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Archive-name: Changes/tranform.txt


Archive-title: Transformation, The

Mistakes!, The (Series #1)

My name is Charles 'Chuck' Howley.

	First I think I should talk about me, or the way I USED to be.

I used to be the ultimate babe catcher.  I would go to bars or whereever,

and guys would take notes.  I could pick any woman up and then lay her down

if you know what I mean.  I am serious, there was no one I knew who was a

bigger 'stud' than I was.  If it had breasts I could convince it to fuck me.

That's a bit sick, but helps give you an idea about the way I was.  My roomate

always asked me to set him up with someone, but that wasn't my thing.

	Anyway, I digress.  This is about my involvement with a certain

lady scientist (smart chicks turned me on).  Her name was Katrina.  Katrina

Polovsky to be specific.  She was my next door neighbor when me and my college

buddy moved into a great appartment near the university that we were attending

graduate school in.  My roomates name is Bob Coleman, but he is only a small

part of this story, or is he? that I think about it, he actually

had a great deal to do with this whole scenario.  I was a business major, but

transferred to Law, and am working in graduate school as I said, and Bob is

a veterinarian to be (I am now...I help pussys..ok bad joke!).  

	The whole thing started when we set up our telescope in my room.

We, of course, were not terribly interested in star-gazing.  We noticed early

on that directly accross and slightly below my window level was the room, and

bathroom of our next door neighbor.  Let me describe the scene to you, two

young horny men setting up shop look accross the way and see a woman derobing.

Enough said huh?  Now don't get the wrong idea, she was no model.  In fact

had she been in a bar I would not have looked at her twice.  She appeared to

be fairly short, about 5'4, or maybe even shorter.  She wore large, think,

black rimmed glasses, and had the smallest breasts I have ever seen on a woman,

and believ me, I have seen many of them.  Her hair was very messy, short, and

unevenly cut.  Her skin was so pale I first thought she was an albino until

my roomate informed me that albinos did not have dark hair like hers.  I was

not the brightest of law students, in fact it was more due to the fact that

the dean was female that I passed than it was due to my brilliance.  No, I

did not fuck the dean for grades, though it was a nice little perk that

prevented me from screwing and running.  I screwed Diane, oops I wasn't

supposed to ever use her name, um Shelly was her name, yeah, that's it!

I screwed Shelly cus Shelly had just gotten back from a breast augmentation

surgery, and she was very fetching after it.  

	I digress again...I have a habit of doing so.  Anyway, back to Kate

Polovsky.  Her hair was filled with little specks of dandruff, and when I

first saw her she had obviously not showered in more than a few days.

Anyway my roomate then said "Hey Chuck, that is the ugliest chick you've

ever seen naked!".  He then laughed in a typically masculine manner.  Not

only was Bob smarter, but he was actually more handsome.  I was a basketball

player.  No, not a good one.  I was a center, and was average at best, but

you let me digress again.  Punch me when I do that.  Better yet piss on

your homework when I do that.  Kate (as I call her now) had lived there

for 5 years, and was a very well respected young scientist.  She had a

critical role in several military developments, despite being merely 28

years old.  I was a kid at 24.  Anyway, being the friendly guy I was I

decided to go over and introduce myself.  My first mistake.  

	I then immediately followed that with my second mistake.  Telling Bob

what I was planning to do constituted as mistake #2.  Bob is a great guy, and

envied me like mad back then, but he was also a prankster.  He immediately 

joked "Gonna go over and screw that ugly hairless horse over there huh?"

Why me?  He then said "better watch it Chuckmeister, the ugly ones are either

the hardest or easiest to screw!"  How would he know?  I was the all-american

stud!  So being an idiot I made mistake #3 (all in a row like that), instead

of saying "Go fuck yourself!" I said "Oh yeah? I can get any chick in the 

sack!".  See where this is going?  You got it, Bob, in typical jokester

fashion decided a bet was in order.  He decided that appropriate amount would

be half the rent.  In other words if I won, he pays all the rent, and if I

lost, well you get the picture.  I fortunately had the presence of mind to

say "Nah, too risky, she could be a lessie."  See how sensative towards 

women I was.  Anyway he convinced me that I could do it given all semster.

The bet turned into I had to have her ready to marry me by the end of the

semester, upon which time, I would dump her.  Cruel huh?  Well I agreed making,

you guessed it, mistake four.  I keep logging these mitakes so that you can see

how many chances i had to avoid this catastrophe, but didn't because I wasn't


	To understand why I accepted this bet, you have to realize that it

wasn't the money, although it never hurts.  I was pig headed.  In my mind

women were nothing, but a way to get satisfaction.  I never visualized a 

woman with her clothes on.  I saw a woman on the street and did I think

'She looks nice' or 'She looks smart'? No, not me.  Even ugly women were

just sexual objects, albeit undesirable ones.  They were like cars to me.

A pretty one was a Cadillac, and ugly one was a Saab.  A young girl was

a Porche, while an old one was an Edsel.  I am serious, I never associated

any human qualities with women at all!  That and the fact that I saw myself

as a man who's mission in life was to be the next Hugh Heffner.

	Anyway, I agreed and went over to the house with a sinister motive,

right after I had had probably the first non-sexual thoughts about a woman

since my mother was killed (they never did prove it was Dad's gun).  I 

strolled over casually thinking up a way to get her in the sack quick, when

she came out of her front door carrying a bucket filled beyond the rim with

shrivelled up dicks.  Yes you read right, dicks!  To say the least, this

drastically lowered my love for this bet, and I was about to flee back to

the house and declare the bet null and void, when she turned, saw me and said

"Oh hi there.  How are you?  You're the new neighbor right? I am Katrina."

and she closed the distance between us faster than I have ever seen a woman

move without running.  I was frozen stiff.  She held out her hand to shake

hands, but I could not move and inch.  It was the first time I had met a 

woman that frightened me.  She was no dummy, she immediately noticed that

I was staring at her bucket and said "Oh my goodness, I forgot I had those

with me.  Well, you have uncovered my plot to kill every male in the world

so I guess I'll have to kill you."  My eyes popped out of my head and I said

oh so eloquntly "k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-ill me???"   She giggled uncontrollably

and said "No silly, I was joking!"  This did not ease my tention at all.

