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Archive-name: Miscell/bunch.txt


Archive-title: A Bunch of different stories


place: the beach, then a house on the beach

time: evening turning into night, the moon is out

tense: first person

people: the person speaking and a girl name sue

situation: sue is a virgin, and she and speaker are in love



    It is a cool spring evening..and i am walking down a beach near my home, i

am holding sue's hand, and her head is resting on my shoulder.  I am sure we mu

st look like siemese twins to the people who pass us by.  But neither of us rea

lly care...Inside i feel a warmt, that is centered at my solar plexus and radia

tes through out my body.  I really love sue, I have loved her from the first mo

nent i set eyes on her.  I remember that first time, i spent hours just staring

 into her eyes.  As we walk on the beach i slowly massage sue's hand with the f

ingers of my hand.  I suddenly stop, and slowly lift her chin up with my hand,

we look into each others eyes, a message that only our hearts shall ever know,

passes between us.  Our kiss is slow and gentle, and very deep..her mouths tast

es very sweet.  we consume each other in our hunger.  i remove my lips from her

 and bend my head a little lower, and my lips leave a wet silken trail across h

er chin and down her throat.  a deep moan escapes sues lips.  in the mean time,

 our arms have not been idle, and we are entwined within each others arms.  our

s arms are slowly caressing each others body.  We stop for a moment so that i c

an spred the blanket i carry over my shoulder on the sand, so that we can have

something to lie on.  I lift sue off her feet and slowly lower her onto the bla

nket.  i then rest on my elbows above her, i take her upper lip in mine, and sl

owly caress it with my tongue and lips, then i decide to head higher, i lick a

trail across her nose, at which point she giggles, and i smile, then higher sti

ll to her forehead, which i gentlely kiss, then my tongues moves all across her

 face, her eyes, her cheeks, her ears, her moans of pleasure grow louder and lo

uder.  Then i am back at her lips again.  After a while she moves down my neck

and her teeth are suddenly at my throat, which i bare to her, showing her my tr

ust.  she gentlely nips my throat, and caresses it with her tongue and lips, th

e sensation is exquisite and it is now my turn to moan.  i slowly untie her bat

hing suit top, with one hand while i balance over her with the other,  her brea

st are not large, but they are full and they do not sag.  i take her nipples in

 my mouth and slowly rotate them back and forth with my lips and my teeth.  sue

's moans grow louder and louder.  i take her nipple out of my mouth and slowly

caress it with my tongue.  I then switch to the next nipple and begin all over

again.  after a while i use my mouth to suck a trail down sue's stomach, my ton

gue takes a short stop in her belly buttom, and again i make her giggle,  I the

n move on.  I reach the top of her bathing suit bottom.  I take it between my t

eeth, and pull it half way down her legs.  My mouth then goes back up her legs

to her pubic mound, i rub my nose and my face in the hair there, taking in the

rich musky scent.  i then move my lips to the top of her opening, i gentlely li

ck the little nib of flesh that is there, sue's moans are ever increasing.  I t

hen use my lips to suck on the lips between her legs, then i poke my tongue ins

ide.  The taste is salty and smooth..she grabs my head in her hands, and she mo

