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Archive-name: Places/grndcyn.txt


Archive-title: Grand Canyon Adventure, A

    We had finished loading the rented motorhome for our trip, and 

settled back to relax before going to bed.  I pulled you close to me and 

kissed you, tasting the perspiration on your lips.  We were both hot and 

sweaty from hauling out and checking all of our camping gear,  running in 

and out of the house and doing last minute arguing over whether or not we 

needed this item or that.  Now, crawling into bed beside you, I was too 

tired to start something that I couldn't finish.  I looked forward to this 

trip, cuddling up behind your naked form, and wrapping my arm around your 

chest to draw you even closer.

    The next day, after work, we showered and packed our last minute 

items and drove off, leaving behind all the stress and the frantic pace of 

our daily lives.  We took the scenic route, going through Lake Tahoe and 

into Nevada before turning south towards the Grand Canyon.  The first day 

was just one big adventure, and outside of Tahoe, I let you get the feel of 

the clumsy motor- home.  Sitting up high, with the large windows made us 

feel like we were on top of the world.  You did well driving the motorhome, 

so we could now go to some other places as we'd planned, taking turns 

driving if we had to head for home later that we'd planned.

    We'd planned on driving at night, when traffic would allow us not 

only the best economy, but the traffic would be sparse as well.  Besides, I 

had my own lusty fantasies in mind too.  We left the Tahoe area late the 

second day, the sun setting over the Sierra's with an orange glow.  We 

drove south, down a well maintained highway, meeting little traffic.  You 

whipped up some sandwhichs while I drove, and we talked about how quiet it 

was out in the high desert of Nevada.  I opened a window, letting in the 

warm night air, and even at 60 mph it felt warm and gentle.  I looked at 

you and felt your passions begin to stir even across the r.v.  You removed 

your top, baring your breasts to me, and then sat in the right front seat, 

caressing yourself.  In the dim glow of the instruments, I saw you slide 

your hand under the elastic waistband of your shorts, and begin to rub 

yourself.  "Talk to me." You said, "Tell me what you want to do."

    My cock pressed upwards in my jeans, straining against the fabric.  

I looked over, seeing your legs spread over the armrest of the seat, one up 

against the dash.  Your breasts wiggled invitingly as the r.v. found small 

bumps in the road.  The only car we saw that night drove past, its 

headlights tossing a fast moving glare over your naked tits, letting me see 

you briefly illuminated.  Then you're back in shadow, and my eyes have to 

adjust for the dim light.  "Talk to me.  Tell me how you're going to fuck 

me." You say.

    "Hmmm.  First, I'm going to pull off the road a ways, and spread a 

blanket on the ground.  Then, I'm going to pull you from the r.v., 

completely naked and make you kneel on all fours while I fuck you 

everywhere.  I want to fuck your tight pussy, then I want you to suck me 

until I come in your mouth.  Then I'll fuck your pussy again, but I'll 

slide up your ass and come deep inside your pretty little butt."  I look 

over and now you're naked, your fingers inside your pussy.  I can hear you 

breathing as you masturbate for me, putting on a show that you know arouses 

my deepest lusting for you.  "More. Keep talking, don't stop now!" you tell 


    "Or maybe we spread our blanket right by the roadside, and we fuck 

each other hard.  Your legs are spread wide, and my cock is slamming into 

you.  You can feel my balls slapping your ass and I can see your tits 

undulating.  I ask you to scream, to yell, say anything you want, and you 

shout 'Fuck my pussy! Cum in my hot wet pussy!  Fill me with your cum!'.  

We don't have to whisper, or worry that the neighbors might hear, so I want 

to hear your lust-filled words.  I yell back 'Milk my cock into your cunt!  

I'm going to fill you with my cum!'.  When we both come, my sperm floods 

inside you, and after a few minutes we get up.  We're standing there, 

naked, my cock wet from your cunt juice and your thighs and pussy soaked 

with cum.  Just before we walk back around the corner of the r.v., a car 

streaks by, and keeps going.  You step up into the r.v. and my hand slides 

between your cheeks, spreading that warm wetness up your ass.  You turn 

around and kiss me, grabbing my cock and rubbing it between your legs as if 

to say 'I want more'."

    Now I can hear you moaning, and I look over to see your hips rising 

up from the seat, your breasts wiggling as your body begins to shake.  

You're about to come, and I urge you on.  "Oh, yes, Lena!  Cum for me.  Let 

me suck your fingers after you come.  Let me taste your sweet delicious 


    You gasp and shudder, moaning softly as you lay back in the seat, 

your hips still rocking slightly.  I let you enjoy your reverie, driving 

the r.v. along and smiling at your sexiness.  You stand up and walk over, 

placing your fingers to my lips.  The aroma of your hot, moist pussy fills 

my nostrils, and I lick and suck each finger, teasing them with my tounge.  

You lean down and kiss me, tasting your juices on my tounge, and squeezing 

my throbbing cock through the thick jeans.

    About one a.m., we pull into a small town and fill up the tank on 

the r.v., and you buy some snacks for us.  Back on the road again, it's 

your turn to drive, and mine to tease.  I feed you some fruit rolls and let 

you lick the sticky fruit from my fingers, teasing my with your tounge.  

