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Archive-title: Bus Ride

It had been a normal day, I was riding home on the bus through the darkness

thinking of the cold lonely apartment that awaited me, of the lonely dinner

in front of the TV.  I happened to look up during my musings and I saw her

looking at me.  She was of medimum height, dark glossy hair fixed just so.

She had a beautiful figure dressed in a tailored suit.

Without willing it I got up and walked over to her and asked if I could sit

down beside her.  She nodded.  As I sat down, she looked at me with such

intensity and desire that I almost missed the seat.

After I had sat down she reached over and placed her hand on my thigh.  Not

knowing what to do exactly, I put my hand on hers.

Continuing to look at me with desire, she said, "I need someone tonight.

Will you help me?"

I replied, "Sure, what can I do for you?".  Even then I think I already

suspected what she needed.

"Get off at the next stop with me" she said.

We got off at the next stop and walked down the street to a hotel.

She said, "Please check us in and please don't ask any questions.".

As I went to check in, I wondered about her desire for a stranger.

As we were going up the elevator she said, "Pretend you're my lover and this

is our anniversery of our first date.  And please, no questions, just play

the part".

We walked down the hall to the room as lovers would, in each other's arms,

trying to be as close to each other as possible.

As we got to the room, she said, "Give me a couple of minutes, then I'll let

you in".  I let her in the room and waited.  Five minutes later she called

and I let myself in.

She was moving around the room in pink, almost transparent underwear.  The

room was white and pale gray with green fittings in the bathroom.  The bed

was broad enough for a whole orgy.  The broad windows looked down into the

street where an occasional neon light flashed.

Slowly undressing, I looked at her appreciatively.  She moved towards me and

and twirled round in a little pirouette in front of me.

"How's that", she asked.

Through the tight, high-holding brassiere I could see the sharp points of

her nipples, darker than the surrounding skin which pushed it outwards in

balloon-like tautness.  The little, pink panties held her buttocks in a

tight embrace like another layer of skin, revealing half of the orbs, and

through the front of them I saw the dark muff of her hair with the

protrusion of flesh behind it, pushing out the material.

"Lovely", I said, "But I want to see them off".

"Am I making you hot?", she asked with a sensual laugh.

I stripped of my own pants and my penis shot up into the air.

"You're really quite an athlete," she said, looking over my body and then

letting her dark eyes rest on my stiff member.  "I hope you're capable of a

good athletic performance".

I moved towards her and said, "You're so exciting even with them still on, I

hope seeing them off isn't a disappointment".

"It won't be", she said.

I reached for her and she moved into my arms, hot and sweet-smelling.  She

was one of those women who, as soon as a man touches her, seems to melt to a

jelly, to tremble and whimper with excitement.  I felt her body shivering

against me as I unhooked the brassiere and I heard her murmur with passion.

The bra came away and fell to the floor and now I felt her resilient breasts

hot, too, against me with the pointed nipples heavy and digging in my chest.

"Oh, Oh", she murmured as I ran my hands in a long quick caress over her

back, bringing my fingertips up her spine and then moving them round to feel

her breasts, bulbous and bursting under the palms of my hands.  I squeezed

them gently and massaged the nipples, which grew long and erect under my

gentle manipulation.

"Oh darling", she whispered.  She was trembling from head to toe.  I could

feel her thighs trembling against me and my prick, riding up between them,

snuggled against the soft heat of her flesh, was tingling along its length

like sharp pins and needles.

I ran my hands down her back and gently pushed and pulled the pants down

over her buttocks, feeling them slide reluctantly off her hips.  She gave a

little wriggle of help and then shook her thighs so that they slipped down

and fell to the floor.  Gasping a little, she stepped out of them, leaving

them in a pink, crumpled pile on the floor.

I rubbed her bottom gently in little, round gestures over the crack which

separated the two.  She began to wriggle against me and put her arms around

my neck, murmuring little animal noises all the time.