	She then explained to me that she was doing some experiments with

genetics, and limb replacement, and she had made the sexual tools as part

of her experiments, to see how well they would perform.  She went on to

tell me that when her work was completed cosmetic surgery would be out-dated

and that you could just use her machine to design your own body.  As I said

I am not a genius, but I understood enough to calm my fears.

	She then invited me in, and I accepted with new resolve.  I could see

it a semester from then, I would say "I do...just joking you shitty bitch!"

I walked into her house and was frankly amazed.  Her entire house interior

was carved out and replaced with a series of massive machines.  There was a 

human sized tank of water with wires floating in it in the middle of the

house, and it was flanked by a massive series of computers.  I gasped.

She looked at me and asked "Are you a scientist? If so I'll explain the 

machine to you..." I stopped her right there and said "No, do not explain 

a thing, you will just confuse me."  Even today I do not have even a small

inkling about how that enourmous machine worked, though she always referred to

it as her "Biological System".

	It jumped out at me and scared me half to death.  It the leaped into

the air and threatened to take part of me apart!  It then landed upon me and

began to...purr.  Purr?  It was indeed a cat, but not a typical house cat.

It was a Cougar!  The Cougar was licking me furiously, as if it were trying 

to melt me like the wicked witch of the next door.  Katrina said "Oh Garth,

can't you treat our guest properly?"  The cat purred at her and went back to

licking me.  I was frozen stiff, afraid that any minute the cat would

change moods and tear me to shreds.  I have no illusions about my fighting

abilities.  It is another of my weaknesses.  when I get slapped it hurts.

I have no threshold for pain, and I cannot deliver a punch without 

telegraphing it and letting my opponant have two weeks to figure out his

favorite way to block that particular punch.

	After several weeks of visiting her constantly, I made no progress.

She would not open up, and never even gave me a hint that she was interested in 

getting stuffed by me.  I spied on her constantly to try to figure out an edge

but she never did anything.  All she did was work on her machine.  Even when

I was there, she just worked away on it.  She said that she was making progress

on it, and that at this rate it would be done in 10 months and she would be

rich, famous, and happy.  She always warned me to stay away from the machine,

as if I were there to smash it.  She also mentioned that if she did finish it

in 10 months that she would be 6.3 million dollars under-budget on a 7 million

dollar funded project.  She said that would open the eyes of the military to

her talents.

	I then decided that if i were going to win the bet that I would have

to rub out the competition.  I convinced myself that only if she were without

that infernal machine would she notice my superhumanly sexy self.  Take notes,

cus this was mistake #5.  I have had time after time to pull out of this whole

affair, but never did.

	After she left on her daily jogging trip around the blocks in the local

area.  She would be gone for 2 or 3 hours.  I dressed up in green camo gear

(not mine, Bob's.  I have no camo stuf because I have never heard of anyone

getting laid because a chick liked his gun belt) and wore gloves, and was

ready to shoot the Cougar cus if i didn't it would eat me as soon as I got

close to the machine.  I stalked over there oh so well.  I had never done this,

but I think I did damn well for my first attempt.  I broke into the back

door, ok, I'll admit, she always leaves the back unlocked cus the cougar likes

hunting wabbit, er rabbit.  I opened the door and stuck my head inside and saw

the cougar looking right at me from across the room.  I could tell it new I

was up to something by the way it stared at me.  I raised my gun and slowly

squeezed the trigger and *Pfffft*. the deed was done.  You don't think I would

use a gun without a silencer in the city do you?  I am young not naive.  I then 

went about destroying the machine.  I took my bat and smashed relentlessly at

the assorted computers, and pummeled them into unrecognizability.  I then

turned my thoughts tankward.  I looked at the large tank and remembered that

she had put more work into that piece of equipment than any other.

	I decided that since I had an hour and 10 minutes still after my

bashing, I would check this tank out.  I climbed up next to it and looked in.

It most certainly was not water as I had initially believed.there was some

sort of slimey mucus like gunk in there.  I then made sure I was far enough

below the lip to avoid any possible slip into this tank of slime.  I saw

electricity coursing through the liquid.  Curiousity killed the cat right?

Well the cat took advantage of my curiousity, that and the fact that I thought

there was only 1 of them, to leap up at me and begin clawing at me.  It had

been outside hunting and had rutrned to find it's mate lying dead on the floor

and me messing with the mistresses' stuff.  I struggled valiantly, but decided

that I couldn't win because I had put the gun away (I hate guns) and I was 

losing this fight fast!  I decided that my only survival chance was to flip

backwards into the tank and hope it didn't like the looks of the slime.

	Great idea, but it turned out to be my last and biggest mistake.

pushing off from the great cat, I flipped back into the bubbling tank and

was met with a series of shocks.  You don't think that clearly when cougars

are on top of you tearing you apart.  I actually stayed awake in the tank for

quite awhile, and it really wasn't that painful until just before I blacked



	I woke up in the hospital and tried to moan, because I had the worst

headache I had ever had.  Fortunately I did not feel any pain anywhere else.

thinking about it more, I realized that I could not feel ANYTHING anywhere

else.  I couldn't move anything.  I was paralyzed!  The Katrina moved into

my vision and said "Chuck, do not worry.  I will not press any charges,

in fact there is nothing that I can do to you that could be worse than

what is going to happen to you for the rest of your life."  Bob then

came in and said ""Um, dude don't worry about the bet, you won as far as

I am concerned ok?"  I tried to respond, but could not manage.    

	Katrina then cleared the room and returned to me alone.  She said

"I know why you were being friendly to me.  I know about the bet.  I have

known all along.  But why?  Why did you destroy what would be my life's

most rewarding invention?"  She then continued "Well, I know about the way

you treat women and I want to tell you that you are going to have a

terrible month." She then left without saying another word, but left a note

on my table.  Bob then returned and said "Dude, I will be callable if you

learn how to talk again ok?  Should I tell yer Dad about what happened?"

trying to respond just made the already hideous pain worsen.  He then said

"blink twice for no, once for yes."  I started to blink once but an eyelash

dropped into my eye, and I blinked rapid fire.  He said "Wow, you must

really hate getting their support."  Actually I wanted it since I could

not pay for the treatment, and I let my insurance company cancel my policy for

lack of payment.

	Over the ensuing 3 or 4 hours, my feeling slowly returned to my body.

