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Archive-name: Changes/wrkgirl1.txt

Archive-author: Kathy Harrison

Archive-title: Working Girl - 1

The New Job

This is a story about John Ricks and how he found happiness in his

new job.......

I was not a happy man. My job was going nowhere. Being a paste-up

artist in the new world of computerized advertising art was getting

me nowhere. I was taking computer layout courses, but I just didn't

seem to be getting the knack of it. My boss is a real bitch! She

constantly berates me. She is very competitive and does not seem

to like men who do not have the same competitive drives as she


She dresses for success, very fashionably, with a little more flash

than most businesswomen, but after all... this is advertising.

I found myself doubting what I could do to correct my situation.

I had interviewed with several other companies and had gotten

nowhere. It was time for my annual review. I dreaded this day!

Marie, my boss, had scheduled our meeting for 5:30pm after almost

everyone had left. I came into her office and she asked me to sit

down. For the next half hour she told me that I had little future

in what I was doing and I had better wake up. With that I couldn't

take it anymore, I broke down and started to cry. At first Marie

was not very sympathetic, but then she sat down next to me and told

me it was alright. She held me to her and said she would help me. 

I couldn't believe it! This woman who was normally so cold you

could get frostbitten just by being near her had a warm side. 

Marie then stood up in front of me and said "John you are obviously

not able to face your problems as a man. I will help you, but you

have to swear to me that you will follow everything I say, or I

will dump you in a minute. You will have no job, nothing and I know

you can not make it out on the street." I was a little taken aback,

but agreed to her demands. She told me to get cleaned up and meet

her back in her office in half an hour. I went to the washroom and

washed my face. I felt a bit strange, not knowing what I had gotten

myself into, but agreed that it had to be better than where I had

been. I went back to Marie's office and she said that she had to

do some shopping, I was to come with her. Later she would start

working with me. 

We left the office about 6:30 and headed to the mall. Marie and I 

entered Macy's and she proceeded to go on a shopping frenzy. I had

to follow her everywhere. We first went into the Lingerie

department. I felt strange standing there, as Marie went through

and selected several items. Many times she had me hold up nighties,

slips, camisoles and other selections, just for her to stand back

and see them more clearly. She occasionally asked me my opinion of

certain items, but her taste was obviously much more refined than

mine and all of her selections were exquisite. She spent some time

talking to the saleswoman, out of earshot. The only thing I heard

was that she would be back on Saturday morning. 

We went to other departments and she went through the same routine.

While we were shopping she was telling me that my personal taste

in clothes was less than acceptable and she would have to do

something about it in the near future. She asked me what size shoes

I wore and my other measurements for a future shopping excursion.

She giggled at my measurements, being only 5'6" and 145lbs. She

kept on making comments about the fact that I was not the right

shape or size for a man. I just hung my head knowing that I

couldn't argue with her. By the time we finished the store was just

about to close. I had about 10 bags and boxes to carry out to the

cab. I had a hard time maneuvering but was able to make my way. 

Marie hailed the cab and took us back to her apartment. I made my

way up the stairs with all of the packages and entered the front

hall of her apartment. It was a beautiful old Victorian home. With

high ceilings and beautiful woodwork. She had me take all of the

packages upstairs and put them on the bed in the guest room. It was

a beautiful room done in peaches and white. A canopied bed took up

much of the room and a large white dressing table with many crystal

perfume bottles in front of the large mirror left a quite feminine

look about the place.

Marie took my hand and had me sit down at the dressing table.

"John, it is obvious to me that you are never going to make it in

this world as a man, but I think with a great deal of my help, you

can make it as a woman!" I was dumbfounded, I felt like running at

first, But I knew that Marie would kick me out in an instant. Where

would I go, what would I do. Here I was, a 23 year old little wimp.

Maybe she was right, maybe I would try this, how bad could it be?

Marie said " John if you follow everything I say, I guarantee you

will become successful beyond your possible imagination, I will

help you every step of the way. In two months you will re-enter the

business world as a successful young female Account Executive with

one of our new upcoming agencies, and will probably be making 6

figures within the year. It's up to you, I will train you,

transform you and help you become successful. You must be available

to please me and my friends during this transformation period and

you must pay me back at a rate of $10,000 per year for five years.

