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Archive-name: Changes/wrkgirl3.txt

Archive-author: Kathy Harrison

Archive-title: Working Girl - 3

In our previous episodes, John, a low level employee at an ad

agency had been given a horrible review by his boss, Marie. 

Knowing full well that he had no other opportunities, John broke

down and asked for Marie to give him an other chance. Marie offered

to do more than that, she offered to make him a successful Account

Executive with one of their new start up divisions. One hitch, he

was to become a FEMALE account executive!

John has been transformed into Victoria Escovar, a beautiful

Hispanic young woman, who, as Marie's cousin, is being trained to

fulfill Marie's offer to John. In Vicki's first public encounter

with men, she meets Don and Roger, executives with Marie's largest

account. Don has developed a relationship with Marie, while Marie

has set up Roger with Vicki. Vicki is Rogers type of "GIRL",

knowing of her recent transformation. Vicki ends up going home with

Roger and takes the final plunge into womanhood. The previous

episode ends with Vicki waiting for Roger, dressed in a sexy red

teddy, under the covers of Roger's king sized brass bed.


One of the things that I never felt before was that "I" was the

prize, the treasure of a sexual conquest. I had always had to

almost grovel to my partner to receive the pleasure of their sexual

company. For the first time I am the jewel to be cherished. I am

the one that this person wants to embrace. As I waited for Roger,

I became excited and nervous at the same time. My heart was pumping

a million miles a second. The door to the room opened, and Roger

came in carrying two glasses of champagne. He smiled as he saw me

lying on the bed and said, "Darling, I'm glad to see that you want

to be with me." He put the glasses down on the nightstand and bent

down to kiss me, "You look so beautiful, what an incredibly sexy

outfit." I kissed him again. He handed me a glass of champagne and

I took a sip. I slid my legs around and stood up beside him. He

lifted my chin to kiss me again and we locked in a most passionate

embrace. I practically tore his shirt off him and began running my

fingers through his dense chest hair. I sucked and teased his

nipples, they grew hard to the touch of my lips. He pulled down one

of the shoulder straps of my teddy as he began to kiss my shoulders

and neck. I lowered myself to my knees and began to unbuckle his

belt and drop his trousers to the floor. His cock was rock hard,

straining against his shorts. I thought to myself, there is no

stopping now, as I released the massive organ from its confines.

Slowly I licked the long shaft and the underside of his massive

balls. He became week in the knees and sat down on the bed, I

positioned myself so that I could continue to pleasure him. I

slowly took the head of his huge organ into my mouth and gently

sucked. I found that I could apply more pressure and started taking

more and more of him in until the tip of his cock was touching the

back of my throat. I started to gag and pulled back, slowly I

repeated until my throat relaxed. I couldn't get all of him in me,

but he seemed to have no problem with what I could do because, he

started to shake and moan and finally came in a flood that I

quickly tried to swallow what I could. Some streamed out of the

corner of my mouth and I caught the residual in a tissue from the

nightstand. He pulled me up close to him and rested my head on his

chest. I continued to slowly stroke his cock with my feminized

hand. Seeing my hand, small and petite, with deep red nails,

wrapped around his throbbing member, stroking him gently, made me

think again about what I was doing. I kept on thinking that

something was wrong, but there wasn't. He kissed me and whispered

softly in my ear, "Now I want to give pleasure to you." He turned

me over and gave me a pillow, which I tucked under my tummy. My

bottom was raised in the air awaiting his advances. He reached down

and unsnapped my teddy. My male organs, which had been pushed up,

fell in the release of the snaps. He gently kissed my derriere and

finally reached the small puckered hole that was to be my love

canal. "Vicki your "pussy" is so tight, you must relax." Roger

reached into his night stand draw and took out a tube of KY jelly.

He lathered his cock and massaged my "vagina" with the slippery

gel. Coming up behind me, he touched the head of his hard cock to

my virgin opening. Slowly he entered me. At first there was

considerable pain . Roger was slow and careful. As I began to open,

he slowly entered me further and further. After about 5 minutes,

I had opened enough that I could take in almost all of him. There

was less pain and more pleasure. Roger slowly began to pump his

steely rod in and out of my backside. I began to respond to his

pumping. I was being "fucked" by a man and loving it. But it was

not "fucking", but loving, as Roger was making love to me. I was

the object of his sexual desire and I was giving myself totally to

him. Our thrusts became more and more heated. I was screaming with

lust. Asking him to push harder and faster, until finally both he

and I exploded in a massive orgasm. 

