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Archive-name: Miscell/erosia05.txt

Archive-author: David P. Thomas

Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice

                               Code Of Practice

          The following is the beginnings of a compilation of sexual

          practices, including those deemed to be normal. This list

          should in no way be considered complete, and I welcome and

          encourage fellow Erosian Theorists to contribute to the

          building of this list to its completion. The list also

          contains brief descriptions of the practices, as well as a

          code which will be combined with each registered Erosian's

          number to form a personal Erosian identification code,

          known from here on as a PEIC. This code will allow

          Erosians to identify others and to identify their primary


          CODE          TITLE               DESCRIPTION


          0             Masturbation        Self Gratification,Style

                                            varies, solo artist

          1             Straight            Enjoys hetro sex, basic


          2             Oral-1              Hetro oral. Male to Fem.

                                            includes 69, and 1-1

          3             Gay                 Gay Sex,rubbing, hands,

                                            massage, love making

          4             Oral-2              Gay oral, man/man,woman/

                                            woman. incl. 69, and 1-1

          5             Bi                  Likes either, inc. 1-4

          6             Dominant            Controls activity,leads

                                            direction of activity

          7             Submissive          Receives activity,follow

                                            lead given

          8             Equal               Both give & take, equal

                                            footing in relationship

          9             Non-Sexual          Theorist only, assigned

                                            for record sake only.

          The above codes categorize broadly the different makeups

          of Erosian Theory and of human sexuality in general. The

          next list creates specific typologies which when combined

          with the above list help to create the PEIC #.

          CODE          TITLE               DESCRIPTION


          A             Anal Receiver       Receives Anal Sex -

          B             Anal Giver          Gives Anal Sex -

          C             Water Sport         Takes Water Sports -

                        Receiver            (Urinated on)

          D             Water Sport         Gives Water Sports -

                        Giver               (Urinates on)

          E             S & M Receiver      Takes Punishment -

          F             S & M Giver         Gives Punishment -

          G             B & D Receiver      Receives Bondage &

                                            Disipline -

          H             B & D Giver         Gives Bondage &

                                            Disipline -

          I             Enema Receiver      Takes Enemas

          J             Enema Giver         Gives Enemas

          K             Fetishes            Specific Fetishes (LIST)

          L             Role Reversal       Modified by:

                                            1: Male acts as Female

                                            2: Female acts as Male

          M             Porn - Perform      Enjoys performing for


          N             Porn - User         Enjoys collecting and

                                            utilizing pornography

          O             Voyerism            Enjoys watching others

          P             Exhibitionist       Enjoys being watched

          Q             Racially Motivated  Enjoys sex w/ different

                                            races -

                                            Modified by:

                                            1: Blacks

                                            2: Whites

                                            3: Orientals

                                            4: Hispanics/Latins

                                            5: Europeans

                                            6: Asian/Indians

                                            7: Other



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