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Archive-name: Places/

Archive-author: Bill Harris

Archive-title: Coming Storm, The


It was hot that day, like dog's breath in your

ear. The sun sat squarely above us as we walked

hand in hand down the dirt road that bordered

Hank's field. Off to the west came the distant

rumblings of an approaching storm. "How much

further is it?" I panted. We'd been walking for

nearly an hour and I was ready to drop. "We're

almost there shooga," she replied. This girl was

something else, country born and country bred.

Her yellow halter top and cutoff shorts did 

everything but hide the luscious body under them.

I had to have her, I was hopelessly in love.

She stopped beneath the overhanging limbs of an

old live oak and sat on one of the drooping branches.

I sat next to her and felt her slide ever so slightly

in my direction. Sherry was her name and she was truly

fine. Beautiful through and through with a gorgeous

personality to match that incredible figure. I watched

her pull up her hair and fan her neck. A little drop

of sweat tiptoed down her neck and stood just above

that first hint of cleavage. Another joined it and then

another until together they ran into that moist valley

beneath her top. She saw me staring and giggled, goosebumps

rising from her flawless skin. "It's just around the

corner shooga, why the fuss?" "I'm so hot," I spat, "let's

get the hell outta here and go swimmin', O.K.?"

She stood up and stretched, then pulled the denim shorts

away from her thighs. Without a word she walked on without me.

Where she got this energy I'll never know but all it did was

make me love her more. The storm rumbled again closer now.

Maybe it would cool things off. I followed her down that

dusty road toward a distant grove of trees. 

I'd been seeing her now for about a month. We had a lot

of things in common and our sex life was coming along

nicely although we hadn't yet gone all the way. She was

a paradox. So eager to get things going, so passionate

and warm at first and then suddenly cold like the cold

wind before a storm. My hands knew her every curve and

my lips knew her secret places. I could only hope that

I wouldn't have to wait much longer. As it came nearer,

so it faded away.

She reached the trees long before I did and by the time

I stumbled into the shadows she was undressed. Her skin

was fiery red with the heat, her long hair stuck to her

skin in the wettest places. I tossed of my shirt and collapsed to the 

ground, exhausted. You see, I'm from the mountain states

and have never learned to deal with the heat. She knelt

down beside me and asked,"Are you O.K.?"

Was I O.K.? I guess you could say it was possible. I mean

I'm alone out in the country with this centerfold come to

life. She's sitting beside me buck naked ready and willing

to go. But how far? If this is another replay of my last

flame I don't know if I can stand it. Kim was just a bitch

but it took time to find it out. I did everything I could

think of to please her but the harder I tried the more 

apathetic she became until we just missed the mark somehow.

I guess I shouldn't say she was a bitch. That comes from a

part of me I'm trying to improve but missing with her hurt

me so bad that I'm still full of anger. Sorry, Kim.

"Are you O.K.?" she asked again. I closed my eyes and leaned

back on my elbows. "Yeah, better now." A sudden breeze ran

through the branches above us. She touched my shoulder lightly

and traced a path out across my chest giggling with childish

excitement. "Is that all you're going to take off?" she asked.

Before I could reply, her fingers drifted downward to the buttons

on my jeans. With a quick tug the first came free. I began to harden

as the remaining buttons fell open. She took me in her hand and

sighed. "You're really hard! Can I do something for you?" she

asked in that little country girl voice that she uses for me at

times like this. Somehow the fatigue and exhaustion I was feeling

just moments ago evaporated into thin air. A sudden flash of light

and we both jumped. The dark underside of the storm cloud sent another

cooling breeze. Her nipples suddenly hardened and her breath came

in short little pants. "We don't have much time, Bill. The forecast

is for a coming storm."


I couldn't get going fast enough. She was everywhere at 

once. The lightning flashed again and again and the air 

was suddenly full of flying leaves. Her soft lips parted

with an impatient moan as she pulled me down next to her

and began a slow trail of wet kisses from my neck downwards.

Her tongue explored my navel and I wrapped my hands in her

hair. Pushing gently downward I guided her to my groin.

She kissed the head and then looked up to me. "I love

you and I want to know that this will be my first time,"

she whispered. As she did her magic my gaze drifted upwards

to the treetops swaying in the wind. The charcoal grey clouds

boiled their way eastward and cooling breezes pushed the suffocating

heat away. Feeling the wave of pleasure begin, I let go of her

hair and dug my fingers into the soft mossy floor beneath us.

I was losing control and didn't want the end to come so soon.

But the roll of the stormcloud could not be stopped and the 

only thing I could do was to let myself be swept away, forever,

hopelessly lost in the soul of the one I loved.

"I'm sorry," I said as she snuggled up to me, "I wanted to wait

for you." Her eyes were soft with desire and she took my hand

between her legs and rolled her hips passionately. Her warm

lips pressed into the hair of my chest while that rich hair

spread gently over my shoulders. "You can go again, I know it,"

she urged. We'd always started this way but something in her 

tone told me that we were now on the brink of discovery. I wanted

to know her, to please her as she did me. I wanted to love her

completely. My lips began their usual business but before I had 

gone down too far she stopped me. "I can't wait," she gasped,"Do it

now!" I shook my head, she didn't really know what she was capable

of and I set out to show her. Her pert breasts melted to my touch,

my fingers strummed a love song between those thighs that soon

pressed wildly upward bearing the gift that she had to offer.

The first raindrops began to pelt us like tiny ice cubes. "Hurry,"

she wailed, "It's coming fast." She rolled her head from side to 

side slowly at first then faster as my lips discovered her womanly

treasure. The patter of raindrops became more regular and the cool

water washed away any hesitancy that she had left. The sky flashed,

the trees bent before the coming storm and the hot stillness that

had existed moments before gradually transformed itself into a frenetic

orgy of naked power. She let the power take her away time and time

again until she could barely breath. "I love you, I really love you."

I raised up and looked into her eyes. "Now?" I asked. 

To be continued.......



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