Once I was able I reached over and got the note that Katina had left.  I

opened it slowly, and read it:

		Dear Chuck,

			I know that you will be unnable to believe me,

		but your body is going to undergo a massive phisiological

		change.  When you fell into the vat, it altered you inside

		and on a subtle level, and those alterations will force more

		overt ones over the coming weeks.  What I am trying to say

		tactfully is that you are about to undergo the worlds first

		non-surgical transformation from male to female.  You will

		also be undergoing other changes that will complement your

		change, and probably will become a very unique being.

							Yours truly,

							Katrina Porovsky

		P.S. Do not try to seek me out, I am moving away.

	I laughed at this ludicrous letter.  It couldn't be true, could it?

I mean really, sure it was related to what she was trying to do, and sure she

said she was getting close to success, and that only minor bugs remained,

but no way could it be true.  I began to cry.  I then though 'I am crying,

just like a girl!' I then forced myself to stop.  I realized that I had pretty

much healed fully, and could leave, if I had any money that is!


Transformation!, The (Series #2)

	I sat there thinking in my hospital bed 'Could Katrina be telling the

truth?'  'Naaaah!' I thought, that's stupid.  Shit like that just doesn't

happen!  I then remembered the fact that Katrina had not lied, misled, or been

wrong since the day I met her.  I began to cry softly.  I then snapped upright

and realized that I had just cried in a typically feminine fashion.  I

won't do that, I am a stud remember.  I can have any woman I want!  I then

decided that if Katrina wasn't trying to decieve me, that I would be a tom

boy of a woman.  No wearing bras, or dresses, or any of those wierd

accessories, the most feminine thing that would touch my body, would be jeans

from the women's department, and lady's sneakers.  I would wear my old t-shirts

and other clothing, and I would not cry, think about guys, or even consider

using pink in my room.  Yup, I had it all figured out.   Then Katrina came

back.  She walked in and said "I felt so guilty Chuck, I had to see you again."

	"Hey stop that! This is a hospital not a hotel!" screamed the nurse.

She was referring to all the orgasmic noises coming from Katrina, as I thrust

it in for the umpteenth time since we started fucking 3 minutes earlier.  As

I mentioned, I do this alot, and through critiques from the ladies, I have

become probably one of the better lovers in the country.  I pride myself on it.

I said "Good job, Katrina.  You had to have your orgasm so fucking soon!

Why couldn't you hold it?"  "First off call me Kate, Chuck.  Secondly until

3 minutes ago I was a virgin."  she commented.  "I know, you think I can't

tell?" I replied.  "Just get out of here 'Kate'!" the nurse snapped "And get

a chest while you're at it!"  Kate, being very sensative about her breasts that

made her look almost pre-adolescent, ran out of the room crying.  "Kate come

back!" I cried.  "Your blouse!  You said beore we started that you had more

information!" I screamed as I rose from bed, fully healed from my trauma.

	The nurse was a 5'7" average looker with blond hair.  She couln't have

wieghed more than 130 lbs.  I was 6'4" athlete, and I was still horny, plus

this bitch had just scared off my #1 hope of getting out of, or coping with

this mess.  Let's just say that the woman no longer has her perfectly formed

facial structure.  Hey, she tried to stop me from getting out of bed!  What

was I supposed to do?  

	I chased Kate down the hall, still hard...ever try to run right after

sex?  It's not fun especially if you have above average sexual features as I

do.  It runs in the family, to this day I have never seen bigger breasts on a

woman other than my mother's.  Being my usual athletic self I beat her

downstairs, and waited at her car.  When no one showed, I assumed she had

noticed her toplessness and ducked into a closet or something somewhere.

meanwhile I saw the orderlies flying acorss the lobby to come collect me.

I decided that making a break for freedom was the best policy.  Hey, after

all I couldn't have paid for the treatment, although the only treatment they

gave was a warm bed, lousy food, and breaking up sex.

	I jumped in Kate's car and immediately it hit me, no keys!  I decided

to ditch the car (great thinker I am huh?) and run for it.  I outran


UUUUUUUUUUUUUU#+&M'R#+'SkU/.]Y[service error

To chance it on foot, instead of trying to hotwire it (great decision since

I don't know how to hotwire a car).  I outran the orderlies, and ducked into

an alley.  Five bad looking dudes came up to me and their leader said "Hey

look at this, looks like we found that guy Michelle wanted."  "But he doesn't

look like the kind of guy to suit Michelle's needs, Slash." the smaller

one on the left said.  "If he doesn't do it then we kill him, it's that

simple!" Slash retorted.  I managed to spurt out "Oh I'll fill her needs,

I can handle it, by the way, what are her needs?"  "You'll find out punk!"

Slash said angerily.  They led me, ok they forced me deeper into the alley

and apparently one of them hit me from behind.  I blacked out.

	"Unnngh" I muttered as I came to in a very comfortable bed.  My

head hurt really badly.  I sat up and saw a woman wearing nothing save a blue

nightgown, standing in the hallway.  She was very attractive, and had deep

red hair, with hazel eyes that seemed to glow. "Michelle the volunteer is awake

now!" she screamed.  Her breast set very nicely on her chest, and didn't droop

or sag at all.  Her body had the look of a woman who worked out.  I wanted

sex so bad, I was ready to leap at her and rape her, but I was still in a tight

spot, so I controlled myself.  I was however hard as a rock.

	Michelle also had reddish hair, but it was a deeper blood red.  She

was about 5'7", looked to be around 120 lbs.  She had nice curves, and an

average bust size.  What made her stand out however was the way she held

herself.  It was with a confidence that I had not seen before in a woman.

She seemed as if she was in control of everything.  My God how I wanted her!

She was wearing tight, hugging spandex shorts, and merely a brassiere on top.

Her hair was wet as if she had just stepped out of the shower.  "So you

volunteered huh?" she asked taking a seat at the desk I had not even noticed

was there.  "Sort of, I suppose." I said as casually as I could.  "What

do you mean 'sort of'?" she questioned.  "Well those 5 guys didn't exactly give

me much choice in the matter." I replied quickly.  "Shit!" she said "I told

those morons to stop doiing that.  I told them to find a volunteer not to

make one."  "What is it you are looking for?" I asked.  "A male hooker." she

said so casually that it set me off guard.  "Well," I said looking for some

sex "I won't ask for any money, but I can fill you up if yyou are that

desperate..." "Not for me you idiot!" she inerupted "For my business.  What

do you think this place is?"  I knew it was a whorehouse, but I still didn't

care if it had her in it.  I stared at her supple breasts, her nipples

accentuated by the lacy bra, and I realized, that I was supposedly not long for

this sex, so 'What the hell!' I thought.  "I'll do it!" I said. 