You lick the palm of my hand, making me hard quickly.  For some time I'm in 

the back of the r.v., then I appear and sit down in the right seat.  You 

look and see that I'm wearing a pair of shorts and a dark t-shirt.  The 

shirt is the first to go, followed quickly by the shorts.  You look again 

and see my bulging cock, pushing a black leather g-string away from my 

body, concealing, but not concealing.  Again, I begin fantasizing for you, 

and stroking myself behind the g-string.  Then you take over, telling me 

that you want to fuck me at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, while the sun 

beats down on our sweaty bodies.  How much you want me to cum inside you, 

so you can feel my sperm gushing and flooding deep into your cunt.  You 

look over and see that the g-string has joined the shorts, and I'm naked, 

turned half towards you, stroking my hard shaft.  As you drive, you 

continue, telling me that you want us to feel as if we're the only ones on 

the whole planet, naked and fucking in the sunlight, our juices mixing and 

running all over our bodies.  You look again and now I'm standing, moving 

to you.  You feel my hands lift your top, and you let me pull it over your 

head, freeing your breasts.  You continue to speak, while I lean back 

against the console between the seats, watching your breasts, and stroking 

my cock.  You're telling me that we'd walk along the bottom of the canyon, 

naked, and anytime we felt like it, we'd fuck each other, or maybe suck and 

lick each other.  By the time we reached the river, we'd both be sweaty and 

covered with each other's lusty creams.

    You look at my hand, moving quickly and you know I'm about to come.  

You urge me on,  holding one breast up.  "Come on my tits for me." You say, 

and I lean forward, jacking myself hard and fast.  You watch the road and 

my cock from the corner of your eye.  Then you feel my sperm splashing 

against your tits, flowing down your chest.  More hot semen splatters 

against your flesh, glistening in the dim light.  You grab my hand and lick 

my creamy cum off of it, and my other hand begins to rub the rest over your 

beautiful breasts.  As we relax, I lean over and kiss you, tasting my come 

on your tounge.  My hand darts between your legs and feels your dampness 

through your shorts.  I sit down in the right seat, and tell you that was 

wonderfully exciting.  You smile and tell me that you thought so too.  I 

dress a little later and as we pull into another small town for gas, I tell 

you to remove your panties, just to wear your shorts.  You do, and after 

gassing up, I drive the short distance to an r.v. park where we'll spend 

most of this day resting.  Once we have parked the r.v., you help me set 

the wheel-chocks in place, and I can see your pussy peeking around the 

loose legs of your shorts when you bend down.  Once inside, we strip our 

clothes off and climb into bed.  It is only about six a.m.  and we fuck 

each other furiously.  My cock slams into your wet cunt and your hips 

thrust up against mine.  Our tounge dance and slide over each other, and my 

hands squeeze your breasts and pinch your nipples.  We come almost 

together, with my sperm-spurting cock triggering your cunt into beautiful 

long contractions around me.  Sweating and panting we roll to our sides and 

kiss, my cock still inside you.  We fall asleep, close and cuddled.

    The following evening we reach the Grand Canyon late into the 

night, but still before midnight.  We park the r.v. in a lot about a 

quarter mile from the edge, with the side facing the gorge.  Besides us, 

there is only one other r.v. in the lot, and it is at the far end, and 

dark.  We cook a light meal, and then curl up, kissing and touching each 

other lightly at first.  You're wearing a light, thin blouse and shorts, 

and I'm wearing a t-shirt and shorts.  With the window open, the warm night 

air caresses us, fanning our lusty desires.  My hand slides under your 

blouse and my palms slide over your nipples, making them hard.  Your hand 

is squeezing my cock, making me rock my hips against your hand.  Your 

pelvis rotates back as my hand slides down the back of your shorts, teasing 

the crease of your ass.  Our tounges dance and tease, then when we're both 

totally aroused and burning with desire, I pull your blouse open, ripping 

the buttons and squeezing both your tits in my hands.  Your hands rip my 

shirt open and mine rip your shorts from your hips. Rrrrrriiip!  

Rrrrriiiip!  Now naked and carnal, our bodies press together, the warmth of 

our skins adding to the passionate fires deep inside us.  Our mouths meet, 

and our tounges dance wildly.  You slide up and then down, taking my shaft 

straight into your pussy.  Cream seeps from you as we move, and I can feel 

your juice on my balls as we rock our hips to meet.   You are so sexy, so

vibrant, and your whole body begs me to lick you all over.  I begin on your

tits, working my way around your neck, and then kissing and licking your

shoulders.  Our passions are burning, and I can feel your pussy gripping me

with every stroke.  I raise your arms above your head, and lick down the

insides, past your sensitive armpits, and down your very sensitive sides.

"God, I want to taste you all over." I say softly, then feel your pussy

begin to spasm.  "Yes, baby.  Oh yes." I whisper to you again.  Your lips

part and your face shows the sudden arrival of your orgasm, just as I feel

your cunt grip me tight, trying to milk me.  Your arms circle my neck and

you pull me against you, shuddering each time my cock throbs or moves.  I

kiss your neck, and then your lips, trying to give you every ounce of

pleasure I can.  Your eyes open, still filled with a carnal need.  "Cum in

me." You demand in a whisper. "I want you to cum deep inside my cunt.  Fill

my vagina with your hot thick cum.  Shoot it all up inside me!"