ves my head up and down, showing me where she needs me most, and i suck and lic

k, and nibble, as she goes into a frenzy, and she floods my face with her lubri

cants as she cums.  Then she holds me tight and kisses me deeply, she says 'tha

nk you, that was good', i tell her 'i like your taste, it was my pleasure', she

 replies with a wicked smile, ' i like my taste on your tongue' , 'hmmmmm', 'I

love you sue!, maybe more than i should love anyone', she says 'I love you more

 than i can say with words, lets go inside'.  I pick her up in my arms leaving

her bathing suit and the blanket on the sand.  I walk slowly down the beach.  I

 am not looking where i walk, i am kissing sue, and my feet are taking me where

 they know i want to go.  They take me all the way to my bed room.  I place sue

 on my bed, i look at her beautiful face in the light of the moon shining thru

my big picute windows.  She is the most beautiful woman in the world to me.  I

am the most lucky man in the world to have her love me, and to be able to love

her.  she tells me 'you lie down', so i lie down and she gets on top of me.  Sh

e pulls down my swimming trunks.  She takes me in her hands, and stokes me up a

nd down, 'hmmmm, that feels so good sue', 'shhh, just lie back and enjoy it', s

he slowly bends over me, and engulfs my length within her warm wet mouth.  i mo

an softly.  she then strokes and caresses me with her mouth, then she use her t

eeth and i quickly draw my breath through my teeth with a sharp hiss.  This is

so good.  then she raise her head and says 'i am ready'.  Sue is a virgin, and

i would be her first.  I wanted to give her as much pleasure with as little pai

n as possible.  We switch places with sue below me.  lying on her back, with he

r legs apart, and me on my knees between them.  I used one hand to hold the hea

d of my penis at the gates of her vagina , and with the other hand i slowly rub

bed her clit.  sue was softly moaning, with her eyes closed.  I slowly moved th

rough the gates.  i felt the resistence, and saw  sue close her eyes tighter, i

 pushed a little harder, then a little harder.  sue was still maoning, but her

hands were tightly hold the sheets.  This was painfull for her.  I could not do

 this, it was too painfull for her, i quickly withdrew .  sue said ' i want you

, i want you now, do it quickly and the pain will pass'....i put my penis at th

e opening of her vagina  again, and started to slowly push, and again sue shut

her eyes tightly closed, and grabs the sheets, i loosened her grip on the sheet

 with one hand, and held her tightly, then in the next moment i plunged deep wi

thin her, she screamed out as i broke her hymen.  i let go of her hand and enci

rcled her with my arms, she said 'i love you' and i replied with ' i love you',

 and i never said any words more true.  i slowly started to move in side of her

, and she slowly started to move.  I could feel her tightening her internal mus

cles agianst me, causing more friction.  I moved slowly in and out of her, in a

nd out, in and out, then i started to slowly move faster and faster, and her mo

ans grew louder and louder, i was plunging faster and faster within her, when s

he came with a load scream, 'I love you', then in a few second more i was flood

ing her with my semen as i also came.  'I love you sue'.  We held each other ti

ghtly as i spurted, over and over again within her core.  'god, i love you sue'

...and she replied 'and i love you to, and will for all time'  Then we held eac

h other, waiting for our energies to be restored for the next round or lovemaki


   The End.