I shivered for about 10 minutes and felt that I was coming and

coming over and over again. Finally Roger pulled out of me and

collapsed at my side. I huddled next to him still shivering and

cooing with delight. That was the best sex that I could ever have

imagined! Roger seemed equally pleased. I had made a little mess

and also felt Rogers cum draining from my backside. I got up and

went to the bathroom. I through a towel to Roger and went in to

clean myself up. I washed off and looked at myself in the mirror.

For now on I was a woman, and I was bound and determined to be

Roger's woman. I undid my cincher and went into the dressing area

and put on a cute little pink baby doll and matching bikini and

climbed back into bed with Roger. He loved the fact that I dressed

to please him. We cuddled and fell asleep in each others arms. 

The next morning I woke up resting on his shoulder. I woke him up

by gently sucking him awake until he was rock hard in my mouth. He

pulled down my panties and lifted my legs over his shoulders. Thank

god I was limber, because he entered me facing him, with my legs

over his arms. It didn't take long for him to cum and we both

collapsed in a heap. We continued to play most of the morning. 

About 11:00 am we got up. Roger showered and shaved and went down

stairs to take care of some chores, he wanted to go into town to

buy a birthday present for Sandy, his eldest daughter. I got

cleaned up to go out.

I took a long shower and touched up any errant body hairs. I washed

my hair and realized that I would have to set it after I had

already gotten it wet. That was going to be interesting. Guess you

have to learn sometime. I patted myself dry and dusted myself with

some of the Lancome dusting powder that Marie had packed for me.

I noticed how swollen and sensitive my nipples had become and was

reminded to take my pills. I had a little morning sickness, but not

too bad. Next was the part I didn't like. I put on my white corset

and laced it tight. I had noticed that in the past couple of days,

it had become a little easier to achieve the desired results and

this corset was more elasticized than the others, but it was still

no picnic. One hint I had found, if I crossed my arms, right over

left and reached around and pushed my flesh together, I could form

a quite substantial cleavage that would stay in place

with the tension of the corset. I would put the smaller inserts

into the C-cups of the corset.  The inserts would be totally

covered by the bra cups and the pressed together flesh of my chest

would form around the top of the corset, giving me an even more

feminine appearance.  After I had everything in place, I fastened

a pair of light tan stockings to the garters of the corset. A white

lace pair of Vanity Fair panties completed my lingerie. 

I threw on a short terry robe and started my first attempt at

cosmetics and hairstyling. I had a set of the flexible rollers that

were self heating, I used some setting lotion and proceeded to set

my hair into a cascade of curls in the back and left the front

alone. I started my makeup and did a foundation coat as I had seen

Gina apply at the salon. I was going to be in pinks for the day so

I selected pink tones for my makeup. Blush and highlighting, pink

to violet eyeshadows and plenty of mascara. I took lots of time

with my lips, a dark pink liner, then a brighter ice pink to fill

in my lips, blending carefully to achieve the perfect look that I

desired. My face was done, then for the hair. I took out the

rollers and saw that I had gotten the curls right, but was not sure

what else to do. After experimenting for a while, I took a banana

comb and pulled back my hair, after using a considerable amount of

hairspray on the front I was satisfied at the look. I was very

"cute", which was just what I wanted! Being that we were going to

be shopping and in and out of the car, I chose a more casual outfit

for the day. I put on a pretty pink sweater that was in a chain

knit. It had large white buttons in the back and was cut with a

deep V in the back and scoop neck in the front. The sweater was

longer and I wore it with my white leather skirt and a wide white

belt around the sweater. To finish the outfit I wore a pair of pink

pumps that Marie had bought for me. They were "only" a 3" heal and

were easier to walk around in. I put on a pretty gold necklace with

a heart pendant and a matching gold ankle bracelet with a smaller

pendant. I wore Marie's tennis bracelet that she had lent me and

a gold ladies watch. I almost forgot my earrings when I checked

myself in the mirror. I decided on a pair of gold and pink topaz

drops that finished the look. Here I was a sexy young lady out for

a day of shopping with her man.

I went downstairs to find Roger just finishing up on the phone.

