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Archive-name: Changes/tvtrip.txt

Archive-author: Sally

Archive-title: What I did on my Vacation

   The rain beat mercilessly on the windshield as I drove

through the unfamiliar territory.  My decision to see more by

getting off the interstate was proving to be hazardous as the

thunderstorm pounded.  The winding country roads that were so

enjoyable in the afternoon were treacherous in the rainy


   This trip was meant to be a getaway.  Work had demanded all

my attention over the past two years.  At the first

opportunity to get time off, I took it.  A month free to roam

the countryside, and just unload.

   A sudden intense burst of rain blocked out all view of the

road.  I released the accelerator, felt a bump, then another,

and saw the shoulder of road as the car flew across it.  The

car felt like a roller coaster as it hurdled down an

embankment.  Expecting a sudden, deadly stop in a ditch, I

pulled the wheel to one side to slow the vehicle.  The car

slipped sideways on the muddy slope, until it slid backwards,

and downwards.

   With a crunching thud the vehicle smashed through a bracket

of bushes and finally came to a stop.  Sitting in the suddenly

still car, I felt relief not to have flown through the

windshield.  However, the sound of water flowing around me

showed it may not be a safe haven.

   Donning a hat, grabbing my clothes bag and my flashlight, I

jumped out of the car, slamming the door shut immediately

behind me.  Moving uphill convinced me that the bushes would

not allow return to the road.  I edged downhill, the mud

squoozing up around my shoes.

   Through the light I could barely see the stream ahead.  It

seemed to be about waist deep, but flowing quickly.  The rear

end of the car was in the swollen stream, my belongings inside

no doubt submerged.  Holding the clothes high, I waded

through.  The water swirled around my hips, raising to waist


   Finally I reached the other side and found it to be muddier

than the other.  Holding the bag up and climbing with my free

hand, I got nearly to the top when my legs slipped out from

underneath me.

   I slid down through the mud on my side still holding the

bag when my hip struck an embedded rock.  The pain jarred the

bag loose and it splashed into the stream and sailed away.

The flashlight ws gone.  Free to climb up on all fours through

the mud, I finally reached the top and could see a field ahead

of me.

   Striking out across the field, I finally reached a home.

Realizing I must be quite a sight, I rang the bell.  Curtains

finally parted and a face framed in soft curls peered out,

frowning.  She cracked the window open.

    "What do you want?"

    "I'm a weary traveller, Mam.  My car broke down on the


    "You look like the Swamp Thing!  Come around back."

     I went to the back door, where there was an overhang

offering shelter from the rain.

    "Who are you," my erstwhile hostess asked through the

locked door.

    "Alan Anderson.  I was trying to take a peaceful vacation

when this storm came up.  I'm from Wisconsin, on my way to the

west coast."

    "Let me see some identification."

    I took out my wet wallet and held it up to the window,

beginning to shiver.  She reached out and snatched it from me.

    "I can't read it there!"  She took it inside, and I could

hear her talking with someone else, another woman perhaps.

     The questioning continued while I stood there, shivering.

She would go back in, and then come out.  She still had my


    "Sorry, Mr. Anderson, we have to take precautions."  The

door opened and she stepped out to the proch, followed by a

couple other women.  The were all dressed rather nicely in

skirts, a nice change from the women I was used to seeing all

the time in slacks.

    "Ladies, I don't mean to be forward, but it is cold here!"

It was late in the fall, and I had driven to a higher

elevation without realizing it.  It _was_ cold here.

    "Sorry, Mr. Anderson.  We'll have to wash you down before

you come in the house, though.  You're covered in mud from

head to toe!"

   One of her compatriots approached with a garden hose, the

water blasting.  Standing with teeth gritted and arms out, I

waited for the hosing to finish.  They had me turn around,

taking particular delight in hosing my buttocks.  The giggles

gave them away as slightly tipsy.  The water ran off in muddy


     While the cleansing proceeded, they introduced

themselves.  Sylvia, a take-charge raven haired beauty, had

answered the door.  The red head was named Barb, while the

third was a blonde named Suz.  I nodded grimly while they

spoke.  They took turns blasting me with the hose until the

mud was gone.

     "Glad I could provide some entertainment!  You wouldn't

by any chance have some dry clothes would you?  Everything I

brought has been washed away in the storm."

     With a chorus of giggles, they assured me they could find

something that would work out.  They let me into the entryway,

handed me a nice fluffy towel and told me to strip down.

Drying off, I wrapped a towel around my waist.  Sylvia


     "Look at you, you need a bath! Come along."