 You and I are at a dinner party

 there are four other people there

 they are friends

 we are sitting next to each other at the table

 our fingers are entwined

 we hold hands for a few moments

 then i move my hand to your thigh

 i gentlely stroke it

 i start to pull your skirt up your leg

 we look at the other people sitting at the table

 they are talking to each other

 from time to time they ask us a question

 we just nod at them

 my hand finally reaches the hem of your skirt

 i put my hand under your skirt

 i find the hem of your panties

 i put my hand inside

 i slowly move my hands to where your thighs meet

 i gentlely move my hands against the moist lips of your vagina

 then i move inside

 it is very moist and warm inside

 i find your clit

 and i move my finger against it

 I gentlely rub up and down

 you make a sharp sound

 everyone turn's towards you

 they ask if something is wrong

 you shake your head, no

 i rub faster

 you tightly close your mouth

 your face screw's up in frustration as you try not to scream out

 you begin to come

 another very sharp intake of breath

 my finger is covered with liquid

 every one turns towards you

 you again reassure them that you are ok

 i remove my hand from inside of you

 i lower your skirt to where it was before

 i slowly bring my finger to my lips

 my mouth opens

 my tongue reaches out

 lick's the finger

 then i continue with the meal


               THE END



 she lived in a two story house

 her bed room was upstairs

 i went over to her house to tutor her in fortran programming

 her computer was in her bedroom

 so we had to go up to her bedroom

 when i came in the house i met her parents

 we said hello, nice to meet you

 they seemed like very nice parents

 they did not mind me going up to their daughters bedroom since we

 had to use the computer

 once we were in the bedroom she sat down in front of the screen

 i stood behind her

 i reached out and put one hand on her shoulder

 i started to talk to her

 as i talked to her i massaged her shoulder

 then i put my other hand on her shoulder

 and started to massage that shoulder

 she started to relax

 and to moan very quietly

 i bent down and nibbled her ear

 and she told me i could not nibble her ear and talk at the same


 i laughed

 she giggled

 i turned her chair around

 and got down in front of her on my knees

 i put my hand behind the back of her head

 and pulled her head to me

 i touched her lips with mine

 i waited a few heartbeats to see if she would resist

 there was no resistance

 i pressed her lips to mine

 my mouth opened

 her lips parted

 my tongue flicked between her lips

 my tongue touched her tongue

 our tongue moved along each other

 it was a fantastic feeling

 my tongue moved along her teeth

 then my lips grabbed her tongue

 and pulled it all the way into my mouth

 then i stopped

 and we both laughed again

 my mouth then went to her throat

 i gentlely sucked her throat

 and licked it at the same time

 she softly moaned

 my hand reached for the buttons of her blouse

 she asked me what about her parents

 i told her i did not care about her parents only about her

 she said what if they catch us

 she told me the door did not have a lock

 i took her chair and rolled it to the door

 i put the back of her chair to the door

 she was still in the chair

 i told her now they can't get in

 she giggled

 i started to unbutton her blouse

 i unbuttoned it very slowly

 one button at a time

 then i opened her blouse without removing it

 she was not wearing a bra

 my neck bent down

 my lips encircled her nipples

 i gentlely sucked on them

 i kept moving from breast to breast

 her nipples were very hard

 she put her hands in my hair

 and lowered my head to her crotch

 i unzipped her jeans

 and pulled them down

 which was not easy since she was sitting down

 she slipped lower in the chair to give me access to her

 she moved my head right over her vagina

 my tongue went into her

 i spent a few seconds exploring her

 finding her clit

 my tongue moved over her clit slowly

 then faster and faster

 and faster

 i was driving her crazy

 she could not stay still

 she told me that she wanted me in her now

 i told her i would have to go into her from the back

 because she had to hold the chair against the door

 she said it was ok

 just do it now

 her hand came from my hair to my fly

 she unzipped me quickly

 and pulled my pants down

 she again said she wanted me now

 she got out of the chair

 and turned around

 and held the chair against the door

 she bent over slightly

 my penis was very hard

 i moved it to her

 it found the lips of her vagina

 and it entered her

 i held her hips

 and started to push into her

 then i withdrew from her

 but not completely

 i pushed in again

 and then withdrew

 she was moaning more and more

 i moved in and out faster and faster

 she was going crazy

 her moans became louder and louder

 with one had i fingered her breast from behind

 i moved in and out of her faster and fast

 she was very close to orgasm

 and her moans were very loud now

 then as she started to orgasm she screamed

 then i started to cum

 i shoot my semen into her over and over again

 until i was empty