    I slowly begin to move inside you, feeling my own orgams very near.

"Don't stop." I breathe, "Tell me what you want."  Again you repeat your

demands, and more. "I want to feel your sperm flooding my cunt, filling me,

seeping out of my hot pussy. Rub it all over my stomach.   Give me your

cum!"   You've done this to me before, excite me with words, but never with

my cock inside your depths.  I pull you down onto my cock, holding you

there, pressing up against you.  "More." I breathe, panting in your ear.

"Yes. Cum. Let me feel your hard cock spurt and pump and splatter that hot

thick cum in my cunt. I want you to fill me with cum!"

    You feel me swell inside your smouldering cunt, getting thicker and

harder.  Then a massive throb and hot sperm flows into your depths, washing

up against your insides.  Another pulse, and more cum flows into you, my

body spasming and shaking.  You hear my moans, and feel my hips buck,

trying to put my seed even deeper into you. "Yes baby. Give my your cum.

Shoot your sperm in me!"  you cry, and my cock spurts again, your pussy

trying to squeeze every drop out of my cock.  My head falls to your tits,

and I suck hard on one nipple, your pussy contracting again.  We moan

together, my cock still throbbing and spurting thick cream deep inside you.

    We lay back, and you stretch out on top of me, my cock going soft

inside your cum-filled pussy.  You put your head on my chest, listening to

my heart beating hard and fast, knowing that you made it so.  We're damp

with sweat, and we hold each other tight, drifting to sleep in the warm


    We awoke the following morning to the rumble of thunder, and

rolling over we could smell the fresh-scent of the coming rain.  Looking

out through the curtains, we could see the dark undersides of the

thunder-clouds rolling across the flat expanse on the far side of the

canyon.  Lightning flashed and rushed towards the ground, mother nature

flexing her muscles.  You lay on your tummy, watching and I slid behind you

and started licking down your back, tracing your spine.  My cock dangled

between the cheeks of you ass, and I felt you wriggle it, inviting me.  The

day outside was gloomy, but warm, and with no one in sight, we left the

curtain parted slightly so we could watch the approaching storm.  I kissed

the tender nape of your neck, and smelled your hair, my chest pressing

against your warm back.  Your hips rose to meet mine, and you sighed

softly, arousing me with your sounds of contentment.  Thunder pealed again,

and we could hear the first drops of rain splattering down on the roof of

the r.v.  You felt my tounge trace a line down your back, then down between

the cheeks of your ass.  My hands kneading your soft flesh and pulling your

cheeks apart.  You arch your hips up as my tounge finds your anus and

teases it, and one hand slips under you, caressing your stomach, searching

for your clit.

    The thunder is closer, and we can see the glimmer of the lightning

as it flashes, but we are not watching.  The thunder seems to announce each

higher plateau of passion, making us both burn slowly with lust and desire.

The rain begins to fall, making a pattering noise on the roof.  My tounge

finds your entrance and licks up the thick honey leaking from you.  You

feel my fingers dancing lightly over your clit and you moan softly,

enjoying the sensation.  I can taste your cream, mixed with mine from last

night, and I probe and lick your pussy with long hard strokes.  Thunder

peals again, and we lose our slow, lazy feelings, and our needs drive us

over the edge.

    "Take me. Now. Fuck me hard and fast." You whisper to me.  I slide

around and straddle your hips, pulling your legs together.  My shaft slowly

slides between your thighs and buttocks, sliding deep into you hot,

steaming pussy.  You feel every inch several times, on your thighs, your

ass, and finally in your pussy.  Each stroke seems longer than the last, as

I press myself deeper into you.  "Cream me. Shoot it. Cum in me." You

breathe, knowing that I'll take longer than this to come.  Your words make

me throb, and you feel it in your cunt.  You feel your cheeks pressing hard

against my loins, the heat of me warming your ass.  You hands grab and

bunch up the sheets, and you raise your hips, opening yourself to me.

"Fuck meee sweetheart, Oh grab my ass and fuck me!"

    My hands grab your soft hips and I begin pounding your cunt,

shoving myself deep into you.  Thunder peals, as if to say "harder" or

"faster" and we both move faster.  I slide a pillow under your hips and

then continue to fuck you as hard and fast as I can, slamming your ass with

my loins.  Thunder claws at us, driving us further and further into our

carnal heaven.  Suddenly you're coming and I feel your cunt grab me tight,

trying to suck me into your depths.  You hips rise up, slamming back

against me, and you're moaning, saying "yes, yes, Oh GOD YES!"  I grab your

hips and thrust against you, flexing as hard as I can, trying to grow three

more inches for your pleasure.  You groan as my cock brushes the end of

your pussy, and you feel me swelling inside you.  I lean back, thrusting my

hips hard into you again, and you feel my cock throb, then jerk, spewing a

gallon of cum deep inside your fiery cunt.  We both moan and shudder, and

you're grabbing one breast, squeezing tightly on the nipple.  Thunder roars

all around us, almost drowned out by the pounding waves of our orgasms.

