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Archive-name: Changes/tvcop1.txt

Archive-author: Sue Softwear

Archive-title: TV Cop 1992

Chapter One - The Crime 

     The police car radio crackled to life as Dan Klein approached

a red light.  Sue Kraft, his partner of one year leaned forward to

hear the radio more clearly.  "Its a 411 near the lake", she

exclaimed and flipped on the red light and siren.  A 411 was a dead

body with suspicion of foul play.  Dan expertly dodged a car coming

though the intersection and made a hard left to proceed directly to

the lake.

     Dan glanced at her and thought that she had turned out pretty

good as a partner after all.  Initially, he had considerable

reservations about a female as a partner.  He had been rather

uncomfortable at first because she was a woman and had gotten a lot

of hazing from the other male officers about when he was going to

get in her pants and how good a lay she was etc. 

     She had been married at one time and did not seem to have any

interest in him as anything other than a partner and friend.  The

only person she ever mentioned going out with was a female friend

named Peggy.  She and Peggy must spend a lot of time together since

Sue mentioned her all the time.  Dan had never seen Peggy but

someone else had seen her with Sue and said she was very

attractive:   blonde, with nice tits, a great shape and a pretty

face.   Sue on the other hand was as tall as Dan at five ten and

weighed at least as much as Dan did.  Dan was glad she was larger

than the typical woman when it came to arresting a struggling

suspect.  She actually seemed to enjoy getting physical with a

suspect.  Dan worried more about getting hurt.  Given enough time

your number could come up and you could end up in the hospital or

worse dealing with some crazy.

     They finally arrived at the scene and noticed that another

police car was already there.  They pushed through the crowd and

saw the body laying on the ground in some bushes near a park bench. 

     Dan recognized the other officers present as Mike and Dave who

were in their precinct.  "What's up Mike?", Dan asked as he looked

down at the body.   "Nothing much.  Looks, like someone took out

another drag queen", Mike belched and leered at Sue who was bending

over looking at the body.

      Dan took a close look and felt anger swelling in his body at

Mike for being such an insensitive jerk and at whoever could do

such violence to another human being.  

     Several cross dressers had been attacked and two killed in the

last month by the same nut.  The first victim had been found partly

undressed in a hotel room.  The victim had apparently been engaged

in sexual acts with the killer before being killed.  He had been

dressed in black lace and semen had been found on his bra and

panties that did not match his DNA type.   At least one of the

cross dressers was apparently straight and was just out for a walk

around one of the lakes before being killed.  A note saying "Kill

all Fags" and signed "Queen Killer" had been found with the last

two.  Some nut could not deal with his own sexuality and felt like

he had to eliminate his sexual partners.  

     Dan and Sue kept the crowd away until homicide arrived and

stayed until the crime scene had been combed and all pictures

taken.  The television news crews were there normal pushy selves

and had to be restricted from walking all over the crime scene,

tromping all over any evidence that might be present.

     When Dan and Sue were released from the crime, their shift was

over and they headed back to the station.  "Sure is a shame what

people can do to others", Dan mused as much to himself as to Sue as

he drove.

     "You seem more sensitive about things like this than most male

officers" Sue responded.  She studied Dan's face as he drove

through the heavy traffic.  He was trim, blonde,  with blue eyes

and a fair skin complexion most women would kill for.  Dan seemed

really different in his relationship with her and how he interacted

with the other male officers.  He was friendly and everyone liked

him but he did not seem to be the typical beer guzzling,

overweight, macho type like the other male officers.  He had never

hit on her and seemed content to treat her like a good friend.  She

enjoyed being with Dan as much as Peggy. 

     Of course with Peggy, things are much different, she thought

to herself.   Dan noticed the brief smile on her face but didn't

say anything as they just then pulled into the police lot.

     As they walked into the station house, big Al Simpson, saw Sue

from across the room and yelled, "Hey Sue, he got another homo like

you!"  Sue flushed crimson and pushed past the two or three

officers between her and the women's locker room.

     Dan was puzzled, what the hell was Al (the pig) Simpson

talking about.  He moved over to Al and queried, "What's this homo

shit all about Al?"

