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Archive-name: Changes/wrkgirl5.txt

Archive-author: Kathy Harrison

Archive-title: Working Girl - 5

This is the continuing story of Vicki and her transformation from

being a miserable man, working as a paste up artist for Marie, a

tough and beautiful boss, to being a beautiful young woman. In

our last episode, Vicki went through a harrowing experience in

which she was raped. Roger, her boyfriend, came to her aid and

has started to help her through that difficult experience.

And now the continuing story of The Working Girl..........


It was still early when Roger left and I didn't want to be alone.

I picked up the phone and called the one person who I knew would

understand how I felt. Lori, the beautiful young "NIECE" of the

salon operator that Marie had taken me to. Lori was once a boy as

well and was now a beautiful young college co-ed. Lori was most

sympathetic and said that she would be right over to spend the

night with me. I felt much better and 20 minutes later there was

a call from the doorman that Lori had arrived. I met her at the

elevator. Lori was more beautiful than ever. She wore a green

pucker-knit mini dress and black patent pumps. She wore her hair

up and her features were more beautiful than I had remembered

them. She was not wearing a bra and her large, firm breasts were

straining against the stretch material of the dress, her nipples

quite apparent through the fabric. We hugged and kissed each

other in the hall and Lori turned to me and said, "Don't worry

Vicki dear, everything is going to be OK. I'm here and will stay

with you until you are feeling better." We went into the

apartment and Lori put away her overnight bag. I fixed her a

drink and began to recount the horrible story of last night. Lori

became very disturbed with Marie for putting me in that position

and did not seem too happy with Roger for leaving me alone for

the night as well. I asked her not to be too mad with Roger, he

had to get back to the children, their governess was ill and

could not take care of them. Lori understood and apologized for

being so angry with him. Besides he had gotten me the apartment

and did come to my rescue. 

Lori suggested that I take a long hot bath and she would do my

hair for my first day of work tomorrow. She said I should wear a

french braid with a large velvet bow. I said that would be a

wonderful idea. She fixed me a bubble bath and got me undressed.

She noticed that my breasts were coming along nicely. Almost a

full B-cup, she asked if my mother had large breasts and I said,

"Huge... almost legendary," as I remembered the services my

mother used to provide to the many men who visited her. Lori said

good, you will fill out quite nicely. I didn't realize that my

genetic makeup would dictate the development of my breasts, I

don't think I could handle it if they were as large as my

mothers. Lori went inside to get ready for bed as I took the

wonderful bath that she prepared for me. 

As I was lying in the tub, Lori entered the bathroom. She stood

there stark naked. Her body was unbelievable. Her breasts were

large round globes with perfectly formed nipples protruding from

them. Her waist was thin and perfectly proportioned against her

wide, feminine hips. She still had quite a substantial cock

protruding from her crotch, although her balls were being

chemically reduced through the hormone treatments. Her hair was

pinned up exposing her perfectly proportioned neck. She was one

beautiful woman. She knelt by the tub and started to bathe me

with a soft cloth. I moaned as she touched my stiffening nipple

and relished her touch. The tub was very large and I asked her to

join me. In no time she was next to me and we were touching and

kissing each other. I loved feeling her next to me and her touch

was overwhelming. After about 20 minutes of foreplay in the tub,

we couldn't take it any more. We got out, quickly dried ourselves

off and jumped into bed to continue our lovemaking. I started

sucking on her nipples and she on mine. We were two women in

heat, lusting for each other. We finally positioned ourselves in

a "69" and started sucking each others cocks. After the horrible

experience of the other night, I thought I would have a problem

with intimacy, but this was something else entirely. I loved the

feelings that she gave to me. After a considerable amount of time

sucking each other, we came and fell exhausted on the bed.

I awoke huddled up against Lori, her arms around me and my back

to her. She was kissing my earlobe and playing with my nipples.

While I was asleep, she had lubricated her cock and was slowly

touching it against my little rosebud. She wrapped her arms

firmly around me, kissing my exposed neck and started to push her

cock inside of me. I was a little sore at first, but I quickly

opened up to accept her. She felt so good inside of me. After

making love to me for about 20 minutes, we switched and I entered

her. She felt wonderful as she pulled me deep inside of her. I

finally came into her backside and collapsed beside her. It was

getting late and I had a big day coming up. My hair was still a

little wet, she finished drying it and showed me how to do a

french braid. I braided hers as well. We looked like sisters, it

was such fun. I wore my jade green teddy to bed she wore a black

lace one and we fell asleep in each others arms. 

I awoke the next morning early, Lori was already up and was

wearing a cute workout unitard. I still couldn't believe how

perfect her body was. We sat and had some coffee for a few

minutes then I started to get ready for work. Lori didn't have to

be in for classes until noon so she could help me. I took a quick

shower and shaved any errant hairs, A light dusting of powder and

I put on my paisley silk robe. Lori helped me with my makeup. She

gave me an appropriate business look, coppery eye shadow, a dark

pink blush and a rust shaded lipstick. Lori even did my nails in

a matching color. I looked great, quite the businesswoman when

she was done. I was going to wear my new brick red suede suit

today and the suit was cut to be worn with or without a blouse. I

wanted to wear it without, so I needed the appropriate under

garment. I had a beautiful copper satin cami and tap set with

deep rust lace trim that would be perfect.  

