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Archive-name: Changes/transken.txt


Archive-title: Transformation of Ken & Elizabeth Ann, The

    Ken was the all-star football player at Ridkin High, he

was very popular with the ladies, and had the respect and the

friendship of most of the other players.  His girlfriend, Elizabeth

Ann, was a cheerleader and very popular also.  They could also be

arrogant sometimes, but this was quite common with star players.  

Most of the other students accepted them anyway.  All except Brian 

and his friends.

    Brian always thought he should be the teams quarterback, and

that Ken simply used his position to get the girls, and scholarships,

and the many other things which came with being the all-star.  He also

hated Elizabeth Ann.

    His resentment was causing him to think of a way to get rid of them 

without hurting them.  After all, you cannot play pro sports from behind 

bars or in the electric chair.

    While sitting around one Saturday night, Brian and his buddies

decided to watch some x-rated videos they had.  One of them showed

girls being forced into compromising situations and having sex with men and

women.  There were also transsexuals and others going thru sex changes.  

It hit him, and he stopped the tape and told his idea.

    "Listen, we all dislike Ken and his girlfiend, and we all want them

out of the way, agreed?"   They all shook their heads.

    "Well, I have the perfect idea."  "Carl, your brother studying

down at medical school, he and his buddies would help us out, won't they?"

"Vin, you know your way around the clubs downtown, you can get us some

help there, can't you?"

    "Sure", they both said.  "What do you need done?"

    "We are going to grab Ken and Elizabeth Ann, take what we have just

seen, and turn them into our little bitches!"  "We can have some fun and 

make some money in the process!"

    "What if we get caught, what if they come looking for them?" one

of the other players asked as each pondered the idea.

    "Look where for who, we will change their names and appearance, there 

will be no Ken, we'll call him Katina."  They all smiled, and shook in 

agreement.  "Now", Brian said to all, "now we grab them and send them on 

their way."

    Ken was out on a date with Elizabeth Ann.  She was a girl who was 

very proper and studious.  Ken and her never had sex, the most they had 

done with each other was to touch each other in various places.  They 

respected each other, and Ken never forced himself on her or insisted 

on sex.

    They had just seen a movie, and Ken was walking her home.  He

took her up to her front steps, gave her a kiss goodnight, and walked

back towards his home.  As he turned the corner of the park near his

home, he heard someone yell, "get him, now!"  He turned, and felt a large

object strike him on the head.  He passed out on the ground.

    "Let's get him in the van, we can be over the border and into

Mexico in two hours."  They picked Ken up, and placed him in the back of

a van, started up, and pulled away.

    Ken woke up slightly, but was very foggy and weak.  He did not have

any idea where he was, and could not move.  He was tied down.  A man

came over wearing a doctors coat, and looked him over.

    "You are coming out better than we expected, it will be interesting

to see what you are going to look like after your done."  "As for now,

time for you to go to sleep."  Ken was given an injection and passed out.

    "It is time for you to wake up little girl, the boys are waiting!"

This is what Ken was hearing as he again awoke.  As his vision cleared,

he saw the face of some of his football buddies.

    "Where am I, what the hell is happening, why am I tied down, what's

going on!", he yelled.

    "You bitch, are getting back what you deserved."  "You gave us all

a hard time, we decided to give it back to you ten fold, and to get you

out of the way."

    Ken looked at him, still puzzled.  "What do you mean, and why do

you keep calling me a bitch?"

    Brian smiled as he walked over to the table where Ken was

strapped down.  He pulled the sheet away, exposing his new body.

Ken looked down, and let out a loud scream.

    His well-toned physic was retailored to give him a small

waist and round hips.  He had strong legs, they were reshapped to

give them a more feminine appearance.  All of his facial hair was

removed, and his hair was cut in a short but pleasing style.

    Ken's penis and testicles were gone.  They had been used to

create the vagina he now had.  It was big, and very sensitive to the

touch.  It would provide him much excitement once her learned and

understood to control the sensations.  Other body tissue was used

to create and shape two big and beautiful breasts.  Brian slapped

him across the face to quiet him down.

    "What's a matter star, something missing!", the guys were saying

to him.  "You sure are pretty, you will be the favorite of all of the


    Ken could not look down at himself any longer.  The doctor came in,

and pulled the sheet over him and gave him a sedative.  He slipped into

a deep sleep.