He turned and saw me and was most impressed. "Vicki, you look

sensational. I always wanted to date a sexy little co-ed, you fit

the part." I put my arms around his big strong shoulders and gave

him a kiss. "I love being your girlfriend, I never thought I would

say that, but after last night, that's all I want." Roger kissed

me again and held me close, "Vicki, I want to be with you, I enjoy

your company. I have to be careful and know that we would be

accepted by my family, friends and business associates. You must

understand." I was a little taken back, but I understood. I needed

to make sure that I had no slip-ups and was perfectly accepted as

a total woman, if I was to be Roger's girl.

I went upstairs and did a few final touch-ups to my makeup. I

Sprayed on some Joy perfume and put everything I would need into

my white purse. Now I know why women need such large purses. My

large bag held everything! I went down stairs and Roger and I went

out through the kitchen to the garage. I had not realized how big

this house was, the kitchen was huge. I saw the family room and it

was real big as well. Roger had a projection TV and a large leather

seating area for viewing. We went into the garage and saw that

Roger had a beautiful white Poreche Carrera convertable and a

Mercedes. We got into the Poreche and went into town. 

The downtown area was very well-to-do. All boutique shops and 

small offices. We walked around and did some window shopping. 

I even did some shopping for myself. Roger was most pleased,

I bought a beautiful white angora sweater dress with a cascade of

jewels and sequins over the shoulders and a pair of black suede

pumps with rhinestones covering the heal. I loved trying on all of

the pretty things in the stores. Roger carried the bags and I put

my arm through his and held him close to me. I had not felt this

good in a long time, I hoped that everything would work out. We 

still had not found a gift for Sandy. We happened by a record shop

and saw that they had tickets on sale for George Michael. Roger

mentioned that Sandy would die for a chance to see a concert like

this, but his business schedule would not allow him to go. I

thought for a second and said, "Honey, Let me take her. You want

to have things work out and I would like to have the opportunity

to get to know your daughter better." He thought about it and said,

"If Sandy and you get along, OK. She has had a hard time since her

mother left and has not taken well to any of my female friends."

I assured him that it would be alright and he finally said YES. I

jumped up and kissed him. This was fun. We went in and bought five

tickets, one for Sandy, one for me and three more for three of her

girlfriends that she could invite. Roger still wanted to get a few

more things for her birthday, he was so generous, I talked him into

a beautiful set of gold earrings and a matching necklace. He also

got her a new walkman to wear while she ran, she had just gotten

into jogging. (He suspected that she was into running because she

had the hots for the captain of the track team at her school.)

We grabbed a quick bite of lunch. (I could only eat a small salad

and a Perrier, all of the walking and my corset didn't agree with

each other.) and we headed home. When we got home the phone was

ringing, it was Roger's friend Alex. Alex and his wife Karen had

tickets to the opera for that evening and the other couple that

they were going with had a last minute problem and had to back out.

