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Archive-name: Places/busdalls.txt


Archive-title: Leave the Driving to someone else......

    The drone of the engines finally put me to sleep.  When I

awoke, the bus was pulling into the station in yet another small

town.  No one got off, but three people did get on, and after a

short time, we were on our way, again.

    The blonde headed lady had slowly walked to the rear of the

bus, and finally seated herself across the aisle from me.  I gave

her a small nod of the head and a brief smile.  She acknowledged

the nod with a smile, and sat down.  Although she said nothing,

she did glance at me more than once, and after we were moving,

she finally leaned across the void and asked where I was headed.

I replied and she said that was interesting, as she was headed to

Dallas, also.  To visit her daughter, her married daughter.

    She didn't look old enough to have a married daughter, and I

told her so.  She smiled at that, and said thank you to the

compliment, and then looked straight ahead, silently.  I made

myself comfortable again, and went back to sleep.  The next stop

woke me up, again, and as I looked sleepily around, saw that she

was looking at me.

    "Did you enjoy your nap?"

    "I guess," I replied.  "I really don't remember much about


    She laughed at that, and as the bus driver said that we would

be here for 15 minutes, she stood and stretched, somewhat showing

off her figure, and then moved forward and off the bus.  She

returned about five minutes later carrying a small paper bag.

After she was seated, she emptied the bag, one article at a time,

laying the cans of soda, bags of chips, and a cold sandwich on

the empty seat next to her.

    The sight of the soda cans suddenly made me very thirsty, and

heaving myself up, I too stretched and made my way forward and

off the bus.  I got a Pepsi from the machine next to the terminal

door, and after popping it open, stepped back onto the bus and

returned to my seat.

    She had watched me as I walked back down the aisle to my

seat, almost in the same manner as I had appraised the figures of

women as they walked.  She had smiled at me as I slid into my

seat, and again after I had sat down.  I had merely nodded an


    When the bus finally pulled out of the terminal, we both

settled in for the ride.  With another six hours before we

reached Dallas, I looked out the window as the west Texas country

side slid by, and marveled at the hues in the sky as the sun set

behind us.  The few other passengers on the bus were several rows

ahead of us, and all appeared to be either reading or sleeping.

    "My name is Carol," she said as she reached over and touched

my arm with her hand.

    "Oh.." I came out of my own little world. "Nice to meet you

Carol, my name is Keith."

    "Do you live in Dallas?"

    "No.  At least not yet.  I am going to visit a friend, and

see about a job that may be waiting for me."  Since she had

already told me she was going to visit her married daughter, I

didn't pursue the conversation.

    "And just what is it that you do," she asked?

    "I am a commercial artist," I replied.  "Sometimes I get into

package art work, package design, and do some things with

computer graphics."

    "That sounds very interesting," she said.  "Would you mind if

I moved and sat next to you?  It would make conversation a lot

easier."  I motioned for her to come on over, and as I started to

move to the seat next to the window, she said to stay where I

was, and slid in front of me and, half falling, dropped into the

seat next to me.

    "There," she said, "that's a lot better.  Now we don't have

to yell at each other."  I nodded my head in response.  We talked

a little, mostly about nothing.  Finally, she was silent for a

minute or two, and then making some remark about the heater in

the bus being extremely efficient, she leaned forward and tugged

her sweater off over her head, settling back in the seat, finally.

    Underneath her sweater, she had on a t-shirt, and underneath

it, nothing.  Her nipples were prominent against the soft fabric,

and as I glanced at her, they poked out even further.  She caught

the glance, and then, with a smile, smoothed the fabric out,

pulling it tight across her breasts.

    It was obvious that she was built rather well, and proud of

it, too.  We rode silently for a while.  I sipped and finished

off my Pepsi, and as I tossed the empty can into the seat behind

us, she smiled at me.

    "Do you know the difference between kinky and perverted?"

Her question caught me a little off guard.

