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Archive-name: Places/teri.txt

Archive-author: Robert E. Epps

Archive-title: Thursday, October 5th, 11 PM . . .

I was working very late that night.  I really wanted to finish the

project that I was working on by this Friday, because I was already a

few days past the date I told my boss I'd be done.  I did not want to

end up a whole WEEK late!

The company I work for is in a pretty large building, about 50,000

square feet I guess, with about two dozen offices and a manufacturing

area.  That night the building was dark and quiet, with the only lights

coming from my office where I was pounding away at the keyboard, and

from the next office down the hall, where my wife was playing Scrabble

against a program called "Tyler".  (She's quite a Scrabble nut as you

might remember!)  Working late is not nearly so bad when Teri is there

with me!  She has the unique knack that certain women with nymphomaniac

tendencies possess for making normally mundane situations alot of fun.

Like my situation that night.

I was growing pretty tired of looking at the screen, and watching my

program crash again for the eighty-seventh time.  How am I going to get

it to work????  I heard Teri yell "yay!" from the next room -- guess she

beat it again!  Every time I've played that program, even at "Level 1",

I get beat badly.  I couldn't help smiling as I thought of Teri in front

of the Mac, clapping her hands and probably resetting the program for

another game, and wearing her cock-stiffening combination of T-shirt and

tight shorts.  I had to push the image out of my mind, very reluctantly,

or I wouldn't be able to get any more work done!  I turned my attention

back to the code on the screen, and then heard soft footsteps coming

into my office behind me. I scanned the program AGAIN, looking for a

bug, ANY bug, and then two soft arms gently wrapped themselves around my

head, and I found the left side of my head buried in Teri's luscious


Teri lightly stroked at my hair with her fingers as I reveled in the

warmth and softness of her breasts, hidden but quite visible underneath

her shirt. My eyes continued to scan the program as I paged through it,

but my mind was paying scant attention to the code on the screen.

Teri's chin and lips were touching the top of my head, and I could feel

her lips move as she whispered, "you don't seem to be getting anywhere--

perhaps you should take your mind off that, and come back to it later!"

She was slowly rubbing her chest against the side of my head now, and

her stomach and crotch were pressing against my arm, and I was quickly

(and visibly) becoming hard and horny!  "I think maybe you're right,

dear!"  I said softly as I reached one arm around her waist and snuggled

my head deeper amidst her breasts.  In response to that, she raised one

leg and rested her foot on my lap, hiking up her shorts to expose even

more silky smooth tanned thigh.  Her knee drifted over to rest against

my chest.  I caressed her silky leg with one hand as my other hand

reached up under her shirt and rubbed her back, reaching all the way up

to the back of her neck and then down again, slipping into her shorts

and touching her panties.  That is when she yelled "eeeeeeek!", tore

herself from my grasp, and ran out of the room and down the hall.  I

could hear her giggling as she disappeared into some distant part of the


I got up from my chair and headed out into the hall.  Teri had turned

off the light in the other office, so the building was in complete

darkness except for the light shining from my office, and the faint

moonlight shining in through the building's few windows.  I could not

help smiling -- this promised to be a FUN night!  My cock was really

getting hard as I imagined my sexy wife hiding in a dark office, maybe

stripping her clothes off and exposing that beautiful body to the cool

air...  I walked slowly down the hall, calling out "yoo hoo!  Where are

you??  I'm gonna find you, and when I do...!!!"

As I passed a storeroom, I thought of some of the things kept in there,

and I grinned as I thought of the fun I could have with them!  I went

into the little room, grabbed an empty box, and filled it with various

items.  Then I returned to the hall and continued my hunt for female


I turned a corner and headed down the next hallway.  The suspense was

really building now -- where is she???  I peeked into office after dark

office, with nary a sign of a nubile nymph named Teresa.  I was really

hard and horny now, thinking of the feel of her big breasts between my

hands, and the taste and heat and wetness of her pussy as my tongue

dives inside and my lips tickle and tease and suck...  Then I heard a

metallic SQUEAK! from one of the offices up ahead.  Oh God, I thought,

she's in Walt's office!! I crept slowly up to the door and peered into

the luxuriant, moonlit office of the company president.