Your pussy milks me dry, and still it wants more, gripping and squeezing

me.  We fall forward, and lay on the bed, sweating in the cool morning air,

listening to our heartbeats and the sound of rain outside.  A long hour

passes, my cock still inside your pussy, stirring us both. We finally

decide to shower and start the day.  While you use the small shower, I look

over the various places to see in the brochures.  Then I shower and dress.

You tell me you're hungry and one of the brochures indicates a small cafe

nearby has good food, so we drive the r.v. down there.

    After a good lunch, eating authentic mexican food, we walk around

the small shops, letting our lunch settle.  I find a pair of silver and

gray earrings for you, the type that dangle a bit.  I like them because

they match your eyes perfectly.  You smile at my sentiment, and hug me as

they're wrapped.  We stroll about and return to the r.v., driving back to

the lot where we spent the previous night.

    On the way, the rain is pelting down again, and we see a young girl

with a backpack hiking not too far from the canyon.  We pull over and let

her in from the soaking rain.  She smiles at you and thanks us for

stopping, shivering as the warmth in the r.v. reaches her.  I pull onto the

road again and you ask her if she'd like to change into dry clothes.  She

nods and you take her into the back, drawing the curtain.  She rummages

through her pack, finding all of her clothes soaked.  You grab a towel for

her, just before she sneezes.

    "C'mon." You say. "Get those wet clothes off or you'll get sick.

Let me see if I have something that will fit you."

    The girl introduces herself as Jennifer, saying that she wasn't

ready for rain, just heat.  As she peels off the wet clothes you get a look

at her.  She is about 19 or 20, and about three inches shorter that you.

Her figure is slim and dark, her bushy triangle a deep chestnut brown.  Her

breasts are small, with large, dark nipples.  Jennifer begins toweling

herself off, and shivering, her teeth chattering.  You hand her a t-shirt

and a pair of shorts, and she dons these gratefully.  The shorts are a bit

big for her slim figure, but they'll do for now.  You help her hang her wet

clothes in the shower, and the ones that are only damp are laid out in the

small kitchen area.  The two of you re-appear just as I'm pulling into the

lot by the canyon.  Introductions are made again, and again Jennifer thanks

us for picking her up.  We talk about a common activity, camping, and find

out that Jennifer has friends that will meet her here tomorrow.

    I finish parking the r.v., and you invite Jennifer to stay for

dinner at least, so that we can talk, and her clothes will be fully dried.

The rain has stopped, but more promises to come as we can see another front

moving towards us in the distance.  Jennifer helps with dinner, offering to

cook.  She turns out to be a very good cook and from the meager assortment

of food we have, she turns out a fancy meal.  We discover that Jennifer has

been working as a cook for a good restaurant, and she smiles in

appreciation as we tell her how good she is.  Her hair is drying and the

color keeps getting lighter, although it is certainly brown.  Her light

brown eyes are soft and gentle, and since you both made dinner, I offer to

clean up.

    "Awfully domesticated for a man." Jennifer teases. "Did you train

him?" She asks you.  You smile and shake your head, saying that you found

me that way.  Jennifer laughs with a contaigous laugh, and she stands to

check her clothes.  They're still damp, although some of her shorts are

almost dry, and one t-shirt is dry enough to wear.  She asks if she can set

up her tent outside, and that she can sleep in it tonight.  I pick up her

sleeping bag and ring out a corner over the small sink, letting the water


    "But you'd be awfully cold out there without a sleeping bag." I


    "Yes, we have plenty of room.  You can stay warm and dry with us."

You add.  Jennifer seems to think about it, and as if to add emphasis,

thunder booms across the canyon.  She jumps, startled, and then agrees.

That night, we sleep wearing some light clothes, a pair of nylon shorts for

me, and one of my extra long t-shirts for you.

    About midnight, thunder is roaring all around and we're holding

each other close, listening to the rain and the thunder.  Jennifer is

comfortably esconsed on the fold-out sofa bed up front, the curtains drawn.  

Another rolling boom of thunder sounds and I grip you tighter to me, my 

hands caressing your back.  A slight knock from the curtain area and we 

hear Jennifer ask if we're awake.

    "Yes, C'mon in." You tell her, and she peers around the curtain 

carefully.  Jennifer slides around the curtain, and stammers for a moment.  

Lightning flashes and is followed by a loud peal of thunder, and Jennifer 


    "The storm bothering you?" I ask.  She nods vigorously, her arms 

crossed, holding herself.

    "I-I've never...had to be...alone...during one." She said. "I'm 

scared...  it just CLOSE."  Her fear was real, and she shivered 

standing there.

    I told her to sit down and began telling her how my father and I 

used to watch the storms from the front porch in Texas, rolling across the 

hills. The scent of summer rain, the feeling of a warm and cool breeze 

after a hot, humid day.  Jennifer began to relax, and I opened the 

curtains, telling her to watch and try to imagine the lightning as jagged 

artwork drawn by the Gods, as our anscestors did.  She calmed a bit, and as 

long as we were close, Jennifer was able to relax.  You put your head on my 

shoulder and slept, and Jennifer and I talked about silly childhood fears.