    "No," I said.  "But I am always glad to learn something new."

    "Well, kinky is where you use just a feather," she said,

laughing. "And perverted is where you use the whole chicken."

Her eyes were dancing as they stared into mine, trying to judge

my reaction, I guess.

    "If that's true," I responded.  "Then I guess I might be

considered a pervert.  Though I never really thought about it

that much," I added.

    Again, she smiled.  A knowing smile, if you know what I mean,

and then she said, "me too," and laughed.  Her hand moved from

her lap to my knee, tracing a light circle with her fingers.  I

made no move to stop her, and as we rode along, her hand moved

higher and closer to my crotch, and once, as the bus lurched

across a bump, her hand grazed my cock.  I turned to look at her,

but her eyes gave away nothing, just stared into mine and seemed

to say that she was doing exactly what she wanted to do.

    Her hand became busy again, and as she lightly rubbed my

thigh, I saw in the dim light, that her nipples were even more

pronounced than they had been.  I moved my hand to touch them,

and she moved herself so that I had full access to her breasts.

Her hand was still on my leg.  After teasing them through the

thin fabric of the shirt, she finally tugged it out of the waist

of her skirt, and pulled it up so that her breasts were exposed

to my eyes and my fingers.

    I traced small circles around her nipples, tracing the

outline of the aureole, and watched as her nipples continued to

grow.  Her eyes were closed now.  Her head back, enjoying this

stealthy exploration of her body in a semi-public setting.  Her

lips parted and her tongue slid out, wetting her lips, and then

her tongue was gone.  Her hand became busy again, rubbing my cock

through my jeans, softly at first and then more vigorously.

    "I want to touch it," she murmured.  Her hands were busy at

the buckle of my belt.  When she had it undone, her fingers

quickly undid the button at the waist and then she was pulling

the zipper down.  Her hand was warm to my skin as she slid it

underneath the elastic band of my shorts, and as I raised my ass

up out of my seat, she tugged my jeans and shorts down, releasing

my hard cock from its almost painful confinement.

    "It's so hard," she said, her fingers alternately stroking

and then fluttering softly and sensually up and down the length

of it.  Her head dipped into my lap, and I felt the hot wetness

of her mouth as she slid the head of my cock in between her lips.

I moved a little as I felt her tongue move over the head of my

cock, and then she was gently but firmly stroking the length of

it with her hand, her head bobbing slowly up and down.  It felt

great, and as she was starting to really get into it, the bus

slowed and took an exit off the interstate.

    She pulled her head up quickly to see what was happening, and

as she realized that we were going to be stopping again any

minute, she muttered some words of disgust under her breath.

Then quickly dropped back down, kissed the head of my cock, and

then sat up straight.  I tugged my jeans back up and zipped them,

but did not button the waist button.

    I looked over at her, and saw that her breasts were heaving,

the nipples unbelievably erect, and that her face was slightly


    "Hold that thought," I said.  She smiled.

    "Don't worry, I will."


    "I promise," she answered.  "I just hate to have to wait, now

that I am all revved up."  Hell, at least she was honest about it.

    "I know the feeling," I replied.  The driver announced that

we would be in the terminal for a few minutes, and then on our

way as quickly as possible.

    Carol finally pulled her t-shirt down when the lights came

on, and after they had done some things in the luggage

compartment, the driver came back aboard, closed the door, killed

the inside lights, and pulled out of the terminal.  As we pulled

back onto the interstate, I quickly unzipped my jeans and pulled

them down.

    Carol's hand quickly found my cock, stroking it back to full

hardness, and went back down on it.  Her mouth was very

experienced, and as she felt me start to get close to cumming,

she would back off for a minute or two, and when that moment had

passed, she would go back at it with a vengeance.  The second

time I got close, she took it completely out of her mouth, and

sat up straight in the seat.

    "Don't worry," she said.  "I am going to finish what I

started, but now I am so horny myself."  As she finished

speaking, she pulled the t-shirt off, stuffed it next to her, and

after kicking off her knee high boots, pulled her skirt up and

her panties down, then off.

