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Archive-name: Places/hay.txt


Archive-title: Hay

            The young girl climed the ladder higher and higer she went. Soon, 

she got to the top and got off onto a wooden platform. She looked out one 

of the windows of the barn she was in and could see him coming after her. So 

he had kept her trail and followed her here. He was hard to lose in a game 

tag. He saw her, she knew she had been found, so with nothing to lose she

teasingly  yelled to him.


            "You can't get me, you can't get me!", she laughed.

            The boy quickly grabbed at the first rung of the ladder and

started up. The girl went to the edge of her platform and, looked over and 

grabbed a rope she knew was hanging there. The boy reached the top of the 

ladder and climbed onto the platform just as she swung away from him; he had

barely missed her. She swung over and away from him, hanging over a large pile

of hay, where she released the rope and fell into the hay.


     The boy yelled after her and then dove into the hay. She tried to escape

him, to struggle away, but his grip was too strong. She wrestled with him in

the hay, unable to escape. He grabbed some hay and stuck it down her shirt.

He laughed and dared to stick more hay down the back off her skirt. She cried

out, and with her free arm threw hay into his face. 

     She smiled, laughed, and asked him what he was going to do with her now,

now that he had caught her. She blushed and smiled down, unable to meet his

look. He rolled on top of her and layed on her to keep her down. He kissed her

on her lips as she squirmed. The boy squeezed her small breasts in her shirt

and ran his hand over her body. She found herself now unable to resist, and

closed her eyes instead. The boy's hand found its way into her shirt and 

grasped her breasts. Her shirt was unbuttoned and soon he was licking and

sucking on her pretty, little breasts. His hand found its way into her skirt,

rubbing over her curly locks hidden in her panties. The boy took down her skirt

and then her panties.

     She was lying back now, eyes closed, wet to his touch. He tasted her, his

tongue lapping at her wetness. He back arched and her back straightened. Soon,

she felt her breasts being touched again, and her nipples being lightly sucked.

Her hand grasped his hardness, then she took it into her mouth, wrapping her

rich red lips around him. He swelled for her, growing at her pleasure. They

coupled, in the hay, the smell heightening the pleasure. Above the afternoon

sun smiled upon them.



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