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Archive-name: Miscell/erosia08.txt

Archive-author: David P. Thomas

Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice

                             Erosian Doctrine #1

          ( A dictate for all Erosians to learn from. The need for

            communications, knowledge and non-agressive sexuality )


          Amongst Erosian Theorist, communications must remain open.

          Understanding is the essence of knowledge, and lack of

          communication breeds darkness and speculation. Contempt

          for the lifestyle of another or the specific likes and

          dislikes of anothers sexual tastes is bred from two


          The first is ignorance and closemindedness. This stems

          from the inability of the normal person to view openly

          individual tastes as their own. From the beginning of

          time, man has grouped together in ignorance to destroy

          what he did not understand. With our abilities and

          foresight today, we as a race should long have accepted

          what we do not understand, and seek to nurture it and to

          learn from it. However, we still hunt down and kill those

          lifestyles which do not meet with the approval of certain

          religions, ethical values, and other social restraints.

          However, if we as a race have not learned to nurture the

          unknown, we at least should have learned how to leave it

          alone and allow those better equipped to deal with it

          handle, work with and enjoy its benefits. However, society

          at large has done neither, and as a rule 'witch hunts'

          still exist, seeking to route out and destroy what is not

          understood. Erosian Theory is seeking not to change the

          minds or ways of society as a whole. We instead are

          focusing on ourselves. Taking the belief that change is

          best from within, we are seeking to come to terms within

          ourselves and within our group, focusing upon our

          individual sexuality, and working to building a guilt

          free, sexually understood inner community. I believe that

          if a group of people come together and support the concept

          of Erosian Theory, small, internal groups within the

          community will be formed, where members can receive

          feedback on their individual guilt concepts concerning

          sex, and live under a liberal guideline concerning sex. If

          we strip away the layers of false information concerning

          sexual practice and it's purported deviant side, and

          merely assume the rules found in the Code of Conduct, we

          can pursue doggedly our individual sexual interests, and

          have a strong belief to fall back on when surrounded by

          feelings of guilt. In a sense, we will strip away within

          our minds, those ideas which cause us guilt, and replace

          them with the concepts of the Erosian Code of Conduct, a

          belief parallel to standard practice thinking on


          Another factor, and one of the parents of contempt for our

          type of sexuality, is the preditory factor. This is the

          factor that causes women to see men as animals, and causes

          alternate lifestyle sexuality (see Code of Practice) to be

          deemed in our society as sick. The man who is constantly

          'coming on' to women, overtly trying for sexual

          gratification, is seen for what he is; an abusive, using

          chauvinistic male who has only his own interests at heart.

          At the same time the person who molests children or

          helpless adults, or the person who forces his sexuality on

          another creates that image that says "We as normal adults

          will not perform the type of acts that someone as deviant

          as that man did". This convicts the act, and not the

          attitude or atmosphere it was performed under.

          Obviously this sounds well and good to you. You say to

          yourself, " I'm not a sicko. I may have my own interests,

          but I don't rape people or molest kids." And you're right,

          but you may be guilty of forced sexuality. I can remember

          the first time I went into an adult bookstore. It was one

          of those with the booth films in the back, and not knowing

          better, I went in, sat down, and dropped a quarter in the

          slot. Seconds later, someone entered the other booth next

          to the one I was in and reached through the hole (cut

          between the two) and attempted to fondle me. Now, whether

          I was desiring of that action or not, someone was

          attempting to push their sexuality on me. But I understood

          the atmosphere of the place, and said in a clear voice,

          "NO, I'm not interested." Now, had the action stopped at

          this point, everything would have been okay, but the guy

          took no heed of my request, and the hand returned. Sadly

          enough, I had to make my point strongly.

          Now, the above example should teach you two things about

          Erosian Theory. First - We do not encourage sexual

          activity in any way where one person involved feels

          uncomfortable or expresses a lack of interest in the

          activity. No means No ! Second - It is extremely

          dangerous, and only harmful to Erosian Theory & Practice

          to goad, coerce, irriate, and attempt unsuccessfully

          frequently to gain a sexual liason with an unwilling


          Communications is essential for Erosian Theory and

          Practice to work. Without it, we are stranded within

          ourselves, and we lose the sounding board of the Erosian

          Community. Never feel guilt concerning your lifestyle, and

          respect others and help to remove any guilt from theirs.



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