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Archive-name: Miscell/compat.tst


Archive-title: Compatibility Test

	Found the following test for tantric partner compatability.  Basicly

the two partners are supposed to take copies of the test separately, then

exchange papers and study the results, followed by discussion.  It is

supposed to give you insight into your partner's sexual attitudes and

such.  I thought I would pass the test on:

    1. When I see a sexually attractive person I am 

        a) aroused  b) interested  c) cool.

    2. I try to find out that person's reaction to me

        a) right away  b) in the course of our first meeting

        c) at some future time.

    3. If the person is interested I

        a) deliberately engineer our next meeting

        b) hope our next meeting will occur soon

        c) wouldn't go out of my way to find out when we might next meet.

    4. When we do meet again I 

        a) make a strong play  b) make my continued interest apparent

        but not obvious  c) play it cool

    5. To keep a person interested in me sexually I keep the sexual 

        motif in dress, conversation and gestures

        a) strong  b) subtle but constant  c) underplayed.

    6. Friendship between a man and a woman

        a) always has a sexual base  b) is usually sexual but may be platonic

        c) becomes sexual only if one of the two gives it a sexual bias.

    7. If a peron of the opposite sex made a tactful, but obvious, sexual

        proposition I would be

        a) flattered  b) flustered  c) insulted.

    8. I can have a satisfying sexual relationship

        a) without love  b) only if I pretend that I am in love

        c) only if I am in love with my sexual partner.

    9. Even though my physical capability may decrease with age I 

        believe that my sexual interest will

        a) increase  b) remain roughly what it is now  c) diminish.

    10. When I look back at my teen years I

        a) feel I'm far more sexually alive now  b) know I have still

        maintained my sexual awareness  c) whish I could be a teenager

        again, because those were the best years.

    11. I had my first sexual experience with a person of the other sex

        a) before I was 11  b) after 11 but before 13  c) between 13 plus

        and 15  d) between 15 plus and 19  e) after 19.

    12. This first experience was

        a) initiated by me  b) a mutual thing  c) initiated by the other


    13. That first experience was

        a) stimulating and I wanted more  b) stimulating but I was scared

        off sex for a while  c) unsatisfactory.

    14. My next sexual experience occured

        a) within  a week of my first  b) after a week but within a month

        c) after a month but within three months  d) after three mohts

        but within six months  e) after six months but within a year

        f) after a year.

    15. Masturbation is 

        a) satisfying and often necessary  b) satisfying but never

        necessary  c) satisfying but often harmful  d) not satisfying at


    16. When I was an adolescent, or a teenager, I have been sexually

        attracted to persons of my own sex

        a) often  b) sometimes  c) once  d) never.

    17. As an adolescent or a teenager I have had a homosexual or lesbian


        a) often  b) on a few occasions  c) once  d) never.

    18. I feel that homosexuals and lesbians should

        a) be allowed to live their own lives  b) be pitied and cured

        c) to be prosecuted for their perversion.

    19. Teenage affairs are

        a) a good preparation for life  b) a necessary evil  c) an

        unmitigated evil and shouild be prevented by all means.

    20. Now that I am older, when I think back on my first sexual


        a) I would like to repeat it to see how it would feel now  b) it

        might be interesting to repeat, but why rake up the past?  c) I

        wouldn't like to go through that again.

    21. From the age of 20 till today I have been sexually caressed by 

        (Exclude those with whom you have had sexual intercourse)

        a) more than 10 people  b) between 5 and 10 includisve  c)

        between 2 and 4 inclusive  d) only 1 person  e) none.

    22. In this period I have had sexual intercourse with

        a) more than 10 people  b) between 5 and 10 inclusive  c)

        between 2 and 4 inclusive  d) only 1 person  e) none.

    23. I first had sexual intercourse when when I was 

        a) under 15 years of age  b) between 15 and 18, inclusive

        c) between 19 and 24, inclusive  d) after 24  e) I have not, as

        yet, had sexual intercourse.

    24. Of the people with whom I had intercourse

        a) more than 10 are now married  b) between 5 and 10, inclusive,

        are now married  c) between 2 and 4, inclusive, are now married

        d) only 1 person is now married.

    25. When I had intercouse with them

        a) more than 10 were married  b) betwee 5 and 10, inclusive were

        married  c) between 2 and 4, inclusive, were married  d) only one

        person whas married  e) none were married.

    26. During my extra-marital affairs I have become pregnant, or made

        my partner pregnant 

        a) more than 10 times  b) between 5 and 10, inclusive, c) between

        2 and 4, inclusive  d) only once  e) never.

    27. Of these extra-marital pregnancies

        a) more than 10 children were born  b) betwen 5 and 10 children

        were born  c) between 2 and 4 children were born  d) only one

        child was born  e) no children were born.

    28. I was responsible for the termination of

        (You need have not done it yourself, and restrict yourself to the

        pregnancies you caused, or underwent.)

        a) more than 10 pregnancies  b) between 5 and 10 pregnancies  c)

        between 2 and 4 pregnancies  d) only one pregnancy  e) no


    29. My past expereience has led me to treat sex with

        a) enthusiasm  b) delight but caution  c) great care.

