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Archive-name: Changes/wrkgirl2.txt

Archive-author: Kathy Harrison

Archive-title: Working Girl - 2

In the prior episode, a miserable graphic artist, John, was told

by his boss, Marie, that he was not performing at a level

sufficient to retain his job. John, having no luck in trying to

find another job, broke down sobbing in front of Marie at his

review. Seeing that John had no success in his masculine role,

Marie saw as a challenge, to take John in and retrain him to become

a successful advertising Account Executive, a FEMALE Account

Executive. And so continues the story of the new "WORKING GIRL".


I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Marie actually said we were

meeting the "GUYS" at the bar. Here I was, dressed in a tight black

leather skirt, a satin acetate, quite fitted, red  blouse with

vertical, fine black pinstripes. It was open to give a glimpse of

the top of my black lace slip and my flesh was squeezed together

by the tight corset I was wearing to form ample cleavage. A wide

black patent belt surrounded my nipped in 23" waist. I had black

lace stockings and the sexiest black patent 5" heals that caused

me to take short feminine steps. Marie had handed me a 3/4 length

black, embossed leather jacket to wear, with red fox trim. It had

gotten quite cool outside in the autumn air and she didn't want for

me to catch cold. 

Getting back to the subject at hand, going through all of this

feminization was something I could handle, meeting guys was

something entirely different. I wasn't gay! And I wasn't going to

go out with any guy. Marie got us into the cab and told the cab

driver to take us to the Doral Hotel. She then turned to me and

noting my firm resistance to go out said, "Vicki, listen and listen

good... You have no choice in this matter. We are going to meet the

President and CFO of my newest customers, Devon Fashions. They are

one of the largest catalog and retail clothing distributors in the

northeast. I have been dating Don Mortonson the President for a few

weeks, when I first landed the account I met the CFO Roger Colter

and we went out once. He is bi and was not my type., But he is

definitely YOUR TYPE! And if you want not to be left on the street

and try to make it on your own you better cooperate...GOT IT!"

I got the message loud and clear. I was petrified. How could I pull

this off. Marie stopped scolding me and took my hand and said,

"Vicki, dear, everything will be fine if you just relax, she gave

me a valium and I began to calm down. We arrived at the Doral and

the Doorman helped me from the cab. I had left my purse on the seat

and reached around to grab it. Marie commented to me later that the

doorman was really an "Assman" because his eyes practically bugged

out looking at my derriere encased in the tight leather skirt.

Marie looked quite the fashion plate herself dressed in her new

grey checked suit that I new was a Fioria original. It was quite

tailored and she wore a black silk camisole, sheer stockings and

charcoal suede spiked pumps to complete the outfit. She had her new

fox coat on and looked wonderful. We went into the lounge in the

hotel and checked our coats. The bar was quite long and everything

was done in fine woods and reeked of opulence. I never had been in

the classier places in town and could get used to this quite

easily. I saw Marie wave to two men at the far end of the bar. She

took my hand and led me through the crowd to meet them.

Don was a very professional looking man. Rugged features, and a

6'2" athletic frame, dressed in a classic blue pinstripe suit.

Greying temples gave him the look of the consummate corporate

executive in his forties. Roger, on the other hand, was more of the

Yuppie type. Tall and thin, he was wearing a light grey, double

breasted Armani suit. He had sandy blonde hair and was wearing gold

wire frame glasses. He was in his thirties and was very handsome.

Marie introduced me to Don first, "Donald this is my cousin

Victoria Escovar." Don took my hand and said, "Victoria its a

pleasure to meet you." I noticed how different men shake women's

hands than mens hands. He was soft and gentile with me, I like

that. Marie then introduced me to Roger as Vicki. Roger took my

hand and kissed it. I must of turned 16 shades of red. "Vicki, you

are a most attractive woman, I am most pleased to make your

acquaintance." I was totally flustered by this situation. Here was

this most attractive man, who most women would die for, making goo-

goo eyes at me...a man dressed as a woman. I felt a little light

headed. Before even saying anything, I staggered and Roger caught

me in his firm strong grasp. He and Marie helped me up on a bar

stool and got me a drink of water. Feeling better I said, "Thank

you very much, I don't usually faint upon meeting such handsome

men." I was trying to be complementary and apparently it was


Roger put his arm around my shoulders and said, "I'm the one who

should be captivated by your beauty." Feeling better, Marie

suggested that we go to the powder room to freshen up for dinner.

