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Archive-name: Places/barf.txt


Archive-title: Bay Area Rapid Fucking

    Their eyes had met at the turnstile....his fare ticket had been

returned with a "See Attendant" notice, and his blush was very

noticeable against his blonde beard.  Rachael smiled sympathetically

as he moved aside and let her through.


    "Sexy eyes.", she thought to herself as she walked to the

escalator descending to the train platform.  Hearing the train doors

open, she ran quickly down the slowly moving stairway and arrived just

in time to see the doors closing and the train pulling away.  "Nutz!",

she mumbled under her breath, and moved to her accustomed queue

position, where she opened her novel.


    The ill-fated mad dash to the train platform had made her warm and

she removed her long coat, dropping her book in the process.  As she

bent over to pick it up, her rear end bumped against the person in

back of her, and she swiftly straightened, turning to apologize.  Now

it was her turn to blush as she saw that same blonde beard and sexy

eyes she had encountered upstairs at the turnstile.  She had noticed

him many times before, and had imagined he had watched her a few times

as well, although she didn't think it was true.


    She averted her eyes quickly, not knowing what his thoughts were,

but she couldn't restrain her own.  She tried to go back to her book,

but couldn't concentrate.  The stranger had stepped forward to the

side to look down the tunnel for an oncoming train, and she could see

the slight bulge in his suit pants in spite of the jacket he held over

his arm.  He stepped back in place behind her, and she went back to her 



    Soon, she felt something push gently up against her ass, which

felt much like a briefcase.  "He must have made a mistake.", she

thought, and mentally forgave him.  Shifting from one foot to the

other, she couldn't help fantasizing about this stranger behind her.

She had noticed he was about her age, of average height and weight;

the kind of teddy bear she would love to hold and suckle.  His face

was that average-guy good looking, with strong cheekbones (what she

could see beneath his beard), and smiling blue eyes.


    "Well, what am I doing day-dreaming about him?', she asked

herself.  "After all, he probably wouldn't even LOOK at me."  She

unobtrusively tugged at her slightly snug blouse, smoothing it over

her breasts, and rounded hips.


    She had been uncomfortable all day, noticing how this blouse

accentuated her large breasts, and how the new brassier she was

wearing held them up and allowed them to bounce MUCH to much when she 



    She had felt like her tits were huge cones and that every man's

eyes had been on her all day.  This feeling was disturbing, because it

made her very horny, and she knew that there was nothing to do for it,

but to wait until she could get home, and take care of business herself.


    This afternoon, while sitting at her computer terminal, Rachael

had gently pinched her swollen nipples and felt them tighten inside

her bra, wishing she had someone there to suck them for her.  She

rocked gently from side to side, feeling the increasing wetness in her

panties as her shaven lovelips slid against each other.  She could

hardly wait to get home where she could lie back and imagine being

sucked and fucked as she rubbed her clit.



    She was brought back to the present by another nudge from the

briefcase, and she forgave him once again, assuming that the line

behind him had gotten longger, and had pushed forward.  Soon she felt

light feathery touches against her lower back and ass.  It was his

jacket moving slightly against her.  This was affirmation that the

line had just gotten too close, and that he couldn't help

it....probably didn't even realize...."The train!", she watched for

seats as the windows flashed past (also looking at his reflection

behind her).  "Good, there are still some left.", she was relieved

that she wouldn't have to stand for the 55 minute commute home.


    Moving to the last aisle seat in the rear of the car, Rachael

noticed the blonde stranger preparing to ride standing up.  His

smiling eyes met hers again and she looked away confused.  "All in my

head, all in my head.", she opened her book once again.


    She read the words before her, but couldn't remember what it was

she had just read.  Her ability to concentrate was completely

undermined by the feeling that she was being watched.  She felt her

nipples harden against the material, and her wet pussy was still

demanding attention.  She raised her eyes, and slowly scanned the car,

finding the strainger's eyes on her again.  This wastoo much!  He must

be thinking something, but what?  She gave him a small, uncertain

smile and he returned it.


    The woman who had been dozing in the window seat next to her got

up to exit the train, and he approached Rachael to take the empty spot

next to her, smiling again.  "Nothing to lose.", she thought, as she

scooched over to take the empty window seat.


    As the man seated himself next to her, he took her hand in his.

