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Archive-name: Places/skinflik.txt

Archive-author: John Rayfield   (c) June 1987

Archive-title: Skinny-Flicks

  About  two weeks ago a new secretary began working in our office,  and

  from  the  second I laid eyes on her I knew I  wouldn't  be  satisfied

  until  I'd tasted her soft,  sweet juices.   Terri's hair fell all the

  way down to her sumptuous breasts, and her moist lips always seemed to

  form a tempting,teasing pout when she looked my way.

  The problem, if anything, was that she was TOO sexy!  From  her slinky

  jumpsuits to the fine,  round curve of her backside - everything about

  her said 'I Want it' in body language.  But this just made it  harder.

  Something  told  me that the usual  dinner,  drinks and 'my  place  or

  yours'  wouldn't  do the trick,  and I racked my  brains for a way  to

  approach her.

  To cut a long story short,   when I finally asked her out, I asked  if

  there  was anything special SHE waould like to do.  And to my infinite

  surprise,  she  had  an  answer  ready.  "Porn Flicks",  she said, her

  voice lowered to a husky,  horny drawl.  "I just love them,  but I can

  hardly ever find a man who wants to go".

  I nearly keeled over, but I did my best to keep cool.  In fact, what I

  did  was smile.  I could tell  she was testing me,  and I shot  her  a

  knowing glance to let her see I knew just what she was after.  We made

  a date to see the  hottest  film we could find, that very night, and I

  left her half-blushing, half-beaming behind her typewriter.

  The  rest of the day my prick literally ached with anticipation.  When

  4:30 p.m.  rolled around,  I  stopped by her desk and she smiled as if

  we  shared some saucy little secret.  Our office is around the  corner

  from Greek Street and in a few minutes we were strolling past a whole,

  horny array of skin-flicks.

  Each time we passed  another lewed foyer,  her fingers tightened their

  grip on my arm.  We finally decided on a foriegn double-bill,  'Nympho

  Madness' and 'Danish Ball'. I could feel her body heating up even as I

  paid for the tickets.  By the time we got inside the dark theatre, her

  breath was hoarse and rapid, and she pressed her luscious tits against

  my shoulder while we found seats.

  "The  back  is best",  she whispered,  already entranced by the  horny

  images on the screen.  A beautiful girl lay spread-eagled on a  beach,

  her blonde pussy exposed and juicy for the camera.  Her fingers grazed

  accross  it's shimering  lips,  idly dabbing at her clit  and  sliding

  into  the deep, pink wetness while she threw back her pretty head, and


  "This is great",  Terri mumbled,  settling in our  private nest at the

  very  rear  of the theatre.  The girl was joined  by a  brunette,  who

  cupped her swelling breasts in her hands as she stepped  forward.  Her

  thick  black  gash filled the screen and my  date  moaned  helplessly,

  letting  her  hand  fall down to her own cleft and  working  her  palm

  slowly  over  the  satin-covered groove.  "I'm getting  too worked  up

  already.  My pussy's sopping", she hissed.

  By this time,  I was burning up myself,  and I reached down and placed

  my hand on top of hers. The two girls on the screen were now locked in

  the lewdest embrace  imaginable,  with the brunette's face mashed into

  her young lovers silky muff.

  Terri  had now unzipped her  jumpsuit,  exposing the hot flesh beneath

  from her cleavage to the first, scant curls of her velvety pubes.  She

  guided my hand inside and pressed it against her lips,  still pinching

  her  clit,  and squeezing my own bursting cock with her other hand.  I

  was too excited to be nervous at our public exhibition.  Tucked in the

  corner  of the cinema,  with  all heads in the audience glued  to  the

  action  at  the  front,  it  seemed  doubtfull  that  Terri's  and  my

  performance would be noticed.

  But a minute later I was not so sure.A middle aged man strode down the

  cliff  to the stretch of beach where the young tarts were sucking  and

  eating  each  other's gleaming pussies.  His monster dong was  clearly

  outlined  in  his trunks,  and a  few feet from the writhing  pair  he

  dropped them to expose a solid eight inches of sizzling cock.

  The  sight of this was too much for Terri,  and with a little cry, she

  slid all the way out of her clothes, then hopped over to my seat  with

  her hand still clutching at my organ.  It all happened so  fast..

  Before  I knew it she was ramming my hot prick ionto the sopping-slick

  entrance of her hole,  stuffing inch  after throbbing inch up into her

  without taking her eyes from the screen.

  Had  anyone turned around,  anyone  spied us in our  lust  crazy  act,

  there  would have been a riot.  But I was too far gone to care.  Terri

  humped  furiously on my meat,  clutching the seat in front of her  and

  jamming  back to take it all inside of her.  Her pussy-lips clamped me

  in a tight kiss.  I grasped her bouncing tits, her pert nipples wedged

  between my fingers,  and took in the porn,  while performing myself in

  the corner of the theatre.

  Just as the movie reached it's  hottest point,  when the camera showed

  the man's enormous prick forcing it's way into the dainty blonde's wet

  pussy,  Terri  began to shake and rock on top of me with such  fervour

  that I thought she would scream. Her whole body jammed down against my

  muscle, slamming me inside her wet, hot hole to its' very hilt.

  "Just  keep  fucking  me,   ram  your  cock-meat  in",  she  whispered

  franticaly,  and had to lean forward and sink her teeth in her hand to

  keep from shouting out to the whole audience.  It was the most amazing

  screw  I had ever had.  Watching the giant cock sliding in and out  of

  the girls on the screen,   seeing the blonde lock her legs accross her

  lover's  back  and lap wildly at the brunnette squating on top of  her

  face - all of this cinematic raunch fired us even further.

  The second the screen exploded with the guy's gushing come,  I felt my

  sperm  shooting  into  Terri's pussy and blending  with  her  own  hot

  bursts.  As  the trio writhed in 'Nympho  Madness',  my sex-mad  lover

  matched them lunge for lunge,  until we all semed to collapse at once,

  almost too drained to move.   Terri sneaked back to the seat beside me

  and  zippered  up.  The rest of the  movie,  we  alternatly  fingered,

  sucked and laved each other's sex,  and by the time the first  feature

  came  to  it's horny climax we'd both come as much as  the  performers

  we'd paid to watch.  There was no point hanging out for 'Danish Ball',

  and drenched with sweat and passion,  we pulled ourselves together and

  prepared to leave our horny hideaway.



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