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Archive-title: Lynn

I'd finally made it.  Years of hard work, making a name for myself in 

the advertising industry had finally paid off.  As the youngest Senior 

V. P. in the agencies history I was way ahead of the game.  Combine that 

with a move from dreary NYC to LA as a successful, highly paid bachelor 

and it's easy to see why all was well with my life.

Every day seemed like another day in paradise.  Beautiful weather, a 

commute in the company helicopter from my home in Newport Beach to our 

offices in LA, membership in the best tennis and golf clubs...perfect.  

And the women.  Nowhere in the US are the women as stunning as Southern 

CA.  Great shape and great shapes.  Tanned, free spirited and always 

ready for a great time.

My first few months were filled with the responsibilities of my new 

position but as time passed I felt the need for some deeper 

relationships than the surface relationships I was having.  Then I 

met Lynn.  Beautiful, wonderful, intelligent, super freaky Lynn.

I was on a flight returning from a meeting in Atlanta.  Somehow I ended 

up switching planes in Dallas and had 2 hours to kill.  I checked into 

the Admirals Club, found a seat and an ashtray and made a few calls .  

As I smoked and watched the crowd a stunning bruenette walked into the 

bar.  She was about 5'7" and dressed to thrill in white linen suite 

(with no blouse under the jacket) cut to about 5" above her knees.  Her 

legs were perfect perched on heels that added at least another 3" to her 

height.  Green eyes, full lips and mediteranean features virtually 

insured her a place in my "Girls I'd Fuck In a Minute" Hall of Fame.

She quickly looked around the bar and saw that the only phone not in use 

was the one I'd just hung up.  She made her way through the crowd and 

sat in one of the low lounge chairs next to mine.   She smiled and asked 

me if I were still using the phone and without waiting for an answer 

started to dial.  I listened to her while she told someone that she'd 

had to take a later flight and wouldn't be getting to Laguna Beach until 

sometime in the evening.   Putting 2 and 2 together I guessed that she 

and I would be on the same flight.  The rest of her conversation 

centered around her work (whatever it was) and ended with her saying 

that she'd be in in the morning and that things had better not be a mess 

when she got there.   Her perfume drifted to me and surrounded me.  

Poison.  Nothing makes me crazier.  After hanging up she thanked me for 

the phone and said that she'd been gone for 2 weeks and that her company 

seemed to be falling down without her.  I offerred that it was the same 

everywhere with the exception that some companies fall apart in much 

less than 2 weeks and that she should consider herself fortunate.  We 

continued to talk and found out many things about eachother including 

the fact that we were on the same flight.  At the time I can remember 

thinking about how attracted to her I was and that she could be more 

than just a casual thing.  I got the feeling that she felt the same way.  

As we left the club we tried to get our seat assignments changed to sit 

next to one another but all of first class was sold out.  The airline 

suggested that we try to change our seats once on the plane.

As we boarded men and women stared at her as we passed.  She carried 

herself as someone who was secure with everything in her world.  It was 

easy to switch seats once onboard although we did find ourselves in the 

front row facing a wall.  Although at the time these were my least 

favorite seats on MD-80's, I since changed my mind.  Lynn had to bend 

slightly to get into her seat to avoin the overhead storage.  As she did 

her jacket fell away from her and gave me a great view of 2 perfect 

breasts straining against the delicate lace of her bra.  Just before she 

sat down she looked straight at me and seeing the look on my face and 

the direction of my stare, caught me in the act.  Although she smiled, I 

felt like I had just had strike one called against me for revealing the 

other, to that point well hidden level of my interest in her.

The flight attendants served us drinks before take-off and went through 

the various safety speeches.  The  attendant working the first class 

section was a frosted blonde in her 30's.  Just like the slogan said, 

she loved to fly and it showed.  More than once I checked her out to 

watch her bend as she served drinks and to stretch as she reached for 

pillows and blankets from the overhead.  She was almost as much of a 

turnon as my seatmate.Shortly after, we were on our way.  

Lynn and I continued to talk and to laugh and I continued to sneak 

looks at her crossed legs when not staring into her gorgeous face.  Our 

conversation started to become more intimate after a time and we 

discussed our loves and losses over the years.  Amazingly Lynn had been 

so focussed on her carreer for the past few years she was a unattached 

as I.  Things were progressing perfectly.

After serving dinner the flight attendants cleared away the china and 

turned the lights lower for the remainder of our flight to Orange 

County.  It was then that Lynn  got up to use the restroom and gave me 

another stupendous view down the front of her suit.  This time, because 

I was seated, the view lasted longer as she passed in front of me to get 

to the isle.  Between the swell of her breasts, the lace of her lingerie 

and the scent of her perfume, it was all that I could do not to follow 

her into the lav.  When she returned I got the same view, just as long 

and a fresh dose of her fragrance.  