    30. I believe sex is best used for

        a) pleasure  b) mutual awareness between the sexual partners  c)


    31. Birth Control is

        a) essential  b) a necessary evil  c) totally unacceptable unless

        a 'natural' method is used.

    32. Birth Control is the responsibility

        a) the man  b) both partners  c) the woman.

    33. During foreplay, Birth Control measures are

        a) an awkward interruption  b) totally unacceptable  c) fun,

        because they can be made part of the game.

    34. I prefer

        a) the pill  b) condoms  c) a diaphragm  d) the loop or IUCDs

        e) an operation  f) suppositories, foams or jellies  g) coitus

        interruptus  h) the 'natural' method  i) none of the methods

        listed above.

    35. Thanks to the effectiveness of modern Birth Control methods

        a) sex has become fun  b) there is some hope of controlling the

        population explosion  c) society has become permissive.

    36. Regardless of its practical advantages, I believe Birth Control


        a) opened up new vistas of sex outside the narrow marriage bond

        b) robbed sex of a certain spontaneity

        c) become mutual masturbation.

    37. Birth Control has done much to dispel sexual fears and taboos.

        This, in itself, is

        a a great leap forward  b) a mixed blessing  c) a dangerous


    38. Sexual fears and taboos

        a) are blind superstition  b) are distilled wisdom based on

        practical experience  c) are the inner promptings of man, a

        higher warning which it is dangerous to ignore.

    39. Sexual fears and taboos are, basically

        a) the same all over the world  b) tailored to suit a specific

        set of circumstances  c) irrelevant in a modern context.

    40. By diminishing sexual fears and taboos, Birth Control has made


        a) a more stable and satisfying bond  b) face considerable 

        extra-marital competion  c) nothing more than licensed


    41. I believe that a monogamous marriage is

        a) the ideal but not very practical  b) a very practical

        relationship  c) absurd and quite unnecessary.

    42. Sexual exclusiveness, between marriage partners is

        a) a most workable system  b) a social hangover which will change

        c) entirely impractical in the modern world.

    43. Extra-marital relationships, generally

        a) improve a marriage  b) put a strain on a marriage  c) destroy

        a marriage.

    44. In my marriage I would like to

        a) have no extra-marital affairs  b) have extra-marital affairs

        by mutual consent  c) have extra-marital affairs as a matter of


    45. Number, on order of perference, your choice of the listed

        alternatives to traditional marriage.  Or indicate that none of

        these appeal to you

        a) Group Marriage: two or more couples sharing partners in a

        stable marriage relationship  b) Partner Swapping: individual

        couples maintain their separate homes but meet only to exchange

        partners for temporary sex  c) Casual Partners: occasional sexual

        partners are introduced into an otherwise traditional marriage;

        the outside partners might be single or married but the essential

        feature is that the relationship with the outsiders is transient

        and casual.

    46. When my sexual partner touches me in affection, and in public, I

        a) welcome it  b) like it but feel awkward  c) resent it because

        there is a time and place for everything.

    47. When my sexual partner makes a play for another person in public,

        even though I know it is only in fun, I 

        a) get jealous  b) feel a little hurt but accept it  c) am amused

        and proud.

    48. When my sexual partner and I are separated temporarily I

        a) am certain that my partner will not have a sexual escapade

        with another person  b) am reasonably confident of my partner's

        fidelity, but not absolutely certain  c) couldn't care less what

        my partner does  d) permit my partner to browse in other


    49. Sexual encounters are 

        a) ego building and should be spoken about openly  b) interesting

        and can be spoken about to close friends  c) private affairs and

        should remain so.

    50. An extra-marital relationship in the modern world is

        a) still a private thing  b) not as private as it used to be but

        is still something that shoulde revealed only to one's friends

        c) an accepted relationship which need not be concealed.

    51. Revealing clothes are worn by

        a) all people who think young  b) people who want to run with the

        herd regardless of their personal attributes  c) exhibitionists.

    52. If I was with a group of men and women, some of whom I did not

        know very well, and we saw a topless woman, I would

        a) point her out as just another interesting sight  b) feel

        awkward and say nothing  c) try to divert my group's attention

        away from the exhibitionist woman.

    53. A person of my sex, whom I know very slightly, is sitting

        awkwardly, revealingly, without knowing it, I would

        a) tell a few friends so they might also take in the view  b)

        feel awkward and keep it to myself  c) find a mutual friend and

        pass the word back to the exposed person  d) approach the person

        and discreetly mention it to them.

    54. What would I do in situation 53 if the person were of the

        opposite sex.

    55. In a resort the men's bathroom is separated from the women's

        stall by a thin wall.  As I am drying myself in the shower-stall

        I see two eyes peering at me through an old pipe-duct let into

        the dividing wall.  I would

        a) continue to dry myself making sure they got the best view

        possible  b) back against the wall and finish drying myself

        hurriedly  c) wrap the towel around me, grab a robe, and exit.

    56. At a friend's home I walk into a room and find two people makeing

        love and know that they've seen me.  I

        a) say 'Sorry' and close the door behind me  b) back out

        hurriedly, but stay on in the party  c) leave the party to avoid

        facing them when they come out of the room.

