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Archive-name: Changes/wrkgirl4.txt

Archive-author: Kathy Harrison

Archive-title: Working Girl - 4

In our previous episodes, John had been transformed into Vicki by

his boss Marie. Marie feels that not only can she gain some

personal gratification from dominating and transforming this

pitiful male, but by making him/her successful, she could

financially benefit from Vicki's success. In the last episode,

Vicki falls for Roger, a successful, divorced, business executive

with Marie's largest client. Vicki has decided to accept her new

role and go through with Marie's plans. And now the continuing

story of the Working Girl.


I left the doctors office, a little apprehensive about my future.

Marie had to go back to the office, she left me with her credit

card and said that I needed to go shopping for some more clothes

for work, she said that I better get the right clothes and be

acceptable for my new job. I took a cab uptown to Bloomingdales and

spent the rest of the afternoon spending a fortune on all sorts of

outfits. I bought a white linen suit with a short slim skirt and

a very fitted button front jacket that had a stand up collar. It

was quite elegant. I bought a beautiful black silk oriental dress,

with gold trim and a slit skirt. The dress fit me like a glove

showed off all of my attributes. I bought several more business

suits, a blue pinstripe, a red Halston with a severe silhouette and

a pronounced peplum, a pretty royal blue jacket with a matching

blue sheath dress, a herringbone suit with a shorter jacket. I also

bought several dresses, a jade green silk dress with a full pleated

skirt and a drop waist, a pink floral dress, with long sleeves and

tapered skirt, a tan shirtwaist, a beautiful two piece white on

white with a short skirt and a peplum top. I went wild in the

sweater department and bought several of the prettiest sweaters I

had ever seen and a white angora sweater dress the I would

definitely be Rogers "kitten" in huddled next to him one night by

a roaring fire. I bought several bras, panties, camisoles, garter

belts, two new corsets, a sexy merry widow, several pairs of

stockings, two baby dolls, a black teddy and a beautiful long black

lace nightgown. I bought a kicky black sequin backless mini dress

and a pink satin bustier dress with a wide peplum and a short tight

skirt. I bought several pairs of pumps in assorted heights and

colors, particularly a pair of pink satin pumps with 5" heals and

a matching clutch to match my new dress. I bought a beautiful pair

of white high healed boots and a pair of black riding type boots.

I picked up a couple of pairs of jeans and a pair of black stirrup

stretch pants. I even bought a black leather coat with a embossed

print and a long wool pant coat in a pretty fawn color. I spent

several hours in the jewelry department and bought seven pairs of

earrings, two bracelets and a set of black onyx beads. By the time

I was done, I was exhausted from all of the time back and forth

from the fitting rooms and I had spent almost $8,000. Marie said

to get what I needed, I was praying that she would not be too mad.

I had the things sent over to the apartment and stopped over at the

office to meet Marie for dinner. She ended up having a business

appointment and said that I should just go home and wait for her. 