    "That's enough guys, we have to work on his voice and his mind,

and show him how to use what he has now, then you can take him home."  

They all gave each other a high five, and walked out of the room.

    "Now", Brian said as they walked away.  "It is time to turn the

socialite into a slut."

    Several weeks had passed since Ken disappeared, and there was a

lot of talk around the school about him and what might have happened.

Brian had taken his place, and the whole team, even Brian and his

friends, were or pretended to be upset and concerned over his absence.

    Elizabeth Ann was distraught, and was unable to give a great deal

of ethiusment when cheering at the games.  Most times, she sat on the

sideline and watched.  This delighted Brian and crew to no end.  It was

time to make the move on her next.  They had their plan, they made

arrangements thru Carl's brother to have friends do some work on her

once they had her.  It would take place tonight.

    There was a victory party for the game later that night.  She was

not happy about it, but Elizabeth Ann decided to go anyway.  Her

parents were out, so she was home alone getting ready.  She put on a

white sweater, plaid skirt, tan pantyhose, and flats.  "Just another

night out", she thought to herself.  She picked up her purse, and 

walked out of the house.

    The party was down by the mini dam along the river.  She always

liked to walk there with Ken, and it was a place she always felt

comfortable at.  Before going to the party, she decided to stop there

for awhile and think.

    She sat on the railing along the side and thought about Ken.

There were tears in her eyes.  She did not see or hear the boys

coming from behind.  She was grabbed, her mouth covered.  She tried

to struggle and scream, but passed out.  Brian took her purse and

shoes and left it by the side of the rail.  When it is found, it will

be assumed she jumped in and drowned herself.  They also left her ID

bracelet on the side.

    They put her in the back of the van, and drove off to the party.

All night while her friends partied and had a good time, she lay on

the floor of the van, covered with a blanket.

    With the party breaking up, Brian and his buddies went back to

the van.  They all piled in, and pulled away, driving towards the

downtown area.

    One of the other players, Nick, was rubbing Elizabeth Ann's

legs as they drove.  He ran his hand up her skirt, and toyed with

her thighs.  "This girl is hot, seems a shame to get rid of her

without doing anything", he said while continuing to stroke her.

    Brian snapped back, "never mind, we have to drop her off so she

can be fixed up."  "Once she is gone, we can go onto doing whatever we


    They pulled the van up to a warehouse on a dead end street in

a not to nice section of downtown.  Elizabeth Ann was carried out,

and brought inside.  There waiting was a plastic surgeon friend of

Carl's brother.

    Lying flat on an exam table, the surgeon looked over to see

what was to be done.  "I can do something with the breasts, make

them bigger, and puff up the lips."  "She will be "interesting"

when I am done."

    "Doc, it is all up to you, let us know when she is ready and

you need us."  "We will be checking on Katina next week, I understand 

she is looking great!"

    "Yes", the doctor replied smiling.  "She is hot, we did our best

work there, I do not think he will remember a thing when we are


    They all high fived each other outside.  Getting in the van,

each of them reflected on what they had done.  "Guys", Brian said

looking around the van.  "We got them out of our way, now we are

going to have some fun and make a little money with them."  "We

did it, we did it!"  They drove away laughing.  Meanwhile, in another 

clinic, Ken was being prepped and dressed as Katina.  The star football

player was being turned into a blonde and busty bimbo.  A similar fate 

was to fall on Elizabeth Ann.  It will be interesting to see what occurs 


    Huddled on the edge of her bed, a beautiful blonde, covered with

only a sheet, cried.  She was in a locked room, released only to go to

the bath room and to be worked on.  She heard voices coming to the door.

    The door opened, and two doctors walked in.  The girl looked up,

curious as to what would happen next.  One of them came over and spoke.

    "Now, is this anyway for a quarterback to behave, you have to be a

big girl now!"  This crying girl was none other than Ken, now Katina,

converted and changed into a submissive woman.  The men made her lay

down on her bed, pulling the sheet covering her.  Flushed with 

embrassment, she was being poked and probed by these two men.  They

checked her breasts, nipples, inside her vagina, her whole body.

    Ken would have made every attempt to get out some how.  But he was

in no position to run or fight now.  All he knew was what he was taught,

his name was Katina, and he was going to be used and exploited.



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