She asked Donald to order an Absolut martini for her and a

Chardonnay for me, as she hurried me off to the ladies room.

Once there, Marie took out a tissue and wiped the perspiration from

my brow. I was shaking and didn't know what to do. "Vicki, you must

relax. Roger and Don like you very much, Roger in particular. I

told him about you before we got together tonight, although Don

doesn't know of course. Roger is totally captivated by you. Right

before we came in here, he whispered in my ear that you were

perfect. Just relax and enjoy yourself." I took a deep breath and

started to calm down. Marie opened my purse and took out some of

my makeup and gave me a touch up. A little more mascara, some

powder and plenty of lip gloss. I grabbed my purse and we headed

back into the lounge. I felt much better as Marie led me to a table

in the lounge where Don and Roger were waiting for us. Roger got

up and helped me with my chair and I smoothed my skirt which hiked

up exposing my lace encased thighs as I sat down. I crossed my legs

as femininely as I could and sat back in the lounge chair. Roger

couldn't seem to keep his eyes off of me. Marie started the

conversation by telling Don and Roger that I had just left a small

agency handling local retailers in Miami. After I had gotten myself

settled here in New York, she wanted me to interview at their new

creative group to handle fashion direct marketing as a Junior A.E..

I may even be able to work on some programs for Devon. Especially

in their Hispanic niche marketing group.  I knew enough from my

three years at the graphics studio, and thank god I was relatively

fluent in Spanish, given Don's attempt at Spanish conversation (bad

High School Spanish) to be able to hold my own in the conversation.

After about five minutes of shop talk. Marie took the conversation

on to other subjects. Thank god she did, because I was running out

of things to say. We talked for about a half an hour, Don left the

table for about 10 minutes and when he returned he had made 9:00

reservations at The Four Seasons for us. I got a little nervous,

because I thought the night was going to end with drinks. We went

outside and Don had a stretch limo waiting at the hotel, to take

us to the restaurant. We had reservations in one of the dining

rooms. I lost track of the name of the room, but was captivated by

the grandiose surroundings of the famous restaurant. The maitre d'

seated us and was quite gallant. I loved all of the attention we

were getting. I began to think that there are many advantages to

being a woman, particularly attractive ones. At dinner I tried many

things that I never tried before; caviar, escargot, quail and

truffles. I only tried small morsels of each, not thinking my

corset would allow me any more.

The conversation was stimulating, Don talked of his trip to China,

I was fascinated. Roger talked about skiing and playing tennis and

the trip he was planning to St. Moritz in December for Christmas.

I listened and added, where appropriate, what I could, but mostly

I was enthralled by these successful people living life to the

fullest. I had never even dreamed of some of these experiences. 

I tried sking once and was not very good and I wasn't a very good

tennis player. As coffee was served, Marie and I excused ourselves

to go to the Ladies room and we left.

Marie turned to me as I turned the corner into the powder room,

"Your doing wonderfully, what do you think of Roger?" "He's quite

a fascinating man. I like listening to both of them." Marie

said,"That's not what I mean. What I said was ...What do you think

of HIM? Do you like him, don't you think he is a great looking

guy?" I knew what she was getting at and I couldn't think straight

about it. They were both very attractive men. They lived lives that

I could never dream of. As a "woman" I could not help but be

attracted to them, especially to Roger who was being so nice to me.

I couldn't help thinking that I was living a masquerade and that

as a man, I could not really be attracted to him. I replied to

Marie, "I don't know, I'm very confused, I guess so." Marie said,

"Thats great, because I know he likes you. He hasn't taken his eyes

off you all night. I want you to relax and enjoy him. In your new

roll you owe it to yourself to take advantage of any opportunity.

Roger and Don can help you be successful in your new position. 

