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Archive-title: Beach House

It was the last song of the night.  Thank GOD. I never thought I'd get

off that stage.  It must have been 150 degrees under those lights. I saw

her in the audience again tonight. She's been at every show.  I can't

seem to stop thinking about her.  

As I enter the dressing room once again it's packed like a sardine can.

I'm sick of partying. I just want to relax for a while.  

I tell bobby to pull the car around back. I need to get out of here for

awhile.  I exit to the alley in time to see Bobby turning the corner

with the limo followed by the usual bunch of groupies. A new herd in

every town. I'm lucky enough to get in before they catch up. I tell

Bobby to wait. Maybe she'll be in the crowd. As I scan through the crowd

of salacious women, I notice she is not among them.  

I have Bobby take me to the beach house.  

I haven't had much of a chance to spend any time at the new house. I

hardly could remember what it looked like. I can hear the sounds of the

waves crashing on the beach. The sound is very soothing. I tell Bobby to

go, I won't be needing the limo anymore tonight. I give him the rest of

the night off.  

Once again the sound of the waves begins to lure me to the beach. I walk

out upon the deck, then down the stairs to sand below. I slowly walk

along the beach. I'm captivated by the sight of the moon reflectinng off

the water. The is cool and brisk. My thoughts are of her now. How I wish

I new her name. Another fantasy I know will never materialize.  

After a time I hear a sound from behind. Startled I turn, and it is her.

The soft light of the moon creates the impression of a dream. She looks

at me from behind her eyes of liquid blue. She reaches out to me and her

touch lets me know she is real. No words pass between us. Nothing needs

to be said. She runs her fingers through my hair and pulls my lips to

hers. The scent of her hair is soft and light. The taste of her lips is

sweet. We kiss long and hard. The feel of her breasts press against my

chest as I nibble upon the soft flesh of her neck causes my penis to

engourge itself with my hot adrenalin saturated blood. She feels my

penis pressing against her stomach as our passions increase. She slowly

lowers to her knees and unbuckles my belt. I hear the sound of my zipper

as she slowly undoes it. The cool ocean air flows around my loins. Then

just as suddenly the warmth of her moist lips slides down upon my shaft.

She places her hands on my hips and begins to move me further into her

mouth. Her tounge moves around the head of my cock as she slowly pulls

it out of her mouth. She teases me with her tounge as she licks my balls

and then sucks them. Again she takes my shaft into her mouth and begins

a thrusting rythm by pulling and pushing my hips. As I watch her my

arousal increases ten-fold. She looks up at me as she continues to suck.

She takes my cock from her mouth and lies back on the sand.  

As I kneel down beside her she takes of her shirt reveal her firm,

round, glistening breasts. I take them in my hands as my lips meet hers.

She whispers in my ear "Please make love to me." I think to myself that

even if I wanted to there would be no way I could resist. I take her

nipple into my mouth and nibble on it. She sighs with delight as her

nipples grow tense. My lips make their way to the vulnerable flesh of

her stomach. Her breathing becomes rapid as I remove her shorts

revealing the jet black panties beneath. I stroke her clitoris through

her soft silky panties and feel that she is wet and inviting. I tear her

panties off in haste as her moans become deeper. I taste her delicate

juices as my tounge ventures within. The muscles in her legs begin to

tremble as I bite her clitoris. She places her hands on my head and

pulls it tighter against her vagina. Her hips begin to move about as I

fuck her with my tounge. She screams with passion "TAKE ME NOW".  

I rise to my knees as she rolls onto her stomach. She also rises to her

knees and I take her from behind. I grab her hips and slowly place my

shaft inside her. As I fuck her from behind she screams for me to thrust

faster and harder. I hold onto her breasts as I THrust in as deep as I

can go. I thrust harder and harder. I feel her juices flowing down my

shaft. I am consumed by the flames of her passions. She cums again and

again, until finally my cock explodes within her. Exhausted I fall to

the beach next to her. She rolls into my arms and together we fall

asleep on the beach.  

As my eyes open I find her still with me and the beach deserted. It is

morning now and she looks at me longingly. We make love again, It's even

better this time.  



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