     Al chomped half a candy bar and slurped down a soda to wash it

down. "Hell, I thought you knew, Dan. You better ask your partner." 

Al and the other officers laughed and walked away leaving Dan

puzzled and alone in the hallway.  

     Dan quickly changed and waited for Sue to come out of the

women's locker room, but after a half hour she had not come out and

he left for his apartment figuring she had left already.  He called

a couple of times that night but no one answered the phone in her


     Dan watched the 10 o'clock news and saw himself at the crime

scene.  The news loved this story.  It had, sex, violence, and the

novelty of cross dressers. 

     The Mayor was interviewed and said "He was pulling out all

stops to rid the city of this sick killer."  The news reporter

wondered if the Mayors interest in this was due to his concern for

the victims or the coming election.  Dan started falling asleep

during the sports and turned off the TV with the remote from bed. 

Tomarrow's watch started at 8AM.  He drifted off to sleep and had

dreams of dead women littering the parks.

Chapter Two -  The Transformation  


     Dan walked into the station house the next morning.  The desk

sergeant saw him and said, "Hey Dan, don't bother changing into

your uniform the Captain wants to see you in his office right


      Dan grimaced and responded "What the hell have I done wrong


      Perry laughed, "You are really in big trouble on this one,

Klein."  Dan couldn't help but notice the smirk on Sgt Perry's face

as he walked by.  Perry seemed to know everything that was going on

in the department.

     Dan knocked on Capt Como's door. Como yelled, "Come on in." 

Dan was surprised to see Sue sitting in a chair in front of Como's


     Como motioned for him to sit down as he was talking on the

phone.  "Yes Commissioner, we have already begun taking steps to

get the operation underway."   He glanced at Dan and Sue, "We do

have the people lined up, but we are going to need some money to

cover expenses. Sure that should be plenty."  The voice on the

phone sounded loud and angry as Como held it away from his ear. 

"Yes, sir.  We will get right on it."  Como slammed the receiver

down on the hook and breathed a sigh of relief.

     Como looked at Dan and said, "Anyone tell you why you are


     Dan looked at Sue who gave no clue and back at the Captain

before responding, "No sir, no one has told me anything."

     Como looked at Dan and said, "Stand up and turn around, I want

to see if this will work."  Puzzled Dan stood up and did what he

was told.  Como looked at Sue and asked "What do you think Sue?  Do

you think you can do anything?" 

     Sue looked at Dan thoughtfully and responded, "He is certainly

the best choice in this precinct, if not the department." 

     When Dan turned to look a Sue the phone rang again and Como

responded, "Shit that phone has been ringing off the hook today. 

Sue, get going and brief Dan later. This is of utmost importance to

the department.  Dan, you probably won't like what we are asking of

you but I am counting on you."  He handed Dan an envelope which

obviously contained cash.  "Here sign this receipt voucher, there

is five grand in here.  Don't spend what you don't need."   Como

reached for the phone and covered the mouthpiece, "The mayor has

been on the Chief's case for an hour this morning all ready, we

have to catch the Queen Killer soon, real soon, or I'll be back

walking a beat."  He waved them out of his office as he began to

talk on the phone. Apparently it was the Chief and he sounded

angry, very angry.     

     Dan and Sue closed the door behind them and walked down the

hall.  Two officers were standing in front of the desk sergeant,

and they were all laughing.  When they saw Dan and Sue they all

really started howling and one yelled.  "Hey Dan, you are sure

looking good."  They all doubled over laughing and one blew Dan a


     Dan doubled up his fist and started for the group but was

restrained by his partner, Sue.  "Come on Dan, we have work to do"

She grabbed his arm and led him out the door to the parking lot.

     "What is going on Sue?" Dan asked.  He couldn't for the life

of him figure out what was going on or why he was suddenly the butt

of station humor.  

     "Come on Dan, lets go to my place.  I'll tell you on the way. 

I'll drive and you listen."

