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Archive-name: Changes/vacsurp1.txt

Archive-author: Rocco

Archive-title: Surprise Vacation, The




     "Where is my underwear honey?" I asked my wife. This was 

Saturday morning. I had noticed that my underwear had been 

disappearing from my drawer over the last 2 weeks. I thought 

nothing of it and thought that she simply had not done any 

laundry. How wrong I was! 

     "Something went wrong with the washing machine and it ruined 

everything in the last load," She said. "Well, what am I going to 

wear?" "Here, put these on" as she handed me a pair of pink satin 

panties. "Now don't give me any funny looks, I know you love 

wearing them; in fact, I know that you have secretly worn these 

before." I looked at her dumfounded...I never thought that she 

knew of my fetish, I thought I had been so careful. 

     "C'mon, lets put these on you." As she pulled them up to my 

hips, she stroked my cock through the fabric. "Mmmm, I see that 

someone finds this exiting. We may have to keep it like that." I 

wasn't sure what she meant by that remark. With that, I put the 

rest of my clothes on, jeans and a T-shirt. She gave me a 

slightly disapproving look and said "Well, we need to go shopping 

and get some new underwear for you among other things." I 

said,"can't you just pick up some for me, I want to watch the 

football game." Now she absolutely despises football and this 

would normally set her off, but surprisingly, she just smiled 

sweetly and said, "Sure thing honey, I'll get everything you 

need." Boy would I remember that statement! 

     So as she was shopping, I lay on the couch stroking myself 

through the panties, embarrassed that my wife knew of my fetish, 

but relieved that she seemed so low key about it. The game turned 

out to be pretty boring and I ended up taking a nap. I woke up 

when she came home, loaded with bags from various stores. "Just 

stay there, I'll put everything away." 




     "What do you say that we go out for dinner," she asked me. 

"That sounds like a good idea." "First, I have a surprise for 

you. Stand up and close your eyes." I stood and did as she asked. 

The next thing I know, she pulls my hands behind my back and 

locks them with a pair of handcuffs. "What's this all about, 

Honey?" "No comments from the peanut gallery", she says as she 

puts some sort of gag in my mouth. "Mmmmfff!" This thing filled 

up my whole mouth, all the way to the back of my throat! As I 

felt it in my mouth, I realized that it was a penis gag. What was 

going on? 

     "Now come along peacefully, or I'll have to take further 

steps". With that I follow her into the bathroom. She takes my 

hands and ties a strap to them and pulls it up to the shower 

curtain, forcing me to bend over at the waist. She then takes a 

pair of scissors and proceeds to cut my clothes off. "You won't 

be needing those anymore." What did she mean by that remark? 

   She then took some shaving cream and a razor and proceeded 

to shave every bit of hair below my eyebrows. "I think that since 

you like wearing panties so much, you should get some experience 

of everything else that goes along with it. You'll find that all 

of your clothes have been replaced with something more suitable 

for your new station. Now, I think that about does it. Step in 

the shower now and let's rinse you off". There was nothing I 

could do except obey. As she rinsed all of the hair off of my 

body, my skin felt strange...tingly with no hair. 

     "Well that looks much better, but we'll have to do something 

about your figure. That waistline will never do. Follow me and 

we'll take care of it." As we walked into the bedroom, I saw some 

clothes laid out on the bed. It looked like some sort of corset, 

panties, stockings, and a short dress. She began to put the 

corset on me, and said,"We'll have to do something about those 

arms that are in the way". With that, she reached into one of the 

bags and pulled out a leather collar. She then put some leather 

cuffs on my wrists, unlocked the handcuffs, and then hooked my 

hands behind my head to the collar. I was able to offer only 

token resistance as my arms were asleep and numb from being 

hooked to the shower. Next, she started hooking up the corset and 

pulling the laces in behind me. Soon I couldn't breathe and still 

she was tightening the laces. "Is that uncomfortable? Well it 

will give you some incentive to loose some weight, won't it?" 

