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Archive-name: Miscell/erosia06.txt

Archive-author: David P. Thomas

Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice

                               Code of Practice

                        Sexual Practices & Guidelines

          Based on the research to date, I have compiled a list of

          sexual practices which in no way is complete. However, I

          have come across a few practices which will not be

          accepted withing the Code of Practice for Erosians, and I

          will detail the reasons for their failure to be included.

          Pedophilia - recognized as committing sexual practices

          with a minor, or allowing such practices to be committed,

          pedophilia is outlawed by Erosian Code of Conduct #1,2,4

          and is recognized as one of the most foul and damaging of

          all sex crimes.

          Necrophilia - Disallowed because the dead cannot consent.

          Scat   - Definition (Sexual fulfillment by killing at the

          point of orgasm). One of the most heinious of all crimes,

          this act is in violation of all Erosians stand for.

          Beastiality - Animals cannot consent to sexual practices.

          Rape - The most damaging form of forced sexuality.

          Reprehensible and unforgivable. Erosians must believe in

          the freedom of sexuality and that which is taken and not

          given is useless.

          There may be additions to this list as time progresses,

          and I am doing my utmost to take into consideration all

          practices and their ramifications.

          Below, are some thoughts and theories behind some of the

          activities listed in the Code of Practice.

          A,B - Anal sex has come into the limelight in the last 5

          or so years, with the advent of the gay revolution. One

          point must be made early on about anal sex, and that

          regards hygene and disease prevention. Genital to anal sex

          can and should be enjoyed if desired, but either the giver

          should utilize a condom, or if that is unacceptable, care

          should be take to cleanse before and afterward. Care

          should also be taken to lubricate the anus prior to entry,

          as anal tears are painful and prone to infection. Anal sex

          can be a delightful way for a woman to fulfill a fantasy

          of being reversed with her partner, and men, homosexual or

          not can find a huge degree of pleasure in anal

          stimulation. Anal stimulation also can be practiced as a

          masturbatory act, and may allow the Erosian a chance to

          experiment as to his or her likes and dislikes regarding

          this alternative sex act.

          C,D,I,J - Water Sports and Enemas are very closely related

          in the scheme of sexual classification. Water sports can

          include any sexual activity involving urination. Also

          called Golden Showers, or Golden Rain, water sports

          involve one party urinating on another which heightens the

          sexual excitement. The location of the urination varies,

          and some receivers prefer the genitals, the chest, the

          stomach, the face or even the mouth as the target. Water

          sports evolve on many levels, some relating to

          dominant/submissive fantasies in which one person derives

          pleasure from dominating the other with the act of

          urination, to other levels where it is the actual act of

          urinating that elicits pleasure. Mutual water sports are

          not unusual where both parties are involved in giving and

          receiving the urination. Water sports also project as far

          as the drinking and swallowing of urine (in some countries

          this is practiced daily for 'health' measures) direct for

          the giver.

          Enemas involve the injection or introduction of liquids

          into the anus and rectum. Initially designed for cleansing

          and clearing the rectum of matter, enemas can play a large

          role in alternative sexuality. The person highly involved

          in anal sex will take an interest in enemas as a way to

          clean the rectum prior to anal intercourse. At the same

          time, it should be noted that some people find the act of

          enema giving and receiving pleasurable in itself. Related

          both to water sports and to anal sex, enemas can be seen

          as a addition to the sexual world.

          Also along the same lines lies the topic of douching. Long

          established as a way to clean the vagina before sex, after

          sex, and after the monthly period, douching for the

          aqua-erotic may prove to be stimulating as a item in


          As bizarre as these different aquatic pastimes may seem,

          they are accepted and understood forms of sexual

          involvement. Many people might feel guilt or shame for

          fantasizing or involving themselves in these activities,

          but Erosian Theory puts an end to the shame. If it feels

          good and doesn't hurt anyone, do it! If it feels good, do

          it again! Your sexuality is your own; you determine the

          limitations. Experiment! How are you going to be aware if

          the above is pleasurable, unless you try it?

          E,F,G,H - S & M :These initals, common in the sexual

          world, stand for Sadism/Masochism. Derived from two men's

          names (Marquis De Sade & Leopold van Sacher Masoch) these

          terms apply to the getting of sexual pleasure via the

          receiving or giving of pain. A sadist receives his/her

          pleasure from inflicting pain upon a person, usually in

          the form of whippings, spankings, heated objects, genital

          devices, etc. The masochist is the person who receives

          pleasure from the receipt of this pain. The secret to the

          enjoyment of receiving pain lies in finding the borderline

          between pain and pleasure in the physical areas of the

          body. Different individuals will have different thresholds

          of pain. The successful sadist will be able to find these

          levels and play upon them. The true successful

          relationship in this course of study is that of a true

          sadist and a true masochist.

