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Archive-name: Changes/ts.txt

Archive-author: Bob Francis  (adaptation)

Archive-title: Transsexual Lust

I was 23 when I had the only job I really liked. It was after I graduated

from college in Philadelphia, and had just gotten a job in the fashion

industry. Actually, it was really just a designer dress shop, but it was a

start. At first, I wasn't too excited. After all, a dress shop isn't the

most interesting place to work, right? Wrong!

My first day on the job started out as normal as could be expected. There

was a note from the owner, Jesse, outlining what I was to do until she

arrived from out of town. I started out restocking racks, followed by

inventory, some general correspondence and typing of invoices. My day was

off to an easy but somewhat boring start. The real excitement started when

I received a phone call and was asked to pick up some of the new spring

fashions at a local designer's boutique. I drove crosstown to Pandora's

Box, which was located in what I thought was a rather questionable part of

the city.

The front door had a "Closed for Lunch" sign taped on it so I went around

back and rang the buzzer at the loading dock. A strangely husky but

feminine voice came over the intercom, asked who I was and what I wanted.

"I here to pick up the new shipment, I'm from Jesse's shop", I replied.

"Come around to the stairs, but there's no one around to help you load the

order, you're gonna have to wait awhile until the stock boy gets back ".

I went over to the back door, went up the stairs and walked into what

appeared to be a large dressing-room. It was full of mirrors, nude and

half nude mannequins and bolts of fabric. There I found someone adjusting

the hemline on a dress draped over one of the mannequins. As I looked with

more attention, I saw one of the most incredible looking women I have ever

seen. She was beautiful. She had one of those fashion model-type faces,

high cheek bones, piercing green eyes and a full pouty lip. She was

wearing a short black leather skirt and a white almost see through halter

top that showed off her shapely figure. Her long flowing blonde hair

spilled down her shoulders over her ample breasts.

To complete the picture, her gorgeous legs were perched on black stiletto

heels. In short, she wasn't just hot, she was radioactive. I just about

came in my pants as I checked-out her ass as she bent over. Engrossed in

her work, she was squatting in my direction, giving me a glance between

her legs. The top of her stockings and a clasp from her garter belt was

just barely visible. This lady gave new meaning to the words "steamy under

the silk". As she turned away from me I could see her firm tits and that

she was not wearing a bra. She bent over again, with her ass high in the

air. I licked my lips and I could almost feel her sexuality from across

the room.

"Hi Honey, what's new?" she asked as she looked at me through my

reflection in the mirror. I answered, "not much, just here to pick up an

order..." at this point, I just talked without thinking. I was almost

paralyzed with nervousness.  "I'm Donna, you must be Jesse's new manager"

she said turning towards me. "Yeah, I guess that's me....oh, by the way my

name is Bob", I replied.

Gazing at her butt and thinking out loud as she turned her back towards

me, as she bent over to pick up a measuring tape, I said in a barely

audible whisper "what a hot little behind". Obviously it wasn't that

inaudible because Donna immediately shot a glance at me through the mirror

and gave me a knowing, appreciative smile. Still looking at me in the

mirror. Donna said "listen, I'm just about through here, I just have to

get a bolt of fabric down from one of the overhead bins, if you could help

me get that, then we might be able to get some lunch, would you mind

terribly?" How could I say anything but "sure, let me help". "Great, your

a real sweetie", she replied.

Moving over to the overhead storage area Donna said, "I'll go up above and

send you down the bolts that I'll need, O.K.?" Without waiting for an

answer, she went about three-quarters the way up a somewhat rickety ladder

and stopped. "I never can find the light switch up here", she said, "see

if you can see the switch from down there". I walked over and looked up at

her. I could see right up her dress to her shapely legs and that firm ass

of hers that was at the end of those legs. I could see the switch alright

but said as I continued to look up at her ass "no, can't see it from

here". Donna leaned forward showing me just a little bit more of that

gorgeous tight butt. "This ladder is a little loose" she said in a

somewhat frustrated tone, "give me a hand getting down, I'll get one of

the stock boys to come up here later". She began to descend and began to

loose her balance. Placing my hands out to brace her fall, I reached out

and put my hands on her ass cheeks.