At about 9:00 she called and said to get dressed, very sexy, I was

to meet her at Obsessions at 11:00, I asked if she had seen Roger,

she said no and hung up. I was confused, what was going on, not

protesting, I went upstairs and took a shower. I got out and tied

my hair up in a towel. I went a little wild on my makeup

particularly my libertine use of violet eye shadow and sexy red

pouty lips, I was really going to town and after about 20 minutes

with a blow dryer, a quart of hairspray and a lot of brushing, my

hair was a wild mane of red. I put on my black corset and pulled

it tight, I put on my black lace stockings and straightened the

seams then attached them to the garters on the corset. I pulled on

my black g-string panties that only have the bow on top of the

crack of my ass. I put on my skin tight red leather bustier dress

and zipped it up. It fit me like a second skin. The skirt was

short, almost to my stocking tops. I wore a short black satin

bolero jacket and my highest black patent pumps, almost 5 1/2

inches. I put on huge gold hoops and a gold cuff, lots of Opium

perfume and I was off. I arrived at the club about 5 minutes late,

Marie was waiting at the bar impatiently. "Where were you?" she

said peevishly, as she looked at her watch. "I had to get finished

getting dressed, you wanted me to look my sexiest." I replied, "You

should of hurried, but you look exactly the way I wanted you to,

so its OK this time. I wanted you to come down here because I need

you to take care of one of my out of town clients, I didn't know

what to do when he showed up with his Italian associate. That one

is crazy and doesn't want to stop partying. I wanted to talk to my

client, but the Italian guy, Antonio, wont leave me alone. I want

you to take care of him. I need to keep him happy in order for my

client to be happy and I also need to keep him out of the way. Take

care of him and just get him back to the hotel by morning so that

he can catch his plane. And remember I want him happy!" I felt very

cheep, Marie was using me and I didn't like it. She looked at me

and said, "I spoke to Roger today, he likes you alot, but I need

you to do this for me and I promise I wont ask you often, OK?" I

reluctantly agreed. Marie snickered and said, "Besides, you never

really know if you are in love with a man until you have a few more

men inside of you to get a REAL comparison!" With that she

introduced me to her client Bill, an older man about in his mid

50's and Antonio, a VERY Italian black haired, mustached man in

his mid 40's, wearing too much cologne and about 4 gold chains

hanging down onto his very hairy chest. Considering how I was

dressed, his cock almost ripped through his tight pants as he took

my hand to kiss me hello. Marie started right in talking to Bill

leaving Antonio to me, he had very broken English and started

playing grab ass as soon as I sat down with him. I figured we would

be safer out on the dance floor so I led him out to the middle of

the floor where I thought it would be safest. I was right until a

slow dance came on and I found myself plastered to him again with

his hands grabbing my leather encased ass and grinding his

obviously huge cock into me. I figured that if I was going to live

up to my deal with Marie, I had better play along with him. We

danced for about two hours, Marie and Bill had already left,

Antonio, the chauvinist that he was, took my hand and said we were

going back to his hotel. I was very uncomfortable about this . I

didn't think he had any idea of what kind of girl I was, I was

hoping that he was so drunk, that by the time we got back to the

hotel, he would pass out. We arrived at the Helmsley Plaza and he

took me up to his suite. He ended up not being that drunk after all

and I got nervous. He didn't waist any time, as soon as we got into

the suite he grabbed me and started kissing me deeply, I felt so

vulnerable with him. The animal in him both disgusted me and

slightly turned me on. I was still scared to death of him finding

out, but there was nothing I could do. He forced me to my knees and

unzipped his fly and pulled out the largest cock I had ever seen,

It must have been all of 10" and very thick. He looked down at me

and said "Suck it bitch", I slowly took the huge member in my

mouth. I withdrew for a second to catch my breath and noticed my

lipstick mark surrounding the massive member. He pulled my head

back and stuck his rod in my mouth again, shoving it deep in my

throat. I did all I could do to keep from choking on it. Slowly my

throat relaxed and I was able to take more of him. I had my hand

wrapped completely around its base and I still had 6" in my throat.

He grabbed my head and began fucking my face, pushing my hand away

so that he could get more inside of me. I gagged and gagged as the

cock was forced all the way down my throat. Finally he pulled out

and let me catch my breath, starting up again as soon as he thought

I was ready. Finally he let loose a torrent of cum into my mouth,

pulling out to spray my face and titties with his gooey fluid.

Laughing as he left me on the floor catching my breath. I felt

totally violated, but I had not felt anything yet. He picked me up

off the floor and brought me into the bedroom. He reached behind

me and pulled down the zipper on my dress. letting it slide to the

floor. I stepped out of the dress and sat on the bed. He started

kissing me again and played with my small pert breasts, he even

licked his own cum off my face and chest. I couldn't believe it.

He asked if I liked the taste of cum. He had been with both men and

women and had learned to like it himself. I was shocked at what I

was hearing, As his hands probed my body, he figured out that I

wasn't the GIRL he thought I was, although that didn't stop him,

as a matter of fact, it seamed to get him even more turned on! 

He reached into his suitcase and took out several items. I went

pale when I saw them. First he bound my hands behind me with

leather wrist restraints. I was going to scream until he put a ball

gag in my mouth. He put a wide black leather belt tightly around

my waist and a leather collar around my neck. He then undid my

wrists and ended up putting another wrist restraint on my other

wrist and bound my wrists to my ankles. He then spent about 20

minutes elaborately tying me, with ropes, into a series of screw

eyes that he had put in the doorway to the bedroom. When he was

done, I was suspended in the doorway, hung from the ceiling and the

sides of the doorway by the ropes that were fed through the brass

loops on the harnesses that bound me. My legs were spread wide and

my ass was raised high in the air. My head was held up by a rope

through the collar. My ankles were tied wide apart to the base of

the doorway and I was perched on my heals that were actually locked

to the floor by an elaborate device. I could not move. I was so

scared I thought I was going to faint. He cut my panties off and

stood behind me rubbing his hard cock on my little rosebud. Finally

he plunged into me and I let out a yelp, straining against the

ropes as he jammed his massive rod into my backside. He began to

pump and push almost all 10" into my body, it hurt like hell, I

thought he was going to rip me apart. Finally after what seemed

like an hour, I loosened up and he came, finally, into my bottom.