"Hello, I'm Mike.  I hope you can forgive me for being so fresh, but I

find you very attractive, and could barely help myself."


    "Oh, were you doing all that on purpose?", Rachael asked, truly

surprised.  "I thought you didn't realize and that it was just a 



    "Does this look like a mistake?", Mike directed her glance to his

crotch and she saw the unmistakable outline of his hardon.  He slipped

his rigght hand onto her left thigh as he saw her eyes widen, and she

felt her pussy twitch with excitement.  "I noticed your tits are

begging for attention."  Mike whispered into her ear as he breathed

gently against her neck.


    She moved her left hand to caress his clothed cock, and then

quickly realizing what she had done, brought her hand back.  Mike

placed his suite coat on his lap and took her hand and replaced it on

his hardon.  Her wet pussy cried out for a taste of that hard meat,

but there was nothing she could do about it here (was there?).


    "Let's take a nap.", Mike whispered, "Pull your coat up over you

like a blanket."


    Rachael did as he said, and then pulled her bra up over the top of

her breasts, pushing the hard nipples tojut out and up, begging to be

licked, sucked, and bitten.  Her hand went back under his suit coat to

his hardness, and began to slowly squeeze and stroke him to maintain

the hardon.


    Mike placed his head on her shoulder and began to brush the palm

of his hand across her hard nipples, and to roll a nipple between his

thumb and forefinger, moving from one to the other every few moments.


    As the train emptied more and more, Mike's head fell further down

onto her chest in his "sleep".  soon she was slumped backward across

her seat and his head was safely under the coat, both apparently fast 



    His lips grazed her swollen breasts, creating an ache in her groin

that begged release.  He licked and sucked every inch of her breasts

that were available to him, while he slipped his hand into her pants

and past the sopping panties.  By his moan into her breast, he was

obviously surprised and pleased to find a shaven cunt awaiting his

ministrations.  He lightly touched all around her twat, and finally

began a clockwise circular massaging of the hardened clit.  The gentle

tugging on her nipples made her pussy work, and soon she had to stifle

her moans and cries as her orgasm grew and released.


    "I want' your cock in me.", Rachael urgently whispered down into

his ear. "Mmmmm.", was all she could hear, but when the next stop was

announced, Mike suggested they get off the train.


    Rachael followed him up the escalator and to the men's room where

they quickly entered, and drew the bolt.  They both stripped their

clothes off leaving them in a pile by the door.


    "Good idea, I've really got to go badly.", Rachael whispered.


    "Good!", Mike murmured back, and went over to the toilet and sat

down, his hard cock standing straigght up.


    "No, I really mean it.  I HAVE to go!", Rachael protested.


    "Come and go."  Mike growled playfully, and grabbed her hips and

moved her to sit forward on his cock.  Rachael slowly slid down onto

his waiting member, and gasped at the wonderfully full feeling it

elicited.  "So go."  Mike whispered between kisses, as he pinched her

nipples again.


    Rachael began to move up and down, trying very hard not to pee,

but the faster she moved, the more excited she got, and the less

control she had.  Some of her warm pee began toleak out and to drip

down Mike's cock onto his balls.  Her embarrassment was soon overcome

by Mike's obvious excitement, as he moaned his pleasure.


    She souldn't hold it much longer, and as she realized he was at

his peak, she let all her hot piss out, streaming over his cock as it

moved in and out of her, covering his hairy balls with her warm

waters.  His violent moan told her he enjoyed the feeling as juch as

she had.  His cock kept moving in and out of her as it began to loose

it's hardness, and then she felt his piss filling her, and pouring out

of her cunt and up around her clit before drippin down over his cock

and balls to join her piss in the bowl.  The warmth of his pee, the

novelty of the experience, and his teeth on her nipples made her

shudder with a second orgasm, as her hand rubbed the place where his

cock entered her sopping pussy.


    As Rachael and Mike cleaned up, they could hear the patrons

outside the door waiting for the restroom to be available.  Rachael

was embarrassed to be seen leaving the men's room with a man, and 

wouldn't go.


    "Come on, be brave!", Mike cajoled, "You're going to have to get

used to being in tight situations in public from now on.  I've got

lots of other places I want to fuck you in."


    And with that, Rachael straightened her hair and clothing, opened

the door, and stepping out, winked wickedly at the two surprised men

waiting outside.




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