"Are you O.K.?" I asked as I continued to secretly feel up her ass. " I

think I turned my ankle" she answered, "high heels aren't exactly the best

shoes for climbing a ladder. "Let me see", I said as I looked at her ankle

to find that everything looked intact. "It looks fine, you probably just

bruised it. This ought to loosen it up". "Let's move over to the couch so

you can take your weight off of it", I suggested. There I began to slowly

and gently massage Donna's ankle. Moving up to her calf and then rubbing

her right leg, making slow and sensual moves. "Ohhhh God, that feels so

good. Ohhhh..."

Donna's moans of pain had changed in function, it became apparent that she

wasn't in pain. "Oh yes, that feels good, you know I think I like you a

lot? God, you make me feel good" she said. "I bet I can make You feel a

lot better," I blurted out. "Uh-huh, I think it's mutual." Donna said as

she looked into my eyes. I felt as if I was falling down a deep hole.

Donna bent over and kissed me full, deep and wet. She pulled back, stood

up and slowly removed her halter top and exposed what looked like perfect

38 C's, big nipples, firm, round and incredibly smooth. "Do you like what

you see?" she said in a strangely husky-feminine voice. I was too stunned

to say anything. She came toward me and placed her tits in my face. I

flicked my tongue over her nipples and they sprang to life, "Ooohh daddy"

she said, "suck on mommy's tits".

She reached down and began rubbing my crotch as I continued to nibble on

her jugs. "Ummmm, you're making me so hot" she cooed as she continued to

stroke the outside of my jeans," let me slip out of this skirt". She

unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Her nylon clad legs were

framed by the black garter belt and her ass was covered by a pair of black

panties that tied on either side.

She turned her back towards me, she pulled her panties up into the crack

of her ass. She bent over offering me the chance to kiss and caress her

hot ass. I licked and gently bit her ass savoring the taste of her sweet

skin and the smell of her perfume and her ass. Bending over further, she

pulled her panties over to one side of her ass cheek and exposed her

hairless pink asshole. Following her cue, my tongue eagerly darted towards

her hole.

Sweet and musky, I slowly circled her hole with my tongue. She spread her

cheeks inviting me to probe further. I pushed my tongue up into her dank

asshole, relishing every morsel as if I was devouring the richest

chocolate cake I had ever eaten. The further I put in my tongue, the

looser her asshole became and the more she moved in synch with my

probings. I tongue fucked her for what seemed to be an eternity, savoring

her sweet tasting bunghole. She moaned softly and stood up.By now my cock

was about ready to rip through my jeans.

She turned and faced me with her hands wandering over her pubic area. Her

tits hung in front of my face, just in reach of my tongue. "Do you like

suprises?" she asked. "Hey, I'm game for anything", I said without

thinking. "Good, I think you're really gonna like this one" she said.

Finally, Donna began to untie her panties. She then asked me, "if you

don't want to go any further, I understand, you'll see that I'm not like

most girls.", "I'll go as far as you want to go", I replied. As her

panties dropped she hissed "I want you". She stood there pinching her

nipples, naked except for her stockings, garter belt and high heels. I

looked up to see the biggest cock I have ever seen.

I was drunk with lust at this point. It didn't make any sense, I thought.

A great looking chick with a nonstop bod and a huge cock. She licked her

lips seductively and in a giggling voice said "I wanna see yours, too."

without slight hesitation, my shirt was off, and my pants were down to my


"Suck me" Donna demanded.

Shaking with lust, I reached over and gently taking her cock in my hands,

I started massaging her cock and balls. In the meantime I positioned my

self over her huge tool. Then when I thought she really wanted it, I

started my descent. I kissed the crown of her cock, then again. Donna

moaned. I kissed again, this time sucking the head into my mouth. Donna

moaned again. Each time I kissed her cock, I took more of her tool into my

mouth, and each time it was getting harder to take it in. I knew it would

take time to get it all into my mouth, but I was determined to do it.

Kissing, sucking, kissing, sucking, and finally I felt her cock in my

throat. I didn't gag.

"Now really suck it" Donna begged.

Donna climbed on top of me and began to kiss me, moving up from my chest.