    57. I go to a picnic without a partner and find everyone pairing off

        and vanishing behind the dunes.  Only one person of the opposite

        sex is left.  I have just met that person.  I

        a) say 'Care to come for a walk?' hoping that an interesting

        sexual encounter will develop  b) sit down beside the person, in

        the open, and talk  c) stretch out where I am and go to sleep.

    58. After the swim they want to take a group photograph with everyone

        wearing masks and nothing else.  I would

        a) try and get in the front row  b) try and conceal some of my

        nudity behind somebody else  c) say I couldn't join because I was

        shivering and a cramp would build up right away unless I got

        dressed immediately.

    59. When we get back to the host's home, the lights are doused, we

        sit on the floor in couples, and blue films are shown.  The 

        couples around me are obviously uninhibited.  I would

        a) grab the opportunity and do likewise  b) proceed cautiously

        because I have only just met my partner  c) switch off: I can't

        take public sex.

    60. Erotic movies are

        a) Exciting  b) OK if you have the right company  c) turn me off.

    61. Erotic photographs are

        a) best viewed in private with the right companion  b) best viewed

        alone  c) sick.

    62. Well written erotic literature is

        a) exciting  b) interesting  c) at best, strictly for


    63. The number of erotic books I have read is

        a) over 10  b) between 5 and 10 inclusive  c) between 2 and 4

        inclusive  d) one  e) none

    64. My sexual fantasies, or erotic day dreams occur

        a) often  b) occasionally  c) seldom  d) never.

    65. When I'm sexually attracted by a person I daydream about us

        a) holding hands  b) kissing  c) carressing  d) making love.

    66. When I do fantasize about sex I imagine us dressed in exotic


        a) often  b) occasionally  c) seldom  d) never.

    67. I imagine us making love before an admiring audience

        a) often  b) occasionally  c) seldom  d) never.

    68. I imagine myself making love to a number of persons of the

        opposite sex, at the same time

        a) often  b) occasionally  c) seldom  d) never.

    69. When I have vivid sexual fantasies I find my body responding to

        my mental pictures

        a) strongly  b) mildly  c) never.

    70. I prefer sexual foreplay to start

        a) long before we reach the place where we are going to make love

        b) only when we're alone but before we reach the bedroom  c)

        only after we reach the bedroom.

    71. Foreplay should be started by

        a) the man  b) either of the partners  c) the woman.

    72. I am stimulated if foreplay is started

        a) boldly by a word or touch withch everyone could understand if

        they heard it or felt it  b) in public, but secretly by words or

        gestures which only we know are erotic  c) subtly, like the sound

        of distant music.

    73. In love making, pain plays

        a) an important part  b) on occasional role  c) no part at all,

        unless you're a pervert.

    74. The use of erotic words and sounds in foreplay

        a) excites me  b) does not upset me but I do not use them myself

        c) turns me off.

    75. During foreplay I like

        a) bright lights  b) soft illumination  c) darkness.

    76. Dressing up erotically is

        a) exciting  b) OK for my sexual partner but not for me

        c) absurd.

    77. The use of vibrators, brushes, gloves and other equipment during

        foreplay is

        a) fun  b) OK for a change  c) perverse.

    78. Fellatio and Cunnilingus are

        a) normal and exciting  b) OK for a change  c) unnatural and


    79. With me foreplay normally lasts

        a) under half an hour  b) half an hour to an hour  c) an hour to

        two hours  d) over two hours.

    80. Ideally, with me, intercourse normally lasts

        a) under 15 minutes  b) 15 minutes to a half an hour c) a half an

        hour to 1 hour  d) over 1 hour.

    81. In intercouse I prefer

        a) the man on top and the woman below  b) the woman on top and

        the man below  c) a variety of positions.

    82. If I had my way I would enjoy intercouse most

        a) in a bed  b) on the floor  c) in the open  d) in unusual


    83. The movements in intercourse should be 

        a) quick and passionate  b) varied  c) slow and controlled.

    84. If I see myself in a mirror during intercourse it

        a) excites me  b) amuses me  c) embarrasses me.

    85. During intercourse I normally

        a) fantasize  b) think only of my lover  c) lose myself in the

        sensations of lovemaking.

    86. I believe that learning to control the muscles used in

        intercourse is

        a) well worth the effort  b) possibly worth while if we could

        find the time  c) pointless in our modern world.

    87. I feel that moments of stillness, without movement, at the peak

        of intercourse    

        a) enhance the ecstasy of intercourse  b) help to prolong

        intercourse  c) are an unnecessary interruption.

    88. Intercourse without orgasm

        a) can be ecstatic in a very special way  b) might be necessary

        but does not add to the pleasure of intercourse  c) is incomplete

        and might be dangerous.

    89. In intercourse it is essential to

        a) seek your own satisfaction because your partner's satisfaction

        will follow as a matter of course  b) keep your pleasure in line

        with your partner's  c) seek your partner's ecstasy because then

        yours will follow.

    90. The ecstasy of sex likes in

        a) the body  b) the glands c) the mind.



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