     The plan Sue detailed was just unbelievable.  The department

had to get the Queen Killer.  The mayor was worried about the

election and a killer running loose in the streets.  His law and

order platform was under fire from the opposition.  He in turn had

put pressure on the Police Commissioner and Chief to get something

done.  The plan that had developed was to find the right officer to

cross dress and lure the killer out into the open.   The precinct

had drawn the detail since the crimes were bordering its

jurisdiction and it was manned well right now.  The Captain had

asked for Sue's help since she was the only woman in the precinct.

     Dan's head was spinning.  He had never worked plain clothes

before, had always wanted to, but detectives usually did that sort

of thing.  But this was different, very different.  Cross dress,

what would the other officers say?  Good lord, what would his

mother and sister say if they found out.  They lived in the twin


     "No way!  Not me! They have to find someone else.  Who the

hells idea was it for me to do this?  Dan sputtered as Sue pulled

up in front of her apartment.

     She turned off the ignition key and gave him a weak smile,

"Why, my idea of course.  You were the best one for the job.  The

only one in the precinct that was in good enough shape to be

believable."  She got out of the car and walked towards her

apartment entryway.  "Now don't be such a whiner.  You want to

catch Queen Killer don't you?  Besides this might be fun for a

change.  You've always wanted a chance to work plain clothes. 

Although, come to think of it, these clothes are not exactly

plain." She giggled at the thought and opened her apartment door.

     Dan followed Sue into her apartment.  His head was spinning

from all the rush of thoughts and feelings he had been experiencing

for the last few minutes.  He had never told anyone of his earliest

memories.  Of his older sister dressing him in her clothes and

telling everyone he was her four year old sister.  They actually

had family pictures of him with curly blonde hair in one of her

dresses.  The family joke was how cute he had looked.  

     Several years later, he felt the strangest urge to look at his

mother and sisters underwear and clothing.  He had felt his first

sexual stirrings while looking at their bras and panties.  He had

never dared to do anything but look.  When alone at home had spent

hours looking at the Sears catalog womens wear section.  He was

almost caught several times looking at stuff.  Seems like everyone

was out to discover his secret.

     Dan had dated infrequently in high school and college.  He had

his obligatory sexual experiences but they did not seem to mean

much and he had never dated the same girl more than a few times. 

After college he had gone right into the department and had been so

busy with police work he had not thought about things all that

much.  He had thought about getting some female things, but was

afraid someone in the department would discover his long lost

secret.  He had visions of Al or someone else seeing him in a

checkout line with a bra and panties in his hands.  Hard to explain

that one at the station.  

     Sue told him to come into her bedroom.  She rolled open her

closet door and he was surprised at all the clothing she had in her

closet.  All he had ever seen her wear was jeans and a "T" shirt or

sweatshirt.  He didn't even know she owned a dress.  

     She pulled out a tape measure and started measuring him every

which way.  She kept muttering to herself and finally said, "This

will be easier than I thought.  You and I are nearly the same size.

I don't wear a lot of this stuff anymore but for some reason have

not thrown it away.  We have the department's money but to save

time we'll use as much of this as I can.  I'll get whatever else I

need for you later."

     Dan looked in the closet and said, "Are you sure we can pull

this off?"  

     "Sure, now go into the bathroom and take a shower.  Lets get

started.  After you shower take the electric razor in there and

shave your legs.  You are not very hairy anyway, but we want to do

a good job.  The ones that were killed could pass quite easily for

a woman.  At least the killer has good taste in one area."  She

opened a drawer and pulled out a pair of lace trimmed black nylon

panties and threw them at him.  "Put these on when you are done

shaving and showering.  Give your face a once over too.  We want it

smooth as a babies behind."  She patted him on the ass as he took

the panties and headed for the bathroom.  "I'll run to the

department store down the street and get a couple of things while

you are in the shower."

     Dan could not believe what was happening,  this was like one

of the wet dreams he had as a teenager but they went away when he

woke up.  He showered and it took him a long time to shave since he

had never shaved his legs before.  He thought to himself how lucky

he was not to have any body hair.  Other than his face, his hair

growth pattern was the same as any womans,  armpits and below the

waist.  The men down at the station had called him a Mexican

hairless upon seeing his lack of body hair. 

