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Archive-name: Changes/vacsurp2.txt


Archive-title: Vacation Surprise, The - 2



     I couldn't believe it! Here I was, tied into my car seat, 

dressed as a woman for all the world to see. And my wife was 

driving me to the shopping mall to shop for clothes to complete 

my wardrobe. 

     After she stopped the car in the parking lot, she turned to 

me and unlocked the collar, cuffs, and removed the gag from my 

mouth. "Now, can I trust you to behave in here, or will I have to 

really embarrass you? And by behave I mean do everything I say 

without question." With a numb feeling in my stomach I said, "Yes 

honey, I'll be good." "Wonderful, I know we're going to have a 

marvelous time." With that, we got out of the car and walked into 

the mall. The heels caused my hips to sway noticeably. She looked 

at me with a grin and said, "My, aren't we calling attention to 

ourselves" and laughed. 

     "Our first stop is at the beauty parlor. We don't have that 

much time so today we'll just touch up your makeup and do your 

nails. Your hair can wait until tomorrow. I've already made an 

appointment for you." We walked into the parlor, and she said, 

"Hi, I called earlier for the 'special appointment' for Sheila 

here." "Hello, I'm Cindy and everything is ready. Follow me 

please," as she led us into a back room. "Please have a seat 

here." I looked at the chair and then my wife with some 

misgivings. "SIT DOWN, you heard the lady," my wife said and 

shoved me into the chair. Before I could even recover, she pulled 

two velcro lined straps out of her purse and quickly strapped my 

arms to the armrests, rendering me completely helpless. "Now sit 

there quietly, or I'll have to take further steps." 

     The stylist was trying (not very hard) to cover a big smirk 

on her face. "You may begin with her now. I don't think she'll 

give any trouble. How long do you think this will take?" "For 

what you requested, about an hour and a half." "Good, I'll be 

back then. I want to do some shopping. If he gives you any 

trouble, feel free to take whatever action you think is 

appropriate." She then walked out of the store, leaving me alone 

with the stylist.  

     "You aren't going to cause me any trouble, are you?" I shook 

my head no. "Too bad, I think I would enjoy disciplining and 

humiliating you." That definitely made me decide not to resist 

(As if I could have anyway). "Debbie here is going to do your 

nails, and I will be giving you a light makeover. I will have to 

make a separate appointment for your hair for tommorrow." She 

began working on my face as Debbie began my nails.  

     Sixty minutes later, she was still working on my face, and 

Debbie was still working on my hands. "This is a LIGHT makeover?" 

I wondered to my myself. How long does it take for a complete 

job? I really didn't want to know. At that moment my wife walked 

in with a shopping bag. "How are we coming? Oh, that looks just 

darling." as she grinned at me. She then bent over and began 

removing my shoes. "What are you doing honey?" I asked. "Oh, I 

didn't think that those shoes were flattering enough so I dropped 

into the Wild Pair to find you a prettier set. "I know your just 

dying to wear them, but with that corset on I think you'd have an 

impossible time trying to bend over to strap them on." That was 

no understatement! I couldn't see what the shoes looked like from 

the angle I was sitting in the chair, but I could tell they had a 

much higher heel than the other set. 

     "There!" said Cindy. "That about finishes you. How are you 

coming, Debbie?" "Just a few minutes, to let the last coat dry 

enough." After about five minutes, she said, "That about does it. 

Let's stand up and have a look at you." My wife then removed the 

velcro straps, freeing me from the chair. I stood up...and almost 

fell down! I looked down at my shoes...they were a pair of cream 

ankle straps with at least a 5 inch heel! I could barely stand in 

them. It was amazing what a difference an inch and a half made. I 

then looked in the mirror and almost didn't recognize myself. It 

was a beautiful woman staring back back at me. The skin looked 

perfectly smooth and the eyes were strikingly highlighted. 