With a final tug, she finished adjusting the laces with a full 

knot. "I think you'll have an interesting time trying to untie 

that by yourself; I don't think you'll be able to do it." 

     "Now let's put some panties on you. Which pair would you 

like? You don't care which? Well that's no way for a lady to show 

interest in her lingerie. I guess we'll try the pink satin ones. 

I think you'll look cute in them." Next came a bra in which she 

placed some breast forms to fill them out. After that she pulled 

some stockings up each leg hooked them to the garters on the 

corset and smoothed them out. 

     "Let's see how this dress I picked out for you fits." With 

that she picked up a shimmery peach colored dress and pulled it 

over my head. As it fell over my breasts and hips it came down to 

only mid-thigh! She looked at me with a grin on her face and 

said, "Don't you look adorable! you'll have to be very careful 

and ladylike when you sit or bend over or the world will see your 

garters and panties. Only a slut would act like that. If you act 

like a slut, I'll have to treat you like one." What did she mean 

by 'the world will see me?' I didn't like the implications in 

that statement. "Step into these shoes," she said, as she handed 

me a pair of matching peach shoes with about a 3-1/2 in heel. It 

was difficult to keep my balance with my hands at my neck. 

     "Now its time for your makeup; I'm going to remove the gag. 

I don't want to hear a single word or I'll leave it in for a 

whole day." My wife gave me a look that indicated she clearly 

meant it. She spent the next thirty minutes completing my makeup, 

starting with foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara; a 

light amount of blush, and finishing with a bright rose lipstick. 

She topped it off with a light brown shoulder length wig. 

     "Now you can look at yourself." she said as she led my to a 

mirror. I couldn't believe it! It was a beautiful girl who looked 

back at me. If she was alone in a bar, every guy in there would 

hit on her. The dress had a scooped front almost to my breast 

forms, which were ample. It also showed a very flattering figure. 

No wonder I couldn't breathe. Looking at the reflection in the 

mirror, the hemline seemed even shorter, at least 6 inches above 

my knees. "Click!" I turned around, and my wife was taking 

pictures of me! 

     "you can't admire yourself all day, we've got a busy 

afternoon and evening ahead of us." With that, my wife clipped a 

leash to my collar and led me to the garage. As she opened the 

passenger door, I began to protest, "Honey what are you trying 

to...MMMPPFFFHHH!" she stuffed the gag back in my mouth and 

immediately strapped it behind my head. "I warned you. Now you'll 

have to pay the price." She placed me in the passenger seat and 

strapped me in. Bound as I was, with my hands behind my head, 

there was no way I could unstrap myself. 

      As she drove us away, she said,"Now I suppose you're 

wondering what this is all about. It's simply really. I've 

noticed for that last six months that my clothes and lingerie 

have been rearranged when you're home and I am not. I've been 

carefully marking my hangars and drawers to confirm this. i'm 

going to ensure that you live this fantasy to the fullest. My 

fantasy is to dominate my husband completely and I'm going to 

fulfill that to the fullest also. I've arranged for your company 

to give you a two week surprise vacation starting Monday. They 

think that we're going on a cruise. However, for the next two 

weeks, you are going to live as a female and follow my every 

command. If you don't agree, I'll send those pictures to your 

boss and secretary. I think they'll have a good laugh at those, 

don't you? To get you ready, we're going to the mall to do some 

shopping for your vacation." 

     As we pulled into the mall parking lot she said, "In case 

you are getting any second thoughts, notice that you don't have 

any car keys, wallet or money. If you don't do exactly as I say, 

I'll leave you here to get back on your own." She was right! How 

could I get back, dressed like this. I couldn't even think of 

hitchhiking! Cold sweat came out on my brow as I realized that I 

was stuck. I had to do what she said. I didn't even want to think 

of what her plans were. 


To be continued in  





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