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Archive-name: Miscell/erosia10.txt

Archive-author: David P. Thomas

Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice

                       Growth Possibilities for 1989/90

          Understanding is the key issue. The majority of people are

          repressed into believing that they are sexually fulfilled

          and happy and therefore they don't need to explore all

          those interesting  little thought that creep into their

          subconscious. They play these ideas of experimentation off

          and write off their curiosity to "weird stuff". Others

          recognize their interests, but because of guilt, learned

          reaction/shame they shun these experiments. Others learn

          to enjoy their pleasures alone, and feel ALMOST totally

          fulfilled via masturbation, but fear the possibility of

          contact. In 1989, it is my fondest desire that the word

          spread concerning Erosian Theory and Practice. There is a

          huge audience out there that hides in the closet, jerking

          and occasionally venturing out. Erosian Theory is ready

          for them. If as you read this, you feel like I am speaking

          to you, then I am. ETAP is not a sensation or a good

          excuse to get laid. ETAP is a fundemental way of life and

          looking at the physical sexual creatures we are and

          learning to enjoy that. Whatever your orientation, ETAP

          will carry it, as long as it adheres to the Code of

          Conduct. If you know that you enjoy sex for sex's sake, if

          you want to learn and explore without fear, without guilt,

          then read, study and live this practice. Contact the

          electronic bulletin board that this document is produced

          on, and leave the author more information. A final release

          of this info will include an address where you can write

          to obtain more info. The most important things to remember

          are: if interested, get involved. If not, stay away. We do

          not, can not, and will not take the time to fight

          detractors and idiots who cannot understand that we don't

          want to change their world, just our own.

          In terms of growth, this document and the accompanying

          documents will be archived and uploaded to multiple adult

          bbs's all over the country when complete. In my home town

          of Tampa, FL. I am waiting and looking for others to read

          and embrace this holistic approach to a comfortable free

          thinking sexually full and busy existance. I would be

          happy to see 3 cities develop a full scale three Temple

          system in twelve months, but in honesty I must believe

          that many small groups will form in many areas.

          Who is the target of this document? Swingers, lurkers in

          bookstores, horny folks everywhere. If you have grown

          tired of no sex, or tired of sex that's weak, sloppy and

          meaningless, look towards ETAP.

          Above all, if you read this document,and desire the

          structure and development discussed here, then you must

          contact me for more. DON'T LET IT JUST SIT AND FESTER!

          If you contact me and find that you are not interested,

          then simply drop it. There is no money involved, no

          mailing lists to worry about. If you are interested in

          knowing more, this is the most absolutely easy way

          possible to learn.

          My dream is that some day you will be able to feel

          comfortable in the knowledge that in your city there are

          50 to 100 Erosians with desires and feelings similar to

          yours, and that a phone call can elicit a kind word,

          sexual actions, new ideas or support for what you want to

          try by yourself or with another.



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