I didn't know what to do, my head was spinning. After what seemed

to be an eternity, I acquiesced and agreed. With that Marie smiled

and held my face in her hand and said "I am going to make you into

a beautiful woman and you will love me for it. We are going to have

a lot to do in the next few days so we must get started. First your

name. I had a cousin about your age who fell into the wrong crowd

a few years ago and died of a drug overdose in Columbia. Her family

is out of the country and I know it will not be difficult for me

to get hold of her papers. Her name was Victoria Alicia Escovar

and her father was my fathers brother. She died at 18 and would be

24 today. You are now Vicky!" My blood was pumping a mile a minute,

sometimes I had fantasies of what it would be like to be a woman,

but never like this. Marie had me strip down and stand in front of

a tri-fold mirror that she had in her dressing room. She walked

around me examining me from head to toe. She made comments about

my lack of body hair and my slender torso, saying that we would

have to get me into the "proper" shape to carry this off. 

She examined my crotch and noticed my rather small cock and balls

and smiled, knowing that she felt I didn't have much use for them.

I felt exceptionally naked standing in front of her, being looked

over like this, and was very self conscious of my rather

androgenous appearance. "Vicky dear, you are going to do well."

Marie said as she led me into the bathroom. I think that was the

first complement she ever gave to me. She drew a hot bath in the

oversized tub and filled the tub with fragrant oils and soaps. She

helped me into the bubble filled tub and left the room. It felt

wonderful. My tiny apartment only had a stall shower. I haven't

taken a bath for years, I've never taken a bubble bath. After about

a half an hour, Marie came back in and helped me out of the tub.

She had me go over and stand in the shower stall while she

proceeded to spread a creamy liquid over most of my body. I had to

stand there for almost 25 minutes before I was able to wash off the

mess. I turned off the shower and found that what little body hair

I still had was gone except for the rather long hair on my head and

my hair around my pubes. Marie now wearing her robe had me sit down

in her recliner while she shaved my pubic area into a soft furry

little mound. She also took out a small flesh colored g-string  

like garment made of spandex and had me put it on. It pulled my

cock and balls up and under me, making my crotch quite smooth.

She then brought in a garment that she called my "Night Cincher"

It was a highly elasticized waist cincher. The garment was

extreamly tight and pushed whatever excess flesh I had either down

to my hips or up to my chest. I could barely breath at first. But

after a while I got used to it. My waist, normally about 29" had

been brought down to 24". While the flesh pushed down around my

hips bulged to 34". The cincher had half cups built into it and

Marie pushed and pulled the flesh on my chest until I had pretty

little 34 A breasts jutting out above the corset. "Vicky, we are

going to have to help your body along in order to have you truly 

become the woman you are destined to be. You will have to suffer

a little bit, all in the name of beauty." She gave me some pills

to take and told me they would help me grow accustomed to my new

body. Just as long as it would relieve the tension of this corset,

I would do anything! Marie led me back into the guest room and

said, "Vicky this will be your new room. I have thrown out your old

male clothes, You will not be needing them anymore. I am also going

to call your landlord in the morning and give up your apartment. 

Any items worth saving will be put into storage, I will give away

your clothes to goodwill. The shopping trip that we went on tonight

was for you! This is just the start, you no longer have your job

at the agency. I told everyone that I was firing you. If you follow

the proper training that I have lined up for you, you will have a

job as an Account Executive for our new startup agency specializing

in Fashion Merchandising in two months. You will live here as

Vicky, my cousin, until you are able to go out and have your own

apartment. Tomorrow we will start your training so you need a good

night sleep. I will help you get ready for bed." Marie had laid out

the beautiful silk floral camisole and tap pants that we had bought

earlier, for me to wear as well as a matching short silk kimono.