Alex wondered if Roger wanted to come along. Roger replied, "Only

if I can buy the other TWO tickets off of you, I would be bringing

a date." Alex, knowing the problems that Roger had been having and

wanting him to go out into the mainstream dating world again, was

ectatic. "Of course that would be great, would you be able to join

us for a late night dinner after the MET." Roger accepted the

invitation and came into the living room to tell me. I was taken

back. How could I prepare for an evening out, with people I didn't

know, for a very formal night. The only formal evening wear I had

was the strapless dress that Marie had packed for me and I wasn't

ready to be seen in something like that. Roger hugged me and said,

"Everything is alright. I have a friend name John who is gay and

owns a local salon. We had a relationship some time ago and I know

he would be most trustworthy." I didn't know about this, but before

I could refuse, Roger was already on the phone to John setting up

my appointment. They talked for a few minutes and after a few

cryptic exchanges, Roger said goodbye and hung up. It's all set,

he will see you before closing and seems very intrigued to meet

you. I didn't know whether to be mad or what. How could he be so

cavalier to believe that I would just go anywhere, I kept thinking

to myself, if this is going to work, I was going to have to deal

with it. Getting over my displeasure with Roger, he hurried me

along to the car so I could make it to my appointment. We went back

downtown to the same area we were shopping. In the middle of the

shopping area was a very trendy salon called Reflections. Roger

escorted me inside to meet John. John was a very effervescent

individual and the greetings were all kisses and hugs. He escorted

me inside to the main salon room and had me take a seat while he

and Roger went inside to John's office. I was a little uptight and

seeing Roger with John didn't help. I was actually jealous. I

thought they had been lovers at one point, Roger was supposedly not

into "MEN" as it were anymore. Roger came out and kissed me and

said, "Everything will be fine dear, John and Sara will take care

of you." I didn't feel much better and was pouting, John thought

I was cute and kissed me on the forehead and said, "Be a good

kitten and lets have some fun tonight. OK." I said Ok and kissed

him goodbye. With that John came out and introduced me to his

assistant Sara. I was their last appointment for the day and the

other operators were just finishing up on their clients. I sat down

at John's station and he began to play with my hair. John liked to

talk and today was no exception, "Vicki, dearest, John has

apparently gone gaga over you. I would love to know your secret,

or I guess that's quite apparent, ha. Honey, you are quite some

package, if I knew that this was what it would take to land

Roger... well....but I could never carry it off as well as you have

done." I was beginning to lighten up and laugh along with John.

Just then Sara came in. She was very trendy with a severe short

hairstyle and funky clothes. John introduced me and we talked. Sara

washed my hair and brought me back to John's station where John

finished his evaluation of what style I wanted. I explained to him

that we were going out and I told him about my dress, he was quite 

excited about the fact that I was going to dare to go out dressed

so boldly. He asked if I had ever thought to wear my hair up, I

hadn't thought of it and said why not. He went to work. First he

set my hair, saying that he felt that I should have a perm, but

there wasn't time. He set it in tight curls and put me under the

dryer. To save time Sara did my nails while I was under the dryer.

I was wearing long gloves, but John was a perfectionist and said,

"You must be prepared to show off what you got dear!" Sara used a

hot pink polish to match my dress. When finished, She brought me

back to John's station and he took the curlers out. Time was of

the essence, Alex and Karen were picking us up in two hours. John

was moving and talking a mile a minute, he was asking me about the

opera we were seeing and I said, "I don't even know, everything was

going so fast." John finished with my hair and started on my


He was a master and found the perfect look for me. When done, I

looked like a princess. My face was aglow in pinks and violets.

My lips were pink and pouty, very kissable. My eyes were "doelike"

and much more mature looking than I had done. I felt as if I had

stepped off the cover of Vogue. My hair was upswept on one side and

had soft bangs in the front. The back was braided and turned under

and pinned in place, most feminine. I looked like a model. Just

then Roger arrived. When he saw me, his jaw practically hit the

ground. " He hugged me and kissed me and said I was a vision.

John yelled at Roger, because he didn't want him to mess up my

makeup. John did a few touchups to the damage Roger had caused and

we were off. 

When we got home I ran upstairs to get dressed. I moved pretty good

considering I was still wearing my pumps. I took off my clothes and

put on my black bustier. I filled the cups with my smaller inserts

and did my little exercise to push my cleavage together. Satisfied

that I had succeeded, I hooked the final clasp and saw that I had

achieved 23" without lacing, what a relief. I snapped the garters

to a pair of beautiful black silk stockings that were seamed and

had tiny rhinestone bows at the ankle. Straightening the seams, not

an easy task, I put on a pair of lace panties that were a little

more than a g-string. Satisfied that everything was in place, I

took out my dress. It was beautiful, The bodice was black velvet

and covered only slightly more than my bustier. The dress had a

drop waist and a hot pink tiered skirt in organza and tulle. with

a big pink organza bow at the hip. The skirt was short, shorter

than tea length and also had an additional pink petticoat to keep

its fullness. The dress had a side zip and with a little

negotiating, I got it closed. I stepped into the petticoat and

pulled it up. Adjusting myself, I turned and looked in the mirror. 