When she was back in her seat she had a coy smile on her face.  "Have 

you seen enough of me yet?", she coyly asked.  "Not even close", was my 

immediate reply.  Lynn told me that although she avoided men in 

airports and on planes like the plague, she was enjoying her time with 

me.  I don't know what possessed me but I leaned over close to her and 

kissed her.   What I got in return was the softest most sensual lips and 

her seeking tongue.  "I've wanted that since we first got on the plane", 

she said.  "It really turned me on when you were looking down my suit.  

I wanted to pull your face into my tits.  All through dinner I watched 

you and thought about my nipples in your mouth.  When I got up to go to 

the bathroom it was to give you another long look.  I almost came before 

I got into the isle."  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  She was 

almost moaning her words into my ear.  Before she continued, she kissed 

my earlobe and slowly bathed the inside of my ear with her tongue.  "I'd 

always had a fantasy about exposing myself to strangers, I'd just never 

had the guts to carry it through.  Seeing you looking at me did 

something to me and I wanted to do more.  I brought you something from 

the lav."  I looked down to see what she'd placed on my lap and saw a 

pair of lacey panties.  They matched the bra she was wearing perfectly.  

Although full cut, they were full lace and just thinking of her ass 

covered with them made my cock harder than ever.  I reached down to 

touch them and felt the cloth strip in the crotch.  It was soaked.  

I glanced across the isle to my right and saw that the guy in the isle 

seat had seen what was in  my lap.  The person next to him was asleep.  

I kissed Lynn again deeply.  "The guy across from me saw you put your 

panties in my lap.  What do you think he'll do when he sees me hold them 

to my face?"  "He knows that you're naked beneath your skirt.  Maybe I 

should just give the panties to him as a reminder of the beautiful woman 

who was naked on the plane."  Lynn  squirmed a little in her seat.  Her 

actions told me that she was getting even more turned on by my words.

I turned in my seat to face her and took the panties in my hand.  I 

brought them to my face and smelled the aroma of her perfume and her 

sexual scent.    As she watched I licked the crotch.  I leaned forward 

with her juices from the panties still on my tongue and kissed her.  She 

sucked wildly on my tongue and moaned into my mouth.  When our kiss 

broke, I pushed the panty crotch to her mouth.  She sucked it in and put 

one her hands inside of her jacket.  The sight of this  beautiful, sexy 

woman sucking on her own lingerie and playing with her breast through 

her bra with hundreds of people on a plane behind us was an unbelievable 


I took the panties from her mouth and kissed her again, this time 

putting my hand on her breast as she'd done.  As I kissed her I asked if 

the thought of other people seeing her panties made her hot.  I told her 

that the guy across the isle was still watching and had seen her suck 

them and feel her own tits.   "I feel like such a slut.  I love it.  

Sitting here with no panties, tasting my own cum on them, sucking your 

tongue while that man watches.  I've never been so turned on in my 

life", said Lynn.  "I want to make you crazy Lynn.   I want this to be 

the start of the most erotic and satisfying relationship either one of 

us has ever had, okay?"  All Lynn could do was look at me through eyes 

glazed by lust and nod her desire for the same.

I took her panties and tossed them in the isle.  Lynn gasped knowing 

that someone would surely see them there.  At this point the sexy flight 

attendants walked through the cabin.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw 

her stop and look at the unusual find on the floor of the plane.  I 

turned as if to ask her for a drink.  I acted surprised when I saw her 

staring at the underwear and embarassed when she asked if I knew where 

they came from.   I replied that we had gotten a little carried away and 

must be too turned on to know where our clothing was.  The flight 

attendant must not have bought my charade and instead started one of her 

own.  She picked up the panties and leaned over Lynn and I.  "Are these 

yours Ms. Samuels?", (she'd gotten our names earlier when seating us in 

first class).  "It's okay if they are because frankly my pussy gets 

really hot when I fly too.  I'm going up to the galley now to take my 

mine off, would you  like to help?  You don't have to answer now, just 

come up front and close the curtain if you're interested."  With that, 

she brought the panties to her nose and sniffed hard.   "I'll just keep 

these in any case, I love the way you smell, I wonder if you taste as 


As she walked away, Lynn started to come.  I could tell from the look 

in her eyes that the attendants actions had added more fuel to an 

already raging fire.  As the first wave of her orgasm hit, I reached 

over and put my hand under her skirt.  I could feel the straps of her 

garter belt as I pushed my way up to her pussy.  It was soaked.  She 

lifted her ass to meet my hand and pulled her skirt up to her waist.  