Roger likes you and finds you attractive. The more time you spend

with him and the better you make him feel, the more opportunities

you will have. Also as my account, the more you will be part of my

ability to lock Devon in as a long term client. I'm sure that you

will be very satisfied if you relax and have a good time." I looked

at Marie and skeptically said "OK". Last second touches to my

makeup and adjusted my skirt and we went back into the restaurant.

Don and Roger had ordered us after dinner drinks. Don knew Marie

liked B&B and Roger was drinking cognac and had ordered the same

for me. I had not tried it before and although it was strong, I

liked it. I sipped the drink that was served in a brandy snifter

slowly at first. Don suggested that the night was still young and

that he and Roger offered to take us up to the Rainbow room at the

top of Rockefeller Center for some Midnight dancing. I looked to

Marie who was smiling from ear to ear and realized that we were

going so I didn't resist. I just looked down and finished the

brandy in one swig...all of it! We accepted their invitation and

they escorted us to the car. The combination of the drinks that I

had and the valium that I took earlier had gotten me most relaxed. 

We talked and laughed and I found myself sitting quite close to

Roger in the back seat of the limo. He had his arm around my

shoulder and was holding me close to him. I felt so relaxed that

I gave in and snuggled down with my head on his shoulder. Marie

smiled at me and winked. I looked back and then closed my eyes. I

didn't really know what was happening to me...but I liked it.

We got to the Rockefeller Center and Don had the limo wait for us.

In the cool fall air, Don put his arm around Marie and Roger around

me and we walked over to the edge of the ice rink. They were just

closing up and the final sparkle of the lights shown down on the

ice. It was beautiful. As the lights started to go off, Don and

Roger escorted us into the building and up to the famous Rainbow

Room. The place was a dream, all done in art deco. This was my

favorite style, I had studied much about the period when I went to

art school. We were escorted to a table and sat down. Don ordered

us another round of drinks. I felt that I couldn't possibly have

another and begged off. Roger ordered another cognac and said we

would share, I agreed and he pulled me closer to him on the seat

of the booth. The band started up and Don grabbed Marie and took

her out onto the dance floor. It was a fast song, being scared to

dance (particularly in these heals) I begged off and stayed at the

table. Roger waited until Marie and Don left and started talking

to me, "Vicki, you are a beautiful "WOMAN" and I know, that you

know, that I know your little secret. I have to be very careful in

my position not to allow my sexual preferences to come into my

business life. You are the type of "girl" that can let me have my

proverbial cake and eat it too. I like you and want to keep seeing

you if you let me and I'm sure that I can do alot for both your and

Marie's career. Besides, based on what Marie has told me, I'm sure

that you would enjoy this type of life alot better than the one you

had been living." I looked up at Roger and saw in his deep blue

eyes someone that before this night I could of never imagined

having a relationship with. But I had gone through alot of changes

in the last couple of days and this was a life that I could grow

comfortable with. I looked into Rogers eyes and gave in to him. He

tilted his head and kissed me. At first I didn't respond

at all. I was could this be happening to me. but

here I was, dressed as I was, enjoying myself in places and doing

things that I had never dreamed of before. Here was an obviously

successful person, who could have anyone, and he wanted me. The

fact that he was a man complicated matters, but considering my

outward appearance, it was obvious that I was the farthest thing

to being male that you could imagine. As his kiss grew more

passionate, I began to respond. I raised my hands and at first put

them on his shoulders, he held me closer to him. I was caught up

in the moment and responded to him. I put my hands behind his head

and held him nearer to me. I had succumbed to his advances and

there was little turning back now. I felt totally vulnerable as I

never had before. I even felt a sense of warmth that I had not felt

in years. We kissed once or twice more and sat at the table holding

hands. The band started playing "Someone to Watch Over Me", and

Roger took me out onto the dance floor. It was a very slow song and

we danced, holding each other closely. At first Roger held my right

hand in his and put his left around my waist. My hand felt so small

and petite in comparison to his. After a while I put both my hands

around his neck and rested my head on his shoulder. Many times his

hands drifted down to my leather clad bottom and then surrounding

me hugging me close to him. We stayed out on the dance floor for

almost an hour. Every once in a while I caught glimpses of Marie

and Don dancing and Marie smiling at me. It was almost 1:30 by the

time we returned to the table. Marie and Don were nowhere to be

found and there was a small note waiting at my seat. 