          B & D: These initials stand for bondage and domination.

          Very similar in practice to S&M, bondage and domination

          relies on a successful mix of master and slave to bring

          true satisfaction to the relationship. In this field of

          study, pleasure is derived from restraining, or binding

          the subject (slave) with any number of devices and

          "forcing" him/her to pleasure his "master/mistress". S&M

          may well play an important part in the domination, and

          humiliation, combined with other sexual acts may be

          included in this alternate lifestyle category. At all

          times, Erosians must remember to respect limits set forth

          by both partners prior to engaging in sexual S&M or B&D.

          K - Fetishist: This is a broad based, user specifics

          defined term to correlate specific overbearing detailed

          sexual interests. A fetish is defined as any non-sexual

          object that excites sexual desire. Examples of fetishism

          include: foot fetishes, leather, rubber, oil, etc.

          L - Role Reversal : This is defined for our uses as a

          person of one gender acting and participating in sexual

          encounter in the role of the opposite sex. Examples of

          this include: A woman anally stimulating her male partner

          with a strap on dildo. A man performing fellatio on a

          false cock provided by his female partner. Role reversal

          may extend to whatever level is agreed upon by the two

          parties. Some role reversal last for the length of the sex

          act, others may extend into daily life. Cross dressing may

          enhance the act of role reversal.

          M, N - Porn Users/Performers: This category refers to the

          Erosian with an interest in collection, watching/reading

          of pornography as well as the Erosian who enjoys posing

          for pictures or starring in video fulms of sexual


          The pornography user should take an interest in building

          and maintaining a collection of pornography, as well as

          meeting and trading films, books, videos with others of

          similar interests.

          The pornography performer takes interest in a very

          different way. He/she, like the user, enjoys viewing adult

          materials, however he/she enjoys posing/acting for the

          camera in a sexual manner. Most Erosians involved will

          participate in home video/pictures only, while some will

          actually get involved in the adult motion picture

          business. Erosian Theory heartily endorses this activity,

          as it glorifies the physical self, the body and the

          natural acts of the Erosian.  This form of sharing the

          sexual pleasures of one Erosian with those of many through

          repeated viewings is a wonderful way to spread the warmth

          of sexuality. Two rules must be strongly adhered to when

          engaging in pornographic performances. One: no children

          (minors) must be present or involved in any way. Two: All

          parties must be in agreement as to the content, action,

          and distribution of the material.

          O,P - Voyerism/Exhibitionism: This form of sexuality is

          based on the desire to watch a sexual act performed, or to

          be watched as one performs a sex act. Voyerism may entail

          watching a sex act when the performing party(s) is not

          aware. Ethics not withstanding this is technically against

          Erosian policy, as all parties are not consenting.

          However, as long as no federal, state, county or municipal

          laws are broken to engage in voyerism, exception may be

          made in this case. Exhibitionism or the performance of sex

          or the exposure of one's genitals for sexual titillation

          is entirely acceptable, and a wonderful way to express

          desire or to reach a large number of people sexually. Care

          however, should be taken to insure that you are not

          placing yourself in any danger legally or physically, as

          there are unstable, non-Erosians who do not follow a code

          of conduct regarding sex.

          Q - Racially Motivated S (or RMS): This is sexual

          excitement due to the racial origin of one's partner or

          the subject of sexual material. Usually race will refer to

          the major breakup of the Earth's races, however this can

          further be defined as specific nationalities. For general

          purposes, I have included a general list of the world's

          major races. Please feel free to inform the High Temple of

          Eros, should you find other that have been excluded.

              1. Negro            (African/American)

              2. White            (of Anglo/Saxon origin)

              3. Hispanic         (of Latin origin)

              4. Orientals        (of Indo-Chinese origin)

              5. Europeans        (any European sub-cultures)

              6. Asian/Indians    (any Asian/Indian sub-cultures)

              7. Other            (Please report to HTE)

          These are the current categories for Erosian inclusion,

          but as stated before this list is far from complete.

          The Code is the basis for study within the Erosian

          Community. Students, as well as initiates, must choose at

          least one course of study from the above to persue. The

          basis for this knowlede is it's potential use for

          enjoyment and teaching to others.



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