     He slipped on the skimpy lace edged panties.  As soon as they

touched his legs he felt an immediate stirring of sexual arousal. 

He slowly pulled them up his now smooth legs and stuffed his no

longer flaccid cock into the panties.  The crotch was lined with

cotton material.  He had forgotten about that.  The feeling of the

material against his cock when he had them on was wonderful.  He

liked the way they fitted his round butt cheeks.  He was looking

down at himself in the mirror when Sue knocked on the door.  

     "Come on out of there.  I know you are done."

     "I can't come out of here like this", he said as he looked

down at himself.  His cock was noticeably stiff even though it was

folded under.

     "Sure you can.  We have know each other a long time.  You can

trust me Dan.  This is all business with me anyway.  Besides you

know I'm a lesbian anyway, you couldn't be safer with anyone."

     Dan's thoughts jumped to the previous day.  So that is what

that comment meant.  "Sue, I'm sorry, I really didn't know."

Somehow he felt better about things and opened the door and came

out.  Suddenly the lack of men in her life made sense.  He was

pretty stupid not to have figured it out before now.

     Sue took a long thoughtful look at him as he stepped out the

door.  "I know I should have told you before.  But then I figured

you might know already anyway.  I was just happy to be treated with

respect.  I hope this won't change anything between us."  She could

not help but notice his stiff cock in the frilly panties and had

hoped it was not because of her.

     "I've got no problems with your sexual orientation.  You are

a good partner and friend", Dan responded, suddenly aware she had

noticed his cock.  He hoped she had not guessed the reason for his


     "Well lets get started."  She turned and began opening and

closing drawers and getting things out.  "Try this on"  She handed

him a black lacy waist cincher with garters for nylons she took out

of a department store bag.  She must have just bought it. 

     He figured out how to put it on and had it on before she

turned to him with a pair nylons.  It was smaller than the designer

had intended but the effect was great.  His waist was smaller and

his figure more hourglass shaped.  He sat down and pulled on the

nylons she had handed to him.  He rolled them down, put his foot in

and pulled them up the way he had seen his sister and other women

in movies do.  The silky nylon feeling was really strange and at

the same time very exciting.  He struggled a bit with the garters

and routed them under his panties as Sue had suggested.  He

wondered why the garters went under the panties but accepted her

guidance without question.

     Sue handed him a black matching bra and he studied it and put

it on without too much difficulty.  She had noticed that he had

stopped protesting and was pretty much following her directions. 

She guessed it was all part of being a good cop and wanting to

catch the killer.  

     She opened a couple of small square boxes and took out

something that looked all in the world like a womans breast.  She

handed them to him.  "Fortunately the store had breast forms also"

, she said.

     He could not believe how lifelike they felt to the touch.  He

put them in the bra and suddenly it was filled out and bulging. 

The bra felt much different.  He could feel the weight of his new

boobs pulling down the bra straps and it even forced his own skin

up at the top of the bra looking very much like real cleavage.  He

took a couple of steps over to the mirror and could feel their

silicon gel core giggling in the bra rather realistically.  The

view in the mirror was equally as convincing.  His folded cock

responded in his panties.

     Sue noticed Dan looking at his image in her mirrored closet

doors.  He had such a funny look on his face.   This was going to

be a first class operation, or so the Captain had said.  The breast

forms were $240 apiece.  She wondered if the Captain knew what the

cost was going to be for all this.

     Next she took out a red satin blouse and handed it to Dan to

put on.  He slipped it on and buttoned its long sleeve cuff and

button front.  The vee neck allowed just an occasional peak of his

black lacy bra and his newly acquired cleavage to show as he

finished buttoning the blouse.  Sue looked at several skirts and

decided on a black leather one she had hardly ever worn.  It was

kind of short and slutty looking and did not fit her very well.  

Dan pulled it up over the blouse,  tucked things in and she helped

him with the rear snap and zipper.  

     As Sue plunged back into the closet, Dan looked at himself

carefully.  My god, from the neck down he looked just like a woman.