    "Wanna fuck for a while?"

    "Sure," I said.  "I've never done it on a bus before."

    "Great," she said.  She layed the seat back as far as it

would go, then motioned for me to slide over underneath her.  I

complied, then pulled my jeans down to my knees.  She sat down on

me, then I felt her fingers as they found my cock and guided me

into her now hot wet cunt.  She shivered as I slid deeper and

deeper into her, and I could feel the muscles inside tighten

around me.

    "Play with my nipples.  Squeeze them hard.  I love it a

little rough."  I did as she asked, and as I kneaded and massaged

her breasts, she moaned, her cunt spasming around the cock in her

cunt.  Her breathing was getting a little ragged, and then she

banged off a little orgasm, then another one, then another.  Each

a little better than the one before it.

    "When you get ready to cum," she said.  "Let me know.  I want

to suck the cum out of your cock.  I want to feel you cum in my

mouth and taste you."  Whatever she wanted.

    She continued to ride my cock, her cunt able and willing to

accept it in its entirety.  Another orgasm came and went, her

cunt spasming as it did, and then the big one.  I could both feel

and hear her growl her delight, and squeezing both nipples hard,

she put her hands over her mouth and finally let it go.  It was a

good one, not that there are many, if any, bad ones, and as the

wave of pleasure started to subside, she slowly pulled herself up

and off me.

    I groaned my displeasure, but as I slid back into my seat,

her mouth replaced the tightness of her cunt.  I leaned back in

the seat reveling in the pleasure of her mouth.  I cupped one

breast in my hand, found the nipple and started massaging it

roughly as her tongue did wicked and wonderful things to the head

of my cock.

    She was really getting into giving me a blow job now, and as

we rolled down the highway, I could feel her suction increase and

the tempo of her tongue pick up.  Her hand was flying up and down

on my cock, jacking me up to a higher level of sensation.  And

then, I was cumming.  A shudder racked my body as the first cum

rocket exploded out of me.  She made a moaning sound as she felt

and tasted the first load, and worked even harder to finish the

job she had started.  It worked, and it was obvious that not only

was she good at what she did, she really liked to suck and


    When I was finally through cumming, she sucked on it as it

started to deflate and when she was positive that it was empty,

she slid me out of her mouth, pausing to give the head a light


    She sat back in her seat, a small smile on her lips, and

looked at me.  I stared into her eyes, a smile on my face, and

then leaned over and kissed her nipple.  She moaned a little moan

of delight, and as I continued to suck she slid her hand down and

started to rub her clit.

    "Don't quit," she whispered in my ear.  "I think the nerves

in that nipple are wired directly to my clit."  I kept sucking

her nipple, feeling the texture of it, and out of the corner of

my eye, watched as her other hand slid down to join the first

one.  I sucked harder, nipping it with my teeth, and as the

pleasure/pain hit her, her body shuddered.  I watched as two of

her fingers disappeared into the hole that my cock had been in,

and then my hand joined the one stroking her clit.  She was

moaning her delight, her hips twitching as the multitude of hands

and fingers played naughtily over the sensitive folds of skin.

    Her back arched a little, thrusting her breast against the

skin of my face, and biting a little harder on her nipple, she

came.  Another moan escaped her lips, louder than the others, and

for a fleeting moment, I thought that maybe one of the other

passengers would hear us and turn to see what was going on.  The

thought of being discovered was like an aphrodisiac, and I was

suddenly totally turned on, again.

    She continued to enjoy her orgasm, and when her spasms had

finally totally subsided, she sank back into the seat, sated for

the moment.  Grudgingly, I relinquished her nipple, and sat

straight in my seat.

    "Thanks," she said.  "I needed that."  Her head turned toward

me, and with a smile starting to form, she saw that I was totally

erect.  "Oh, do we need to do something about that," she asked,

nodding toward my cock.