	When Kate entered I was shocked to say the least.  After me, she

thought anyone could perform as well?  "I knew I'd find you here." she said

in a matter-of-fact kind of way.  "How?" I said.  "I left that blouse with you

on purpose, it has a tracer in it." she pointed out.  "Oh." I said flatly.

"I had to pay to even talk to you ya know." she said.  "I said well, you said

you had more info for me." I said.  "Yes, that transformation into a deformed 

woman you are going to undergo, well I figured out that it should start

within the day.  I found that out at 12:00 yesterday.  So basically any minute

it could start, or maybe it already has, and is starting on internal stuff."

she explained.  "I also figured out that your senses will be greatly enhanced.

So like you should be able to smell as well as a wolf, hear super-humanly,

and see extroardinarily well.  Unfortunately I figured out that it will also

greatly enhance touch.  If someone slaps you lightly, it will feel like a truck

ran over you.  Sex will be so incredibly pleasurable, that you might not be

able to handle it."  I nodded as if I understood, but I had no clue, as

I said, I am not the brightest.  

	Kate moaned in pleasure.  We had just finished our 11 and a half hour

bout of love-making.  Kate had 50 orgasms a second it seemed.  She acted like

it was unbelieveable to her how good it could be.  I like to think that it was

just me.  I don't remember noticing anything odd, but when I went to the

bathroom to take care of my hygiene needs, I noticed something.  There,

protruding from my chest, were huge flabs of flesh.  That's right, breasts.

They weren't all that big yet actually, but when you go from no breasts to

a little, it seems like a lot.  I suppose that was how teenage girls felt,

but to them it happened gradually.  For me it was literally over night.

I had explained my plight to Michelle before taking this "job" but she

laughed and I don't think she believed me.  I stared at the mirror in awe,

and wondere whether it was just a dream/nightmare, but it was so real, it could

not be.  They hung there, and stuck almost staight out.  I did not move

for about an hour.  I had this intense urge to start findeling myself, but

I resisted, because doing so (in my demented mind) would be admitting defeat.

	Kate then came in and gasped.  She knew it was coming, but was as

unprepared to see me with little tities, as I was.  We decided to measure them,

and let's just say they weren't the type that runs in the family.  The nipples

had not stuck out at all, or developed in any way.  They looked identical.

The urge to fondle them grew with each passing moment, and I asked Kate if this

was normal.  "Actually I don't know, I was indulged in my scholastics at that

age and I didn't notice the fact that I had breasts till some of my classmates

began teasing me about having such small ones in my senior year.  I was lucky

to notice when my periods started." she confessed.  "I'll go buy you a bra for

those.  You should have about an 'A' cup almost." she offered.  "NO! I will

not be wearing any girly clothes!  No bras!  No panties!  No high heel shoes!

No frilly feminin sissy clothes AT ALL! Do you hear me?!? I am a man at heart,

and I will NOT be wearing any little cute pink things!" I shouted.  I was

loosing it.  I knew that, but I couldn't help it.  I was ready to get a

pro-female ranting and raving from Kate when she said "Your right."

	"Huh?" I muttered.  "Your right.  You are a man at heart, not a woman.

Why should you pretend you grew up a woman when you are a man?  In fact, I

wouldn't be surprised if you decide to keep chasing women.  Your only choice

might indeed be to become a lesbian, Chuck."  I feinted.

	I woke up to Kate slapping me silly.  I worried that if I had been out

long enough more hideous developments might have taken place.  "How long?" I

asked immediately.  "10 minutes" Kate responded "Michelle said I could stay

free of charge in order to help you cope.  She said that after you became a

woman that the two of you would talk about your continued capacity here.  She

said that she did not expect you to be a female hooker here, and you could like

be in charge of greeting the customers or whatever."  I sat up and kissed Kate

deeply.  "What was that for?" she asked.  "For not pressing me to try to act

female, and for not being mad at me for blOWIng Up liKe tHAt" my voice cracked.

Oh no I thought, not the voice.  My voice was always one of the keys to my 

catching the ladies.  "Well, she said.  I was exaggerating.  I don't think you

should play the sexual scene at all...that lesbian thing was a joke.  I do

however think you should consider wearing a bra.  If you don't men will think

you are 'easy' and you will spend the rest of your life saying 'I am not

interested' and fighting off would be rapists."  Rape was not one of the things

I had thought about.  I did not buy her arguement one bit, but it was the way

she said it, kind of pleading with me to at least dress femininely enough to

pass as a normal woman.  I nodded my permission to purchase bras.

	Many men complain to me that the bra is a tough thing to get off a

woaman and that only the ladies can do it.  They just did not have enough

experience at it.  I was great at taking those suckers off.  Putting it on

however proved to have some difficulty related to it.  During the time that

Kate was out shopping I had spent staring  I noticed about 5

minutes before she returned, that my nipples had slowly stuck out during the

time.  They were perky little breasts, but if I were to have tits, I wanted

knockers.  I wanted a huge bust, that drew attention.  I was a bit of an

exhibitionist as a man, and as a woman I wasn't going to stop.  Then I

remembered my promise to myself to stay as manly as possible with no dick, and

thanked God for these small ones.  Kate laughed as I failed to connect the bra

on my 25th time.  "Let me help." she said, but I waved her off, determined to

show that anything some dippy woman could do, I could as well.  I finally

connected the bra ends on about the 70th try.  I looked at mmyself in the

mirror.  I noticed somehing that I hadn't before.  My chest hair had

disappeared long before the breasts were even hinted at.  I sighed.  What would

Dad say?

	I screwed Kate again that nioght despite her protests of cramps.  I

convinced her that it would be one of the last few times for me.  During our

love making I was gratifyed that she was still very attractive to me.  It meant

that I was still a man emotionally.  Kate seemed amused at the fact that I had

breasts in bed.  After sex I flumped down on them and was rewarded when the

fuzzy sheet rubbed against them and sent a mild good feeling through me.  I had

never had sex as good as that before.  Kate said it was because for women sex

was more sensual, and the nipples added to that effect.  I think it was because

I knew it would be one of the last.  

