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Archive-name: Changes/xprmt3.txt


Archive-title: Experiment 3

They took Mike inside the house and made him take off his shorts and shirt. 

He just stood there, dumbfounded, he could't think of anything to say.

All three women just walked around him and looked and prodded in all the

places where he had just been experiences the changes.  Cindy told him to

spread his legs and reaching between them, she grabbed the sac containing the

only vestige of his male gender left.  She kind of squeezed softly and said,

"The testicles don't seem to be responding at the same rate as the rest of

the body.  They are quite small, but are definitely still there."

Mom and sis came over and started probing in the same way, then they talked

among themselves as though he wasn't present.  Mom said: "Cindy, maybe a

little direct stimulation might be what is needed, we can't increase the

hormone intake level, and I know that as soon as these are gone, the rest

will follow very quickly, and I hate to have to resort to surgery".  Cindy

then said: "Let's try the electrical stimulation this afternoon, we can first

give him a relaxant so that he can sleep soundly and then he can't feel the

electricity going through such a sensitive area"

Then they came to Mike and continued the explanation.  "We feel it is much

better if this change happens in you in controlled conditions, and with

friendly people around you who will support you through the stages.  We

thought you would be coming to us earlier to tell us about what was going


Mike now said in his very feminine voice: "I have been just too afraid to

speak up. Even this morning, I found a small spot of blood on my bed, I don't

know where this came from, but I am scared at what is happening to me.  Are

you guys seriously turning me into a girl?"

Mom answered: "No, the changes would have happened whether we had intervened

or not, just like what happened to your father, only like this, you will have

the support of the whole family.  As a matter of fact, your father will be

coming this evening and she will be here with you for a while to help you

with your changes, since she went through the same changes five years ago."

Then they moved closer and inspected the area again, and Cindy said that she

had found a small opening behind the scrotal sac, which was probably the

beginning formation of the vaginal canal, and that that was probably where

the little blood had come from.

After they talked, they ate a lunch, and of course gave Mike his pill and

then went to his bedroom to set him up for a nap with the machine.  Cindy

explained that the machine would sense when he had gone to sleep and then

present the shock while he was asleep, however he felt very vulnerable with

the electrodes being placed as they were on either side of the scrotum. Soon,

however he was off to dreamland helped by the medication that was given by

the mother.

Unbeknownst to him, as he slept, the little amount of current passed through

what was left of his manhood and helped in the process of the total

elimination of any male characteristics in Mike.

As Mike awakened in mid afternoon, the three girls were all in the room and

all had a very strange smile on their faces.  Finally, mother spoke up:

"Welcome, Michelle, I have always wanted to have two daughters and now I do."

Mike immediately reached down and noticed that the electrodes had been taken

away. There was no more scrotal sac, and of course the penis had been totally

reduced to the size of a little nub.  But what he/she felt was a moist slit

which opened invitingly to his touch and felt very nice.

"Michelle" Cindy said "You know that I love you, but at this moment I love

you more than ever.  You are what I have dreamed all my life.  We will be the

closest of couples, and I will help you to enjoy your new femininity.  From

now on, you will no longer need any of Mike's old clothes, so your Mom has

given them all away to the Salvation Army.  We have bought you some of the

basics, but we felt that you would enjoy in a couple of days going shopping

for the rest of your new wardrobe." 

Sue then said that since she had an ear piercer from the store, she would do

Michelle's ears right away so that they would heal by the time they wend

shopping and she could wear some really nice earrings.  With that, she

proceeded to double pierce each of Michelle's ears and insert in the holes

little gold studs.

Michelle didn't know how to act or what to say.  As she was getting out of

bed, she noticed that she wasn't wearing anything at all, but Cindy told her

to go to the bathroom and take a bath that when she came out, they would all

help her to dress and would start teaching her the art of femininity.

As Michelle got into the already prepared tub, she noticed that the water

felt very satiny against her new soft skin.  She couldn't help touching

herself in her new pussy, and enjoying the effect in the rest of the body. 

She still felt like her penis was there and with a raging hard-on, but when

she went to touch it, all that was there was a little nub, but this nub was

hard and sent shivers up and down her back.

She also noticed that her breasts were now almost the same size as Cindy's,

and every bit as pretty and responsive.  Her nipples began to harden and to

send nice signals throughout her body.

Then Cindy walked in and began soaping her back then slowly, she moved to the

front and spent quite some time soaping Michelle's new boobs before moving

on to the lower regions.  When she reached the vagina, she taught Michelle

how to properly wash it and take care of it, so that there would be no

infection or even unpleasant odors.

After a while, she asked Michelle to stand up and rinse then she produced a

towel that was very thick and soft, and helped her to dry herself, and put

some powder.

When they went into the bedroom, there were some clothes on Michelle's bed,

but these were clothes which Michelle had never seen before.  Cindy just

helped Michelle in putting her new panties, which Michelle noticed fit like

a glove and which were very comfortable.  After the panties came a bra.  Now,

Michelle was totally unprepared to help, but when Cindy told her that she had

to snap in front, and then turn it around and then fit her breasts in the

cup, Michelle responded like a pro. 

Then came the Panty Hose, a slip and a very pretty dress completed the


When they moved to the mirror, Michelle noticed that her hair which had been

long to begin with had grown a bit.  Cindy proceeded to fix it up and Mom

mentioned that tomorrow they would go to the beauty shop for a makeover.



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