do it or say it, in order to satisfy

the needs of the woman he's with, at all times.

    A real gigolo, one who actually lives the life of a

gigolo in every sense of the word, does not pay for any

of his expenses.  He 5receives handsome rewards and

large sums of money for his services.  An outsider

might be flabbergasted at the amount of money a woman

spends on her gigolo, but she considers it a pittance

when weighed with the pleasures she receives from his

charming company.  Her dreams and fantasies may

continue for many years after their relationship ends,

but always -- she'll want to do it all over again, and

spend every time that's necessary to make it happen

just like it did before...

    Large cities in all parts of the world, particularly

resort communities abroad, are often the best places

for a gigolo adventure.  Cities where there are more

women than men are where you should be operating --

particularly the retirement villages.  In this country,

go where the sun shines -- Florida, Texas, Arizona, and

Southern California.

    Never talk too much about yourself -- your past life or

specifically where you were born and raised, went to

school, former marriages, kids, and so on.  It would be

wise to have a quality engraved business card listing

your name and phone number with a message such as

"world-wide trveler, lover of the better things in

life...Call me anytime..."

    Remember our earlier advice: Play it cool... Go slow,

and let them come to you...When the opportunity

presents itself and the lady wants to know what you do

or where you're from, you can present her with your

card.  From that moment on, you'll be pleasantly

surprised how the word will spread and at the number of

ladies that will be calling you just to talk to you...

    Your best approach should not be too blunt, or too

direct, unless your intuition tells you this particular

woman wants it that way.  By the same token, don't be

too timid either.  Very few women want men who are

timid, and that they have to tell what to do.  Let it

be known that you're available, remembering that you

have to cultivate the friendship of these women who

will do almost anything to ease their boredom and

longing for male company.

    The gigolos way of life is not for all men.  Some are

psychologically unable to accept the idea of a woman

footing the bills for friendship, companionship and

"dream-like" lovemaking sessions in her bed.  Any man

wanting success as a gigolo had better get rid of these

kinds of "hang-ups" or else forget about life as a


    Most rich widows have received their riches from a

working husband.  These riches were bestowed upon them

by men.  Now, they have no man to talk to, to shre

their travel experiences to faraway and exotic places

with, and to enjoy the pleasures of sex with...

    They feel they have the right to bestow these riches

upon whatever man they choose, and every one of them

will spend whatever price it takes to attain some

measure of happiness, romance, understanding,

companionship, and loving.  Even the rich and famous

have difficulties satisfying these basic human needs.

As a gigolo, you can provide all of these intangibles

for them, and live like a king while you're doing it.

    If you feel you have the necessary attributes needed by

a successful gigolo, do not just fantasize -- live them

now, and live them all the way!

    Travel, luxury, and easily obtained riches can be

yours.  If you're tired of resenting the sexual success

of other men, stop resenting and start doing.

    Enjoy everything you've always dreamed of...  travel,

luxury, money... And all the good sex you can handle.

                  About the Author

    Adam Starchild is the author of over a dozen books and

hundreds of magazine articles, primarily on business

and finance.



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