    About three a.m. you felt an arm around your waist, and dreamily 

you reached back to stroke my leg.  You were surprised when you felt a

smooth, soft leg, and then you realized that I was in front of you.  The

hand on your stomach squeezed slightly and you heard Jennifer's sigh from

behind you.  You carefully rolled over, and her hand slid up to your

breast, her eyes closed, and her breathing long and deep. You were about to

roll back and her hand squeezed your breast again, then cupped it.  You

touched her thigh again, and her eyes opened slowly.  Thunder was a long

way off, rumbling overhead.  Her hand slid up and brushed your cheek, and

you ran your hand over her smooth flat stomach.  Her eyes closed and

sighed.  Your fingers found her nipple under the tshirt, and you circled

her areola lightly.  Jennifer leaned over and kissed you, her fiery tounge

surprising you with its passion.   Her soft hands slid down your body,

finding the edge of the t-shirt you wore, and started to slide it up.  You

felt her surprise at your lack of panties and her hand moved and caressed

your ass, squeezing gently.  You felt my fingers on your back, telling you

that I was awake, but I did nothing more.  Excited by Jennifer, and by

knowing I was watching, you slid your hand under her shirt and pinched her

full nipple, making her moan into your mouth.  Her hands slid up your back,

then she pulled your shirt over your head.  She looked at your breasts,

then bent down, suckling on them and making soft noises.  Her fingers slid

through your sparse blonde bush, and found your labia, teasing them open.

I could feel your body move and undulate as she caressed you and sucked

your nipples.  You rolled onto your back, next to me and Jennifer pulled

the sheet down to lick your bush, and circle your clit with her tounge.

The lowered sheet gave me away and she saw the nylon shorts bulging

obviously.  Without a word, her hand reached out and stroked my hard shaft

through the nylon, her other hand teasing you by lightly raking her nails

underneath your full breasts.

    You slid her shorts off, not even needing to unzip them from her

slim figure.  My hands slipped her t-shirt off as your hands caressed her

small ass and her thighs.  Jennifer's tounge slid further between your

legs, and the sounds she made were of sheer estacy.  Finally, we were all

naked and I sucked your tits while she licked you, and I could tell that

you were close to coming.  Jennifer slid a finger inside you and sent you

over the edge, your body becoming rigid and tight.  Jennifer slid over and

her mouth seemed to swallow my shaft, taking it most of the way to the

base, then back.  Laying across you, she continued to suck my cock, making

small slurping noises.  When your hands began caressing her smooth, tight

behind, Jennifer parted her thighs to allow you to caress her pussy as she

leaned over you.  Her talented mouth was bringing me to the very edge, then

pausing, licking my balls and thighs to maintain our high levels of

passion.  She slid across you until her mons met yours, and she began to

grind herself against you.  Whatever your fingers were doing to her, she

was enjoying, moaning around my cock.  Jennifer let her hands roam my chest

and thighs, her tounge driving me crazy.  I lay there, unable to even think

about moving, until her mouth reliquished it's grasp.  Jennifer turned back

towards you and began licking you from pussy to ears, her whole body acting

as an instrument to excite you.   Her lips kissed your skin, her wild

tounge darting and caressing you here and there.  After she sucked on your

earlobes, she sat back and looked at you for a long moment, then her mouth

plunged down, enveloping yours with her soft, delicate lips, and you felt

her tounge searching for your.

    Jennifer entered a wild and carnal phase, her body writhing and

undulating on top of yours.  You responded by wrapping your arms around her

and sucking her tounge, your bodies radiating a warm, lusty heat.  Jennifer

pulled back, and she offered you one of her small tits, pinching her nipple

and making it stand out.  Your lips encircled her breast, sucking on it

hard, and flicking your tounge over it slowly.  Jennifer's hand pulled me

over, by my cock so that she could suck me again, this time she tounged and

sucked me without the teasing pauses.  Her hand was pumping me into her

mouth, and I grabbed the overhead, supporting my trembling, kneeling body.

We all moaned, and felt the heat of our lusts.  The fragrace of our bodies

filled the r.v.  with a warm, musky scent, each of us floating on clouds.

Jennifer tried to slide up your body, offer her warm pussy to your mouth,

and she tried not to let my cock slip from her mouth.  I pulled out of her

mouth, letting her sit over you, and turn around.  Jennifer leaned down and

sucked me again, her legs shaking as you tounged her wet pussy.  Jennifer

was feeling her own climax approaching and her concetration on my shaft

faltered.  Just as she released me from her mouth, moaning loudly and still

pumping me with her hand, I gushed my thick hot come.  Most landed on her

lips and cheeks, but some had shot out hard, landing between her tits.

Jennifer was coming and she just kept her hand on my cock as I leaned back,

spent.  Her lips were parted and I saw her tounge tasting my come as she

continued to buck against your tounge.  I could see your hand, fingers

inside her, and her dark bush swaying to and fro over your face.  Finally,

Jennifer leaned forward and lay outstretched on your legs, breathing hard

and moaning softly.  I looked at you, your chin shining with her wetness.

Leaning over her ass, I kissed you warmly, tasting her lusty sweetness on

your lips.  You watched as I used my tounge to tease her behind, then delve

into her flowing river.  She arched and moaned against my tounge, her hips

swaying gently.