     I raised my hands to my face, not believing what I was 

seeing and then noticed my nails. One inch long and a deep liquid 

red. My wife smiled at me and said, "Don't they look lovely, 

Sheila?" "Y..Yes, they're beautiful...I can't believe it." As she 

paid Cindy and we turned to go, she said, "By the way, I asked 

her to use a permanent set on they nails. You won't be able to 

remove them." I looked down at my hands in shock! How could you 

hide nails like that? What would I do at the end of the two 

weeks? "Let's go, we've got plenty still to do." As we walked out 

of the beauty parlor. 

     "Now its time for some clothes shopping. With a gorgeous bod 

like you have, we have to get you some 'hot' outfits to go with 

them." Our first stop was "The Body Shop". My wife had me try on 

countless outfits. She ended up picking out a short black leather 

skirt with matching bustier and a white satin minidress with a 

scooped neckline. Then she made me pay for the items with MY 

American Express Card which had my real name on it. The sales 

clerk gave me a shocked look and then a big smirk. My face turned 

beet red from embarrassment. 

     This continued for about 2 hours. I must have tried on 40 

outfits and purchased at least a dozen. My ribs were killing me 

from the constant pressure of the corset and my feet ached from 

walking and standing in those incredible heels. "Here we go, one 

last stop," my wife said as we turned into another boutique. "Why 

don't you have a seat for a couple of minutes." She didn't have 

to tell me twice. I sat in the chair she indicated, releived to 

get a load off of my feet. I carefully smoothed my hemline as I 

sat down (I had learned this lesson the hard way through some 

embarrassing comments and looks from other shoppers). I was so 

tired, I didn't know what store I was in, and really did not 


     One of the clerks came up behind me and said, "Just sit 

steady now...." ZAP! There was an intense burning sensation in my 

right ear. She held my head with one hand and said, "Just a few 

seconds...Hold your head steady..." ZAP! In the other ear. She 

then rubbed them with some alcohol and fiddled with each ear for 

a few seconds. "There, that does it. You can get up now." I stood 

up an looked in the mirror. She had pierced my ears and placed a 

little gold ball in each of them. What would I do at the at the 

end of two weeks? Those holes in my ears were not going away. 

     "Okay, that finishes us here. Its time for us to go home and 

get ready to go out tonight." With that, we walked back towards 

the car (slowly, because I was forced to take such short steps in 

these shoes). As we got into the car I turned and said, "Honey, 

this is ridiculus. Look at my hands; I can't..."  SLAP!    She 

slapped me right across the face. She immediately pulled out a 

pair of handcuffs, put them on me, and secured them behind me to 

the headrest, making me completely helpless. "I can see that you 

need a lesson to show you that I mean business. Well, when I'm 

finished with you, you're going to beg me to dress you up, take 

you out, and make you look as pretty and sexy as possible. I know 

that you've secretly dreamed about this. Well it's happening and 

there is nothing you can do to stop it." 

     "But Honey, don't you think that this is a 

little....MMFFFPPHH!" as she popped the gag back in your mouth. 

"What were you saying dear, I didn't catch that. Oh well, I guess 

it wasn't very important." We pulled away from the mall with me 

helpless in the passenger seat, thankful that the tinted windows 

offered me a little protection from casual observation. As I 

began to look around me I realized that this was not the way 

home! Where was she taking me? She noticed me squirming and 

looking around and said, "Don't know where we're going? Well, as 

much as you deserve to be humiliated in public, we are only going 

to another store where I have to make a pickup." Whew! what a 


     A relief which quickly turned to chagrin as we stopped and I 

looked at where we were. It was a shop entitled "Exotic Leather 

Goods. "I need to pick up a few things to ensure that you learn 

you lesson properly. Don't do anything naughty while I,m gone."  

     So there I was, tied into the passenger seat for any passers 

by to see, trapped in a feminine appearance and clothing. Now 

that we were stopped, the tinted windows didn't look nearly dark 

enough. Suddenly, I saw a man approaching, walking towards the 

car. He was casually looking at each of them as he passed by. 

Would he notice me through the window? My heart was racing a mile 

a minute. Just as it looked as if he would pass by the window, he 

stopped and did a double take. HE SAW ME! He stood there looking 

in the window for about a minute with a big grin on his face 

while I tried to become invisible. Just about that time my wife 

came up to the car with a bag in her hand. 