 then i heard foot steps on the stairs outside the door

 we both heard the foot steps

 and heard her father calling her name

 they had heard her scream

 she very quickly buttoned up her blouse

 and pulled up her jeans

 i very quickly zipped up my pants

 she jumped into the chair and i rolled it back to computer

 then her father burst through the door and started to demand to

 know what was wrong

 she told him a spider had scared her

 he believed her

 he was relieved

 he left the room

 then we started to laugh


                  THE END



we are in a movie theater

we are good friends

we are just sitting next to each other

i put my arms around your shoulder

i lean on your shoulder

i kiss your neck

my tongue flicks out and licks your neck

then my mouth closes over your neck

and i gentlely suck it

then i reach up with my hand and put my hand under your chin

i turn your head towards me

i move my lips to your lips

our lips touch

then my tongue licks your lips

then my tongue forces its way into your mouth

our tongues touch

they entwine

i tilt my head

our lips lock

our tongues do battle for long minutes

then i put my arms under your legs as our tongues fight their war

of passion

i lift one of your legs and put it on mine

you are wearing a skirt

i pass my hand between your thighs

my hand then moves along your thigh until it comes to the place

where they are joined

i gentlely put my fingers inside your panties

where they start to explore

they find the slit that is your vagina

they enter pass your lower lips

they search until they find your clit

they tease it for a few minutes

then my fingers start to rub your clit

slowly at first

then faster

you start to lose control

we are still kissing

you bit my lips

because of your excitement

warm blood flows

you lick it away

my fingers move faster

then slower

then faster

and faster

you grow more excited

as you grow more excited

my fingers move faster

by this time you are soaking wet

then you cum

your orgasm is long

my fingers do not stop till you are exhausted

i remove my fingers

the are dripping with your liquids

i put my fingers to my mouth

my tongue flicks out

and licks my fingers

i kiss you once more


                       THE END



 you are in your office

 sitting at your desk

 you hear a knock on your door

 you say come in

 two guys walk in

 they tell you they are here to install a new

 computer terminal for your boss

 they are both well built

 and it is the middle of the summer

 they are dressed very casually

 shorts and tee-shirts

 you have on a mini-skirt

 and a light blouse

 no bra

 you show them to your boss's office

 then they start to bring in the computer equipment

 and set it up

 you stand behind your bosses desk

 one of them has to install something under the desk

 he gets down on his hands and knees and crawls

 under the desk

 he looks up

 he is looking straight up your skirt

 the other one comes up behind you

 and starts to hand his friend tools

 he looks down

 straight down your blouse

 he smiles at you

 you smile back at him

 the one under the table brushes his hands against your


 you look down at him

 he also smiles

 you are becoming excited

 the guy behind you puts his hand on your shoulder

 he turn's you around

 he puts one hand under your chin tilts your head


 he lowers his head

 his lips touch yours

 you do not pull away

 his tongue enters your mouth

 your lips press closer

 you exchange saliva

 your mouth tastes sweet and so does his

 you feel hands on the back of your legs

 the hands are slowly traveling up your legs

 they are under your skirt now

 they are on your ass

 you feel hands slip inside the back of your panties

 you feel your panties being lowered

 you feel you legs being spread

 the one who was kissing you is now moving his mouth

 from your lips

 his lips are traveling down your neck

 his hands open your blouse

 your breast spring free

 his mouth moves to the nipples of your right breast

 his tongue flicks over your nipple

 wetting them slightly

 your nipples are very hard

 then his whole mouth surrounds your nipple

 he gentlely sucks it

 you hold his head in your arms

 the one who is below you now has his head between

 your legs from the back

 his tongue starts to move from the small of your back

 down wards

 he passes your anus

 his tongue flicks into it

 wetting it

 then his tongue continues moving

 he comes to the lips of your pussy

 his tongue goes in

 he explores you with his tongue for a few seconds

 he finds your clit

 his tongue gentlely moves along your clit

 he is driving you crazy

 the other one moves from your right breast to your

 left breast

 this time the nipple goes straight into his mouth

 the one who is licking your clit moves from that

 he comes around to the front of you

 his mouth moves up your belly

 stopping for a few seconds to play with your belly


 then his mouth moves to your right breast

 his lips encircle your right nipple

 now you have a man on each of your breast

 you reach down with your hand and reach into the

 shorts of the guy on your left breast

 you feel his long hard penis

 you feel the blood pumping through it

 the guy on your left , whose penis you are holding

 takes his mouth away from your breast