    I moved down and slid into your pussy, Jennifer watching us "up

close".  Her pussy hovered over your breasts, her juice in her bush wetting

your nipples as she swayed back and forth over them, teasing you.  Jennifer

watched as I began to fuck you slowly, using her tounge to lick at your

engorged labia or my equally engorged cock.  As I picked up speed, she held

your pussy open, her fingers exposing your hard, half-hooded clit.

Jennifer made a show of laying her tounge over it and licking around it,

and each time I could feel you get tighter around my shaft.  She looked up

at me and smiled, her brown eyes seemed to twinkle in the dim light.

    "Rub your pussy against her tits." I whispered to her. "Make her

tits wet with your hot little pussy."  Jennifer smiled and made a breathy

"O" sound, leaning back and rubbing her steaming pussy against your larger

breasts.  Her eyes closed as she felt your soft breasts against her, and

her slim hips were waving around in a motion that looked as if she were

receiving the most pleas- ure.  Jennifer moaned suddenly, and her lips

locked around your clit.  The sudden grasping of your cunt took me by

surprise, and I felt myself beginning to come.  Jennifer made sucking

noises on your clit, her head moving frantic- ally.  I felt the pulsing,

sucking, grasping contractions inside you and my hips began long hard

thrusts as my sperm began rushing up my cock.  My sperm surged inside you,

and I felt Jennifer's hand pushing me back, pulling my squirting cock from

you.  I looked down and saw my sperm splash against your labia, then

Jennifer pointed me at your clit and milk more spurting come from me.  I

could hardly hold myself up, and Jennifer licked the head of my cock then

she began licking your clit, her tounge chasing every drip that ran down

your pussy.  I watched her suck you until you came again, and this time

Jennifer rolled off, and began to finger herself.   You were laying back

and breathing hard from your latest orgasm, and I was still recovering from

mine.  Jennifer spread her legs and moved across the bed, giving us both a

show as her fingers disappeared into her pussy.  When Jennifer came, she

thrashed about, moaning and tossing her head back and forth.  Sated at

last, we all pulled up the covers and began to hold each other close,

putting our "guest" in the middle.

    Thunder pealed early in the morning, causing Jennifer to bolt

upright in the bed between us.  We calmed her and let her lay back, each of

us caressing one of her small, firm breasts.  She kissed both of us good

morning and reluctantly we all started to rise for the day.  While she used

the bathroom, I pulled you to me and kissed you fiercely, wanting you more

than I did the night before.  When she came out, it was your turn and

Jennifer began looking for her clothes among the rumbled bedsheets.  Her

slim figure was too much for me to ignore so I pulled her down and thanked

her for earlier, kissing her and sucking gently on her hard nipples.   When

my turn for the bathroom finally came, I had to wait for a minute to let my

hard cock soften so I could go.  When I came out, the two of you were

caressing and kissing, so I began making breakfast.

    Jennifer insisted on cooking, but I told her that she'd already

repaid us for our hospitality by cooking for us the night before.  Now it

was our turn to treat her like the newly found friend that she was.  She

relented and you helped her pack up her items, folding them neatly into her

pack.  After breakfast, she decided that she had to move on to meet her

friends, and we kissed her goodbye, watching her walk off towards the sun

of a new day.  That left us with a new day for ourselves.

    We started by touring the edge on foot, looking at the vastness of

the awe inspiring canyon.  The sun warmed us and we walked further than we

thought, finally coming up to a larger parking area near the edge, with a

food concession stand.  Claiming that I needed to keep up my strength for

you, we sat and ate, tacos for me, a chicken fajita for you.  Lots of

people were gathering to oooh and ahhh at the marvels of the canyon, and we

watched them, enjoying seeing their reactions.  We listened to the rangers

giving their well rehearsed speeches about the canyon, and then started

walking off to explore.  Something drew us towards some small hills and we

found a quiet little valley only several yards across that seemed as remote

as a tropical island.  Sitting in the sun, we let the sandy soil sift

through our fingers, and the warm sun beat down on our backs.  We looked

into each other's eyes and saw the same thought, and we soon had our

clothes off, coupling in the warm sunshine.  We could hear cars driving

past in the distance, on their way to the parking area we'd come from,  and

the quiet sounds of the warm desert.  Beyond that were only the sounds we

were making as I pulled your hips against me, kneeling behind you.  The

faster I went, the more you seemed to grip me, until I felt myself swelling

up and filling you with my heat-filled shaft.  Just before I came, I pulled

you up and cupped your soft breasts up to the sun, filling you full of my

thick warm cream.  I wrapped my arms around you, just under your breasts

and kissed your neck and ears, still throbbing inside your grasping cunt.

We stayed that way for what seemed like a long time, our bodies naked and

warmed by the sun.   Finally we dressed, and you said wanted to head back

to the r.v., for more.  I hugged you, telling you that one day I'd die with

a smile on my face if you kept this up.  You laughed and we walked down the

road towards the lot where our r.v. waited.  The hot sun and the hot come

between your legs made you hornier than hell as we walked, and you kept

promising all sorts of hot, passionate pleasures when we got back to the


    Back in the r.v. we decided that dinner could be cooked outside

that evening so while you prepared the food, I set up the grill.  I was

washing my hands at the sink when you slipped up behind me and reached

around, cupping my cock and balls in your hand.  Your body pressing against

me from behind made me want you and I began to harden in your hand, feeling

your warm breasts pressed against my back.  I turned around and you

playfully moved back, teasing me, but I could see by your erect nipples

pushing against your shirt that you wanted it as much as I did.  I chased

you, and you let me catch you, our lips meeting in a wild, passionate kiss

again.  You slid down my body, kissing me, until you knelt in front of me,

running your hands up the legs of the shorts I wore, squeezing my cheeks

and kissing my cock through the fabric.

