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Archive-name: Miscell/erosia01.txt

Archive-author: David P. Thomas

Archive-title: Erosian Theory and Practice

                         Erosian Theory and Practice

                               David P. Thomas


          It is my purpose to create a text on the values and

          practices of Erosian Practice, a study and method of life.

          The term Erosian is coined from the Greek god Eros, who

          was the male deity worship for sexual prowess. It is also

          where modern society has coined such words as erotica and

          erotic. I am the sole creator of Erosian Theory, and I

          encourage others to study and add to my works. If you have

          any comments, additions or questions I can be reached via

          E-Mail on the Tampa based bulletin board, The Dojo,

          286-4297. Leave E-Mail to David Thomas.

          Many people will say when they initially study this text

          that it is foul, profane, obscene, dirty, pornographic and

          much worse. If you feel this way then this study is not

          for you. Please feel no offense, and merely discard your


                          Definitions and Guidelines

          Erosian Theory was created by myself in order to

          categorize, define, and dignify sexual practice. Erosian

          Theory can coincide well with standard love/relationship

          practice. Erosian Theory is not a swing/swap club, nor is

          it designed to be a matchmaking service. All of these

          organizations are supported by Erosian Theory, however,

          Erosian Theory is a way of thinking, a philosophy, not a


          Erosian Theory came into being at the time I recognized a

          feeling of comfort involved in my own sexuality. Most

          adults will feel to a certain degree comfortable with

          standard practice sexuality, including but not limited to

          hetro/hetro and homo/homo sexuality. However, it is well

          documented that for most individuals to recognize comfort,

          they must form meaningful relationships which extend into

          the realm of love, commitment, family, ect. Those who

          avoid such commitment often lack the required or desired

          sexual contact. With Erosian Practice however, we justify

          and validate the need and right for sex gratis sexis or to

          coin an art term, sex for sex's sake!

          Please understand, at this point, I am not, nor will I

          validate unsafe sexual practices. It is part of the

          Erosians duty to ensure safety of him/herself and his/ her

          partner above all things.

          Below are several definitions and following are general

          guidelines to Erosian Theory.

          EROSIAN : One who studies Erosian Theory, and is a

          practitioner of Erosian Theory.

          EROSIAN THEORY : Developed by D. Thomas.The theory and

          practice whereby guilt is removed from all sexual

          relations amongst adults, and the physical self is

          glorified.  Defines Erosians as a group to allow for

          interrelations amongst group members. Defines a code of

          conduct and rights of members.

          CODE OF CONDUCT : Rules Erosians follow when dealing with

          one another. Allows for fair and comfortable interchange

          of actions and ideas and allows for judgmental ruling in

          the event of problems within the organization. SEE RELATED


          CODE OF PRACTICE : A Erosian chart of sexual practices

          that allow for members to advertise desires and likes, at

          the same time designating them a membership number for

          advertised postings in swingers magazines, singles ads,

          bulletin board postings and such. SEE RELATED CHAPTER

          EROSIAN COMMUNITY: The body of Erosian Practicioners that

          actively persue the Erosian lifestyle. This community is

          more in tune with Erosian Theory and Practice, and

          conforms to the structure, hierarchy and rituals of

          Erosian Theory.

          EROSIAN STRUCTURE AND HIERARCHY: The pyramid structure

          that defines and shapes an Erosian Community. This lays

          out the makeup of members, and the levels of the

          practicing Erosians, and allows for vertical movement

          within the local and national organizations

          EROSIAN INDUCTION: The first of the Erosian Rituals. In a

          structured Erosian Community, new members are brought into

          the training period via this ritual, consisting of lessons

          in physicality, the Ceremony of Fluids, and physical test

          of vigor.

          EROSIAN INITIATION: The second of the Erosian Rituals. In

          a structured Erosian Community, trainees are taken through

          the final steps to full membership via this highly secret


          EROSIAN SUCCESSION: In a structured Erosian Community,

          Erosians may make the choice to ascend into the Priesthood

          of Eros. This is accomplished by undertaking a training

          program, and upon completion, testing for the skills one

          has developed as a result of that training.

          EROSIAN PRIESTS/PRIESTESS: In the structured Erosian

          Community, the men/women who have studied Erosian Theory

          to the level of Priest/Priestess. These men/women aid in

          the growth and learning of the local community.

          As Erosians, you have no requirements to practice this

          theory. Erosian Theory, unlike religion or sectism,

          cultism, ect., allows you to define the parameters of your

          desired experiences and fulfill your sex life to the

          fullest. Erosian Theory IS highly philosophical in nature,

          but has the ability to function on multiple layers. Take

          what you need and leave the rest.



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