 and so does the other guy

 you get on your knees in front of the guy whose penis

 you have in your hands

 you move his penis to your lips

 you open your lips

 you slowly move his penis into your mouth

 your mouth closes on it

 you gentlely suck it

 you move it out of your mouth slowly

 then into your mouth again

 it glistens with your saliva

 you move it in and out and in and out

 over and over

 you suck harder and harder

 the guy is close to cumming

 he is going wild

 then you stop

 you do not want him to cum just yet

 the other guy is now behind you

 he puts his arms around your waist

 he lifts you up by your waist

 you are now on your feet

 but bent over

 you feel his tongue across your back

 then you feel it between your ass cheeks

 then you feel it enter your anus

 he moves his tongue around in your anus

 you moan softly

 you feel his fingers enter your anus

 he has something on his fingers

 you realize it is some sort of grease

 he puts it in and around your anus

 then he lies you down on the floor

 you are still bent over

 but now on the floor

 the guy behind you gentlely places his penis against

 your anus

 he starts to move it forwards slowly

 it starts to penetrate your anus

 you feel some pain

 you make a sharp sound

 he slows down

 now he is moving even slower into your anus

 inch by inch his penis goes into you

 until it is in to the hilt

 the guy in front of you also lies on the floor

 he straighten's you up

 he lifts one of your legs

 he moves his penis to the lips of your pussy

 and enters you

 now you are filled from behind and in front

 the one in front slowly moves in and out of you

 he moves slowly at first

 then faster and faster

 he is driving you crazy

 the one behind also starts to move his penis in and

 out of you

 he starts very slowly

 but builds up speed

 then you start to cum

 you scream as you cum

 the guy in front also starts to cum

 he spurts inside of you

 then spurts again

 as he is emptied of semen

 then the guy in your ass starts to cum

 and he spurts his seed into your anus

 he keeps pumping as he cums

 till he is completely drained

 then they both come out of you

 you rest for a few minutes

 then you fix your cloths

 then they leave

 and as they leave they give you their business card

 and say call us any time


                THE END



 i am afraid of swimming

 i can not swim

 someone is teaching me to swim

 she is a very beautiful girl

 we are in the water

 i almost sink under the water

 she wraps her arms around me to stop me from sinking

 when she wraps her arms around me, we look each other in the eyes

 then suddenly i have this urge to kiss her

 so i do

 and she kisses me back

 i put my mouth over hers

 our tongues entwine

 then we start to sink

 but we have no problems breathing under the water

 i start to explore her mouth with my tongue

 and her body with my hands

 i ease the straps of her swim suit off her shoulders

 her breasts come out

 i caress her breasts in my hands

 i cup them in my hands

 our mouths are still lock together

 i play with her breasts for a while

 then i slip the swim suit further down her

 until i can get my hands in to her vagina

 i slip my fingers inside of her

 i slowly move my fingers over her clit

 she moves her hands down to my swimming trunks

 she slips them down me

 she holds my penis in her hands

 she starts to move her hands up and down it

 slow at first

 then faster and faster

 then she suddenly takes me and puts me inside of her

 i begin to thrust

 slowly at first

 then faster

 and faster

 she has an orgasm

 and i still thrust faster and faster till i come

 then we slowly start to float to the surface of the water

 and finally we each take a huge breath


                     THE END



 we are out skiing


 i do not know you

 you do not know me

 we are skiing and bump into each other

 we are sort of under a overhang

 there is an avalanche

 we get buried in snow together

 but because of the over hang there is a pocket of air

 and we do not perish

 it is freezing cold

 we have no way of getting warm

 so i suggest we hug each other to conserve body heat

 and to get warmer

 you do not want to do it at first

 you do not know me

 you are afraid of me

 but the longer you wait the colder you get

 till eventually you agree to hug me

 i gentlely put my arms around you

 you begin to feel warmer

 you decide you like my touch

 you like being in my arms

 our faces are close together

 we are breathing into each other's faces

 i move my mouth closer to yours

 then i touch my lips to your

 you try to resist at first

 but you like it

 you relax

 you let me kiss you

 my tongue darts between your lips

 you grab hold of my tongue with your mouth

 and you pull it deep inside of your mouth

 my tongue explores your mouth

 then your tongue forces its way into my mouth

 your tongue explores my mouth

 i reach between us and unzip your ski jacket

 you protest

 but you can only make tiny little sounds

 because i have your tongue in my mouth

 my hands reach below your sweater

 you are not wearing a bra

 i feel the warmth in your breast

 i rest my hands against them

 you unzip my ski jacket

 you reach under my sweater

 you move your hands across my chest