	The next morning I slept in.  I was afraid to get up because I knew

something would be different.  Eventually Kate coaxed me out of bed, and she

looked me over.  "I don't see anything" she said.  I did not believe it. I then

said "I wonder why noth..i..n...g...."  I then new what the change was.  I had

a woman's voice.  It was a nice voice, not one of those really high pitched

squeaky ones, or one of those scratchy pnes that I always dreaded in women, but

a sweet, soft, soothing voice.  The type that you just like listening to.  I

did.  I started saying miscelaneous things so I could hear myself talk, and it

was beautiful.  I loved it.  I would not trade this voice for any.  I got a

hard-on just listening to myself.  I then noticed something odd.  As I got this

last hard on, something else got hard to.  You guessed it, my nipples stood on

end like you would not believe, ok, well I didn't believe it anyway.  Kate

smiled and said "It's a very nice voice.  I wish my voice sounded even half as

good."  Kate sighed, and I realized that she actually had a pretty good voice

(not as nice as mine though) but she was to damn cold sounding. There was no

emotion in her voice, just statement of fact.

	I went and took my first shower with my new breasts (the previous day

I was to traumatized) and while washing, I wondered if women washed with soap

under their breasts.  I remembered my promise to myself not to feel myself

or any other such thing, and sat there wondering.  I decided that this was

hygiene and didn't count.  I brought the soap down along mmy chest, sort of

they currently were so small that there was nothing under them, because the

concealed nothing.  I decided to wash them, and began rubbing the soap over

them, until I hit a nipple, and began to get that nipple really clean if you

get my drift.  I quickly realized and stopped.  I decided that unless they were

really filthy with visable dirt, I would conveniently skip that part of the

body.  I then noticed that I had been singing in the shower, in order to keep

hearing my voice.  I promptly stopped, and I have managed to avoid excessive

talking and singing to hear my voice since then.

	Upon getting out I began to dress when Kate walked in and said "We're

going shopping."  "The hell I am!" I quickly countered, there was no way I was

going out in publlic until either the transformation was complete or it stopped

all together.  "Yes you are, we need to find you better bras.  I saw the way

that one looked on you and it was a tad large, and we only have two of those,

so we are going shopping, and this time I am going to have your bust there with

me."  I said "Ain't no way, I still got a dick remember? when was the last time

a guy had tits?"   "I have a small bust as well, we'll say it's for me, and

sneak you in."  "I said there is NO way you are getting me out of this place."

I countered.

	I was not wearing my bra, as we drove to the store, in hopes that my

bust would sag and be less noticeable.  No such luck they stuck straight out,

and if not for the sweatshirt I was wearing, I would have looked like a fool

because my nipples were on end the whole way over, as was my dick.  I don't

know why, maybe because my nipples were telling it that they were excited and

the dick wanted to see what the excitement was about.  

	We arrived at the store, and walked in confidently.  Kate looked almost

as nervous as I was.  We went to the women's department, and began looking

around.  I saw all he colored bras, and decided I wanted either black, blue or

white bras only.  I also told her no frills.  There would be 0 lace and they

would not be any matching lingerie sets or any bullshit of that nature.   Kate

went up o the woman at the fitting room and said, very seriously "I recently

had some liposuction done, and I think my breasts lot some as well in the

surgery, could my husband and I see some various size try-on bras?"  The woman

nodded but pointed out that I could not go in the fitting room with her, and

Kate rebutted "My husband comes, or we go to a different store."  Kate knows

what buttons to push, the woman let me past.  I tried on several sizes and

it came down to this bra that looked like it had no cup whatsoever.  Kate

called it a triple A bra, but that meant zero to me, because I knew nothing.

This bra seemed very snug and comfortable.   I realized she was right.  The

other one shifted to much.  We got a full wardrobe af brasierre's.  I got

like 5 of these sports bras, all white.  I got 7 black bras, 11 white ones,

and 4 blue ones.  She conned me into buying 1 red one as well, and was trying

for a pink jogbra, but that was where I drew the line.  I asked her why we were

getting so damn many of them since I had no intention of wearing them outside

the whorehouse.  "You never can tell when you will need extras" she responded

	You can guess what we were doing that night.  Yes it was sex again.

This time I was slightly prepared for the effect of the breasts, and unlike the

previous night, did not flop off on my chest.  When I woke up the next morning

I knew what had happened, before I even awoke.  I knew because I had not shaved

in two days, and I felt my face (because I bit my lip when I woke up) and it

was smooth as a baby's butt.  I assumed that this was all, but it was not to

be.  I was up before Kate this time, and decided to get ready as soon as I got

up.  I took my shower and avoided my breasts,  and went to get dressed.  That

was when I noticed.  As I put on my Metallica t-shirt, I realized that my

breasts were much larger.  They were no longer the barely noticeable ones I had

adjusted to, they were now about watermelon size, and were very noticeable.  I

raced to the mirror and looked at them.  They hung there looking at me,

taunting me with the realizeation that Kate and I had decided last night to

get my hair cut in a feminine fashion today.  Kate had made an appointment with

her hairstylist, who apparently is very good and trustable fellow.  I woke Kate

up and showed her the monstrosities.

	"They aren't all that big Chuck, by the way, we have to decide upon a

woman's name for you." she commented.  Aren't that big?  They were enourmous!

"Every woman either exaggerates or downplays her breasts, well every one that

I have been friends with, and I hate to admit that they were all a little

sensative." she explained.  We measured them and found that I now had very

average sized breasts.  Why did they look and feel so enourmous to me?

We ended up going to the haircut, and she almost got me to go and get new bras,

but I outsmarted her, saying that they might grow again.  

	That night a very improtant development took place.  We were making out

(yes again) and I was performing fairly well, but I was tiring earlier every

night.  Well this night I swore to myself that I would go at least 8 hours.

(hey, it's what I do!)  About at hour 4 I began to dizzy and get tired.

I prssed on anyway, and kept going despite exhaustion.  Kate had her third

orgasm in a row.  I rammed it in hard in a summoning of my strength, and

collapsed in exhaustion.  Kate continued to shout "Oh my GOD!  Oh, Oh, OH!"