Cupping her buttocks in my hands, feeling their weight and form and texture,

raising them and her slightly up my body, I moved my fingers between her

legs from behind revelling in the moist flesh I found there.

"Oh, I can't stand it!" she said, quickly.

She pulled my face down and crushed her lips with bruising force against my

mouth, opening her lips wide, and after an instant's extreme tension,

hurtling her tongue into my mouth.  She gave little whimpers all the time as

I pressed and rubbed myself against her.  Her tongue seemed to fill my

mouth, reaching down to my throat.

With an effort, I withdrew my lips from her and moved my mouth down onto her

neck, bruising it with bites and kisses.  She threw her head back and the

full neck strained hard against me.

"Let's see how you look with them off, now", I said, softly.

After a second or two, she moved away from me, still trembling and shaken

and turned in another pirouette.  My eyes feasted on her lush curves.  The

sight of her breasts and buttocks moving with lives of their own, of her

sinuousness rounding to fullness at her most exciting points, made my penis


"Yes, you do look better with them off", I said.  "You should never wear

those pants again".

She waggled her bottom at me.

"Do you like my bottom?" she asked.  "Do you really think I have a nice


Her words excited me almost beyond endurance.

"I've never seen one look so good" I said.

"Do you think you're lucky to have it for do what you want

with it?".

"A man never had such good fortune.  I can't wait to show how much I

appreciate it.  But you'll know as soon as we start to make love".

She glided quickly towards me and wound herself around me, mouthing little

cries, her eyes closed, her body in a fluid torment all around me.  It was

more than I'd expected.

Kissing her, wildly, I felt her hand slither down to my aching prick and

touch it, sending sparks along it thick fatness.  She stroked it gently,

with little nervous, fluttering gestures and then held it firmly and

squeezed it hard so that her hand crushed into its resisant, spongy tissue

and made me gasp.

I picked her up, putting my arms around her, lifting her by her buttocks.

She wound her legs, warm and smooth, around my hips as I carried her and

placed my prick against her vagina.  She was groaning and murmuring

incoherently.  Then she wriggled down and slumped on the rigid member so

that it shot into her with a strong thrust which made her gasp and go wild

and her lips clamped around my glans so moistly and firmly that I had to

restrain myself from falling with her onto the floor and fucking her there.

We reached the bed with her jogging on the end of my organ with every step

we took.

I lowered her onto the bed and moved straight in to lie between her

widespread thighs which invited me not to linger.  I fell between them in

the same movement as I placed her on the bed and immediately began to screw

into her, gritting my teeth with passion.  Her body began to move with wild


"Oh, oh, oh!", she groaned as if in agony, digging her nails hard into my

shoulders, waving her crotch wildly at my prick, scraping her buttocks along

the edge of the bed and flinging her thighs in all directions.

"Oh, it's's good!".

I wriggled my long cock up and up, exploring her cavern, farther and

farther, deeper and deeper into darkness and moisture and a clawing grip

which pulled at my loins.

Her whole body twitched and writhed and she groaned incessantly, her face

contorted with passion, mouth working, neck straining, nostrils flared, a

light sweat breaking out on her forehead under the now tangled dark hair.

I felt the smooth, raw flesh of her vagina holding me in, clinging and

pulling all around my hot, bursting prick.  I pushed into her from my very

toes and sent the last inch of my thickness plundering up her hole, pulling

a fresh, ecstatic groan from her lips, making her open her eyes to look at

me with a wild, desireful, glazed look.

"Oh, oh...wonderful, wonder-ahhh!".  She gasped as I grabbed her buttocks

and raised them off the bed, raising my own body slightly for greater

leverage, squirming into her with all the strength of my hips and thighs.

My loins moved in and out at her pelvis, her broad pelvis with the chasm at

its center, pistoning in with strong, muscular regularity.  My own breath

was short and the sight of her breasts, swaying over sideways towards the

bed on either side of her, with her erect nipples, make me give an

involuntary extra thrust which moved her up the bed slightly and made her

arch her neck with the sudden sensation.