It was like a fairytale. I was a beautiful woman. My shoulders

looked most delicate in comparison to any males that I could

imagine. My coiffure was perfect for the overall look, of a

sophisticated lady. The dress fit me like a glove and the cleavage

that I had formed was quite apparent and emphasized by the bustier

dress, which gave me a most feminine contour. The drop waist was

most figure flattering. The skirt was adorable and fulled out by

the petticoat. I stepped into my new black suede pumps. They fit

perfectly, I loved seeing the rhinestone heels and the little

rhinestone bows on the back of my ankles. I went into the bedroom

to see Roger getting dressed in his tuxedo. I was so hot, I wanted

to make love right there, but there was no time. Roger took one

look at me and I knew he was thinking the same thing I was. But 

Alex and Karen were to be there any minute. He said, "You are the

most beautiful creature, but I have something that would make you

even more beautiful. He went to the vault behind a picture on the

bedroom wall. He took out a small jewelry case and opened it for

me. Inside were the most beautiful things I had ever seen. I pair

of diamond drop earrings and a diamond necklace. I turned around

and Roger put the necklace on me and I fastened the earrings to my

lobes. There must have been 50 carats of diamonds! Roger kissed my

neck and whispered romantic things in my ear. I wanted him right

then, but I knew I would have to wait. What a little vixen I was

turning into. I took out the long black gloves that went with the

dress, after some maneuvering I got them on, I was thinking, what

alot a woman has to go through to be beautiful. I sprayed on lots

of Halston Night and put Marie's tennis bracelet around my gloved

wrist, after all diamonds are a girl's best friend. As I was doing

the final touchups, the doorbell rang. It was Alex and Karen. Roger

got the door and asked them in for a drink. I made a proper

entrance down the stairs and was introduced to our guests. Alex was

a very handsome swarthy type, particularly in his dark tux. Karen

was beautiful. She wore a Midnight blue  dress that was backless

and dotted with rhinestones. The dress was short with large puffy

sleeves and had a lace bodice that was cut in a deep-V to her

waist. She wore very high matching pumps with ankle straps and dark

blue stockings. Her hair was auburn and she wore it in a matching

deep blue bow. We said our hello's and they immediately opened up

to me and were quite warm. Karen and I hit it off wonderfully, she

was delightful. after one drink, we were off. Alex had his BMW, the

girls sat in the back and the boys in the front. we were two furry

things in the back seat, me in Marie's mink and Karen in her

beautiful sable. We chatted the whole way about everything and

nothing. I couldn't believe that I could be so conversant in

womanly issues. I've read alot of Cosmo in the last few days. Karen

was very active in local affairs, she was on the PTA and was a

member of the local woman's club. She was Alex's second wife. Their

children were his by his first wife who died of cancer. She loves

the children as if they were her own. I had thought she was young

to have a high school aged boy and two younger girls. I found out

she was only 28 and had married Alex when she was 24. She wondered

if I had met Rogers children yet, I had not, she assured me that

I would find the twins totally darling and Sandy difficult. "She

is the most beautiful 14 year old young lady you have ever met. But

she is stubborn and strong-minded. She is having a difficult time

with her mother leaving and because of her looks is also more apt

to be hanging around with older kids, Roger's worried about her."

I told Karen about the birthday present we got her and how I was

taking her to the concert. She thought that was great and could

help considerable in Sandys' acceptance of me, she said, "That's

particularly important because I get the feeling Roger wants you

to hang around for a while." We talked the whole way into the city

and practically until we were in our seats at the opera. I finally

snapped out of it when we checked our coats. Here I was, in a

beautiful strapless dress, looking quite provocative, attending the

opera on the arm of a most attractive man. I loved looking around

at all of the other women and what they were wearing. I found

myself to even be kind of competitive with them. It was a mixed

crowd. Some people were dressed rather casually. I made a comment

to Karen about the general attire and she replied, "I wish things

were as they were years ago, this type of evening used to be where

everyone dressed up. It sort takes some of the fun out of it." I

agreed with her. The opera began, it was La Traviata. I had never

seen an opera before. Placedo Domingo was the lead male and he was

wonderful. I found myself looking at men differently now. I was

seeing him as a woman would see him. He was most sensual in his

role. The opera was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We left the

MET and went across town to a restaurant on 2nd Ave. It was a

pretty little French bistro. We sat at a table and enjoyed wine and

cheese and a lite dinner. The conversation was stimulating the

company was wonderful. We left at almost 2am. Roger was serenading

me as we walked to the car. Karen and I laughed as Alex and Roger

made fools of themselves. I fell asleep in the back of the car,

huddled up against Roger while he played with my hair and

occasionally kissed my forehead on the way home. Karen and Alex

said goodnight as they dropped us off. We all kissed and hugged and

then Roger said that we should all meet at the club in the late

morning for a game of double. Karen and Alex seemed game. I was too

tired to disagree. We went upstairs, Roger carrying me across the

threshold as it were and dropped me on the bed. I was tired, but

noticing the bulge in Rogers pants, I was always eager to please.

He pulled me to him and unzipped my dress, which fell to the floor.