An hour passes, and she is still screaming, in fact she seems hysterical.

I look over at her cunt and inserted in it, is my dick!  I proceeded to feint.

	I woke up the next mornign and raced the the bathroom.  I had not pissed

in almost a day.  I got there and remembered what had happened.  I looked

downward, and saw just my balls hanging there, with a scar where ol' faithful

had been.  I wen tback to Kate and saw it laying on top of her cunt, all 

shrivelled up and smaller than it had been on me since puberty.  This one hit

me hard.  I mean the breasts were an adjustment, and the facial hair and the

voice, I actually liked, but this, this hurt!  I slumped into the chair and

the signifigance of this whole thing hit me.  Before this it had been sort of

like some prank, some sort of cruel joke, but it was serious.  I

did not have a cunt, or any urinary hole whatsoever.  I began to wonder how I

was going to take my piss that was already backed up.  I then realized that

last night had been my final performance.  That was it, it was over.  I

wandered over to the droor, and pulled out a small knife that the hookers use

if the men get to rough, and considered ending it.  I then realized that I 

could not commit suicide.  I was to strong willed, and suicide would be giving

up.  I wanted to end iut really badly, but I couldn't.  I dropped the knife.

I began to cry, and this time I did not care about the manliness, or machismo

of myself, because after all, I had just lost the most valuable thing in my

life to me.  I sat there depressed until Kate awoke.

	"Eeeeewwww!  Get it off me!" she said stiff with fear, but I could not

move.  I was to depressed.  In a year or two that might be me, reacting to

seeing a dick as if it were some alien monster.   Now I really could not commit

suicide.  Kate would stop me, but also I would not want her to see me pondering

it.  She realized I was not coming to her rescue and she gingerly lifted it off

her cunt and headed towards the wastebasket when I said "I want to bury it.  It

deserves a funeral."  She looked at me as if to say "Have you completely lost

your mind?"  I held out my hand and she put it in my palm.

	I did indeed end up burying it, but if you live in the city, you know

it's not easy to find non-public dirt that isn't covered with cement.   We

buryed it in a flower potter hanging outside the window on the third floor.

I began to moan and groan over my liquid consipation.  I sat alone in my room

with Kate holding and comforting me.  I decided to fuck it, and started

massaging one of my breasts.  It felt kinda good, but it wasn't as good as

slapping Old Faithful around.  I then asked Kate to leave me alone to my

depression for a while, and she left.  I stood up and walked over to the

mirror.  I gazed at myself, and began to derobe.  Stark naked, I looked at

myself, and say that my balls looked like they were hanging very low.  I

looked more c,osely and saw that they were hanging all the way down to my

knees!  I figured they were the next to go, and grabbed them and began to pull.

the snapped off fairly easily, but there was no pain involved, and still no

cunt.  I went ot the medicine cabinet, and got every one of the sleeping pills

and ingested them.  If I die, I die, if I live, at least I'll fall asleep and

won't be bothered by this pain.

	The next afternoon I woke up and the pain was worse.  I looked about me

and Kate was nowhere to be found, probably realizing that I m going through a

tough time and that the last thing I wanted was some stupid skirt hanging

around.  I then thought about what I had just thought.  'A stupid skirt'.

I had better refine my terminology, for I was almost a 'stupid skirt'.  I

cried for a while again, before I noticed that my breasts had grown yet again.

They were now really big, and were more than slightly noticeable, they were now

large enough to use as landmarks from the air.  I began playing with them,

hoping for some satisfaction, but got none, for the pain was to great.  Kate

then peeked her head in and gasped at the casaba melons now taking residence on

my chest.  She said "Wow, you have really great looking breasts.  Some women

get large knockers like that and they look ridiculous, but they look good on

you."  I noted how ironic it was to have a woman telling me that after I had

said that almost every night of my life up until this stupid caper.  She

sniffled a bit.  She looked depressed.  "What's wrong with you? Are you the one

with no way to piss? No, you have no worries!" I said very cruelly (hey I was

in a lot of pain!).  She cried and shouted "You're not even a complete woman

yet and you already have breasts 10 times bigger and lots more attractive than

I have had after 28 years!" She ran from the room.  

	I sat there and realized what an ass hole I had been, using my 20/20

hindsight.  I then grabbed the knife and walked into the bathroom.  I sat on

the toilet, and cut myself a cunt.  The piss flowed freely from my body.

To this day I do not know what possessed me to do that, there is no reason it

should have worked, but I guess instinct took over, and was right.  To this

day, I still have slight marks where my balls and dick were, though now they

are hardly noticeable.

	Over the next couple days, my body made adjustments and within a week I

was 100% female.  Well physically anyway.  I hate to brag, but I am now a very

attractive woman, the only thing about me that turns most men off (thank God)

is my hieght.  I am 6'1" (I shrunk a little for some reason) 149 lbs. and

have a 36 DD size bust, and 24 inch waist and 36 inch hips.  I reacted very

poorly to periods at first, but Kate got me through that crisis.  I had become

one of the most beautiful women at the house, and I grew my hair out, oh by the

way it changed colr on it's own.  I am now a strawberry blonde.  My cunt hair

matches perfectly, and as a woman I stayed a virgin, afraid of sex as a woman.

I do however walk around virtually naked at the house, and am responsible for

taking the men from the lobby to their intended room.  I also serve

refreshments/food at the house (it's not one of those crappy whorehouses).

I am very happy here, and the women are very supportive of me since I stopped

acting like an idiot with my 'I am not a woman' show.  I still don't wear

anything that is too feminine like pink stuff, or really lacey stuff, but hey,

at least I made progress, I finally started wearing dresses albeit long ones

that go down to the floor.  I only feel comfortable showing my wares as Kathy

(one of my friends at the house) at the house because everyone is expecting it. 

In public I feel like a slut unless I am wearing long dress or jeans, and a

conservative shirt.  

	Kate knew I was finally beginning to accept what happened to me by

ignoring the sexual urges I felt.  I rarely play with myself or any of that

stuff (which Kate predicted I'd be doing a lot of) and I have developed a fear.