They fit wonderfully. I felt my nipples harden against the silken

top as I filled out the cami quite nicely. The tap pants were cut

high on my leg, my legs looked very sexy while my crotch looked

most feminine and inviting since all of my maleness was neatly

tucked away. I put on the kimono and sat down at the dressing

table. Marie proceeded to pluck my eyebrows creating a soft

feminine arch. She then brushed my hair which had grown quite long

over the last few months. It was long enough that she could pin it

back in barrettes in the front and tie it back in the back into a

ponytail that came almost down to my shoulders. "Vicky, we are

going to have to do something about your hair...

It's a mousey brown and has little style. I am going to have to

make an appointment for you at the salon, tomorrow, if we are to

get anything accomplished." I panicked.. I was not ready to go out

in public this soon. How could I do this. Marie gave me a

reassuring hug and said. "Honey, don't be worried I will be with

you." Under any other circumstances this would not be all that

reassuring, but somehow I felt comforted by Marie's warmth and

loving tones.  She had me put some moisturizer on my face, hands,

arms and legs, and dusted my shoulders and breasts with perfumed

dusting powder. With that she helped me into bed and kissed me

goodnight. My mind was racing, but it was late and I was so

exhausted that I quickly fell off to sleep. 

I awoke the next morning a little disoriented and a little

nauseous. It was almost 8:30am and my first instinct was that I

was late to work. I don't think that I should go to work looking

like this! Marie had left a note on the night stand to take the

pills that she had left for me they would make me feel better, wash

my face, she would be back by 9:00.  

I did what I was told and actually did begin to feel better. All

except my nipples, which were quite sore and swollen, although they

did look quite sexy pushing into the silken camisole. I was

beginning to like the feelings that I was having. I was awakened

out of my daydream to find Marie rushing in, "Come on Vicky, honey,

we have a big day ahead. You have an appointment for a full

makeover at my salon at 10:00. I have to get you dressed and over

there right away." The panic that hid me at first was overcome by

the rush to get going. Marie helped me out of my clothes and

released the cincher, I never realized how much relief I could feel

all at once. She put a shower cap on my head and I hurried into the

shower and washed off. I got out and Marie wrapped the towel around

my chest and sat me down at the dressing table. "Vicky, we do not

have time for a lesson now, I'm just going to touch you up with a

little makeup." She put on some mascara and liner, a coppery shadow

and pink-red blush. She spent a little time on my lips, first with

lip liner then with a brush filling in my lips giving them a sexy,

pouty look. She then put a coating of gloss over them. She then

helped me to get dressed. First I put on the g-string, pulling my

male organs back and up inside of me. Then I put on a quite

formidable corset that pulled in my waist to almost 23". I was

having a hard time breathing as Marie tied the final lace of the

garment. She let me catch my breath for a second before continuing.

Into the cups of the garment she placed silicone filled breast

forms that gave me a full 34C-cup form. The strapless bra on the

corset had demi cups and the nipples in the breast forms jutted out

over the bra cups. With every move I felt my new formed titties

jiggle. She handed me a pair of black lace pantyhose that were

beautiful. I pulled them up my soft shaven legs and noticed how

they clung to my feminine form. Next I put on a gorgeous red silk

teddy. It fit to my every curve and covered the corset fully,

making me look like one sexy girl. I adjusted the bodice and

noticed how the nipples of the forms were straining against the

garment and moved with my every breath. I snapped the crotch strap

of the teddy in place and stood to look in the mirror. Staring back

at me was a beautiful, sexy young girl. "Vicky, we don't have time

for that right now, we must get going." I snapped out of it and

finished getting dressed. I put on the pair of Chic jeans that we

had bought last night, the fit me like a glove. They had little

bows at the ankle and no pockets. On top I put on the red angora

sweater we had bought and a pretty gold belt. Catching a glimpse

in the mirror, I looked like a young co-ed on her way to a date. 

Marie had me step into some mid-heal black pumps that were about

2" high. "Vicky, get used to these now, you will have to wear the

higher ones later." I looked down and saw my lace encased feet in

the pretty black pumps. Marie handed me a purse and we headed for

the street. Outside we walked the three blocks to the salon.