 " Vicki, I saw what a great time you and Roger were having out on

the dance floor. I knew you would be the perfect couple. Since I

was so confident you two were going to hit it off, I took a few

liberties and had a weekend planned for you and Roger that I was

going to go ahead with based on how you two got along. It's obvious

that you are most compatible, so why wait? I had the limo driver

stop at the apartment and pick up the bags I packed for you. They

are in the trunk of the limo. I have even bought some new things

for you that are something special. Don and I have taken a cab back

to his place on Park Ave. The limo will take you to Roger's. Have

fun, see you Monday. Love, Marie"  

I looked up at Roger and said "You knew about this all along,

didn't you." He looked at me and said, "Vicki, dear, I only wanted

to go along with it if I felt you wanted to. I think you do. I want

you to. It can be a most enjoyable weekend for the both of us. I'm

sure Marie would be most pleased. Will you spend the weekend with

me." I thought about it for a moment and what else could I say. As

a quick retort I replied, "I hope you don't believe that I go home

with every man I meet on the first date." We both laughed and

headed for the elevator. Once in the limo I sat close to Roger, he

lived in Westchester, so it was a long drive. I was still most

apprehensive. The fact that Roger just cuddled with me and didn't

try to maul me in the back seat of the car made me feel alot more

comfortable. We talked all the way back to his house. He told me

how his wife left him for a business associate of her's last year.

She just took off and he retained custody of their three daughters,

Sandy, who was 14 and the twins Lisa and Lori who were 4. He and

his wife, Ellen, had been married when they were still seniors at

Dartmouth. And were both also quite ambitious and the stress of two

most competitive lifestyles was too much for their marriage. "Ellen

also was into playing the field. Having the kids was not her idea

of fun. They had a governess almost since they were born. In the

first few years with just Sandy it was OK, but after the twins were

born, Ellen stopped being a responsible parent. I ended up doing

alot of the parenting and later found Ellen to be having

extramarital affairs. She ended up taking off with one of her

clients and is now somewhere in Italy doing whatever she wants." 

I felt sad for Roger, he obviously loved his children and wanted

to have a happy marriage. He didn't seem to object to Ellen's

ambition, in fact he seemed to encourage it. She just took

advantage of him. His lawyer was obviously very good, because he

retained custody of the children, not that Ellen seemed to want

them, and most of the joint assets. I told him of my life, not that

there was much to tell. That I was brought up by my mother, Louisa,

who was a Cuban emigre, that came to America after Castro came into

power. She married my father, George Ricks, who left my mother when

I was only 3. I was her only child. I guess she did the best she

could, but it was hard. I remember that there was always alot of

men visiting my mother, I never thought until later that they were

possibly paying for her services. When I found out, I left home.

At first I hated her and all of them. Over time my attitude

softened. I went to a local art school and found I had an affinity

for art. I was no real "artist", but I developed a good sense of

space and design. I ended up at a junior college down near Ft.

Lauderdale. Between trying to keep a job and live, there wasn't

much time for college. I took four years to get a two year degree

in Business and a minor in art. That was last year. For the past

year I have been working at the agency for Marie. In fact Marie

didn't hire me, her predecessor did and Marie was not all to happy

to inherit me. She is very much into the use of computers for

layout and design, I don't have that experience, nor do I have much

of an inclination for it. She must see something in me though, or

why would she be going to all of this trouble. 

Roger ended up telling me why Marie had such an interest in me.

"Marie and I went out on two or three dates, She is quite a woman

and tends to be on the "Domineering" side as you probably well

know. She found me to be not her type that she could develop a more

intimate relationship and also found out I was Bi. She liked me and

wanted to do something for me, besides the fact I was her largest

account (although, knowing Marie, that was her primary motivation).