Teri had her shirt off, and was whirling around in the large leather

chair behind Walt's enormous mahogany desk.  When she spotted me

standing in the doorway, she stopped whirling, put her hands up to her

mouth, and stared at me with her beautiful eyes very wide, as though

she'd not expected anyone else to be in the building.  "Eeeeee!!!"  I

laughed a devilish laugh and grinned a toothy devilish grin.  "Ooooh I'm

gonna get you now, every square inch of your body is gonna feel my

wrath!!"  I set the box I was carrying on top of a file cabinet, walked

over to the side of the desk opposite the large chair with the luscious

body in it, and dropped to my hands and knees with my head below the

edge of the desk.  Then, making heavy breathing and grunting noises, I

began to slowly rise, sliding my hands and then my arms over the edge

and onto the surface of the desk, pretending to be some horrible sex-

crazed zombie who must climb over the huge desk to get at the succulent

flesh on the other side.  "Eeeeeeek!" the luscious body yelled, trying

hard to suppress her giggles, and to sound and act terrified.

My eyes cleared the edge, and I gazed upon the dimly lit woman in the

chair, her hands clutching the arms of the chair in frozen "fear", and

the hardening nipples of her big boobs seemingly crying out "Suck me!

Lick me! Squeeze me!"  I grunted and wheezed and slowly crept across the

desk, sliding my arms forward, fingers outstretched in search of soft

warm flesh to do horrible unspeakable things to.  The surface was an

obstacle course, and I shoved aside the telephone, fax machine, Rolodex,

IN/OUT trays, and a mug full of writing instruments as I made my way

slowly across.  The OUT tray teetered on the edge of the desk and then

fell to the floor, scattering its contents all over.  But I was much too

horny to notice or care!

My flesh-seeking hands cleared the other side as I swung one leg onto

the desk and continued to slide forward.  Teri saw how close my fingers

were to her exposed and vulnerable body and said "eeeeeek!" again, but

did not try to slide away from them (my prey is still frozen with fear!

the zombie thought as he drooled in horny anticipation).  I swung my

other leg onto the desk, knocking the Rolodex onto the floor in the

process, and pushed forward again.  My fingers made contact with tit-


They groped at and squeezed and felt and savored the softness of her

boobs as I pushed myself forward with greater fervor.  My hands slid to

the sides of her chest and I pulled and kicked way toward her, still

grunting and wheezing and breathing hard and making whatever sounds the

"Walking Dead" make.  My chest cleared the edge of the desk and I

suddenly slid faster, and my face buried itself in Teri's voluptuous

mounds.  Mmmmph!  Yum!  I licked and sucked and kissed and nibbled every

square centimeter of those boobs, and Teri gave up her attempts to act

frightened, putting her hands on my back and pressing her chest harder

against my face and shaking her breasts from side to side.

Teri's chair was slowly sliding backward, pulling me with it, and I

found myself suddenly sliding off the desk and on to the floor.  My face

slipped out from between her breasts and rapidly slid down her bare

stomach, ending up pressed against her crotch, which was still hidden

beneath her shorts. With a new wave of horniness and energy, I got up

and slid one arm behind her back and the other underneath her legs, and

picked her up.  "Eeeek!! What are you going to do to me???"  I breathed

and wheezed and replied in my most zombie-like voice, "EAT YOUR FLESH."

I laid her down on top of the desk, then went to the file cabinet and

grabbed the cardboard box full of goodies.  I returned to the desk,

where Teri was lying spread-eagled, and her eyes widened as I pulled

some rope and a large pair of scissors from the box.  I cut four lengths

of rope, then approached a corner of the desk.  "Eeeeee help help

somebody hellllllp...!" she cried softly, as I took her left hand and

pulled it to the corner of the desk.  She struggled against me, just

enough to look like a struggle but not enough to actually thwart my evil

aims.  Her whole body was writhing and undulating, and her boobs were

jiggling back and forth across her chest, as I ran a piece of rope

lightly around her wrist and down the corner of the desk, tying it to

the black metal leg.  I strode to the next corner and bound her other

hand likewise, then headed to the other end.  Her feet didn't quite

reach the corners (can't believe how big Walt's desk is!), so I had to

cut two longer pieces of rope to bind her feet.  She kicked her sexy

legs all about, making it a challenge for me to slide her shorts and

panties off, grab her feet, and tie them down.  When that was done, I

stepped back and savored the sight of her as she moaned and pretended to

struggle against the ropes.  She was having a difficult time keeping

herself from smiling and giggling.  And I was having a difficult time

keeping my cock from shooting its load of hot cum too soon as I gazed

upon her prone, sexy, writhing, NAKED body!