Dressed fully in my bustier, stockings, panties and heals, he was

a wild man with me. He lifted me to the edge of the bed took off

my panties and lifted me to his awaiting cock. In a steady, pulsing

series of thrusts he entered me, standing while I was lifted to him

off the bed. I wrapped my legs around him, kicking my heals off to

gain a firmer hold. He lifted me completely off the bed and brought

me to him while he turned himself to sit on the bed. I was sitting

on his steely rod facing him, sucking his tongue and licking and

sucking his nipples, with his manhood buried deep inside of me.

Lustfully kissing him, caressing him, riding his organ. He lifted

me and pushed me down further onto him using me as a piston for his

desire. My silk clad legs wrapped around him gripping his every

pulse. My gloved hands caressing him as he kissed and licked my

neck and breasts. Finally I felt him tense as he came deep into me.

I felt the warmth of him flowing into my body. It was ecstasy. We

collapsed, exhausted and satiated, our sexual desires fulfilled...

for the moment. He slowly shrank inside of me and my body relaxed

releasing him. Too exhausted to get up, we slept as we were. I fell

in love that night.

The next morning I got up first. I took a shower and fixed my hair

and makeup. Marie had bought me a flesh colored cincher that had

a little more give to it.  I got out a padded bra, noticing that

my chest had developed enough that I didn't require anything else

to be just about a B-cup. I put it on and threw on an exercise

outfit Marie had packed. It was a yellow french leotard with a

black exercise panty and black tank top. I wore my black tights and

aerobic shoes. I went down stairs and turned on the workout show

on the television in the family room. After a brisk, 20 minute

workout. I put on some coffee and made a lite breakfast for Roger

and myself. He came down in his robe and gave me a hug and a kiss. 

I gave him some coffee and handed him his morning paper. He made

a wisecrack about what a good wife I would be, for which I

retaliated by showing him. I climbed beneath the table came up

under the newspaper and gave him what he later called the best

blowjob he ever had. "Maybe that would prove what kind of wife I

would be," I thought brazenly to myself. Roger smiled and went

upstairs to get changed. He threw on his running gear and we went

out for a quick run. I couldn't keep up with him and mocked him out

for being so macho as he tried to egg me on. We walked back to the

house and got freshened up to play tennis. Marie had bought me the

cutest tennis dress. It was a short white dress, with wide straps

over the shoulders that crossed and buttoned in the back. It had

a curt pleated skirt with pink ribbon trim at the hem. I wore my

cincher with the small inserts and the ruffled tennis panties that

came with the outfit. I tied my hair up in an eyelet ribbon that

Marie had packed along with the dress and put on my tennies and a

pair of  pink trimmed ladies tennis socks. I looked darling in the

outfit, hopefully my tennis would suffice. Thank god Karen wasn't

much better than I was. We played doubles for a while and then let

the men play a set of singles. Karen and I went to the clubhouse

and sat down in the players lounge. She was quiet all morning and

didn't seem to want to talk as she had the night before. Finally

she turned to me and said, "Vicki, I know who you are. Or at least

what you are, and you are not the beautiful girl that you would

have everyone believe you are, come straight with me." OH MY GOD!

She knows, what was I to do, I felt like running, where would I go.

She saw me panic and sat next to me to console me. She knew who I

was and still was being nice to me. "Vicki, don't be afraid, I'm

not going to tell on you or anything. I was just, well, surprised

when I figured out the kind of girl you are. A while ago, Roger was

going through a period where he was seeing men. He tried to keep

it from Alex and me, but he wasn't as discrete then as he is now.

I think he was more confused than truly desirous of other guys.

With you though he seems happy. He has not been happy for a couple

of years. I want him to be happy and not getting hurt again. Do you

understand." I did understand and was very confused. I didn't want

to hurt Roger, but if Karen could read me, others could as well.

I told her the whole story, from the beginning. The guys were

playing a few more games, so we had time. Karen just sat there

listening, I had no idea what she was thinking. When I was finished

she sat for a second and then said, "Vicki, I honestly believe that

you care about Roger and would never consciously hurt him in any

way. But I believe that you need a little more time to fully

develop as a woman, both physically and mentally before you can

accept a role as close as you seem to be moving with Roger. He is

vulnerable right now and is susceptible to any form of affection.