I could feel her horse-dick against my stomach, her delicate arms pressing

me against the floor. Donna began to slide her tool up to my mouth, or

maybe I was sliding my mouth down to her tool, but anyhow, swallowing her

huge prick was what I was trying to do, somehow. I managed to force it all

in, Donna essentially fucking my face. Donna then changed her attention to

my prick, gazing at it with an intent look. We moved off the couch and

Donna began to suck me off, Pressing me against the floor. Donna was

working me over, almost making me shoot my wad right then. Donna had a

raging hard-on that I could not resist. I began to blow her off, as we

were doing 69's. Donna began to lick my balls and then my asshole, causing

my entire crotch to become stiff.

She got in front of me and began eating my ass feverishly, I pulled my

knees up and she went right to work. I could see her rock hard hot cock

was now in need of my willing ass. "You're a virgin, aren't you?", she

asked. "Yes", I replied "but I want that hot cock of yours in my asshole

now" hoping that this was precisely the answer she wanted.

Donna then moved down to my cock as she massaged it with her hand. My cock

grew firmer. She just rubbed it with her hand for several minutes, and

finally moved her lips to surround it. She began imitating my method,

kissing the cock as she sucked more each time. And her sucking was so

gentle. It sort of tickled my cock, but it felt great. Then she changed

the method as she started fingering my asshole and started sucking fast

and hard. She was really going for it, as I felt the tip of my cock hit

the back of her throat. She sucked and sucked, every so often allowing her

tongue to wrap around my cock. The action stopped, as Donna lifted my legs

up, and immediately pulled her finger out of my ass, and replaced it with

her tongue. That hot tongue in my even hotter asshole felt fabulous. She

tickled it first, as if teasing it, then slowly started digging her tongue

deeper into my asshole.

It felt like fire. She kept licking and pumping with her tongue for a long

time and each time feeling ever so much hotter. I was working up a sweat.

The heat in my asshole stopped as she went back to work on my cock. Slowly

she sucked, being even more gentle. I felt the cum rise in my cock as she

began sucking faster. I was now ready for Donna forcing her huge prick up

my ass. "Ooooh yes, fuck me with that gorgeous prick" I cried as Donna

positioned her prick on my asshole. As she bit my nipples and raked my

chest with her nails, she slowly pushed her meat into me. Her cockhead

slipped in with surprising ease followed by the rest of her big cock.

Finally, her huge prick was buried deep in my ass. "You're so tight, your

ass feels like hot silk on my cock" she whispered. I felt a warmth spread

over me as if my entire body was going to cum. My breathing quickened and

Donna began to pull in and out, both of us rocking, rutting and moaning,

as if we were a well oiled machine. She skillfully stroked my dick as she

fucked my ass and tickled my balls with her long fingernails. At first

Donna was on top but as we fucked, we shifted around so that I was sitting

on top of her.

As I perched on top of her she teased my asshole with her cock, she leaned

forward, almost bending in half and slipped my cock into her mouth. I

slowly rocked to the sexual rhythm, Donna's cock into my asshole, my

asshole fucking on Donna's cock and then my cock in and out of Donna's

mouth, my asshole back down on Donna's cock, then up and starting all over


I was trying to keep myself from shooting as I felt donna's dick twitch,

and her huge load go in my ass. "Ohhh, ohhhh I'm gonna cum in your hot

ass", she screamed. I couldn't hold back my load any longer. I buried my

face between her tits, biting, licking and sucking. I pumped furiously as

I shot and came over both our stomachs. I rolled off of Donna's still hard

cock and lie of the rug next to her. Donna began to sigh calmly, her head

on my chest. The sweat from Donna's head ran down my neck. "I can't

believe that," Donna said. "too good to be true?!" I added. "Oh, man, that

was incredible, I've never done shit like that!" "Are you gonna get used

to it?" I inquired. "Geez, I can't believe it. Ohhh..." Donna moaned and I

just layed there with her for about ten minutes.

Donna then put her hand on the side of my face and kissed me. Nothing

fancy, just a plain, but solid kiss. Our eyes just stared at each other

for a few minutes. She then drew me close and kissed me again. This time

more fuller and gave me a little bit of the tongue. All this time moving

her hands to my chest and lightly massaging my chest. I was not getting

real hot. I was intent to let her control.