    I placed my hands lightly on your head, and felt you slowly

unfastening my shorts.  The shorts fell to the floor, exposing my hot,

stiff cock, and I moaned as your mouth wrapped around it.  I've always

loved the way you suck me, and I was at your mercy.   Your skillful tounge

brought me to the brink quickly, and then you began to tease, licking my

balls, and caressing my ass.  Each long, lavish lick of my cock brought me

to the very edge, stopping just a microsecond too soon.  When I looked

down, and saw your grey eyes shining up at me, and the smile on your face

as my cock slid into your mouth, I knew what you wanted.  You stopped

teasing and your mouth and tounge urged me to come.  I felt a fast rising

surge, and I knew it was too late.  I came, feeling thick, long spurts

shooting into your mouth, feeling you pull my hips towards you, hearing you

moan softly while I filled your mouth.

    I looked down at you, weak-kneed, and saw you licking the head of

my cock, smiling as if it were an ice-cream cone, and you were deciding

just where to lick next.  You smiled up at me, licking your lips, and

caressing my thighs.  Pulling you up, I laid you down on the bed, removing

your shorts in the process.  I started licking your pussy, being sure to

tease you as well.  For the next forty minutes, my tounge probed, licked,

and circled making you wetter with each passing minute.  My lips tugged on

your labia, your bush, and your clit, while my fingers explored your

breasts and nipples.  Your cream was flowing like water and I tried at

first to drink it all, but I couldn't keep up.  Now your ass and the bed

were both wet, almost as wet as my face and chin.  Just as I was sure my

jaw would fall off, I felt your first spasm, and continued to suck your

hard, erect clit, even as it retreated.   I love the way your legs lock

around me when you come, and I love to feel your cunt contracting, feeling

it pulse against my lips.  As you came, I slipped a finger in your pussy

and one up your well lubricated anus, and I could feel you coming harder

and longer than you normally do.  You were so sensitive, that each small

movement of my tounge made you come again, just as you thought you were

finished.  By the time you'd finished your sixth orgasm, you were panting

hard, and my jaw ached terribly, so I relented on your sopping pussy.  The

bed was soaked underneath you, as was my face and neck from kneeling next

to the bed.  You curled up on your side, exhausted and dreamy.  A towel

solved my wet-face, and I laid down behind you, covering us both with the

sheet.  We drifted off for a short nap, holding each other close.

    That night, after we barbecued our chicken, I dabbed a bit of sauce 

on one of your bare nipples as you changed for bed, and licked it off.  

That started a silly game of licking sauce from various places.  Finally 

sated for the nite, we curled up and slept, cuddling and happy.

    The next morning we decided to move northeast, toward Colorado and 

explore some of the rockies.  We weren't too far away from the canyon when 

we saw a familiar figure walking along the road.  We stopped and picked up 

Jennifer and her friend, Paula.  We continued on toward Colorado, the girls 

indicating that they were headed to Durango.  On we drove, stopping at 

several places to take pictures and to admire the scenery.  Just after it 

became fully dark, a flat tire halted our progress.

    Why is it that a flat tire on an r.v. must be on the inside of a 

pair of dual-wheels?  An hour and a half, and sixteen lug-nuts later, the 

spare was installed, and the flat re-hung on the bumper.  Paula appeared 

with an ice-cold beer and a towel.  This early in the evening, the heat of 

the desert is just beginning to fade, so I was drenched with sweat from my 

labors.  After downing half the beer, Paula took me by the hand and led me 

back around into the r.v.  You and Jennifer were both naked and sweating on 

the small sofa in the front area of the r.v.   Paula dropped her clothes 

and joined you both, kneeling next to you and licking your breasts.  I too 

was about to join in, but headlights flashed and a car pulled over behind 

us.  I announced it, and closed the door, seeing a scramble of naked female 

forms in the dim light inside.

    The trooper was polite and helpful, and he soon drove off, 

satisifed that we were alright.  He did caution me about the beer, and 

seemed releived when I said that you would do the driving for a while.  

Even before his tail lights were out of sight, I could see clothes being 

removed inside the r.v.  Jennifer and Paula decided to give us a show, so 

while you sat astride my stiff cock, they took turns making each other 

come.   Paula had just made Jennifer come, and she looked over at us in the 

dim light, seeing our glistening bodies rocking back and forth.  Her face 

was shiny from Jennifer's pussy, and she unabashedly fingered herself while 

she watched.  Paula's cone-shaped tits were sweaty from laying down, and 

her chest gleamed.  I came long and hard inside your grasping pussy, 

flooding you with my creamy come.  As your orgasm subsided, Paula leaned 

over, pulling you to the bed, and began licking your sperm-filled cunt.  

Her expert tounge soon had you coming again and again, wetting her face 

with our combined creams.  After resting, we decided to continue to our 

destination, and the girls slept in the back, still naked.  I drove, and 

you sat up front with me, making sure I wasn't too tired to drive.