 you play with my nipples

 i stroke your nipples as you play with mine

 your nipples begin to get very erect and hard

 just like my penis which is very erect and as hard as a rock

 i unzip your ski pants

 and surprisingly you do not protest

 my hands slip inside your panties

 then my finger slips inside of you

 you are extremely wet

 and very very warm

 you unzip my ski pants

 you remove my hard member

 you stroke it a few times

 then you move closer to me

 you put my penis inside of you

 i begin to thrust

 and thrust

 the friction increases

 the heat increases

 i thrust faster and faster

 there is more and more friction

 and more and more heat

 you begin to cum

 you start to gasp

 i pump faster

 i begin to cum

i spurt jet after jet of boiling hot liquid inside of you


 we settle in each others arms

 our naked skin is still touching

 but we feel warmer

 and we are content to wait till we are rescued


                       THE END



i meet you in a health club

we have been lifting weights for hours

you invite me back to your apartment after we have showered

i am thirsty

i ask you for something to drink

you give me a glass of coke

you drug the coke

after i drink it, i feel very sleepy

i pass out

when i wake up i can not see

and i can not move

and when i try to make a sound

i find i can not talk

i am blind folded, bond, and gagged

i start to struggle, but not even my strong muscles can broke the


then when i stop

and give up

i hear a sound

foot steps

the blind fold is removed

i look up

i see you

you are dressed completely in black

your dress is long

and it is made from satin and silk

it is very tight

you look very beautiful, but very evil in it

you have a wicked smile on your face

i look at myself

i am totally naked

i am on a bed

my arms and legs are chained to the four corners of the bed

i get angry when i see this

i try to scream and shout

but i can not

because of the gag

i struggle

but it is only in vain

the chains will not break

but i keep struggling

you move to me

you smile that wicked smile again

your hands reach down to me

i watch your hands approach my balls

you hold them gentlely in the palm of your hands

you apply pressure to them suddenly

it hurts like hell

you tell me to stop struggling

and to behave

or you would do it again

i stop

i do not like pain

you crawl over me

your hands and your body move down me

and then up me

you hold my head in your arms

you move your head to mine

you place your lips on mine

you try to kiss me

i move my head

you reach down

you squeeze my balls

i stop when i feel the pain

you again try to kiss me

this time i let you kiss me

you force your tongue into my mouth

you kiss me very hard

your tongue explores my mouth

your mouth move from my lips

your mouth move down my chest

your mouth moves to my nipples

you lick them

you place one nipple in your mouth

you bite it

it hurts

but i can not make any sound

i can not scream

you then bite the other


it hurts

you move down me

you move to my penis

you lick the tip

your tongue moves around and around the tip

you are driving me crazy

you place your mouth over my penis

you take it into your mouth

and tighten your hold on it with your lips

you move it in and out of your mouth

you increase the pressure

you move it in and out faster

i am near to cumming

then you stop

you take it out of your mouth

you laugh

you laugh again

tell me you control me

and there is nothing i can do to stop you

you tell me that i must do what ever you say

that i have no choice

you laugh again

then you move up my body

you move to my face

you sit on my face

i can barely breath

you are facing my legs

you reach out and grab my penis and balls

you start to stroke my penis

you tell me to lick you

then you squeeze my balls when i take to long to comply

i start to lick you

my tongue goes inside of your vagina

my tongue finds your clit

my tongue licks it

you tell me to lick fasted

you hold on to my penis

your head is thrown back

there is a smile on your lips

you tell me to go faster

you are very excited

you tell me to lick your asshole

i do not want to

you squeeze my balls

 very hard

so i do it

i do not like the taste

but i do not like the pain

you laugh at me

you say ' you see i can make you do anything'

then you say 'lick my pussy slave'

i go back to licking your vagina

i drive you crazy with my tongue

you cum

over and over

and over

then you get off of my face

you lean over my penis

your mouth engulfs my penis

you suck it

you move it in and out of your mouth

faster you move it

harder you suck it

until i am about to cum

then you move in out of you mouth

you let me cum on myself

you laugh

then you scoop some of the semen up with your hand

you move your hand to my lips

you squeeze my balls very hard with your other hands

i force the semen under the gag

into my mouth

you roar with laughter

you say' see i can even make you eat your own cum'

you put the gag on properly

you are still laughing

you turn away

you leave me ashamed and wasted



                 THE END



  no man has ever gone broke underestimating the

  stupidity of the american consumer.

			   --H. L. Mencken


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