And said that she knew someone who she thought would satisfy "all"

of my needs, apparently you were her challenge to do so. I know she

felt she would be able to always retain my vote to keep her on as

the primary agency for our account if she was able to deliver. I

found that tonight I feel totally differently. You are not just a

fantasy, you are real and betytr than I could have imagined. I

could never have a relationship, outwardly, with a man. But I am

not totally sexually satisfied with a woman. You can fulfill my

desires completely. I looked at him and knew that eventually that

would come true, but said, "Roger please be slow with me. I have

had so many things happen to me in the last two days, my head is

spinning. I need time." Roger held me closer and stroked my hair

and said, "There there, I will take care of you. You don't have to

do anything you don't want to. Just keep an open mind." I felt much

better and started to relax. A few minutes later we were at his

home. It was a beautiful large colonial somewhere in Scarsdale, I

didn't really know where we were. He helped me out of the car and

the driver went around and got my bags from the trunk. I didn't

know how long Marie thought I was staying but she packed a large

suitcase, a garment bag and a Cosmetics case. The driver brought

them up to the front porch and took off. It was dark, and I

couldn't see much of the house, but it seemed quite large. Inside

I saw how large it really was. A palatial center hall that had a

staircase that went up to a large landing with a huge window and

wound around to the second floor. There was a large living room

with a grand piano and a beautiful formal dining room. Roger said

that I must be tired and brought my bags up stairs. The girls were

staying at his mothers for the weekend. She was dropping them off

early monday morning before school. We entered the master suite and

saw a beautiful four post brass king size bed. French provincial

furniture was everywhere, and this was all the real thing. He

brought my bags into a huge dressing area that had its own private

bath and large walk-in closets that were bare. "Vicki, this was

Ellen's dressing area. If you want to get freshened up, use

anything you want. I need to take care of some things downstairs,

it should only take me 20 minutes or so. Why don't you get ready

for bed and remember, you don't have to do anything you don't want


I felt nervous and excited as well. He is a most loving person and

I was quite fond of him. In the next 20 minutes I had to decide

whether or not I was going to sleep with him. 

I unpacked my suitcases and again wondered if Marie thought I was

going away for a year. I unpacked the Cosmetic case first. It was

filled to the brim with everything I would need. Although I had not

had alot of practice with putting on makeup. Marie left some notes

in the bag to help me and I watched enough that with a little

practice, I thought I could get the hang of it. Then I unpacked the

suit case. It too was filled to the brim. Stockings, panties, bras,

slips and cami's. Two corsets and a corselette. Three teddies and

several other nities and peignoir sets. A bathing suit, (I don't

know how or where I was going to use that) as well as a black


Two denim skirts and several sweaters. About eight pairs of pumps

and other shoes including a pair of tennies. Lots of accessories

and jewelry, a pair of sexy high heal boots with bows all over them

and several other knit dresses, skirts and slacks of various styles

and fabrics, jeans and a couple of mini skirts in white and blue

leather and another skirt in denim. At the bottom of the case there

were two dresses, one a strapless hot pink leather and the other

a soft grey knit mini that was backless. I had no idea how Marie

expected me to wear them. Also a white tennis dress with a pair of

ruffled panties pinned inside. Roger liked to play tennis, I guess

I was in for some lessons. In the garment bag, Marie packed her

mink coat with a note, "This is on loan! Must be returned!" as well

as a denim jacket that was airbrushed and jeweled. There was also

a short bustier dress with a black velvet bodice and hot pink 

organza short skirt with toule flounces and a large pink satin bow

at the hip. Also there was a tailored grey wool suit with a nipped

in waist and a peplum as well as several silk blouses and a jade

green silk jumpsuit. I hung the clothes up and found that my

wardrobe was complete for some time. I guess I was in for the long

run here. Marie packed some notes for me to read, I was going to

go over them in the morning.

I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up. 

Finally I made the decision I would sleep with Roger that night.

If I was going to do it, I would do it right. I changed out of my

clothes and put on a red waist cincher that Marie had packed for

me. I took out the red teddy that I put in the draw and put it on.

I brushed out my hair and touched up my makeup. Without my inserts,

my breasts were small, but the cincher pushed up whatever loose

flesh I had and the Teddy helped mold them into about a large A-

cup. I went into the bedroom. dimmed the lights, took a deep breath

and got into bed. I waited nervously for Roger to arrive. I had

decided to be his woman for the weekend.


(To be continued)




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