She kept kissing me for at least 10 minutes, each time more fully, and

finally her tongue was exploring my mouth to the max. Suddenly, Donna

rested her hand on my cock and she started rubbing it slowly. I stayed a

step behind and started massaging her tits. They were firm yet soft and

very natural feeling. A few minutes later I reached to put my hand down on

her cock. Her cock was hard and hot. I was approaching heaven. We kept

this foreplay and kissing up for at least an hour, and both of us were

quite heated up from the action.

Instantly, Donna began the foreplay pattern all again. Our bodies side by

side and facing each other we kept massaging and kissing, feeling each

others warmth and caress.

Kissing her tits and then moving lower, I began to lick her belly and then

down onto her meat. I opened my mouth wide and placed it over her hot

tool. I started slowly moving up and down her shaft, and being careful to

time the strokes in a measured way. Each pass very slowly speeding up the

action on her cock. It was hard not gagging with that huge cock in my

mouth, but after so long, it didn't matter. It felt great feeling that

cock rubbing the back of my throat, just like her cock was massaging my


I never enjoyed giving head so much. I kept speeding up, and each time

feeling my throat get warmer from the friction. Donna was moving her hips

to my timely strokes. Finally, I really started the fast pace. Sucking

faster and harder, stroking her balls as I sucked. Donna's breathing

became irregular, as I felt it body get more rigid. Donna pushed my head

away, and just as I got away from her cock, it erupted, her juices

spurting up onto her chest and over her hard nipples. I grabbed her cock

in my hand and pumped her, and more sperm shot out of her rod. After

several more bursts, I again wrapped my lips around her cock and started

sucking again. The remaining juices tasted great. Donna still tense and

moaning loudly, let me continue. It only took another few minutes of

sucking and licking before she was ready to cum again. This time she

allowed me to drink it all. As her cock exploded again, and her cock deep

down in my throat, I sucked even harder. Feeling her cock expand as it

erupted in my throat, gave my throat a fabulous sensation, and Donna loved


After Donna was finished and her body relaxed, I nuzzled up beside her on

the couch and started the kissing and tit massaging again. Smearing her

first gob of cum over her still hard nipples.

Donna whispered as she nibbled on my ear, "That was nice, real nice. I can

see that I've got my work cut out for me".

"Well, speaking of work" she said, "The work is as done as it's gonna get

today. We could leave, and drop by my place." "Over to your apartment?" I

asked, in disbelief. "Yeah, I share one with somebody who I'm sure would

love to meet you" Donna said with a huge smile. "Why don't we shoot over

there and grab some lunch?" she suggested. I told her that the idea

sounded great but there was a slight problem, I was already late with the

pick up and I had to return to the dress shop. "No problem" Donna said as

she began dressing, "I'll call Jesse and tell her that you're helping me

pick up some things at the apartment and that you'll be running late, I

know she'll understand". "If you're sure we can get away with it, that'd

be great!" I replied to her. by this time, I was "freaking out", I had

never undergone so much so much so quickly. I got dressed and decided to

go with Donna, after all, things had turned out nicely already.

We went over to Donna's apartment in a Porche 944, which I found out later

was my bosses' car, which jacked up my nervousness even more. "She lets me

use her stuff all the time. I think Jesse likes me." Donna said. "Yeah,

she is pretty nice." I said "is this your place?" we came to a halt in

front of a row house, which was pretty well kept from the outside. "Yeah,

this is the castle." We parked and went inside to she apartment. "Pretty

neat place." I said, not knowing what else to say. "I guess, I'll show you

around." Donna took me on the grand tour, nothing spectacular, but it beat

the hell out of my living quarters.

"Here's the bedroom, if you couldn't have guessed." Donna began to pinch

her nipples and play with her tits. She moved her hand over her crotch,

causing me to have an instant erection. Donna put her arm around my neck,

and sort of hugged me for a few seconds. I just clung to Donna, until we

both went down on the bed. "This one's my treat," Donna insisted. Without

hesitation or notice, Donna had my pants down, and was again working over

my dick. In the next few seconds, we were both naked, Donna still working

on me. I then pulled myself up on the bed, with Donna hunched down on the

floor. Donna came up on the bed, like she was being pulled by her rod.