I first put on my waist cincher and Lori adjusted the ties and

helped me down to a 23" waist. after catching my breath I

attached the garters of the cincher to beautiful new dark tan

stockings that I had bought. They were extreamly sheer and made

my legs look oh so sexy.  I pulled on the tap pants, they were

cut high on the leg and were very pretty. I pulled on the

camisole and found it to fit a little snug. I still needed to

lose a couple of pounds to be a size 5. The camisole covered my

breasts and extenuated their contours. I was taking on quite a

feminine form. My nipples showed clearly through the filmy

fabric. I put on the skirt, it was fully lined so I decided not

to wear a slip. It fit wonderfully. It was a straight cut and

came just above the knee with a slit in the back. The jacket was

a short cut and was double breasted without lapels. It was very

femininely tailored and had squared, padded shoulders. The jacket

closed with two gold buttons and the final look was quite

businesslike, but sexy as well, with a bit of my cami showing as

I moved. I stepped into the matching pumps that I had bought for

the outfit. They were 4" cutaways with ankle straps in the same

rust suede. I wore my large gold knot earrings, a beautiful new

18" gold chain necklace that Roger gave me with a matching

bracelet and my gold watch. Lori fastened a black velvet bow onto

my french braid. I felt and looked gorgeous! It was cold out

today, so I decided to wear Marie's fox coat that she loaned me,

after all I wasn't THAT mad at her that I wouldn't wear her

clothes. I had purchased a Feragamo suede purse that was a close

match for my outfit. I gave myself a generous spray of Halston

and I was off for the office. 

I arrived at Devon just after 8:30 after a cab ride downtown to

the office just off 7th and 37th. in the middle of the Fashion

district. I went up to the offices and waited for Roger. He

kissed me hello and whispered in my ear, "You look so good, I

want to make love to you right now," I giggled and whispered

back, "Roger, we must keep up our business appearances you know."

We both laughed and he escorted me back to the account group.

When I got back there, there was already an office set up for me

with my name out front "Ms. Victoria Escovar." I got to meet my

co workers and was assigned to a Senior Account Rep. named 

David Schwartz. David was a nice man, but was not exactly what

you would call a dynamic personality. He was from the "old

school" of the garment district. And everything was done a

certain way, the way it had always been done. I could see a

potential for problems here. I was assigned a secretary named

Julie Meyers, she was fresh out of secretarial school and seemed

more nervous than I was. She was very cute and quite personable.

I was introduced to my new boss Al Grogan. Al certainly had an

eye for the ladies and his eyes were all over me. I think he

didn't like the idea of having me hired without his review, but

after he got a look at me, I don't think it really mattered

anymore. I began to realize as the morning went on that my

appearance was both a benefit and a burden. I was given a lot of

benefit of the doubt, in terms of my credentials and background

for the job, because of my relationship with Roger and my looks.

But I thought I may have a problem being taken seriously. I found

that being a woman in a man's world, and I didn't realize how

much the apparel industry was a man's world, was not so easy. 

I might just be becoming a feminist. At 11:00 we had a group

meeting for all of the A.E.'s. I was introduced as the new

associate and met my co-workers. There was Jill Stewart, she was

very much like Marie, tough, smart and beautiful. John Grossman,

he was sort of the lecherous type. He reminded me of Dan on Night

Court. Joyce Snyder, Joyce was a very large, very boisterous

woman. She was very nice to me and I liked her. David, my new

associate and Jonathan Jordan. Jonathan was another story

altogether. For the first time, I looked at a man as a lustful

woman would. Not that I didn't love Roger, but Jonathan was

gorgeous. He looked like Mel Gibson, WOW! When I was introduced

to him, he kissed my hand. I got weak in the knees. Jill gave me

a bit of a scowl, I think that they have something going. I would

have to watch myself around Jill and Jonathan. I was assigned two

new retail chains that we were distributing to. Most of my work

was done on the phone and David showed me the ropes. I picked up

quick and really began to get the hang of it. Most of what I was

doing so far was following up on David's orders and making sure

that inventory was correct. It wasn't hard, but took a little

getting used to the system. By the end of the day I was tired,

but happy. I really liked this job and I think I was pretty good

at it as well. Roger came back and checked on me at the end of

the day. I thanked him profusely for the opportunity and promised

him I wouldn't let him down. He had to be back home again that

evening, but promised me that I could come stay with him again

for the weekend, while the children stayed with his mother. We

stopped for a quick drink at his club before he had to catch the

train home and he got me a cab home for the night. I kissed him

goodbye and didn't want to let him go, but I had to. Never in my

life could I have thought that I could have the feelings that I

was having. For Roger, and I loved him so, for Jonathan, which

was purely a sexual attraction, and for Lori, in a caring

relationship, woman to woman. So many things were happening to me

and I knew so many more would continue to take place that I could

never imagine.

(To be continued)



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