     "Sure thing..."

     I followed Sylvia to the tub, and saw that the bathtub

was filled with sweet-smelling bubbles.  Sylvia habded me a

warm cocktail, and left me to bathe.  I entered the tub,

sighing and smiling as I leaned back into the suds.  I laid

there for a good twenty minutes, up to my neck in the water in

the large tub.  Suz knocked at the door, poking her head in.

     "Come on now, silly!  You have to come out some time,"

she giggled.  "Shower down and come on out to join us.."

     "OK, be right there."  I drained the tub.  My drink was

gone, anyway.  Standing up, I showered the suds off.  Looking

down in the drain, I saw the water was dark...  Looking at my

body, I realized the water was dark with my hair!  All of my

body hair below my neck had fallen off!!  They had put some

sort of depilitory in the bath water!!

     While drying my head, Sylvia returned with some clothes.

"This is all we have Alan, it should fit you."  She handed me

the pile.  To my great surprise, it contained a silky

nightgown, and panties!  She enjoyed my look of hesitation.

"Sorry, but that's all we have.  You see, there's no men here,

haven't been for awhile."  She stood their smiling.  Feeling

my crotch beginning to stir, I tried to rush her out.

     "OK, if that's the way it has to be, then..."

     "Come on out when you're done, and we'll have some warm


     Great.  Not that I didn't like wearing women's clothes.

Nope, I loved it.  Truth was, just about the only clothes in

my car trunk were women's clothes I'd bought in cities I'd

travelled through!  But it had always been a private pleasure.


     Lifting the panties, I saw they were made of a flimsy,

silky fabric.  Sigh.  Great stuff to wear - in private.  I

pulled the panties up.  They did nothing to hide my fully

erect cock.  Hoping for more assistance from the nightgown, I

saw it was merely a long nightie, snug and soft.  Hmmmmm.....

Too bad about that large "tent" in the front.

     Stepping quietly down the hall, I peered into the living

room and spied a chair.  I quickly plunked myself into it.

Looking around the room, I noticed a nice stone  fireplace

with a fire crackling warmly.

     "Why Allie!",  squealed Barb, "you look wonderful!"

     Turning red, I said, "You're sure you don't have any

men's clothes now, right?"

     "Not at all," insisted Sylvia.  She offered me another

drink.  The earlier drink already had my head buzzing, but the

embarrassment was proving painful, so I accepted it.

     We chatted for a little while, the drinks loosening

things up.  Rain beat against the windows.

     "Now, Allie, let's see how you really look in that

nightie,"  Suz said with an inviting grin.

     "Actually, the name's Al, and I'm really comfortable

here.  Do you think the rain will stop soon?" I gamely asked,

trying to change the subject.   Their faces fell, and Sylvia

spoke up.

     "Well!  Here we are acting as perfect hostesses, and you

deny a simple request!  Such gratitude!  Maybe "he" should be

turned back out into the storm, girls...."

     "Sigh, OK"  I stood up, suddenly feeling the drinks.

Fortunately, my cock had gone flaccid.   Moving to the center

of the room, the girls whistled.  As I reached the center of

the room, feeling the flimsy nightgown against my denuded

skin, I suddenly twirled a pirouette.  The girls clapped.  My

erection quickly returned to its former glory.

     "Why, Allan, I do believe you enjoy wearing those

things!"  "Hot, girl!!"  "Hey, good looking!"

     I abruptly stopped,  staggered back a little, and bumped

an end table.  The fancy vase on it toppled, and fell,

breaking to dozens of small pieces.  Sylvia jumped up slapped

my buns.  Hard.

     "You!  That was a rare, expensive, vase, and now look

what you've done!"

     "Sorry, Sylvia, I...."

     "Quiet! There's going to be some new rules around here!",

she said.  "You will work that vase off!"

     "Well, get my wallet, and I'll pay you. How much was it?"

     "I'll decide the rules!  You are going to work it off.

We have your car keys, wallet and male clothes.  You will

serve us for a week.  You will obey, or we will call the

Sheriff, who knows us well, but you not at all.  We will

report a "pervert" running amok.  Or you can simply go along."

     "You have ten seconds."

     I thought quickly.  My rigidness continued unabated.

Well, it sure beat walking tours... One week, and then I could

be on my way. Or I could get involved with a publicized battle

starting with me in women's clothing and completely shaved.

With these sharp gals, it could be fun.  "OK", I said, "let's


     "Strip", Sylvia commanded.