I sat down in the big leather chair and wheeled it up close to the desk.

Teri's beautiful body was right in front of me, and I reached out and

laid the tip of one index finger delicately on her chin, then slowly

slid it down her neck to the top of her chest, then in a big circle

around both boobs, then up one of them until it reached the tall hard

nipple at the pinnacle.  I fingered it very lightly, teasing it and the

surrounding areole.  Then my finger continued its downward journey,

across her stomach, dipping briefly into her navel, then further

downward.  Her hips writhed in anticipation as my finger drew closer and

closer to her hot wet pussy, and then my finger slid right along the

side of it, then around the bottom and back up the other side, teasing

the very edges of the lips, and then continuing downward along the

inside of one smooth thigh, down the lower leg, the ankle, along the

sole of her foot, and ending up at the tip of her big toe.  I bent over

and kissed it lightly, then all the other toes, letting my tongue slip

in between them to dance around a bit.  I did the same to her other

foot, and then let my tongue slide up one smooth leg. It rounded the top

of her pussy and down the other leg, and then back up again, up to her

hip and around to her belly, lightly digging in her navel and then

upward some more, until it was in between her boobs.  She was writhing

her body, pulling against her bonds, and her breasts heaved and shook

and rubbed against my face.  I wiggled my tongue back and forth as I

pressed her boobs against my cheeks, and then my tongue glided up one

yummy mound to the hard nipple.  I tickled it and licked it and then

plunged it into my mouth, pushing titflesh deep inside and sucking and

feasting on it.  Pretty soon my tongue and lips and hands were moving

all over as I chowed on one nipple, then the other, then both pressed

together, and licked those breasts all over as her body moved and

undulated even faster.  Eventually I managed to tear my face away from

such a pleasureable place, got up, and headed to the box again.  "Now,

my dear, it is time for the next phase of your TORTURE!" I said in my

evil zombie voice as I reached into the box.  Teri's eyes really widened

as my hand came out of the box clutching a DustBuster!

As I approached her I chuckled a sinister chuckle, and she began to

squirm and struggle against her bonds again.  Her body writhed more and

more as the cordless vacuum drew closer to her body, and then I thumbed

the switch WHHHHRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE! and the nozzle lightly touched her

belly.  She stopped moving, and a soft "oooooooohhh" emanated from her

lips as the cool plastic slid along her abdomen, lightly sucking against

her silky tan skin.  I moved it slowly upward and across to her side,

then up under one armpit and across her shoulder, then to the top of her

chest.  The vacuum paused there as if deciding what area of succulent

flesh to suck on next (not a tough decision, even for a DustBuster!).

Down again the nozzle slid, nestling itself between Teri's mounds,

wiggling and twisting just a bit as it pulled cool air across her chest.

Her "oooooohhh"s were growing louder and changing pitch, and she arched

her back, making her boobs swim upward and her nipples point straight

up.  Those nipples were screaming to be SUCKED!  And the Black & Decker

Nipple Sucker was happy to oblige.  Its hungry maw climbed up one

heaving breast until it was at the pinnicle and Teri's super-erect

nipple was inside it.  The hand that was not holding the vacuum was

lustily squeezing and kneading her other breast and doing things to that

nipple which made it stand up high and beg for more.  Teri's body was

squirming and writhing with greater intesity now, and I suspected that

her bonds would not hold much longer as her hands were obviously very

eager to get in on the action!

