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Archive-name: Places/lakelust.txt

Archive-author: Brakalega

Archive-title: Lust On The Lake

                          A modern fantasy

                 An adaption of a different fantasy

    When I was invited to lecture at a financial forum on Currency

Arbitrage Technologies during a conference at the University of

Chicago School of Business I thought it would be just another boring

convention.  But since I like Chicago a great deal, I agreed to

attend and hoped for an adventure of some sort to spice up the

proceedings. It turned out better than I ever anticipated. Read


    During the welcoming dinner, I spotted a slender brunette at an

adjacent table. She had an overall air of innocence about her but a

wholesome face, long soft hair, beautifully rounded hips, and was

pleasantly endowed in the chest as well, with breasts that supported

poked her silk blouse out in an interesting way. Following the meal,

I made sure that, I followed close behind her as the group was

dispersing for the evening. At the elevator we made some small talk

and went our separate ways for the night.

    The next morning while seated alone in the hotel lobby, perusing

the Wall St. Journal, ordering breakfast I saw her emerge from the

elevator and enter the hotel coffee shop. I followed her in and

joined her in the line and noticed that tables for singles were in

short supply. I stepped to her side and asked if she had a companion

for breakfast. She replied that she was alone, starving and that

anything that got her served sooner was OK with her. It turned out

that she was not only lovely, she was intelligent and witty, with a

direct and honest manner. We hit it off immediately. Our

conversation covered a lot of ground starting with technical trading

strategies and moving on to other mutual interests, including

aerobic exercise.  She was a serious fitness buff. I decided to

plunge ahead and asked her if she wanted to meet me at the hotel

fitness center for a swim later that day.

    She held my gaze just slightly longer than normal. Seeing that

my overture was a symbolic gesture she agreed to meet me that

afternoon.  I planned to arrive at the pool before she did, I wanted

to observe her entrance.

    When she appeared poolside, wearing a one piece, shiny, black,

speedo bathing suit, my mind and cock both hardened with resolve,

THIS was the adventure I had hoped for. We swam some laps and I

realized that her form was the kind gained through years of training

and hard work. I was lost in awe of her seal-like grace as she cut

through the water. After about an hour she realized that there was

still one meeting she had to attend. With a lithe kick and a push on

the poolside she bolted out and headed for her towel.  As she

departed my lingering gaze caressed her firmly rounded buttocks. I

was wondering how they would feel flexing above my face........

    Horniness began to preoccupy my mind and body, I had an

uncomfortable cramping in my groin that I remembered from teenage

years, when hours of heavy petting with dates had often left me with

a massive hardon that wouldn't recede and swollen aching nuts.

    I planned to invite her to dinner that evening when I remembered

that the University had planned a moonlight cruise on Lake Michigan

aboard the Odyssey, a luxury dinner boat.

    I was waiting when she left her symposium, she bumped into me

then turned and brushed her lovely breasts across my arm, raising an

eyebrow slightly. I had known that it was only a matter of time

before the attraction between us kindled some sparks, but the way it

happened was better than any fantasy.

    Our hosts had graciously chartered the entire ship for our

dinner cruise. The group enjoyed a gourmet dinner with several

wonderful wines, which we later followed up with brandies. On the

boat, a desert table was laid out following a Jamaican theme, along

with calypso music and the beautiful, summer sunset. The beat of the

music was hypnotic. In the dim light she looked absolutely smashing,

seeming to glow with an inner light, dressed to raise the dead in a

tailored summer weight wraparound dress of a diaphanous, slippery

material that clung to every outline of her body, especially her

breasts and nipples which had crinkled as the offshore breeze

chilled them.

    After a getting another brandy, I looked around for her, but

couldn't spot her. I wandered past the stairway to the upper deck

and saw her standing near the rail, silhouetted in the moonlight.

She turned, motioned to me, took my hand in her's and led me down a

very narrow walkway around a storage area, leading to a small open

part of the starboard deck measuring about four by eight feet,

completely out of sight of the rest of the boat. As she led me on,

she started to sway sensuously to the beat of the music, her hips

had a rolling motion that reminded me of a fine mechanical movement

designed by a master engineer.

    She turned to me and then came the shock of my life. She reached

up to her dress, unsnapped it, slowly spread it open. She was stark

naked beneath her dress, except for her garterbelt, the silky nylons

it held up , her high heels and a slinky swimmer's body that made my

heart stutter. She tossed her dress a bench by the bulkhead, leaned

forward, and started to gently and passionately kiss me. Her tongue

and lips seemed to possess a life of their own. The nibbles and

licks and accompanying murmuring told me that I was in the presence

of a virtuoso of the act of love.

    While cuntinuing to orally explore my mouth, she squeezed her

tits, causing her nipples to contract and swell at the same time.

She moaned softly and then replaced her hands with mine. She slid

her hands down her body to her mons veneris and began to probe the

fleshy folds concealed there. She fingered her clit and swollen

labia while still moving sexily to the music. I sat back to enjoy

the show, cuntinuing to twiddle her nipples which had a firmness

that inevitably drew my lips to them.

