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Archive-name: Places/roost.txt

Archive-author: R. Bolla   (c) 1990

Archive-title: Roost, The

Note: This text file is copyrighted, please do NOT alter anything.  Read as is.

                                 The Roost

Among my many fantasies one of my favorites is exhibitionism by my gorgeous

wife, Nadine.  About a month ago, while returning from Milwaukee, we stopped

at this roadside restaurant for a drink.  This place turns out to be totally

funky, with a dance floor/lounge area called the Roost located in a circular

loft above the main bar. There is a bench around the rim and lots of tables

and surrounding the dance floor.  The decor is strictly out of the 60s with

pink vinyl on the bench and chairs and pink carpet on the walls.

That afternoon the Roost was completely deserted.  When I came back from the

main bar with our drinks what do I see but Nadine displaying her loveliness.

She had unzipped the front of her denim miniskirt up to the waistband and

opened her blouse completely.  It was a great sight!  Not wanting to pass up

the opportunity I got the camera and started taking photos.  Nadine is quite a

fox with a short "haircut" that displays her pussy lips quite nicely.  Her

boobs are 34Cs with dark nipples.  While I was taking some pics, Nadine would

lick her lips to get them nice and glossy plus play with her pussy, making for

some hot shots!

After a few photos, we started messing around.  First Nadine would go down on

my throbbing seven inch rod and then I would lap at her sweet cunt for awhile.

We were taking a break when one of the employees came up to the Roost and

almost caught us!  He must of been tired from serving the earlier lunch crowd,

because he flopped down on the bench opposite the dance floor from us.  At

that point I assumed that Nadine would want to cool it, you know, be neat and

discreet.  Did I get a surprise!  Nadine, the little devil, just grinned and

went back to cocksucking!  In the dim light, I could see (as well as feel!)

her lips sliding up and down my hard cock.  She was making soft sucking sounds

as her cheeks puffed out with my dick.  Try as I might, I could not hold back

the massive cum bubbling up from my balls.  Like a pro, Nadine keep sucking

draining every drop from my exploding cock! As she sat up several drops of cum

slipped from her lips, running down her chin.  About this time, the guy on the

other side sits up with a sigh and heads back to the restaurant without

looking our way.  Boy, did he ever miss a great sight -- Nadine all but nude

with cum dripping down her chin onto her boobs!

Those photos we took turned out great.  Needless to say, we now save time to

drop by that funky bar whenever we drive to the big city.

                          -------- The End ------------

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