I was in such a rush, I hadn't realized that I was outside dressed

like this. We passed people on the street and all we go were some

admiring glances, especially from some men unloading a truck who

loved the fact that my titties were bouncing from the swiftness of

our pace. I had only a little difficulty negotiating the sidewalk

except for an errant grate and found the bounce in my walk

exhilarating. A few minutes later we were at the salon. It was

called Feminine Expressions and catered to the more fashionable 

and trend conscious business woman. Marie was good friends with the

owner Karla and as we entered they kissed each other on the cheek.

Karla turned to me and said,"This must be Victoria. How pretty you

are. A good foundation for us to work on to make you beautiful."

Marie turned to me and said "Vicky, Karla knows about our little

secret as well as one of her assistants. They are the only ones who

know." A sinking feeling came over me again, how could she tell

them, I guess it was too late for me to be upset now. Marie turned

to me and said, "Don't worry, both Karla and her assistant Lori are

very supportive of what we are trying to do, they will take good

care of you. I have to go to the office for a few hours, I will be

back before you are done. Karla knows what I want, just be a good

girl for her." With that Marie left. I was very upset. How could

she leave me here, like this, with these strangers. Karla put her

arm around me and said, "Victoria, dear, I think its a wonderful

thing that Marie is doing to try to give you another start, lets

make her proud by having you become the beautiful young lady that

you are meant to be." She kissed me on the cheek and I felt much

better. Karla was an attractive woman in her 30's. She was dressed

in a straight blue skirt and white silk blouse that was in a wrap

style. She wore high blue pumps and had on lace stockings much like

the black lace pantyhose that I had on. She was blonde with a very

stylish cut, shorter but not too short, overall quite attractive.

She brought me into a private area of the salon to meet Lori, her

assistant. We passed through the main area of the salon and saw

many women in various stages being assisted by as many as 10 of

Karla's operators. We got to the back and were greeted by Lori.

She was stunning. She had long chestnut colored hair that cascaded

in curls down her back. She wore a short red sweater dress that was

cut to be worn off the shoulders and clung to her every curve. At

her waist was a wide black patient belt and her long sexy legs were

covered with sheer black stockings. She had black patient pumps on

that must of had 5" heals. Her makeup was perfect and she wore

several necklaces and bracelets as well as a gold ankle bracelet

with a little gold heart. She had on large hoop earrings in one

piercing in each ear and diamond studs in the other. I couldn't

help but to stare. "Victoria, this is Lori. You won't believe this

but Lori was once my nephew!" My mouth must of hit the floor. This

is the type of girl you usually find on the cover of Cosmo, this

certainly was no man. "Lori was 15 when she came to live with me.

That was four years ago. I changed her from a boy who could do no

right, to a girl who can do no wrong. She is a sophomore at the

University and is home for break. I'm sure you will have alot to

talk about. I will leave you two to get acquainted and for Lori to

help you get undressed for your session." Karla left and Lori

closed the door. "Vicky, I know how uncomfortable you must feel,

but I can assure you that everything is going to be wonderful." 

