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Archive-name: Changes/xprmt2.txt


Archive-title: Experiment 2

When he awoke, he noticed that it was the middle of the afternoon, and mom

and sis were due at home any time. 

He ran upstairs and put on a shirt and went down to set the table, as mom had

said she was going to bring some chinese food today and there would be no


When mom and sis arrived from the boutique they owned, Mike said "Hi guys",

but his voice broke in mid word, just like it used to break last year when

he was going through his voice change.  He thought to himself "Oh no, here

we go again, I thought that voice change was over".  He did not notice his

mom and his sister looking at each other and smiling smuggly.

Dinner went very well, but Mike had decided not to talk too much to avoid the

embarrassment of the squeaking.  But he finally told his mom that he was just

not feeling well lately.  His mom just smiled, gave him his pill and took him

to bed and placed the electric pad on his belly.

Again, he felt a very strange sensation of electricity in his belly, but

thought nothing of it.  One more time, he fell asleep.  This time, however

the dreams were very pretty, but disconcerting.  He dreamed he was on a

flower patch, a beautiful aroma arose from the blooms,  the colors were

incredibly bright and beautiful.  Even the sounds were more muted, more soft.

In the morning, when he went to pee, he could hardly hold his little stub (no

bigger than a pencil eraser now).  As he started the stream, he felt it

running down his legs, so he decided to sit in the toilet like his sister had

to do.

In the shower, the stream of water felt very pleasant on his skin, but when

it hit his chest area, it was uncomfortable, so he had to cover his breasts

(His breasts?) with his hands to avoid the water hitting them.

After he dried himself, he went to the mirror to shave.  He really did not

have to shave every day, but this was one thing he was bound to do to

reassert his manhood. Only, there was no hair on his face.  Not one hair,

not even the peach fuzz with which he had started about a year ago.  He

touched his face and it felt much softer and smoother than ever.

What is happening to me? he thought.  When he got downstairs, and said good

morning to his mom and sister, his voice did not break, it just stayed up.

His sister said, "look Mom, he talks just like a girl!" to which mom just

replied "Don't be so cruel, just let Mike be".

This was saturday and they were all given their tasks so that the complete

house would be cleaned, top to bottom.

Mike was assigned the laundry, including stripping the beds.  When he went

to strip his bed, he noticed that there was a little blood on the sheet in

the area where his bottom fit.  Now he began to panic.  He ran downstairs to

talk to his mom, when he found that Cindy had just come in and the three

women were talking by the pool.

They told him to bring a chair and to sit down, that they had something to

tell him.

"Mike" mom said, "since your Dad died five years ago, I have been looking at

you and considering if you suffered the same condition as he did".  "Your dad

was afflicted with some strange condition which caused electricity to affect

him in very strange ways"

"One day, he got a shock while replacing a fuse.  A few days later, his body

started changing, getting softer.  We thought nothing of this until some time

later, he was fixing a light switch and got another shock.  The next day he

had changed considerably.  By the end of four days, he had turned into a

female almost completely."

"Five years ago, he got another electric shock and the change in him was

completed. There was no difference between him and me."  "We decided that he

should change his life completely,  we told everyone that he had died of a

very strange disease, and he went to the East Coast to live full time as the

woman he had become."

"Of course, we keep in touch, we talk quite often and he (should I say she)

visits us at the boutique.  You see, she has been running our branch shop

there, and comes in once in a while to discuss the business situation.  She

is our co-owner"

"We have discussed you at great length.  Cindy as you know has been working

part time for us, and she overheard us the other day, and approached us with

a plan. Cindy is a Physics whiz, and she had been doing some work with

electrical stimulation. She had been successful in changing her cat's sex

from male to female, and she thought that she would be able to work the same

effect in humans."

"One of the thoughts that we had been having was that of bringing you into

the business, but a male running a clothes boutique was just not appropriate. 

Cindy confessed that she was really in love with you, but not in a

male-female kind of way, you see, Cindy simply does not appreciate the male


It seemed like the situation was too far fetched for me to appreciate.  Cindy

then took the floor and continued.

"My experiment was specifically designed to first attract you to it and then

to send a very powerful, but harmless bolt of electricity through your body.

Since you had the propensity, which you had inherited from your father, the

rest was simple.  The pills you have been taking are a very powerful female

hormone, and with the help of a miniaturized version of my experiment

carefully placed in the heating pad, the rest was easy."

"By now, your body has probably taken the contours and characteristics of a

girl of about 12 years.  However, there are still some more changes coming

which we felt you should hear before they take place."

"Of course, your voice is now totally female, you should not have to go

through the changes in pitch any longer.  Your skin is totally female, you

may have notice that you haven't the slightest hair on your face.  Your

breasts are growing at the right pace, as I said, your body looks like a 12

year old girl."

"Your penis should by now have almost disappeared, and you should have a

little nub left, which corresponds to a clitoris.  As a matter of fact, why

don't we go inside and make an inspection of your new characteristics.  Then

we will explain about the other changes occuring or about to occur."



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