I am afraid of men now.  I know what you are thinking, but my strength fell as

I becamse female.  I am no stronger than the average woman now, and I was never

a skill fighter, so I cannot defend myself anymore, and while the house is safe

enough when I am on the streets, I look at every man thinking 'will he hurt

me?'  I think had I not been used to being able defend myself as a man then it

would not be on my mind, but it is.  I recently went to the shore with kate and

some of the house girls, and got a nice golden brown tan.

	One day about a month after I fell into the vat, I was approached by

Kate.  "Remeber when you fell into the vat, remember what I told you would

happen?" she said.  "Yes" I said in my nice soothing voice "You said I would

become a woman, and I have, what are you doing? Saying I told you so?"   "No,

thatwas not what I said.  Remember what else I said?" she pressed.  I thought

for a while and then it hit me...She said I would become a deformed woman....

I asked her if this is what she meant, and she nodded saying it could kick in

any day now...


Mutations!, The (Series #3)

	I neglected to mention a few minor points.  First off was my name 

change.  Obviously 'Chuck' wasn't going to work in public, but privately

I wanted to make sure I never forgot myself, so I told them that publically

I would be Charlotte, but praivately I was still Chuck.  Also I did have to

obtain a new wardrobe, which I mentioned, but I never really got into it.

	It was a Saturday, our busiest day, so I was working away that night,

when I was finally relieved by Michelle.  Because of this I was more than

slightly tired...exhausted would be a better word!  I went back to my room

and layed down in bed, and Kate was, as was usual these days, up working on

replcaing her machine that got trashed.  Ok, let me specify, I was the one that

trashed it.  She worked so intensely she never even noticed me walk in.  The

two of us shared a bed, an activity that used to mean a lot of work, but no

longer.  I surprised her when I finally spoke saying "What do you think will

happen to me?"  Kate jumped a foot into the air.  "I really don't know, but

you can bet that some of them will be good, and some will be bad, like your

first transformation.  You say you love your new voice and the fact that you

don't have to shave your face everyday anymore, but you profess to despise,

like all women, the periods, and the lack of physical strength.   You gotta

take the good with the bad with the miserable."  she responded.

	"Do you think it will be painful? Like that stretch of constipation?

Or will it be pleasurable? Like when my nipples came in?" I queryed.  She

responded "How should I know?"  "It was your machine!" I shot back, noticing

that when I was on edge, my already sweet voice was even more provacative.

", that is true, but as I have said before, I was not

done yet, and you're the one who jumped in!"  she parried back.  "Your

fucking cougar pushed me in!" I was starting to shout, when I remembered that

this was not technically true, but I never told her that.  I almost wanted her

to try to attack me physically, as she had done a week ago when I misplaced

her papers.  I would always win.  I was much taller than she, almost a foot

taller, and I was a good 20 pounds heavier, and I was healthier, while she

was as thin as a rail.  I had easily defeated her last time and was ready

to take my anger at my situation out on her again.  She began to cry.

	Normally, before this crap happened that is, I used to tease women

about their excessive emotional reactions, because I always knew I could get a

new woman at will, but now, now I was touched by her tears, and moved to

comfort her.  The two of us sat there holding each other all night, each

comforting and consoling the other.  I began to think about how my reactions

had changed like night and day since I became a woman, but I got depressed and

stopped and just held Kate and cried with her.  we had both gone through alot,

although I went through far more.

	I woke the next morning to find that Kate had disappeared.  I knew not

where, when, or why, but I trusted she would be fine.  I sat up and

yawned, and noticed that my breasts were very sore.  I could not understand

why.  I had even been sleeping on my back all week, since my large breasts

are also fairly sensative, making it unpleasurable to lay on my stomach.

I got into the bathroom and looked at them in the mirror, and they looked

fine, (I picked up the habit of examining myself every morning from the week

or so of transformations I had undergone) in fact they looked great.  I 

began wishing Kate was here, after all she was the only one who could give

me a good guess at what was going on.  I decided to take a shower.  I went

into the shower and did my usual bit, but my breasts started aching even more.

	When Kate finally returned the pain in my breasts had grown to being

intense enough that I had gone from the shower to the bed, without towelling

off, getting dressed or anything.  I laid there massaging my breasts trying to

soothe the pain, stark naked, and still wet.  Looking back I am sure it was

a hilarious scene for Kate, and I am sure any heterosexual man would have lept

upon me and took it as an invitation.  I just laid there moaning and writhing

in agony, as my breasts continued to hurt, and a sharp pain emerged in my

nipples themselves.  I remember Kate screaming I think.  I cannot be sure,

because I was not the most attentive person at the time.  The pain continued

for the rest of the day and most of the night.  When it finnally subsided Kate

was asleep elsewhere, and I was exhausted.  I went right to sleep.

	When I woke up it was around 1:00pm and Kate was at the desk writing

away, but was waiting for me, and turned to see me.  "I cleaned up" she said

as if trying to buy time to figure out how to tell me something.  "What

happened?" I moaned, having a fair but not uncommon headache.  "Ummmm, how

much do you know about childberth?" she said less than tactfully.  I thought

about my becoming pregnant, the fact that I had yet to have sex as a woman,

and I was able to keep from feinting, a habit I had picked up during this

fiasco.  "I know that you need to have a guy screw you, something that has not

happened!" I said going on the defensive.  "Don't over-react you arn't

pregnant" she said warding me off "But you just spewed breast milk all over

the bed last night.  I was trying to think of a less blunt way of saying it."

"So what does this mean?" I asked.  "Beats me!" She replied "Could mean you

are about to engage in asexual reproduction.  A better question though is why

was it painful, my mother always told me it was a pleasurable experience,

better than anything else anyone could do to their breasts."  

	The next day I woke up and felt great.  I don't mean like sexual high

or anything, but I just felt like I could take on the world.  I also felt

something I had not felt in a long time.  Horny.  I wasn't horny for

women this time, I wanted a man, really badly.  Can you believe it? Me?

I was the stud of the century, then I make a ciuple stupid mistakes, and

now I am a gorgeous horny bitch with milk spraying out of her tits!  Well

sorta anyway.  What would Bob say?  Bob!  I realized that I had not seen

my roomate and fromer best friend since that night in the hospital.  I decided

to go and visit him.

