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Archive-name: Changes/xprmt1.txt


Archive-title: Experiment 1

Michael had been working hard at school that evening.  He had obtained

permission from the teacher to work late to complete his Physics experiment

for the Science Fair to be held the next day (also the last day of school). 

At one point in the night, he noticed a red glow from one of the exhibits in

the fair, and he went to investigate.  As he got closer, the glow became

softer, and as he reached the exhibit, it dissappeared.  When he bent for a

closer inspection, there was a bright flash of light which left Mike stunned

for a few moments.   

When he gathered his senses, he decided to go back to his own experiment and

finish it.  His mind kept wandering to tomorrow, the Science Fair, and then

a full three months of freedom and relaxation.  His mother and sister worked

during the days, so he would have the house all to himself and he could think

of nothing but lying in the sun next to the pool with Cindy.  

That night Michael woke up with a cramp in his belly.  He went to the

bathroom, and when that produced no relief, he went downstairs and took a

Pepto Bismol, and went back to bed to wait for relief.  

He drifted off to sleep, but the sleep was not restful, he kept getting

cramps and a funny bloated feeling, which were reflected in his weird dreams. 

In the morning, Mike felt better. He awoke as always with a raging hard-on. 

He went to the bathroom took his shower and took care of the situation.  

He still did not feel all too well.  His belly felt distended and his skin

felt very strange all over.  "It must be some kind of flu", he thought.  

At school, he kept feeling strange all day.  He kept going to the bathroom,

without success.  Good thing he thought of bringing the Pepto with him,

although it hardly felt like it was getting better.  

The morning went on, and by early afternoon when the Science Fair was

supposed to begin, he felt a little better.  

When the Fair had been going on for some time, he approached the experiment

that had given off the strange red glow the night before and found out it was

presented by Cindy.  Cindy told him that it was some kind of Electrical

Transducer Re- formulator.  

That afternoon as the fair ended, he gave Cindy a hug and invited her to the

pool the next morning.  He felt the familiar stirrings as Cindy's breasts

brushed his.  And he thought, WOW, tomorrow, we will have all the time in the


That evening, he wasn't too hungry and told his mom that he hadn't been

feeling too well.  His mom told him to take some warm milk and to go to bed. 

She even brought in the electric heating pad, which his sister Susan used

during her periods, and placed it on his lower abdomen.  

His mom commented that it looked a little distended, but, she gave him a kiss

and a pill together with the warm milk.  All this seemed to help as Mike

drifted off to sleep.  

It was about 2:00 AM when the cramps came back.  He thought his insides were

being torn out.  He was also covered with a cold sweat.  When he went to the

bathroom, he noticed that his whole skin felt very strange, and that there

was a very strange irritation on his chest.  

He went back to bed, and as he placed the electric heating pad again on his

belly, he felt a strange electrical sensation.   The cramps died down and he

was able to drift back to a fitful sleep.  Again with strange dreams and


The next morning, the strange feeling on his skin was still there and the

irritation on his chest was worse.  He looked in the mirror and noticed a

little swelling, but nothing out of the ordinary.  When he went to take care

of his morning hard-on, he noticed that even though his penis was very hard

and stiff, it seemed a little shorter and thinner than usual.  No! it must

be his imagination.  

After a little breakfast, (food didn't seem that important at this time), mom

gave him another pill and told him to take one before he had lunch and

another one in the middle of the afternoon.  

Mom and Sue went to work asking him to straighten out the house a bit and to

start the laundry.  Mike was happy to obligue, he was always helping out the

family with the house chores ever since his father had died when he was 10

(5 years ago).  

Cindy dropped in about 11:00AM and they went to the back yard and got into

the pool.  In the water, they fooled around a little (although they had not

gone beyond the petting stage).  Mike took Cindy's top off and admired the

beautiful cone shaped, pink tipped breasts.  As he reached and cupped one on

his hand, he noticed that Cindy did the same with him with a strange smile

on her mouth.  Of course, he did not have any breasts, but it still felt very

strange and nice to have Cindy's hand cupping the same area in him as he was

doing with her.  

His hard on was there, but it was definitely a litle strange in how it felt. 

His swimming trunks were able to hide the evidence very well.  

At lunch, she reminded him of the pill his mother had told him to take (how

did she know about that pill?, he thought).  

When she left around 2:00PM they made a date for the following week for her

to come again.  She had told him she was going away for one week with her


He dutifuly did the housework assigned and even did the laundry for the rest

of the family.  And vacuumed the downstairs and dusted the furniture.  When

his mother came home, she complimented Mike on his work.  Cindy, however did

not appreciate his doing her laundry and told him so,  but his mother

reminded her that Mike had just done her a very big favor and that she should

be grateful.  

That evening, at dinner time, he took his pill as his mother offered it and

ate very sparingly.  After dinner, he helped the rest of the family putting

things away, and then sat with them to watch TV for a little while, but soon

lost interest and felt sleepy, so he said Good Night and went to bed.  

His mother asked him how the stomach cramps were going, and he told her that

they were a little better, but still there.  His chest, however felt like it

was on fire and the irritation seemed to concentrate on his male nipples,

which now seemed quite swolen and red.  However, he did not confide this last

fact to his mom.  

That night, he slept a little better, especially since his mom had brought

him some warm milk and the pill to which he was getting used.  

In the morning, when he went to the bathroom, he almost cried out.  His

hard-on was still there, fully raging, but it now was the size of a stubby

pencil and about one and a half inches long.  Now, he was not overly hung,

but this was ridiculous.  "What is happening to me?" he thought.  

As he took off his pajama top to get into the shower, he got his second

shock.  He looked down, then he looked in the mirror.  Yes, no doubt about

it, there was definitely a swelling, and not only in his nipples, but the

whole area looked bigger, and somehow softer.  

He ran downstairs to find that his mom and sister had already left for work. 

He had no one to talk to.  He was beginning to panic, when the phone rang. 

It was Cindy, could he tell her?  He finally decided to leak out some

information.  "Cindy, there is something wrong with me.  I feel very strange

and very strange things are happening."  

Cindy said something that kind of disconcerted him.  "Don't worry about

anything that might be happening.  I will be home a little earlier than

expected and we can talk then, in the meantime, keep taking the pills and if

you need to talk, talk to your mom and sister, or you can call me at this

number"  and she gave him a phone number.  

After the conversation, he felt a little better, but somehow, very tired. 

So, he took the pill he had forgotten to take in his excitement, and went to

the back yard in his shorts and fell on a lounge chair and fell asleep.



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