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Archive-name: Places/pleasure.txt

Archive-author: Hai Truong & Andrew Truong

Archive-title: Pleasure Boat

        When I first was invited to lecture at a scientific conference

in the Caribbean, I assumed that it would be just another boring research

meeting. But since the location was desirable, I agreed to go, and hoped

to enjoy the screnery. It turned out to be better than I anticipated. During

the welcoming dinner, I spotted a gorgeous blond woman from California. She

had an innocent but seductive face, long soft hair, beautifully rounded hips,

and stunning breasts that could not be hidden. Diane was not only gorgeous,

she was intelligent and witty, and had a soft and gentle manner. We hit it

off immediately, and had several conversations, starting with scientific 

matters and then becoming more personal. Diane often held my gaze just slighty 

longer than normal. By the end of the second day, we had loosened up a lot.

Seeing her in a skimpy, tight bathing suit hardened more than my resolve. 

This was enchanced that afternoon as she left the lecture room; she moved past 

me and deliberately brushed her breasts across my arm, raising her eyebrows 


        I knew it was only a matter of time before the electricity produced 

sparks, but the way it happened was better than any fantasy. Our hosts had 

graciously arranged a boat cruise after dinner. We already had enjoy a good 

wine, which was later complemented by a few rum punches. On the boat, more

punch was available, along with calypso music and a beautiful tropical breeze.

The music was hypnotic. Diane looked absolutely smashing in a tight wraparound 

dress of silky slippery material that clung to every outline of her body, 

especially her breasts and nipples. After a rum punch, I looked around for

Diane, but couldn't find her. I wandered past the stairway to the upper deck 

and saw her standing near the railing. She gently took my hand and led me past

very narrow walk around a storage area, leading to a small open part of the 

starboard deck measuring about four by eight feet, completely out of sight of 

the rest of the boat. She started sensuously dancing to the music with her eyes


        Then came the shock of my life. She reached up to her dress, unsnapped

it, and slowly opened it. Diane was stark naked beneath her dress, except for 

her high heels. She tossed her dress on the bench by the wall, leaned forward,

and started to gently and passionately kiss me. Her tongue and lips were 

fluid. She rubbed her breasts, then replaced her hands with mine. She slid her 

fingers over her clit and into her pussy while still moving sexily to the 

music. I quickly removed my clothes and we continued the wild tongue kissing. 

Diane took my cock in both hands, slid it tightly against the outside of her

pussy, and started moving back and forth, bringing us both to a frenzy of 

excitement. She came with a prolonged shuddering orgasm, and finished by 

sliding her fingers into her dripping pussy and rubbing her wetness over my 

cock and balls.

        She knelt down by the railing, engulfed my cock in her warm, sensuous

mouth, and proceeded to use her tongue, lips, and mouth to devour it. She 

licked her own wetness off my shaft, and then slid her fingers back into her

pussy to make it slippery again. I tried to last but just couldn't, so I let

my come explode into Diane's mouth. Just as I started coming, she her mouth

back a little, ran her tongue back and forth underneath the head of my cock,

and slid one hand around my balls. I looked down at her and found her eyes 

looking straight into mine. As my come shot across her tongue and into her 

open mouth, she smiled slightly and never took her eyes off mine. She slowly

squeezed the remaining come from my cock and let it drip into her mouth from 

her fingers.

        We held each other in the cool breeze, reveling in the beautiful 

exchange we had just experienced. I expected her to put her dress back on and 

rejoin the party, but instead she again started to slowly kiss me. The 

sensation was explosive. I couldn't believe that she was getting me hard again 

so soon after I had come. But again I managed to rise to the occasion. She led 

me over to the bench, moved it out a bit, and had me lie down on my back with 

one leg on either side. After making sure I was fully hard by using the magic

of her mouth, she straddled the bench and lowered her pussy onto my cock. She

was wonderfully warm and tight, a sensual contrast to the cool evening breeze.

At first she moved up and down, letting my cock almost slip out and then 

sliding tightly back down over it. I could see her beautifully pointed breasts

in the moonlight and started massaging them as her nipples slowly stiffened.

Diane leaned over and started tongue kissing me again. Her forward movement

resulted in her clit rubbing tightly against me with my cock totally buried

inside of her. Instead of letting her move up and down, I grabbed her firm

ass with both hands, tightened the contact between her clit and my pelvis,

and moved back and forth. She came with a wild climax and kissed me with such

passion that I could hardly breathe. 

        Somehow I managed to keep from coming. After a few minutes of lying

quietly in each other's arms, she slowly slid her pussy off my cock. Diane then

alternated between sexily eating my cock and slipping it back into her warm,

dripping pussy. She licked my balls until I thought I would explode and then

licked up along the underside of my cock with her tongue. She engulfed the 

head of my cock and varied the pressure from very tight to loose and slippery.

Just as I felt I was going to come, she tightened her grip on the base of my 

dick, calmed my excitement, and then started back up again by tightening her

pussy around me. During one of these "cooling off" periods, she moved her 

pussy up to my mouth and lowered herself onto my tongue and lips. I ate her

until she came, and then continued to lightly lick her clit while sliding

my fingers into her pussy. That, plus my tongue and lips on her clit, was more

than Diane could take, and again she came with a wild orgasm that shook her

entire body.

        Finally, after she had come so many times we both lost track, I sat

up on the bench with Diane sitting on my cock facing me. I could feel it 

deeply buried in her pussy and her clit tight against me. Instead of moving

my cock in and out of her, I remained tightly inside of her. She tightened her

pussy around my cock and then relaxed it, repeating this in rhythm to the 

music. We continued our deep kissing, and I played with her nipples. The 

combination of her soft, supple breasts, passionate kissing, and tightening

pussy overwhelmed me. I came inside of her in a tremendous orgasm without

moving my cock at all. We held each other closely for another ten minutes, and

then got dressed. When we rejoined the party, it was one hour and 20 minutes

later, and the boat was returning to the dock. The magnificent evening was the

start of a beautiful friendship. Before we left the island, Diane and I had an

opportunity to spend a wild afternoon by an isolated beach with more 

varieties of passionate lovemaking.



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