I will help you make this transition, but you need to slow down and

guarantee me that you will do everything in your power to protect

him from any harm." I looked at her and was crying. I agreed and

she hugged me. I don't know how she really felt about me, I guess

I still needed to earn her respect, but I wanted it badly and

realized that she cared and wanted for Roger to get over the

marriage problems that he had been having and to lead a normal

life. She took out a tissue and dried my tears. I went into the

ladies room and fixed my makeup, my crying had caused my mascara

to run, I looked like Tammy Fae. After I was reorganized we went

back out to the courts and met the boys. I felt uncomfortable but

knew that I would have to put on a proper front. The guys went in

to get freshened up and we grabbed some lunch at the club. We said

our goodbyes there and I reconfirmed my promise to Karen. 

When we returned home, Roger sensed something was wrong, I was

hesitant at first to tell him and said I had alot to think about.

We had no other plans for the day, so I went upstairs and changed

into a pair of jeans and a sweater. I thought about what Karen had

said to me and realized that she had not told me to hold back from

telling Roger about what we discussed. I came back downstairs,

Roger wanted to play, I was not in the mood. I sat down on the

couch with him and told him of my conversation with Karen. He was

upset, he had no idea that I would be read, he didn't even think

of it. (Which was foolish on both of our parts.) And agreed with

what Karen had said. We agreed that we would only date until I was

more comfortable with my new role and then would decide if it

should go any further. We sat in each others arms for what must

have been hours. I got up and fixed a lite dinner of salad, soup

and some cheese and fruit and we went to bed early. We didn't make

love that night and just fell asleep in each others arms.

We got up early the next morning. Rogers mother was bringing the

girls over and He had to get into a meeting early. I got up before

5:30 and got into the shower. I noticed how my nipples had grown

in the past few days and how swollen my breasts were. I decided not

to wear the breast forms today. I put on my cincher and fastened

the hooks at the tightest point. Pushing everything into place, I

found my form becoming much more feminine, my hips were fuller and

my breasts were enlarged with areolae the size of silver dollars

and my nipples were erect and blossoming like rosebuds on my chest.

I was going into the city to meet Marie at the office before I was

to visit the doctor today and was to dress appropriately. I put on

a pair of suntan pantyhose, sheer to the waist, and my ivory cami

and tap pants. I didn't even wear a bra. The cami was too snug for

me to wear with my padding, without it fit perfectly. I had a very

feminine shape, almost a B-cup without any help. I was very happy

with my progress. I sat down at the dressing table and took the

towel off my head. After about half an hour of blow drying my hair

and using a curling iron, I was pleased with the look. Quite

business like. I took a large black bow-clip and gathered the back

into the clip. I loved the feeling of the bow in my hair. I did my

makeup. The requisite foundation, today softer than I had been

wearing, I used alot of powder. A blusher and a little coverup for

under my eyes. I used a lighter pink to gold shadow and my usual

amount of mascara, liner and a final clear mascara coat. I did my

lips in a more subdued red, bordering on a burgundy and since I had

some time, I did my nails in a matching color. Today I was going

to wear my grey suit. Marie had packed for me a beautiful cream

silk blouse with faux pearl buttons down the back and a high

collar. The sleeves were gathered high on the wrists and the blouse

had three button cuffs, also in faux pearls. The suit had a

tailored jacket with a moderate peplum to the single breasted

jacket. The skirt was business length, tapered, with a slit up the

back. I put on the blouse and had to have Roger help me with the

buttons. I decided to wear a half slip and put it on. The skirt was

snug, but the slit allowed for movement. With the skirt, I wore a

2" wide grey reptile print belt and a pair of matching Charles

Jordan cut away pumps with a 3 1/2" heal. Faux pearl drop earring

jackets with my real pearl studs, and my 20" pearl necklace. I wore

a small bracelet an a gold Cartier watch. I felt I was set for the

day. It was almost 7:15 and we had to catch the 7:45 train, I went

outside to wait for Roger at the car not wanting to be there when

the girls arrived. 

I saw Rogers mothers car drive up and the girls get out. The twins

were adorable, they were so cute in their matching school dresses.

Sandy got out and I saw what Karen meant. She was wearing a grey

stone washed denim skirt and a pair of matching pumps. She wore a

black sweater with leather patches and tassels. Her hair was long

and blonde, almost to her waist. She was obviously quite well

developed for her age and the tight sweater definitely showed her

attributes. I heard them go inside and talk to Roger. From the

sound of his voice, he was obviously happy to see them. There was

a pause in the conversation and all of a sudden I heard Roger come

out to me and say, "Vicki, I want you to meet my mother and my

daughters." I didn't know what to say. I thought Roger wanted to

hold off and slow things down. I hesitantly went into the kitchen

and met the girls and Rogers mother, "Ladies, this is Victoria

Escovar a business associate of mine, who is also a friend, we are

riding into the city today together and I wanted to introduce you."