This was not a boys voice I was hearing. This was a sensual young

woman. I just stared at Lori and did not know what to do. I asked

her, "Why did this happen to you?" While she got me undressed, she

told me of how she was always getting in trouble in school and how

her mother had caught her dressing up in her sisters clothes on

day, her Aunt Karla spoke to her mother and felt that she could

straighten out the problems he was having with school and see

whether or not the crossdressing showed deeper inclinations. Since

Lori's father had left them when she was young, s/he had no role

model to follow. S/he became rebellious as well as less masculine

than his/her playmates. Karla took her in and helped transform her

into what she is today. She is an honors student studying


and is a cheerleader. She loves who she is and what she is. She has

been on hormones for two years and had breast implants done about

a month ago. She is seeing a doctor to complete her transformation

into womanhood after she graduates. I couldn't believe what I was

hearing, this perfectly adjusted young lady was once a boy. She

talked all while I was being prepped for my session. She stripped

me down to my g-string and put a short robe on me. She waxed my

legs and bikini line and started electrolysis on my face and

eyebrows. The needle stung as she touched each follicle. She pulled

the wax from my legs and I let out a yelp. I'm sure I was heard

through the salon. Lori said, "Vicky, we have to work on that voice

of yours if you are going to pass." She started giving me hints on

how to speak. She found if I talked with a slight spanish accent

I sounded the most feminine. Being Victoria Alicia Escovar, that

was perfect. She pierced my earlobes and placed gold studs in the

piercing. I was beginning to feel much more relaxed until she took

out a syringe and stuck it in my behind. That is a booster for the

hormone pills that Marie is giving you. I didn't know anything

about hormones. "That's why you felt a little queasy this morning,

it was morning sickness. The prescription that I take has been

duplicated for you. If you keep up with your dosages, you will feel

fine." This was going much too fast for me. Lori gave me a pair of

lace panties to wear, a long terry robe and a pair of healed

slippers and took me over to the sink. She washed my hair, then

gave me a facial, which felt wonderful. She left the pack on my

face and tied my hair up into a towel. I was led into the main

portion of the salon and sat down in a chair where I saw an

operators name plate Sandy. I was petrified. I felt that before

this no one else would know about me. Lori came over and introduced

me to Sandy, I said hello with the slight spanish accent that Lori

had rehearsed with me. Lori leaned over and said that Sandy was

going to do my coloring and my cut and style. She knows nothing

about me and will never have to know if I act properly. Sandy had

me sit in the chair next to her station that had a sink and put a

vinyl coverup on me.  She turned the chair and tilted it back

taking the towel from my head, she started the coloring, by the

time she was done I went from a mousey brown to a stunning reddish


She dried me off and let the color set. Lori washed the pack off

my face and put on some moisturizer cream. Finally I was led back

into Sandy's chair and she started my cut. She finished the cut

and turned me around in the chair to set my hair. While sandy set

my hair in what seems like 100 curlers, Lori sat in front of me

and gave me a pedicure. Lori had finished removing any callouses

from my feet and gave my feet and nails a hot oil treatment. When

Sandy had me move under a dryer while Lori finished. When she was

done, my toes were pretty as a picture. I returned to Sandy's chair

and she finished my styling. I opened my eyes to see a fantastic

transformation, even without makeup, a beautiful girl was staring

back at me. " Vicky, we still have alot to do, don't be gawking at

yourself." as Lori led me over to the manicurists station. The

manicurists' name was Tiffany. She was a bit airy but cute. I found

myself falling into my new role. We talked as she gave me the full

treatment, oil, tips, wraps and several coats of "Love that Red!"

On each nail she put a fine gold line under the final clear coats.

I liked talking to her, she liked my accent, I told her that I was

from Miami. We talked about fashions and men! I had to make up some

experiences, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I found myself turned

on talking this way. I never thought about boy's as a boy, As a

girl, it didn't seem unnatural. Tiffany finished and Lori came over

and brought me to a makeup station. The cosmetologist name was

Gina, she was a knockout. She was Hispanic, only about 5'3" tall

and dressed to thrill. She wore a red leather mini with red pumps

and dark stockings. She wore a black leather bustier and a red

bolero jacket with gold brocade trim. Her make up was perfect and

her jet black hair cascaded in curls over one shoulder. She asked

me about my preferences in color, as soon as I started to talk in

my spanish accent, Gina said," Girl I know what you want. Leave it

all to me." Gina talked and I listened, i picked up nuances in her

voice that I needed. She was a great talker, so I didn't have to

say much. She started with a foundation and then a powder. She made

a comment that I needed to have some skin work done, because of

enlarged pores, I grimaced a little hoping that she didn't discover

me. She said that the foundation would help smooth out any problems

for now, but if I wanted to wear anything lighter or shearer in the

future, I would have to come in for the treatments. She colored and

contoured my brows and started working on my eyes. In golds and

mauve she applied shadows to my lids. Coats and coats of mascara,

lengthening and filling out the top and bottom lashes. Eyeliner

defined the contours of my eyes, giving them a cat-like appearance.