He caught some of the cum that came out after he pulled out of me

and rubbed it on my face and tweaked my sore nipples. I was hanging

there crying as he rested, waiting to defile me again. He fucked

me several more times before dawn. At one point he pulled a chair

in front of me, sat down, removed the gag and lowered my head to

receive his cock. He grabbed my hair and forced himself into me.

He came one more time and I must of passed out, because when I woke

up, I was lying on the bed, with none of the restraints on. He was

gone, and I thought that my whole body was covered with his dried

cum. My ass was incredibly sore and cum was dripping from it as

well as my mouth. It was even caked in my hair. My nipples were

sore and red from being sucked and bitten and my little cock was

even sore, he must have sucked me off after I passed out.  He left

$200 in the bra of my corset, like I was some cheep whore. It was

after 11:00 am and he must of left to catch his plane. I started

crying uncontrollably and ran into the shower to wash off the mess.

I slumped down in the shower and sobbed for almost an hour. I had

been raped, it was a horrible experience. I was furious with Marie

that she would ever put me in this position. I hated her for doing

this to me. I couldn't call her, but I couldn't leave, I couldn't

find my dress, he must have taken it. My stockings were torn and

my panties were ripped. I was about to have a nervous breakdown,

finally I picked up the phone and dialed. The phone was answered,

I called Roger's private line, I was bawling uncontrollably when

he answered. I was incoherent until he got me to calm down. When

I finally told him what had happened and where I was, he rushed

right over. He got to the door and I was both hysterical and

embarrassed, he held me, and at first I pushed him away. I had been

violated! I didn't want him to be so close. Finally I relaxed

slightly and he gently held me and stroked my hair, whispering that

he would protect me and that I would be alright, I was his Kitten

and no one would hurt me anymore. I began to feel better. When he

felt I would be OK, he went down to the ladies shop in the Hotel

and bought me a gorgeous cream lace dress with a Victorian lace

bodice, a drop waist and a full skirt, a ivory corselette, a

beautiful pair of ivory lace panties, a pair of cream lace

stockings and a pair of pretty, strappy, winter white high healed

sandals. He also brought me some assorted cosmetics and hair care

accessories. When he came back I fixed my makeup the best I could,

fixed my hair and tied it back in a cream colored ribbon that

matched the dress, I put on the outfit and it fit as if I had tried

it on. I buckled the dainty straps of the sandals around my ankles.

I felt pretty and safe again. Roger was my protector and I loved

him. He took me out of the Hotel and brought me over to the company

apartment on Park Ave. No one was scheduled to be there all week

and I could stay there until he could work something else out. I

called Bloomies and asked to have my things delivered to the

Apartment instead of Marie's. Roger called her and explained what

had happened. She was very sorry and apologetic, but Roger

explained that she should stay away for a couple of days until I

had calmed down. She said that she understood and said she would

call by the end of the week. Roger had to go back to the office

that afternoon. I said that it was alright, even though I knew I

would be a basket case. Roger had done too much already, I didn't

want to take anymore time on account of me. I kissed him goodbye,

he said he would stop by later. When he left, I sat on the bed and

cried. About 4:00 the packages arrived and I changed into jeans and

a oversized sweatshirt I had bought. I sat around and watched

television until Roger showed up. I was so glad to see him and he

seemed most happy, "Vicki honey, I think you need something to

concentrate on to get your mind off of this. There has been an

opening in our internal account management group and I want you to

take the job. If you want it, its yours. You need a little more

room from Marie and I want you to have something to do sooner

rather than later. I thought about it for a second and agreed. I

would start training tomorrow. I didn't want Roger to leave, but

I knew he would have to. Before he left, he turned to me and said,

"Darling, I want to be with you all the time. Give me a couple of

weeks to work things out and then you can come live with us, i'm

sure I can work it out with the girls, the Twins will love you and

i'm sure we can convince Sandy to accept you. Then we could be

married!" I jumped up and kissed him, thats all I wanted to hear. 


(To be continued)



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