Both Mrs. Colter and the twins were most gracious, Sandy was a

little stand-offish but was not rude. I introduced myself and

reminded Roger that we had a train to catch. I could see if I was

going to have any chance of having a relationship with Roger and

his family, I had a lot of work to do. We took the train into the

city, it was an uneventful ride. Roger hailed a cab at Grand

central and dropped me off at Marie's office. I had forgotten that

this was also MY office, or at least John's office. Roger told me

to relax and not to worry, he said I looked great, no one would

know. He kissed me goodbye and said he would call me later. I said

goodbye and entered the lobby of the building. I went over to the

phone in the lobby and saw people I knew at the newsstand. I began

to get nervous as I called Marie. She was not very understanding

and said I should come up to the reception desk to meet her. I

hesitantly got on the elevator and saw Larry one of the traffic

managers for the agency standing there with a couple of other

people. I got on the elevator and thought that Larry was undressing

me with his eyes. He had a reputation for being a leach, but until

you've experienced it as a woman, you do not know what the word

means.I went into the reception area and saw Lisa, the

receptionist. She was, as unusual, a knockout, dressed in a cute

short black sheath dress, but a real bubble head. She asked who I

was going to see, and I told her Marie. She asked me to take a seat

while she paged her. I sat down and crossed my legs. It took some

time for Marie to come out for me. I must of been looked over by

half the men in the agency. I hoped it was because of my looks, not

because they were trying to figure out where they had met me

before. Marie finally came out and was quite pleased with my

appearance, "You look wonderful Victoria, I have to show you around

the agency." 

I thought Marie was doing this to unnerve me. I was not going to

let her. I reluctantly took my purse and followed Marie around

while she introduced me to everyone I already knew. She made a

point of saying that I was interviewing for the Junior A.E.

position next week at the new creative group. I seemed to pass the

test until I got to the studio. I had worked there for over a year

and Marie took her time to show me around. I just wanted to get out

of there. Finally she introduced me to Kim, the girl I had worked

next to for so long. Kim was always kind of aloof with me, I

thought she was a Lesbian, although she was always well dressed and

very pretty, not the butch type, she was not very close to any men

that I knew of. Kim was most glad to meet me and was very

conversant, I think she said more words to me today than she had

ever said before. Marie left me in the studio while she took a

call. Kim kept talking to me and started questioning me if she had

known me before, I assured her that she hadn't and was getting a

bit nervous until Marie came back and rescued me. Noticing Kim's

attraction to me, Marie said, "You two girls seem to get along, why

don't you grab lunch together this week. I'm sure Vicki would love

to have a friend in town and you two i'm sure have alot in common."

How could she do this, Marie was putting me in particularly

difficult situations on purpose. What was this, some kind of test?

I said a halfhearted goodbye to Kim and Marie and I left to go to

the doctors. I had a ten o'clock appointment and was a little late.

The nurse brought me into the examining room and asked me to remove

my clothes and put on a dressing gown while I waited for the

Doctor. I had no idea what Marie had planned for me now. I was

uncomfortable in the cold room and did not have much solace

exposing myself in this feminized state to another person. 

Dr. Tullis came in, she was very clinical and did not have the

greatest bedside manner. She put me up into stirrups and poked and

prodded all around my groin. She examined my breasts and felt all

over my neck and back. She then had the nurse prepare several

injections, most of which were given in my backside. Upon finishing

her examination, she asked me to get dressed and join her and Marie

in her office. I knocked on the office door and entered the office.

Marie and Dr. Tullis had been talking for some time. Dr. Tullis got

right to the point. "Victoria, you are an excellent candidate for

reassignment. We are going to start the procedures in the next few

months. You will be on increased dosages of hormones until you are

prepared for reassignment surgery.

I expect that this is what you want?" I was shocked that they were

talking surgery. I thought about what I had promised to Marie, what

I promised Karen, the fact that I was falling in love with Roger.

My present physical appearance, and what would happen to me if I

said no. I looked at Marie and then at Dr. Tullis and said, YES.

Marie came over and hugged me and said, "Vicki, honey, you will

never regret this decision." I wasn't sure about surgery, but,

considering everything that had happened, I was prepared to become

a woman in every way.

(To be continued)




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