The feel of the satin blouse on his arms, the slightly restrictive

feel of the bra on his chest, the weight of his boobs and its

straps over his shoulders were such a strange and wonderful

feeling.  He took a couple of steps and turned around.  The sound

the feel of his nylons against the lining of the leather skirt sent

almost an electric shock up his legs.  He had always had a round

ass, unlike most men, and he filled the skirt up very nicely. 

Rounding it out where it should be round.  It was a little tight at

the waist but it enhanced his figure.  The feel of everything was

almost overwhelming.  He could feel his dick oozing dampness into

the lining of his panties as his juices started flowing.         

     Sue pulled out a pair of high heeled black pumps and he leaned

down to try them on.  They were slightly too small.  "Darn, I was

afraid of that", she responded, looking over a well stocked shoe

rack.  "Here, these may work"  she said as she handed him a black

ankle strap high heel with open toes and heels.  Dan slipped them

on and adjusted the strap to fit his slightly larger ankles. "You

better be careful walking for a while, they take some practice." 

     Dan tottered back and forth in front of the mirror while Sue

opened another box from the department store.  She pulled out a

long blond wig and motioned for him to come to her.  She slipped

the wig on his head and spent about 10 minutes combing it out.  It

was just shoulder length and looked very nice once Sue had combed

it out.  

     The next part was a bit unpleasant.  Sue sat him down and

plucked eyebrows.  It hurt like hell.  He couldn't believe that

women do this all the time to look good.  Again, he wasn't real

bushy anyway and it could have been much worse.  She applied

mascara, a makeup base, eyeliner, and eye shadow.  Admonishing him

to pay attention because he was going to have to do this himself.

She finished up with powdered makeup and blush before applying a

dark red lipstick.

     Dan turned to look in the mirror.  He almost could not

recognize his own face.  It seemed to merge with his new female

identity.  He had often looked at his own face in the mirror and it

just did not seem to be himself looking back but strangers face. 

The face with long blond hair, makeup, and deep red lips somehow

looked right, like he was seeing his real reflection for the first

time.  It was such an emotional moment that his eyes started to

tear up. 

     Sue saw his response and at this time was really puzzled.  Was

he upset at being dressed as a woman or what else was going on. 

"Hey, what's wrong?  You are going to streak your makeup."  She

admonished then dug into her collection of costume jewelry.  

     "I got something in one of my eyes or something", he said

without sounding very convincing.  His voice sounded husky and full

of emotion.  

     She soon had him decked out with a gold neck chain, with

matching bracelet and clip on earrings, a ladies wrist watch, and

several elegant but gaudy rings which only fit on his smaller


     She finished up with a manicure and bright red nail polish

that matched his lipstick.  His nails had been fairly long and she

just rounded them at the ends before applying the polish.  They

looked as good as half the women on the street anyway.  He sat and

examined his hands.  The jewelry and nails made them definitely


     A spray of perfume, on his neck and wrists were the finishing

touch.  "Now get up and walk around and let me look at you", she


     Dan walked straight to the mirror and looked at himself.  The

transformation was complete.  There before him was a tall

attractive woman.  He didn't have to worry about his mother or

sister.  He was sure that they would not recognize him even from up

close, although now that he thought about it he did have a striking

resemblance to his sister.  He could be her twin.

     Sue was really amazed at what she had done.  It had been far

easier than she imagined.  He really looked good, very attractive. 

He reminded Sue of her girlfriend Peggy, tall, nice legs, nice

boobs and a well formed butt.  As Sue watched Dan walk back and

forth in front of the mirror she began to feel sexual stirrings of

her own.  She had no interest in Dan as a male, but here he was, an

attractive female, just her type.  She wondered if he would be

receptive to a pass right now, but dismissed it as just too early.

So much had happened to him in just a few hours.  He probably could

not deal with it right now.  

     "Dan, somehow Dan does not fit you right now.  How about

Danielle?  she suggested.  