Now it was time for this sex-crazed zombie to go after new areas of

delectable flesh!  The vacuum began to slide down my victim, pausing at

her navel to let the flowing air tickle it, then over toward the side

and down one sexy gyrating hip and then her scrumptious thigh, then back

up the inside of her leg.  Her pussy was so moist now, and her hips

were really bucking in anticipation of the unimaginable things that

could happen next. The nozzle slid upward along the side of her clit,

paused at the top, then down the other side, just barely brushing

against the lip.  It paused again at the bottom, and then it headed

straight up the center, gliding along her pussy lips and sucking the

cool air all around them.  Two fingers of my free hand followed right

behind, one finger on each side, sliding up and wiggling slightly back

and forth to let her pussy know that they were there and that there

would be no escape for that poor helpless pussy from the evil fingers

(and power tongue) of the sex-crazed zombie!

I switched off the vacuum and set it aside so that my fingers and tongue

could romp and play unimpeded.  I tickled those hot moist lips with my

fingers some more, letting their tips dip just a little bit in between

them, testing the boiling waters.  Then my face descended between her

thighs, and the tip of my tongue touched the very top of her pussy, and

her legs were really moving now, those yummy thighs pressing against the

sides of my head.  I couldn't resist turning my head for a moment to

slide my tongue against the insides of her thighs, licking and slurping

and sucking, heading inward again, spiraling down to the core of the

reactor, and my tongue slid across her pussy and up and down it and

wiggled its way along it, teasing and tickling and teasing and lapping,

and then it PLUNGED down inside, and I could hear her hands flying free

of their bonds as Teri cried out, and her fingers grasped the back of my

head as my tongue sunk into her hot tunnel of ultimate pleasure.  It

wiggled and slithered to and fro like a snake, rubbing against hot flesh

everywhere, sliding in and out with more and more force, plunging deepe

each time.  My hands slid under her legs and around her thighs to get a

good grip and control her bucking hips as my tongue rammed ever deeper.

I glanced up through her pussy hairs and saw one of her hands clutching

and squeezing her breasts, and I sent one of my own hands up that way to

join in the fun!  Now Teri was saying something, and it was hard to

understand at first between the moaning, and then she burst out, "oh god


I withdrew my head from between her legs and climbed up on the desk, my

superhard meat in hand ready to take over for my tongue!  I grasped her

thighs again as she grabbed my cock, yanking and rubbing it and guiding

me into her.  The tip of my cock slapped against her pussy lips a few

times before she could steady her hands enough to slip it in.  We were

both so burning HOT!!!  My big cruise missile slid into that tight

channel and was bathed in the incredible heat and pressure.  I PUSHED

into her and drew back and PUSHED again as her hips began writhing all

about, almost pulling free of my grasp.  Teri's moans were load now,

punctuated by snippets of English such as "ooooh oh Rob HARDER!!!" --

she could have been heard anywhere in the building, or even outside!

My hips thrusted harder, and my crotch was banging against her crotch as

my cock rammed in and out of her, sizzling in the heat from friction an

her hot juices.  Her whole body was sliding back and forth with the

force of my fucking her, and I was mesmerized by the sight of those

luscious double-handfuls of tit flailing all about and smacking against

each other.  I wanted to grab them and squeeze them, and I leaned

forward and let my hands slide along her thighs and up her body until

they were being attacked by the wildly jiggling titflesh. My hands tamed

them, gathering them into a high golden tanned mountain and pressing th

nipples into each other.  Both our bodies bucked and writhed as one as

we both neared orgasm, and I suddenly and to grab her thighs again as my

cock neared explosion, and I LIFTED her ass into the air as my hips

rammed my blazing cock in with such force one might think it could break

off!  I was up on my knees now, lifting her up until only her head and

hands and feet were touching the desk, and my cock exploded its load of

hot cum into her.  Teri cried out again as the heat spread into her, and

I felt her vagina clench against my meat as it continued to shove in and

out, coating itself with the mixture of my cum and her juices.  Then he

hips gave a final BUCK as she cried out once more, and her legs flew out

of THEIR bonds and wrapped around me and held me tight.  Her body set-

tled back onto the desk as both our bodies began to relax.  I slipped my

cock out of her and let it dribble hot cum on her pussy lips and waist

and stomach.  I settled to my hands and knees, my chest pressing against

hers, as I caught my breath.  Her hands were lightly caressing my back,

and I looked at her beautiful face and into her gorgeous green eyes, and

our lips found tender companionship together.

                   --- R.E.E.



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