This time, Donna was under me, jeering for my dick. I went through the

range of motions that she had taught me earlier, causing the bed to knock

against the wall. Donna began to moan in delight, causing me to slow down

as she got up, Donna putting her tongue in my mouth. Donna was on top of

me again, her huge rod up my ass, slamming her body down on mine. Donna's

massive dick was busy at work, her tongue as feminine as the rest of her

body. Her flesh was undulating in perfect rhythm, finally causing her to

cum again.

fWe both stayed pretty still again, exhausted from out workout. "What are

we gonna do?" Donna asked. "What do you mean?" She laid next to me and we

just simply massaged each others chest while our cocks took a little

break. Donna again started massaging my cock, and it slowly came back to

attention. She then positioned himself over my cock, and taking my cock in

her hand, guided it to her asshole. Slowly she sat down. I felt heat start

at the tip of my cock and work down to the base as she put my cock all the

way into her. With her other hand she started stroking her cock. I started

fucking her ass and feeling her hot insides rubbing up and down my cock.

Donna tightened her asshole as she went up and relaxed them as she went

down. It only took minutes for us to cum. It was simultaneous. My load

shot up her ass, and her load onto my chest again. We literally collapsed

both even more sweaty and tired than before.

I heard some footsteps outside of the room and then very suddenly a voice,

"Well, I see you're in good hands" she said. "Holy shit, what are you

doing here?", I shot back. Much to my disbelief I looked up to see my

boss, Jesse, grinning like a Cheshire cat and unbuttoning her dress. "I

never was one for the subtle approach Bob, but i see that you're very much

at home with girls like me and Donna. We have that something extra" Jesse

said. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. As Jesse's slip fell around her

ankles, I could see that the bulge in her panties was growing even bigger

than Donna's. She wore a very sexy white corset which pushed her tits up.

The white lace stockings secured to her corset outlined her perfectly

shaped legs. Her tits weren't as big as Donna's but they were just as

appealing. Jesse had long jet black hair that she usually wore up in a

bun, she undid her hair and it fell down to about her asscrack. She too

was a real knockout. I would have never suspected that either of these

beauties were anything but 100 percent women. "Did you loosen him up real

good for me Donna?" asked Jesse as she rubbed my ass. I was beginning to

get hard again. I bent over towards Jesse kissed her softly and started

sucking on her huge nipples causing them to harden.

Jesse's cock was beginning to get hard. Taking the initiative I made my

way down her body licking her belly and began to put my mouth over her

ever growing prick. We all shifted positions and formed a daisy-chain with

mouths hungrily sucking pricks and balls clean. After keeping this up for

about 10 minutes Jesse said to Donna "I want to suck Bob's cum out of your

asshole". Donna smiled and climbed over her as if she exactly what Jesse

wanted. Squatting down over Jesse's mouth, Jesse began sucking Donna's

asshole and probing it with her tongue.

Donna leaned over further and began sucking on my cock. "Give it to me

Donna" she demanded, "Let me eat his hot cum". Not knowing what or how she

meant for Donna to do it, I could see Donna's asshole pucker as Donna

pushed her bowels ever so slightly. I could see the hot cum juice trickle

out of Donna's hole. "Yes, more, push harder" Jesse said. With that Donna

pushed with a little more effort only to feel Jesse's tongue go further in

Donna's ass than I thought was humanly possible. There must have been a

couple of ounces of my sticky sweet cum and some of her own ass fuck

juices that quickly shot out of Donna's asshole into Jesse's sucking

mouth. Donna continued to deep throat me with licking and sucking sounds

that filled the room. Hungrily, Jesse lapped up everything that Donna gave

her. I could see that there was a mixture of spit, cum and assfuck juices

glistening on Jesee's lips. I could smell the strangely incredibly sexual

aromas of our sweat, cum, spit, assholes and assfluids lingering in the

air. I looked over to Donna's big cock and then over to an even bigger

cock, now cradled in Donna's mouth . Jesse looked over to me and without

saying a word I knew exactly what was on her mind.