Now anyone who looked could see her with her head thrown back against 

the seat with one hand against her mouth stifling the sounds of her 

cumming.  As my fingers found her sex I was surprised that there was no 

hair.  Smoothly shaven, Lynn;s cunt was framed perfectly by the garter 

belt and the lacey tops of her sheer white  stockings.  With 2 fingers 

of my right hand jammed in her pussy, I used my thumb to rub her clit.  

As soon as one climax stopped another started until with a final, 

violent shudder Lynn came again and could take no more.  "I've got to 

have your cock!", she panted.  I replied that we'd get to that in good 

time.  I once again reminded her of the gentleman across the isle and 

how he'd watched everything.  "I want him to see where my hand was and 

to see how beautiful your pussy is." 

With that Lynn slipped out of her seat and squatted facing the oposite 

side of the plane.  She slowly spread her legs until they were touching 

the seat on her right and the bulkhead on her left.  Because of the 

darkness it was hard to see clearly.  "Would you like me to turn on the 

reading lights so he can see better?", I asked Lynn.  "Yes, let him see 

my pussy!", she whispered.  I turned all three reading lights on and was 

mesmerized by the sight before me.  Lynn's shaven cunt was displayed 

beautifully by the lights.  As we watched she pushed three of her 

fingers partially inside.  Leaning back against the side of the plane 

she began to stroke herself taking more and more of her fingers inside, 

pausing to add a fourth finger and then her thumb.  Working almost her 

whole hand inside she would take it out and lick her juices off and then 

push it back in.  As she stared at the man watching her she pulled her 

hand free and then went back to using just two fingers.  What came next 

pushed the poor guy over the edge.  Lynn took her other 2 fingers and 

pushed at the opening of her ass.  Slowly they sank in until all four of 

her fingers were pushed in to the limit in her pussy and ass.  As she 

fingered herself the guy moaned and must have come in his pants.  Lynn 

got up from her squat and back into her seat.

Kissing Lynn deeply I unbuttoned her jacket to reveal her bra to anyone 

who cared or was lucky enough to look.  I took her by the hand and got 

up from my seat.  Lynn made no attempt to cover herself as she made her 

way to the isle and followed me forward to the galley.

Standing just inside was our favorite flight attendant.  "Come to help 

me?", she asked.  She walked past us to the intercom telephone.  "I'm 

going to busy in the front galley for a little while.  Can you see that 

I'm not disturbed?  Thanks baby, you know I'll take care of you tonight.  

Of course I'll tell you all about it  Thanks."  She then came back to 

the galley and pulled the curtain shut behind her.  She was wearing a 

uniform dress that was below the knees and buttoned up the front with an 

open collar.  A wide belt around the middle accented her shape, pulling 

the dress tight around her breasts and perfectly accentuating the curve 

of her ass.  Blue hose completed the required airline uniform.  The name 

tag on her dress said that her name was Bev. 

Bev leaned against the galley counter, smiling, as she said, "Coffee, 

tea or me?  I've been hoping that the two of you would take me up on my 

offer."  With that she pulled Lynn's panties from the pocket of her 

dress and held them to her face.  "I took these into the lav with me and 

held them to my face.  Your scent it wonderful.  I hope you like mine 


With that Bev reached down and began unbuttoning her dress from the hem, 

all the while staring into Lynn's eyes.  Lynn couldn't take her eyes 

off the sight before her.  She leaned back against me and started to 

play with her nipples again through her bra.  I reached down and lifted 

her skirt to her waist.  As one hand undid my fly, my other hand reached 

around to feel her hot, hairless pussy.  Bev had her dress unbuttoned 

all the way to her belt and let it fall to either side of her gorgeous 

thighs.  Bev turned her back to us and pulled the dress above her ass as 

she bent over.   Through the sheer top of her pantyhose we could see a 

black lace thong pulled tight into the crack of her buttocks.

Bev put her hands on the galley counter in front of her and looked back 

over her shoulder.  "Pull my pantyhose down to my knees lover", she said 

to Lynn.  As Lynn bent forward to do so I pushed my cock against the 

opening of her cunt.  Moving just the head in and out I watched as she 

pulled the pantyhose down.  "I want you to kiss my ass", said Bev.  