    We reached Durango about 3 a.m. and parked the r.v. in a shopping 

center lot, right next to a McDonalds.  Wearily, I stretched and then 

hugged you, and we joined our passengers in bed.  Jennifer way lying with 

her face on one of Paula's tits, her arm around Paula's waist.  Jennifer's 

leg was over one of her friend's, showing us her firm, beautiful ass and 

her tight cunt.  Thoughts of coming on her ass passed through my mind, and 

we slipped into bed, holding each other and falling asleep quickly.

    Morning came quickly, and the noise of workers at the McDonalds 

nearby woke us about seven a.m. to a bright, warm morning. We found both 

the girls were up, packing up to continue their adventures.  They were both 

still nude, and in the tight confines of the r.v. they frequently touched 

each other, or squeezed something.  We chatted with them from the bed until 

they dressed and departed, kissing us both and thanking us for everything.  

Alone again, we turned to each other and kissed.

    Your hand found my balls, hefting them against your palm.  Still 

aroused from the sight of our two wandering nymphs, I began to ravage you, 

nipping at your neck, then your nipples.  I rolled you over and licked your 

ass, then down the crease, teasing your asshole, then to your wet slit.  

You arched up and let me probe you with my tounge and flick over your clit.  

I slipped into you from behind, and grabbing your hips, began pounding your 

tight cunt with wanton lust.  You leaned down, resting you head on a 

pillow, arching your hips up to my hard, thrusting cock.  Faster and faster 

I moved, feeling your wetness sopping my balls.  Using my hand, I rubbed 

your clit, hearing you gasp and moan softly.  I rubbed your cream on your 

belly, telling you that I wanted to cover you with my hot come.  You leaned 

back onto my cock, trying to keep me deep inside you, but I continued to 

thrust into you.  Looking through the drapes, we could see cars entering 

and leaving the McDonalds, people about their daily business, while inside 

our r.v., we were locked in our carnal fornication.  My hand, now drenched 

with your cream, slid up your belly to cup a breast, and I felt your hot 

cunt grab me tightly.  Several long, hard thrusts into you made you gasp, 

and I felt myself riding a wave, flowing into your cunt like a river.  My 

come gushed inside you, and I held deep, squirting it all into your 

spasming pussy.  I brought my hand back to your clit, and you moaned.  Come 

leaked out of you, and into my hand, and I pulled out, rubbing our juices 

over us both.  Your ass glistened and I rolled you over, rubbing our come 

on your tits and my stomach.  I laid down on top of you, your legs 

naturally wrapping around me, and we kissed with a fiery passion.  Lifting 

your hips, I slid back into your sperm drenched pussy and began to slowly 

fuck you again.

    Sweating and wet from our come, we rocked back and forth, our 

tounges probing and dancing in each other's mouth.  We were locked in our 

carnal haze, existing only to feel our bodies mating in a primal lust.  We 

fucked for a long time, your pussy contracting and trying to milk me 

several times, signaling a new orgasm for you.  Finally, my sperm began to 

rise again, and I lifted your legs, pushing them back against your breasts.  

With your pussy fully exposed to me, your lust filled "Ohhh, Fuck Me!" 

drove me into total abandon.  I plunged down, deep into your cunt, over and 

over, trying to go ever deeper.  Your cunt tightened its grip on me, trying 

to suck me down inside.  Each thrust made your breasts wiggle, and I felt a 

tremendous orgasm approaching.  I pushed your legs back, raising your ass 

off the bed and against my cock.  The world seemed to disappear, just the 

sensation of an overpowering orgasm filling my brain. Then I began to come, 

and come, and come.  It felt like I'd never stop.  Sperm shot from my cock, 

spurting thickly up your twitching cunt.  I thrust several times, pumping 

my come into you.  About the third thrust, I slipped out, sperm shooting 

out over your clit, and landing on your tits and stomach.  Come seemed to 

pour from my cock, coating your mons and stomach with white streaks.  

Somewhere in the distance, I could hear myself moaning, calling your name.  

As my head began to clear, I slipped my cock back into your pussy, feeling 

my sperm leak out around me as I did.  You were panting and moaning too, 

rubbing my thick come over your breasts.

    Letting your legs down, I rubbed your sperm covered belly, and 

leaned over, kissing you passionately.  Your pussy spasmed around me, and 

after you finally came one last time, I held your sweat drenched body 

close, caressing you lightly.  We held each other for a long time, our 

heartbeats slowing into the same rhythm well after our breathing did.  You 

looked at me, your eyes shining and happy.  I smiled and caressed your 

face, kissing you lightly and hugging you against me.

    At last, hunger overcame our desire to remain in bed, so we cleaned 

up and dressed, driving over to a small cafe for breakfast.  After 

breakfast, we caught the Silverton train for the long ride up the Animas 

river gorge.  The breathtaking scenery and the sounds and smells of the old 

steam-train were fun, letting us both relax and simply enjoy.  Lunch was in 

Silverton, where we bought some small pieces of silver jewelry before 

catching the train back to Durango.  Once back to Durango, we took the r.v. 

to a campsite, parking next to another large r.v. for the night.



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