    I couldn't help but react to the sudden constriction beneath my

tuxedo pants as my prick surged to throbbing, pulsing rigidity.  She

swayed towards me still merrily masturbating, then reached out and

stroked my cock with both hands, slid in tightly against me and

rubbed up and down the turgid length with her now fully opened

twatt. The delicious frottage was almost more than I could stand, I

groaned aloud with the pleasure.

    She asked softly, "Is this for meeeee, say yes, OHHHHH PLEASE

say yessssss......", meanwhile she cuntinued to hunch her drooling

puss against the bulge beneath my zipper. She then said "Would you

like me to fix that for you? It looks painful and I've got something

right here (pointing to her coral hued vagina) that can soothe that

for you." She cuntinued to squeeze me, holding my penis tightly

against the outside of her pussy, and started moving back and forth,

bringing us both to a frenzy of anticipation. Suddenly she convulsed

and came with a prolonged shuddering orgasm, and finished by sliding

her fingers into her dripping pussy and rubbing the pearly wetness

over my lips and nose.

    She knelt down by the railing, unzipped my pants and drew my

penis out She looked at the fleshy tube in her hand, the leaned down

and engulfed my cock in her warm, sensuous mouth, and proceeded to

use her tongue, lips, and mouth to devour it.  She licked her own

wetness off my shaft, and then slid her fingers back into her pussy

and collected the glistening secretions and applied them to my rigid

member to make it slippery again. Her fisting motion combined with

the vacuum of her mouth drew me to the brink of ecstasy and over the

edge. I tried to last but just couldn't, my cum exploded into her

mouth. Just as I started cuming, she drew her mouth back a little,

fluttering her tongue back and forth underneath the head of my cock,

and slid one hand around my balls. I looked down at her and found

her luminous eyes gazing straight into mine. As my cum shot across

her tongue and into her open mouth, she smiled slightly and never

took her eyes from mine. She slowly milked the remaining cum from my

dick and let it drip into her mouth from her fingers.

    We held each other in the cool summer, breeze, reveling in the

beautiful interlude we had just experienced. I expected her to put

her dress back on and rejoin the party, but instead she started to

slowly kiss and stroke my body. The sensation was explosive. I

couldn't believe that she was getting me hard again so soon after I

had cum. It was as if she was a snake charmer and my dick was the

snake slowly it rose and firmed again.

    She led me over to the bench, moved it out a bit, and had me lie

down on my back with one leg on either side. After making sure I was

fully hard by again sucking my schwantz deep into her mouth, she

straddled the bench and lowered the entrance of white-hot tunnel

onto the bulbous head of my steely, hard cock. She was wonderfully

liquid and tight, a sensual contrast to the fitful breezes. At first

she simply suckled the tip with a snapping movement of her inner

lips, then she began engulf me. She moved up and down, letting my

cock almost slip out of the luxurious grasp and then sliding

slowly back down over it, til her carefully groomed tuft mingled

with my wirey one. I could see her beautifully tipped breasts in the

moonlight and started caressing them, as her nipples slowly receded.

She leaned over and started frenching me again. Her forward movement

resulted in her clitoris rubbing tightly against me with my cock

totally buried deep inside of her. Instead of letting her move up

and down, I grabbed her firm ass with both hands, tightened the

contact between her clit and my pelvis, and moved back and forth.

She came with a wild climax and kissed me with such passion that I

could hardly breathe.

    Somehow I managed to keep from cuming. After a few minutes of

lying quietly in each other's arms, she slowly slid her pussy off my

still turgid pudd.  She playfully alternated between eating my cock

and slipping it back into her warm, dripping pussy. She licked my

balls until I thought I would explode and then licked up along the

underside of my cock with her tongue. She nuzzled the head of my

cock and varied the pressure from very tight to loose and slippery.

    Just as I felt I was going to cummmmmmmm, she tightened her

hands on the base of my dick, calmed my excitement, and then started

me back up again by tightening her pussy around me. During one of

these "cooling off" periods, she turned around her pussy over to my

face and lowered herself onto my tongue and lips. Her smell reminded

me of a ripe peach so I ate her with pleasure until she came softly,

and then continued to lightly nibble her clit while sliding my

fingers about her cunt.  That, plus my tongue and lips on her bud,

was more than she could stand, anddddddddd abruptly she came again

with a cry as prolonged orgasm shook her entire body.

    Finally, after she had cum so many times we both lost track, I

sat up on the bench with her still fitted atop my cock. I could feel

it buried deep inside her pussy, with her uterine entrance caressing

the tip and her clit tight up against my pubis. Instead of moving my

cock in and out of her, I remained tightly inside of her. She

tightened her pussy around my cock and then relaxed it, repeating

this in rhythm to the music. We continued our deep kissing, and I

rubbed her back and buttocks. The combination of her soft, supple

breasts rubbing against me, the passionate kissing, and suckling

pussy overwhelmed me. I came inside of her in a tremendous blast

without moving my cock at all. We held each other closely for

another ten minutes, and then got dressed.

    When we rejoined the party, it was one hour and 20 minutes

later, and the boat was returning to Navy Pier and the dock. The

magnificent evening was the start of a beautiful friendship. Before

we left the city we had an opportunity to spend a wild afternoon at

the Indiana Dunes on an isolated beach with more  passionate and

lusty lovemaking. But that is a different fantasy.



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