     "Enjoying the view?" She casually asked the man. "Sure am 

Honey." He replied with a leer. "Well this is my display model, 

look but don't touch." With that she got in the car and drove us 

away. As she drove us home, she said, "I was planning to take you 

out for a nice dinner and dancing, but you are obviously not 

ready to do that yet. So, instead I am going to teach you a 

lesson in obediance tonight. When I am through with you, you will 

beg me to dress you up in sexy outfits so you can show off." 

Brother, was I in trouble. I was afraid to even think of what my 

"lesson" would be. I was sure that it would not be pleasant. 


          THE LESSON 

     Finally, we pulled into the garage. My wife leaned over, 

placed the collar around my neck again and connected my wrist 

cuffs to the collar. After this she disconnected my hands from 

the headrest, giving me no chance to get free. She then reached 

into her bag, pulled out a leash, and connected it to the collar. 

Getting her bag, my wife got out of the car and came around to my 

door. I still could not move because I was still strapped in by 

the seatbelt. She unhooked it and gave a tug on the leash. "Come 

along now," as we walkked into the house. 

     "Now the first thing we need to work on is this tendency of 

yours to talk back and question everything I say. After all, I 

can't keep that gag in your mouth all the time. Well, perhaps I 

can at that." I shook my head violently "NO". "Well, you need to 

show me about that." Having said that she pulled what looked like 

a leather sleeve with some laces running down the length out of 

the bag. She then walked out of the room for a few seconds and 

returned with several pieces of rope. She then unlocked the wrist 

cuffs and had me put my hands behind my back. She then secured 

them with the hands facing.  

     Next, she picked up the sleeve and slid it up my arms, 

securing it with some straps in front of my shoulder, 

guaranteeing that it would not come off. Then she began 

tightening the laces, straightening my arms and pulling my elbows 

together until they were about 4 inches apart. This forced me to 

pull my shoulders back and arch my back to accomodate the 

position of my arms. My arms and shoulders bagan to ache almost 


     "My, aren't you the brazen slut." she laughed as she looked 

at me. I had to admit that the way my back was arched, did throw 

out my chest emphasizing my breasts. Next, she look a long length 

of rope, tied it to a ring on the sleeve below my hands and ran 

it to a hook it the ceiling. That ring! She had me put that in 

the ceiling last week for a heavy planter. How long had she been 

planting this? A tug on the rope brought me back to the present. 

As she pulled in the rope, it forced me to bend at the waist as 

my arms were raised behind me towards the ceiling. Tying the rope 

off onto a doorknob, she commented, "There, that should keep you. 


     Hardly; I was still in those ridiculus heels and this 

position forced all of my weight onto my toes, which were already 

in agony. Adding to this, the bent over position made the corset 

so tight that I was gasping for breath in tiny pants. I felt like 

I was going to pass out.  

     The next thing I know she is pulling my dress up over my 

waist, exposing my pantied bottom. Then she pulled the panties 

down around my ankles. "Are you ready for your first punishment?" 

As she fumbled around in the bag. When I looked, she had pulled 

out a leather paddle . There was no doubt what her intended target 

was. Bound as I was, there was also not a single thing that I 

could do about it.  

     SMACK! As she connected right on my bare ass. "I think that 

50 is about right for talking back to your mistress, don't you?" 

     SMACK! She continued. After about 20, I lost all control and 

was crying like a baby. Each stroke seemed to sting more than the 

one before it. Finally, she reached 50. My entire behind felt 

like it was on fire. She then pulled the panties up and pulled my 

hem down again. "That was just your first punishment. I told you 

that you would not forget this lesson. I'll be back in a little 

while. I'm going to take a shower and rest a bit. My arms are 

tired. Don't go anywhere." her arms were tired at my ass and 

thigh's expense. I stood there, bent over, dreading the next 

punishment, and wondering what it would be...... 


     To Be Continued..... 



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