Now I was beginning to worry, until a few hours earlier I never had

anyone's cock in my ass and Donna's was large enough, but Jesse's was

bigger and fatter that I knew it was going to really hurt.

She read my mind. "I'll be gentle and take it slow". I obliged, and lifted

my legs. Jesse said no, turn over and get on your knees. So I did. She

bent over and started licking my asshole again. Heat building up again. It

seemed to help my muscles to relax. Finally I felt Jesse position herself

and felt her cock head squeeze between my cheeks and rest there. She

slowly started pushing it in. No pain at first but just pressure. Donna

positioned herself beneath me and began sucking and my hard prick. As

Donna serviced me Jesse continued to push her fat meat into my asshole.

I could feel the head finish its entrance with no pain, but when the stem

of the cock started in, pain was an understatement. Jesse was pushing ever

so slowly, and carefully. She kept whispering 'relax' as she kept sliding

more in. The pain was getting intense.

"Bite the pillow", Donna recommended.

That prevented any screaming, but the pain was getting worse as she slid

more of that huge cock in. She stopped. Waited, slid more in, and waited

again. She would only continue once the pain had ceased some.

"This may be a mistake", Donna stated.

Suddenly Jesse literally rammed the remaining half real hard up my ass. I

bit right into the pillow. Man, did it hurt. It felt like a grenade was

shoved up my ass and then exploded. Jesse moved her hands around me and

massaged my chest, pinching my nipples, as she let her cock sit in my ass

without moving in or out. Donna was licking my cock and balls.

The massaging and sucking helped, and when Jesse simultaneously started

kissing my neck, the pain began to subside. Sweat was rolling off of me.

Finally when the pain subsided, Jesse began the in-out movement which

Donna matched with her own sucking rhythm. No pain, just ecstasy. Feeling

that huge cock rubbing against the walls of my insides as my cock

disappeared into Donna's mouth felt great. She was pumping slowly, making

it comfortable. I moved my hand down to my cock, and continued to feed it

to Donna. That also helped to relieve what pain was left.

Donna's cock was growing harder so I placed my lips on its head. I opened

my mouth wide and engulfed her shaft without the slightest bit of

hesitation. There I was on all fours with a huge cock in my mouth and an

even bigger prick sawing in and out of my asshole. I felt as if there was

one enormous cock that was moving in and out of my body from my throat to

my asshole. It was sheer heaven for nearly an hour. Sucking and fucking

our lust began boiling once more. Both Jesse and Donna started pumping

faster and harder, really heating up my ass and cock. We were all in a


The heat was fantastic, I was in ecstasy. Jesse and Donna's bodies tensed,

so did mine. I felt Jesse erupt in my ass just as I shot my load into

Donna's mouth. Donna began cumming in almost violent spasms. We kept

shooting more and more as we all pumped. Jesse's cock stopped shooting but

she kept fucking me. Her cock still hard she kept pumping frantically as I

continued to cum on Donna's mouth and lips. Donna kept cumming in my

mouth. Jesse started moaning again, and I kept sucking Donna off. I was

going to cum again.  Jesse let out a loud moan as she shot again in my

ass. Donna's mouth swirled around my prickmeat.

I came a few seconds later.  Jesse kept pumping as she kept shooting, my

asshole and my cock were on fire! When was she going to stop cumming? Both

Donna and Jesse just kept exploding, I was in heaven . Finally Donna's

cock slipped out of my mouth and Donna let up on her cock sucking. Jesse

collapsed on top of me, as she slowly removed her cock I felt her jism

trickle out my over worked asshole. She fell off to the side, and as tired

as I was I slid over and rested in her arms with my face buried between

her tits. The last thing I remembered was looking at the clock and seeing

12:00, and thinking that we started this frenzy of fabulous sex at noon.

We all just lay there in bed, exhausted, spent and very well fucked. As I

lie between Donna and Jesse, we slowly drifted off to sleep.

Bzzzzzzzz. The alarm clock buzzed. Jesse reached over turned it off. We

all laid there for a few minutes in each others arms, and finally Donna

crawled out and headed for the shower. My chest was crusty with dried cum

on it, and I could see that she had flakes of dried cum on her too.

