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Archive-name: Places/bigsur01.txt

Archive-author: Moonlite

Archive-title: Big Sur - Part I

He'd told her early on that this was one of his hike up to a

campsite near Big Sur.  They'd packed all the necessary gear and driven as

close as possible early that morning, thoroughly enjoying both the scenery, as

they went south on Highway 1, and each others company.  She never ceased to be

amused at an easterner's comments as they admired the way the mountains met

the ocean on what seemed to them a backwards coastline.

Several times her hand drifted to his right thigh to punctuate a remark or

just to indicate her readiness for their planned outing.  How often he'd

teased and cajoled her over the past several weeks both in messages and by

phone.  Words like 'star- crossed' and 'destiny' had leaped, rather than crept

into their many conversations, and she felt it to be true.  They couldn't

avoid being together, at least briefly.  There was no sense of needing to be

hasty in their actions, just a feeling of fate needing to be yielded to.

They were intrigued by each other in ways neither had experienced in a long

time.  Their conversations were sprinkled with puns and innuendos and much

laughter.  He frequently accused her of littering his office floor with

innuendos which she countered by saying the cleaning staff should take care of

them adequately.

There was both a level of comfort and the excitement of the unknown which

surrounded them today.  They had slept together only once in a somewhat

sterile hotel room, the previous night. But the experience was totally

fulfilling for each of them.  They had performed as lovers but also played in

bed like puppies; exploring and frolicking joyfully.

She stretched in the passenger seat with a cat-like abandon and he again

admired the curve of her breast as it pushed the knit top to new contours.

Even dressed in jeans and hiking boots she had a stately quality mixed with

the enthusiasm of a child.  What an enigma she was!

And had he been able to read her thoughts he would have realized she felt much

the same way about him.  Watching his hands on the steering wheel she

reflected back to the pleasurable way he had touched her body and memorized

the feel of her skin.  Looking at his neatly trimmed beard reminded her of the

way it tickled her thighs as he kissed his way up her legs and beyond.  He had

certainly mastered her quickly, knowing just where and when to apply butterfly

kisses to increase her already elevated level of desire for him.

Their sexual union began under the guise of being a backrub of course.  How

often is that technique used the world over?  But it was a pretense they were

content to play out.

Their choice to be together today was also a ruse.  Each acknowledged it was a

spontaneous decision.   But that didn't explain why he'd packed the

appropriately needed items before leaving his home in Massachusetts, nor why

she's carefully purchased these new hiking boots the week before.  Despite the

bantering and chiding about his trip neither wanted to act as though they were

taking anything for granted, for in fact neither of them was.

He detoured from the main road at Carmel to venture down 17 Mile Drive.  After

paying the required $5. entry fee he chose the most direct route to the lone

cypress.  He wanted to take photos of her standing in front of 'her' ocean.

The song 'My Girl' was playing on the 60's station they were listening to and

he laughed aloud as she mockingly tried to do the Temptation Walk while

strapped in by her safety belt.  She loved to make him laugh.  The deep

masculine hearty sounds of his joy warmed her deep inside.  In fact there was

as yet, no side to this multi-faceted man that she didn't enjoy.

He worried that his incessant questioning would drive her batty but so far

that had not proven to be the case.  She rather appreciated his seemingly

sincere interest in exploring the highways of her mind, as he so eloquently

phrased it.

She uselessly smoothed her hair in preparation for the photo session, since

the wind would move it around as it desired.  As they parked and determined

the best area for a backdrop he leaned over and kissed her forehead, saying

only, "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For being you.  For sharing this week-end with me."

She raised her head and kissed him fully on the lips before responding. "Thank

you, my sweets, for asking me."  And her smile showed how much she meant that

simple comment.

She posed self-consciously as he began to click the shutter.  He made several

inane comments and made her laugh, until finally she was relaxed enough to be

herself and let him get several shots he hoped would reflect the real Moonlite.

They returned to the car and reached for each other simultaneously.  Holding

each other close and kissing deeply for several minutes.  He finally forced

himself to break the embrace and announced, "If we continue this any longer

I'll be forced to take you here, in this car, in broad daylight and we'll end

up in jail, my sweets.  So rather than face that fate what say we get going

and find a remote area where we can begin again and see what develops in


Assuming this was a rhetorical question he started the engine and did just

that.  The map indicated a hiking trail that was within her experience level

and leading to a small camping area.

The view they expected was nothing compared to what they actually saw.

Breathtaking was an understatement.  The volumes of water crashing mightily

against the blunt outcropping of rocks was spectacular.  It was a natural

force exuding power, and was visual proof of the divine right of nature to

produce more beauty, repeated every thirty seconds, than mankind has managed

in several centuries.

They stood quietly arm in arm and absorbed the sight, each lost in a silent

prayer to the deity they believed in, for allowing them to see and share this

magnificent display.

Perhaps it seems sacrilegious to say there was a sensual feeling in the air as

they beheld the majesty of Big Sur, but that would have been her choice of

words.  The sea and the cliffs were in fact doing a ritualistic mating dance

of sorts.

He must have been caught up in a similar notion, for he quickly helped her

remove the harness that strapped her backpack to her body and dropped his own

as well.  He reached for her again and she pressed her body against his.  They

kissed again, as hungry lovers who have been separated for far too long might.

Without words he pulled himself away and began to unpack and set up the

campsite.  She followed his lead and helped spread out the small lightweight

tent.  The bright orange color seemed a ludicrous attempt to improve on the

surrounding earth tones.  But they would make do with this borrowed equipment

and not complain.

As soon as the preparations were completed he took her hand and pulled her

rather unceremoniously inside.  Both being on their knees allowed them to

continue the physical explorations that had been interrupted earlier in favor

of protected privacy.

His hands ran from her shoulders down her back to clasp her under her buttocks

and cause a small moan.  She pressed her fingers against his back and felt his

erection press into her, further increasing her desire.

Sliding his hands upward he lifted her top and with her help removed it

entirely.  Quickly his lips moved to kiss the tops of her breasts as he

unfastened her bra.  Freeing her breasts freed something else as well, for

suddenly she was lifting his shirt and unbuckling his belt also.  In a flurry

of movement they managed to totally undress each other and lie down.  His

fingers sought her moistness and he was not disappointed.  She wanted him as

much as he wanted her.

His fingers traveled deeper causing her to squirm and make pleasing sounds.

She stroked his hard cock and could almost feel it enter her as her fingers

moved over it.

Without words or warning he moved between her legs and pressed into her slowly

at first.  She urged him on and he filled her completely before pausing to let

her body adjust to the intrusion of his cock.

She lifted her legs to cross them around his back and give him total

accessibly to her and them pressed toward him even further. Their movements

were probably more akin to sex starved rabbits than the gentle lovers they

intended to be but their needs were a preclusion to grace at this point.  And

those needs were equal for each of them.

His thrusts took him beyond the point of control quickly, but still she had

beaten him to the first release of ecstasy.  They panted almost in unison as

her second orgasm arrived to meet his first.

He lowered himself beside her, their legs intertwined and cuddled her close.

It was almost a gesture of protection.  Her head rested against his chest, and

his cheek was balanced against the top of her head.  They were at peace now.

But it was destined to be a short lived peace at best.  The fight to pleasure

the other was soon to begin, but that's recounted in part two.  For now let

your imagination give you the sights and sounds of the ocean breaking as they

and you rest for a bit!



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