I watched her face, drawing different expressions of passion from it as I

moved my hands over her, as if she were an instrument which produced fresh

sounds as I moved my fingers over it's form.  I moved my fingertips gently

into the little hard area of smooth, crinkle-edged flesh which was her anus,

felt it tightly resist and then give way so that my finger moved softly,

persistently, sawing into the softer depths, and cries broke from her lips

in a consistent stream.

My loins were aflame, consumed with a fierce burning which swept through me

in gusts of heat.  I gasped and quivered as I fucked, revelling in her

flesh, flesh of this beautiful sexy girl whom I'd never seen before tonight.

I ran my hands from her buttocks down her thighs to feel my own chafing

prick ramming in and out, to feel the clinging lips of flesh which held it

firmly in and were now running with moisture which overflowed stickily down

her thighs.

Her arms, which had been moving jerkily around her head like a puppet's,

fists closing and opening spasmodically, swept down now and held my own

buttocks as they tensed and thrust at her.

"Oh, oh, oh...darling, hard, hard!" she begged, gasping as if she'd burst

something in her throat.  She was nearing her climax and her body had become

something demoniac, hardly human as she twisted and contorted, spreading her

legs wide apart and then pulling them up to her shoulders, bending them at

the knees, urging me on.

Her body was hot.  Her head moved wildly from side to side, that full lower

lip thrust out still further, her mouth open in abandon.  She swung her soft

thighs up and clasped my waist in a scissors grip with her calves, winding

her legs right round my body, tightening her grip on me, waving her ass from

side to side, spiralling her quim down at my searching, hotly expanded cock.

"I'm coming!", she gasped suddenly with a sharp shrill intense passion.

"I'm coming....aaaaaah....".  She grabbed my face as she came and bit my

mouth at the same time as her body from breasts to thighs arched

convulsively into mine and held there with the intensity of a sudden cramp

and her orgasmic fluid seemed to increase still further around my still

hard-probing prick and ran down her smooth thighs, wetting my balls, too, as

they brushed against her vaginal lips.

The intensity of her reaction was like a spur to my own climax.  I dug

deeply into her, forcing her legs up almost to her neck, doubling her over,

screwing into her like a mad man, crashing up to her cervix with my

pulsating near-bursting rod.  She continued to gasp and pant with little

fluttering movements of her belly and thighs.  She was still highly excited

and followed my directions, whenever I wanted her to move, with a wild eager


"Darling," she murmured.  "It's good, it's good.  Fill me now, fuck me hard

let me have it".  So she encouraged me, filling me with sharp, ecstatic

pains in the region of my loins so that my prick grew and grew until I could

hardly stand it and my breath was rasping in and out of my open lips and my

hands clasped and dug into her buttocks convulsively.

"Kill me with it, darling", she murmured.  "That's...ah ...a..ah!".  She

gasped as I thrust savagely high and hard, searing up through her passage,

resting at the apex of my drive and jogging there for a second before

withdrawing a little for another thrust and another.

I could feel I was on the edge of coming.  It was unbearable, I had to come

now or I would die.  I gasped, groaned, felt the bursting, heard her moan a

little and hold me tightly round my shoulders and then with a long groan

which went on and on reverberating round the room I climaxed into her,

shooting my sperm high up into her open, receptive channel towards her womb.

Much later, after we'd climbed the heights twice more in different

positions, each time with the same trembling abandon on her part and the

same bone-shaking orgasm on my part, she said to me, "I must go now....."

She gathered up her clothes and disappeared into the bath.  I wondered at

such passion and joy from a stranger that I had met on the bus.  Before I

knew it and before I could object or ask her name, she had left the hotel


Months later, in my cold lonely apartment, as I think of the episode, I know

I'll never see her again.  I've ridden the same bus many times looking but

I've never seen her.  Sometimes I wonder if it really happened.  Then I

realized it had to be real, no dream could be that intense.  Now however,

she is but a memory that I'll always cherish and dream of again and again.



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