     I dropped the nightgown over my shoulders, until it fell

to the floor.  "Now the panties," said Sylvia.  I pulled the

panties down my legs.  There, I was, standing in front of

three strange women, as naked as I'd been since I was born,

what with all my body hair gone.  Actually, there was a little

pubic hair left.

     Sylvia produced a satin collar.  "This will remind you of

your servant status.  And that little bit of pubic hair is

cute, we'll do something with that!"  The girls trimmed my

pubic hair to a heart shape, with the hairs barely a quarter

of an inch long.   They left some hair in the center longer,

and tied a little red bow in them.

     "What a nicely wrapped package, but she needs some

makeup," said Barb.

     The ladies marched me upstairs, and, after a close shave,

sat me down in front of the mirror.  "Now, pay attention, you!

We want this done every morning!"  They proceeded to

mercilessly pluck my eyebrows into a thin, sultry arch with

tweezers, had me apply mascara to my eyelashes, and lipstick.

Foundation was applied to my face, and blush added.  The

feminization was overpowering.  I had resisted my urges for so

long.  Now, I was able to submit because I really had no other

option.  I surrendered to their feminine ministrations,

letting go of the macho veneer.  They spritzed me with some

sext perfume.

   When the makeup was finished, they produced a high quality

blonde wig, placing it on my head.  The hair was very soft and

delicate and hung down about my shoulders.  They had me step

into a satin bustierre with garters.  I rolled the silky white

nylons up my legs and attached them to the bustierre, as

instructed.  The ladies were loving it, giggling and teasing

me every step of the way.

   Pulling the satin panties up my legs, I felt the cool

fabric on my heiny.  Looking in the mirror, I saw an

attractive women with a very unwomanly bulge in my panties.

The ladies had me slip into some heels and come downstairs.

   "Well, _Sally_, I can see your enjoying this!" barked

Sylvia.  "But that's not the idea!  You are here to serve us!

Now fetch us some drinks and come back here!  I wobbled out to

the kitchen preparing the drinks and returning quickly.

Passing a mirror, I hesitated slightly to admire myself.

There I was, prettily made up in a wig and lovely lingerie.

My body tingled with erotic passion.

   As I presenting each lady with a drink, Sylvia swatted me

hard on the behind.

   "Bitch! I saw you admiring yourself in that mirror, keeping

us waiting!  You'll learn your lesson."  She pulled me by my

wrist, over her knee, and pulled down my panties.  "Count out

loud in your high sissy voice," she ordered.

   Swat "One" Swat "Two" Swat "Three" Swat "Four" and so it

went, my bottom burning and my libido growing.  She finished

at twenty, and stood me up.  I stood there, rubbing my bottom,

with my panties around my knees.  My cock was rock hard.

   "There, there," cooed Sylvia.  "Your Mistress forgives you.

Now come here."  She brought me to my knees and guided me up

her billowing skirt.  She instructed me to pull her panties

down with my teeth.  Doing so, I saw her lucious mons.  I ate

as commanded, on all fours, with my heiny in the air.

   While lapping Sylvia, I felt a hand on my warm bottom, and

then a glob of lubricating jelly in my anus.  Barb started my

"pussy training," as they called it, sliding first her

fingers, then a dildo up my bung.

   This continued until all three women were satisfied.  My

jaw and tounge ached, and my bottom had a new feeling never

felt before.  The camera flashed several times.  That's when

Suz said.

   "Well, do you think Dolly's been punished long enough?"  I

thought the remark strange, because they had named me Sally.

   "Yes," said Barb, "bring her out."

   Suz trooted off down the hallway, returning with another TV

in a satin collar dressed in a cami, panties and long blonde

wig.  She was very slim, and obviously a master of the

feminine arts.  "Dolly, you are no longer at the bottom of the

totem pole here.  Meet Sally, your servant."

   I looked up startled.  This was a new twist.  I'd been

curious about the bi route, but never tried it before.

   "I want a show," said Sylvia, "You two, 69 Now!"  They

placed condoms on both of us.

   I was laid back on the rug, and Dolly climbed on top,

taking my pole in her mouth and putting hers to my lips.  I

opened my lips and she slip in.  My first taste of cock was

not bad, and I found the condom had realistic, salty

flavoring.  I sucked her wildy as the passion grew in my

crotch.  When I was near orgasm, Sylvia broke us up.

   I was flipped over onto all fours.  Dolly approached me on

her knees from behind and pressed against my sphincter.  I

groaned as she entered.

     Well, I wanted a change of pace for my vacation!

Hope you like my story!!      -Sally



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