"Lick my cheeks while he fucks you."  Lynn was pushing back against my 

cock and licking Bev ass cheecks.  Bev grabbed Lynn by the hair and 

pulled her face in tight to the crack of her ass.  "Pull my panties down 

and lick my asshole", commanded Bev.  As Lynn complied I slammed my full 

length into her.  As if she were unable to control herself she buried 

her face in Bev's beautiful ass.

Lynn was pushing back to meet my thrusts as she sucked Bev's asshole.  

The whole time Bev was moaning softly about how it felt to have the 

tongue of such a beautiful woman bathing her ass.  Bev leaned further 

forward and placed her shoulders on the edge of the galley counter.  

With her legs straight and her back arched she reached back to pull her 

ass cheeks wide open.  Lynn pulled away from my cock and sank to her 

knees.  Turning to face me, she leaned back and began to lick Bev's 

pussy from below.  What a sight.  Two beautiful women, one on her knees 

with two fingers of her hand  pushed into the cunt of the other while 

she licked her, the other with her panties and pantyhose around her 

ankles, back arched holding her dress above her waiste.  Unbeliveable.

Soon Lynn added another twist to the picture.  Bev's ass was glistening 

with Lynn's saliva.  Using some of Bev's pussy juice and the wetness 

from her licking, Lynn began to jack Bev's ass with her other two 

fingers.  Bev got so turned on that she started to lick her arm.  It was 

if she was dreaming that it was a cock begging for her attention.  I 

moved forward so that Lynn could suck my cock as she played with Bev.  

Lynn took my length on the first stroke and then slowly pulled back and 

bathed it with her tongue.  The sensations were making me crazy.  As she 

worked us both over, Lynn was the most beautiful sight I'd seen.  She 

had the same classic looks but with the added dimension of her unbridled 


Lynn pulled my cock from her mouth and stood back up.  She bent forward 

and dribbled more of her spit into Bev's open ass.  Using her saliva she 

once again pushed her fingers in deep, spreading Bev's asshole even 

further.  "Fuck her ass, make her feel your hard cock in her ass."  Lynn 

pulled Bev from the counter and kissed her deeply on the lips.  When 

their kiss broke she bent Bev over so that her hands were placed on the 

floor.  Lynn leaned over her back, gave my cock one last lick and placed 

it at the opening of Bev's asshole.  As the tip of my cock started to 

part the opening, Lynn pushed her crotch against Bev's back, impaling 

Bev on my cock in one fast, searing motion.  "Now fuck her hard.  Fuck 

herass!"  I thought that I'd tear Bev in half but the way that she was 

pounding back onto my cock told me otherwise.  From the position Lynn 

had Bev in it was easy to fuck hard.  She was barely balanced on her 

high heels and the fact that her hands were by her feet made it perfect 

for rocking her back and forth on my cock.  Lynn had her skirt pulled up 

again and was working on her hairless cunt.  "Cum for me baby.  I want 

you to fill her hot ass with your cum."  That was all that I could take.  

I slammed my cock as deep in her ass as I could and released myself.  It 

felt like the longest cum I'd ever had.  As my cock softened I pulled 

out of Bev's ass.  As it pulled free, Lynn dropped to her knees and 

holding one hand on the opening of Bev's asshole, licked my cock clean.  

Turning her head Lynn put her mouth over Bev's asshole.  Bev stood 

slightly and writhed on Lynn's tongue, clearly stuck once again up the 

flight attendants ass.  Lynn stood and pulled Bev up too.  Lynn tilted 

Bev's head back and bent to kiss her.  As Bev's mouth opened instead of 

kissing her Lynn opened her mouth and let the cum she sucked from Bev's 

ass roll off her tongue.  Bev pulled her skirt to the side again and 

fingered her pussy, obviously pushed to the edge by Lynn's lewdest act 

yet.  Bev pulled Lynn to her and sucked the rest of my cum from her 


The spell was broken when the galley phone rang.  Bev answered and then 

pushed the PA button.  "Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on 

the fasten seat belt sign for our descent into Orange County.  Please 

check to see that your seatbelts are securely fastened and that any 

items are stored under the seat in front of you or returned to the 

overhead compartments.  We'd like to take this opportunity for flying 

with us today and hope that the next time that you fly, you'll fly with 


Watching Bev make this announcement as a drop of my cum spilled from ass 

and fell to  her pulled down pantyhose, knowing that her ass was coated 

with my seed and that the rest was coating her throat was a virtual 

guarantee that I'd never fly any other airline if I could help it.

With her coat still unbuttoned Lynn took my hand and led me to my seat.  

"My limo will be at the terminal.  Let's give our claim checks to the 

driver and head straight to the car, okay?"  I smiled at Lynn and told 

her that wherever she led, I'd be one step behind.



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