     "Sure Sue, whatever you think.  You have done a really good

job with me.  Thanks a lot."  Dan, now Danielle, came over to Sue

and gave her a hug.  The feel of their breasts touching was

electric for both of them.  Sue was getting very turned on but she

decided to wait to make a move for a day or two, if she could stand

it that long.  

     They were still locked in their friendly hug when they heard

a noise from the bedroom door.  "Oh Sue, how could you?  Who the

hell is this bitch?"  It was Peggy, who was obviously furious. 

Peggy turned on her heel and started to leave.

     "Peggy wait, you don't understand."  Sue called at her shapely

back.  "Come back!"

     Danielle called to her, "Peggy, its me, Dan, I am in drag for

a case we are working on."

     Peggy, who had never met Dan, turned and looked at him, "Sure

you are.  You expect me to believe that shit?"  She started for the

door again but thought about the voice coming from Sue's very

attractive playmate.  The voice certainly sounded male.  Could it

really be true?  She returned and looked carefully at the tall

female figure standing next to Sue.  "Do you mind if I check this

out?" she asked.  

     Danielle responded, "Sure go ahead,"  little suspecting what

would happen next.  With a sudden swift movement that completely

surprised both Sue and Danielle, Peggy ran her hand up under

Danielle's skirt and felt his panty covered cock.  

     With a shocked expression she retrieved her hand as though it

had touched hot metal.  She and Danielle both immediately blushed

crimson.  "I'm terribly sorry Dan!  I could not believe you were a

man.  I thought Sue was cheating on me.  You look so, so,

believable"  she stammered for words.

     It was Sue's turn to blush, because of her unrealized desire

for Danielle in the last few minutes.  However, Peggy did not

notice Sue because she was looking Danielle over like a new dress

in the store.  "Very nice.  Really quite good.  I'm so sorry I

doubted you, Sue!"

     Sue explained the whole story to Peggy while Danielle

continued to practice walking back and forth in her high heels. 

Sue and Peggy watched Danielle walk back and forth as the story was

told.  Danielle seemed to be getting more confident on the heels

and Sue and Peggy found a matching purse for Danielle to carry her

gun and badge in.   The makeup used in Danielle's transformation

was placed in a makeup bag, along with comb, compact, and other

female maintenance items and loaded in the smart black leather

shoulder strap purse.  Danielle was handed her purse and slung it

over her shoulder while she practiced walking.  The whole thing

seemed so convenient and natural.  Dan hated to carry the gun on

his hip.  

     Dan called into the precinct and talked to the Captain.  Even

the act of talking on the phone was different and somehow exciting.

Danielle's long hair had to be moved aside for the receiver, the

earring immediately hit the phone.  Danielle debated removing the

earring but decided to leave it on.  He liked the way it dangled

from his ear.  He was conscious of his lipstick and its taste in

his mouth.  It made his lips feel so smooth and soft.  The taste

reminded him of makeout sessions in high school when he had first

tasted a girls lipstick on his own lips.  This was decidedly

better, and infinitely more erotic.   

     The Captain told Dan to come down to the station and pick up

a wire.  They would wire him for sound before sending him out. 

They wanted him in the park tonight.  Sue and a male officer would

sit in a unmarked car and back Dan up when the killer approached

him.  The Chief wanted action.  Dan and Sue would get overtime as


     Sue and Peggy said goodbye with a passionate embrace and long

juicy kiss.  Peggy turned and without thinking gave Danielle a

typical female to female goodbye hug as she left.  By this time

everyone was calling Dan, Danielle, without even thinking about it. 

It seem so natural given Danielle's totally feminine appearance.

     Sue locked up her apartment and got in her car.  Two street

maintenance workers watched them leave the apartment and one made

vulgar comments loud enough for them to hear.  Something about they

could probably suck start his Harley, or better yet him if they

wanted to.  Sue ignored the remark but Danielle when thinking about

it started to get turned on again.  The whole thing was getting so

confusing. As they drove to the station, Danielle wondered if women

were as constantly bombarded with sexual stimulus as he was.  He

was going to have to carry an extra pair of panties in his purse. 

He was very aware of the dampness in the crotch of the ones he was




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