"Wanna save some time", Jesse asked.

I knew what she had in mind. So we climbed out of bed and headed toward

the bathroom too. There was a huge hot-tub type shower with about 4 shower

heads, certainly big enough for three. Donna started the shower up,

climbed in disappearing into the clouds of steam. Jesse and I followed. We

soaped each other up and scrubbed our own cum off of each others body.

Donna snuck  over and gave me and Jesse a nice gentle kiss. "I had dreams

of last night, I have to admit that you are the first who didn't gag

sucking on my cock" Donna stated to me. "I think that we have time for one

quick round" Jesse agreed.

Immediately Donna got on her knees and put my limp cock in her mouth,

balls and all. Donna swirled her tongue on my cockhead causing me to

shutter. As the hot shower sprayed on my back I could feel my morning piss

hard-on begin to relax. "I've gotta piss real bad ", I said. "Donna

wouldn't mind if you pissed in her mouth" Jesse said sweetly. Donna looked

up with knowing approval. Surprised but not unintrigued by the idea I

obliged her. Slowly at first a few drops and then a steady stream of hot

pissy fluid flowed as Donna placed her mouth over the base of my cock.

"Slowly" she said between swallows, "I don't want to spill a drop".

Once again I continued to drain my mancock into her lusty, greedy mouth.

My cock began to rise to the occasion, as I swelled, she let my balls back

out, then started sucking me real gently. Her hands on my ass pushing my

cock in and out of her mouth. She drained my meat of its piss swallowing

deeply and urgently. I could see that her cock was stiffening with her

lust. "Fuck my mouth" Donna said between gasps.

Jesse soaped up her cock and began soaping up my asshole. As Jesse's cock

grew I spread my cheeks for her entry. Her cock eased its way into me

probing deep into my bowels. I began pumping my cock in and out of Donna's

mouth. I was doing the work, she was just letting her lips rub up and down

my cock. Jesse gently moved her dick in and out of my hole. I felt Donna's

feathery touch of her lips pass over my cock head and all the way back

down my shaft. Faster and harder I pumped her mouth. Within minutes I

shot. Spurting juices in.

She did not swallow, but kept her mouth tightly shut as I finished

shooting. Donna stood up and placed her cum filled mouth on Jesse's mouth.

Their tongues intertwined and little rivulets of my cum ran down their


Donna laid back on the edge of the hot-tub on her back and spread her legs

in invitation to Jesse. I lathered up Jesse's cock and Donna's asshole

with soap. Jesse pushed her cock right into Donna's hot little ass. All

the time Donna's cock getting solid and real hard. After Jesse had pumped

Donna's ass for a while, I plunged Donna's cock into my mouth. Not slowly,

but all in one movement I took it all in. The sensation returned of her

cock rubbing the walls of my throat. I loved it. I sucked slowly but hard.

And as I sped up the action and sucked lighter. Donna started lifting her

hips toward me with each stroke of my lips.

Jesse began to fuck Donna with an urgency that could only mean that Jesse

was near her own orgasm. Jesse's and Donna's breathing picked up, and just

as quickly Donna grabbed my head and fucked my face hard. In just a few

minutes both she and Jesse shot their loads. Jesse was bucking like she

was on a wild horse, "Ummmm, ummm, ohhh" she cried. Donna started cumming

in the same instant. She shot and screamed out in short little breaths

"Ahhhh, ahhhh, ohhh" When she stopped cumming I just held her cock deep in

my throat, savoring her thick salty cum.

The hot steamy water ran over us as we lay in the bath. We began kissing

and cuddling each other . Jesse whispered something in Donna's ear and

then said to me "We think that this little lust-fest has serious

potential. Will you live with us for a while?" At first I didn't know how

to respond, I thought this was just a hot sequence of events. I didn't

think Donna and Jesse liked me as well as they liked each other, but I

hadn't done this before either. I decided that it was worth a shot, My

apartment really sucked anyway, especially without a roommate.

It turns out that Donna, Jesse and I really liked more than just "Fun in

bed', and we still have great times together at work, which just proves

how exciting a dress shop job can be.

(To be continued............)



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