    "It would certainly be nice," I answered.

    "Too bad we don't have a nice big bed to play in," she said.

Her hand was back on my cock. "Looks like under the current

conditions, though, you will just have to settle for another blow

job.  That is, if you want the swelling to go down."  She was

smiling widely now.

    "Yeah, too bad about the bed.  But I think a blow job would

do the trick."  She leaned over and licked the underside of my

cock, then moved her lips softly over the head.  I trembled a

little, and with no preamble at all, she slid almost the entire

length of me into her mouth.  I could feel the head tap at the

back of her mouth, and now she was going to let me face fuck her.

No hands busy this time.  My hips were pumping up and down, in

time to her bobbing head, and for what seemed like hours, I

fucked her face.

    She was breathing through her mouth, and every now and then,

a small wet slurping sound would come to my ears.  I felt her

hands on my balls, massaging me, urging me to cum again, and then

she dipped her head and slid me into her throat.  I had heard of

it, but never experienced it before, and as she kept up the

tempo, I just kept on humping away.  Finally, I felt myself

getting close, and told her not to change anything, put my hands

on her head, and humped for all I was worth.

    She felt the first load go off, then slid me out of her

throat, and sucked as hard as she could, her hands frantically

jacking me off into her hot waiting mouth.  I was empty fairly

quickly that time, and like before, she made sure that I was

drained dry before she took me out of her mouth.

    I sat there reveling in the sensations of cumming, totally

satisfied, and not the least concerned if the other passengers

had noticed us or not.  Carol lay back in the seat, her eyes

closed, her breasts and cunt still exposed to my view.  I slid my

hand into the small triangle of pubic hair, but she pushed it

away, her head shaking back and forth.

    Able to handle her rejection, I finally got my jeans and

shorts up and was soon rebuttoned and zipped.  She finally

stirred from her reverie, and almost grudgingly pulled her

panties up, then pulled on her boots.  Finally, she pulled her

t-shirt on, then lay back and closed her eyes.  I smiled and lay

back in my seat and went to sleep.

    I woke up about thirty minutes before we got to Dallas.  As I

came awake, I was aware that Carol's head was resting on my

shoulder, and when she felt me move, she too woke up.

    "Feel better," I asked?

    "A little," she answered.  "And a huge urge to feel you on

top of me, fucking our brains out in a big bed."

    "I like your honesty," I said.  "Most women would say that

they have never done anything like this before in there life.

And they don't know what came over them."

    She laughed.  "Well, I have never done it on a bus before

either, but I do like sex, good sex that is.  I guess to some

people that would make me a bad person."

    "Just those that either trully don't like sex, or those that

are hypocrites," I answered.

    "And we both know that there a lot of those," she said.

    The small talk continued as the lights of the highway and the

houses flashed by, and then we were pulling into the terminal.

    "Carol, I must say that this is the best bus ride I have ever

been on.  And thank you for a wonderful time."

    "You are quite welcome, Keith.  I had a wonderful time too.

About five or six times more wonderful than you had."  She

laughed as she said it.  "I just regret not having the chance to

do some serious quality fucking with you."

    "Me too," I replied.

    Just then we came to a stop.  The driver announced that we

were here, and standing and stretching, I got my little carry on

bag out from under the seat, and helped Carol get hers, and then

we were off the bus.  I saw my pal, Dave standing just inside the

terminal door.  He waved at me and I started towards the door.

Just then the girl that was standing next to him came out of the

door and ran by me.  I turned, and saw that it was Carol's

daughter, as they embraced in a hello.

    I moved on inside, and Dave came over and shook my hand, and

asked how my trip had been.  I said it had been extremely

interesting and was going to tell him how interesting when Carol

and her daughter walked up to us.  Carol hugged Dave and gave him

a kiss, while he murmured something about having a good trip.

    Then Dave turned and introduced me to his wife and


    Funny how things work out sometimes.....



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