A mauve-pink blush was applied to my cheekbones, raising them in

a more feminine form. She did my lips by drawing them way beyond

their normal outline in a deep magenta lipliner. She then painted

them in several deep red coats. Finally, she topped them off with

several coats of gloss. A few touches here and there and she handed

me a mirror. I was spectacular, sexy, gorgeous, sensuous, words

could not describe how beautiful I felt. I was a beautiful

brunette, with red highlights, cut in a very feminine cut framing

my face coming down just above my shoulders in the back. My makeup

was perfect. I had a slight Latin look, with deep sensuous eyes

and dark pouty red lips. I felt wonderful. Lori took me back into

the private room to help me get dressed. Marie would be back any

minute and she wanted me to be ready. Marie had brought some

clothes for me to wear when I was done. I had no idea what they

were, Lori took them out of the shopping bag and started dressing

me. First I was hooked into a black lace corselette. Lori pulled

the laces down tight till my waist was 23" again. This was one part

I didn't like. Next I put on seemed black lace stockings. I had a

difficult time with them now that I had my new manicure. Lori

helped me. I fastened the garters to the stockings and straightened

the seams. Lori then gave me the prettiest bikini panties I had

ever seen. They were all satin and lace and were seemed in the back

to just barely cover my derriere while showing my every curve.

Lori handed me a short black silk full slip.It felt dreamy as it

fell down around my body. The hem of the slip came barely to my

stocking tops. The bodice was trimmed in lace and was given a most

feminine form when filled out by the gel filled breasts.

I was then given a red satin blouse with black pin striping. The

blouse was quite tailored and had black pearl buttons and a stand

up collar. I put the blouse on and started buttoning the buttons

up and Lori stopped me and had me leave the top four buttons open,

showing my cleavage and a small bit of the lace from my slip.

Next she took out a black leather straight slim skirt and had me

step into it. It was fully lined and beautifully tailored in dark

supple leather. It was short but not a mini, coming a few inches

above the knee. I zipped up the zipper and felt the leather wrap

around me. It was great, I felt sexy and beautiful. The skirt was

tight and slit in the back. Lori gave me a wide black belt with a

large bow-buckle. I fastened it tight around my slender waist.

Finally she gave me the sexiest, highest black patent pumps I had

ever seen. They were shiny and cut with a sharp angle to the arch.

They had bows on the back of each heal. I gingerly stepped into

them and had a hard time at first. After a few minutes I got used

to them. Lori then handed me three rings and three bracelets to put

on, including Marie's diamond tennis bracelet. I was shocked that

she would let me wear it. She then took out my gold studs and

replaced them with large gold hoops, telling me to be careful with

them because of my new piercing. Finally she gave me a beautiful

gold necklace with a large ruby drop pendant. It was spectacular.

I looked down to see the pendant hanging into my cleavage. The lace

of the slip outlining the pushed up flesh on my chest, the satin

blouse straining against the size of my breasts. I looked down

further to see my sexy legs surrounded by lace coming down out of

the tight leather skirt. I was walking about the room with the

clicking of my 5" heals on the tile floor. I saw myself in the

mirror and knew that I would make any man weak in the knees. I felt

better than I ever had before.  I went out front to wait for Marie,

Sandy, Tiffany and Gina all came up to me and said how great I

looked. I had never gotten so many complements in my whole life.

Karla came up to me and gave me an air kiss, wanting not to smear

my make up. "Victoria, you are stunning. You will make Marie so

happy." Just as she said that, Marie came in the door. She was

smiling from ear to ear. "Vicky, you look better than I could have

imagined. Perfect, just perfect." Marie walked around her and took

her all in. I said in my most feminine tones, "Marie, i'm glad chu

like it. I love feeling pretty." Marie hugged me whispering in my

ear that she loved my accent. Marie brought her black leather and

fox fur jacket for me to wear. It had gotten cooler and she didn't

want me to catch a chill. I said goodbye to everyone, especially

Lori. I told her that I would see her before she went back to

school. With that Marie turned to me and said,"Vicky, I told the

guy's that we would meet them in the bar at the Hilton at 7:00. We

don't want to keep our dates waiting."    I froze. What next?

(To be continued)



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