	"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!"  Yep, good old

Bob using his cliche lines.  The odd thing is I liked it.  I worked hard

on my appearance coming over here, and was glad he noticed.  I giggled just

like a little girl, but then said "Bob you can stop now, I am not interested

in sex, it's not why I came over here"  He looked aroused by my voice, and

even more so by my apparent playing hard to get.  I was wearing tight black

spandex pants, and a t-shirt with no bra underneath.  He invited me in and

I accepted.  

	"Bob, it's me Chuck." I said flatly.  I had been trying to think up an

eloquent way of saying it all afternoon, but when I tried to break it nicely it

just flopped.  He laughed at me.  "How did you know Chuck?  Oh!  Silly me you

are a beautiful woman so he must have hit on you, was that why you came over?"

He looked sad.  He probably looked that way because I had pretty much indicated

that I got more sex than he did, even withoiut trying.  The last thing I wanted

to do was to shoot down his ego, so I decided to play along with his sexual

fanstasy.  I subtely shifted my wieght to get my breasts to be more visible,

uncrossed my legs, and spread them wide.  "Oh, that's just adorable, you

let your dummy roomate think he's more attractive huh?  The only reason we

liked him is because we thought it gave us a better shot at you."  I smiled

so sweetly that he seemed to melt.  I then realized thta if I kept this up

he would take me upstairs and screw me.  I wanted out of here now!

	I tried to get up and leave, but he blocked my escape, and said "My

dear, you don't mean that do you?"  He looked like a lost puppy.  I figured

that if I said no I could get out no problem while his ego crashed, but if

I wanted to avoid hurting him, I could say yes.  If I did that though, I would

end up fucking him, and I remembered that Bob always bragged about how he 

would fool his dates into thinking that he was planning to use a condom, and

then slip it off in the middle of the act.  He felt safe because he always made

sure the women used their own birth control as well.  I shuddered, and said

"What do you think?"  A copout answer, please God let it work.  He looked sad

again and said "It's not huh? I thought so, let yourself out, I am gonna go

hang myself." and he ran upstairs before I could answer.  

	I ran upstairs after him and said in my most comanding voice "Bob, I

AM Chuck, remember that thing Katrina was building? It changed me into this!"

He looked me over and said "You know Chuck? Where is he?  Is he ok?"  I sighed.

This was not going to be easy!  I said "I am Chuck, your former roomate.  Go

ahead ask me anything!"  "You could be wired and have Chuck on the other side

telling you the answers, I am not falling for this.  More likely yet, you could

be some crackpot psychic looking for an easy buck!" he said.  I said "I COULD

be, but I'm not...hmmm ok, the wire thing." I knew this was a bad idea, but it

was my only idea.  I pulled my hands up and grabbed ahold of the bottom of my

t-shirt, and pulled it up over my head, and I stifled a giggle when I heard

Bob mutter under his breath "wow" as my large breasts fell into full view.

I dropped the shirt on the ground and remove my earrings, and put them on the

dresser.  I then bent over pulling my pants down and pulling off my shoes as

I bent over.  I stood up and he grabbed me, and forcefully threw me onto the

bed.  I shouted "No! Bob! Stop!"  It was to late, he had undone his pants and

slapped me as I tried to get up, knocking me back onto the bed.  I saw the

animal in his eyes, and I knew that if I didn't allow him to do whatever he

wished to me.  I was terrified.  i began screaming instinctively, and he

punched me for it.  He said "If you scream again, unless it's an orgasm,

I am going to kill you!"  I knew he meant it!  

	I figured my only chance was to convince him it was me.  I pleaded

with him that it was me, time and time again, but the animal he was now kept

slapping and punching me, I had no threshold for pain as a man, as a woman I

really couldn't take it.  I cried the entire time, and don't remember much else

about the night, I still don't.

	I awoke and Bob saw my eyes open, I recoiled from him and he said "I

am so sorry.  Last night I was drunk out the wazoo and was really horny, can

you ever forgive me?"  I slapped him, and then recoiled to protect my already

battered body.  I was in pain, all over my body.  I felt safe enough to inch my

way to the bathroom.  I saw my face, a bloody mess, and I am not British so

that bloody is not a mere comment.  I hurt all over when he walked in.  I

jumped backwards, and moved into a corner.  He was crying, but this time I

wasn't falling for it.  "G-g-g-g-g-g-get a-a-a-a-away f-f-from m-me!" I

stuttered.  I was cold, bruised, and very much felt like all those women

on the talk shows, telling about how it felt to be raped.  As a man I had been

praying to be raped, but as a woman, I felt, what was the word they used?

Violated.  I felt like there was nothing about me that was not public property

anymore.  I saw he was staring at my crotch, and I closed my legs and pleaded

"No, no more, please...I beg you..." I was crying up a STORM.

	"No it's not your cunt I was staring at, you have a tail!" he said.

I didn't care, I wasn't taking my eyes off him for 1 second.  He said "Ok,

look, I am not like that normally, geez.  Um, you said something last night

about Chuck?"  "N-n-n-n-n-n-n-no, I-I-I-I-I a-a-a-a-mmm Ch-ch-chuck." I

managed.  "That's right, you said that accident did this to you, right?"

he said.  I was beginning to be calmed down, by his calm voice, manner, and

most importantly, he looked like he was really sorry.  Also the fact that he

was changing the subject to me helped.  "Yes, Kate's, er..Katrina's machine

made me into this, and is still causing me to mutate, I have a tail???" I said

as what he had said finally hit me.  I turned around to look an sure enough,

hanging out of my butt, was a long skinny, but strong looking tail.  I think at

that point it was only 2 or 3 feet long, but it was destined to get longer.

I tried to control it, and it reacted like an additional limb.

	"Ok, you mentioned a test, and seeing that I justb raped you, I think

you deserve whatever you'd like from me.  Ok, ummmm...." He rambled "OK! the

night you brought home a Playboy centerfold, who was it and what issue was she

in?"  He couldn't be serious!  First off I couldn't believe he could talk to a

woman about my sexual exploits, I mean he didn't know if I was for real, or

some doped up crackhead!  Secondly I never owned any playboy magazines, he did,

I never knew what issue or year or whatever each one was from, and I had

brought home 7 different playboy centerfolds!  I decided that maybe a trick

question is what he was doing.  I said "What's this 'A' bullshit..I had 7 of

them, and I never owned a playboy in my life!"  "woah!" he said, backpeddling.

He was obviously expecting me to fail.




Key KEYPAD( raped you???" Kate screamed.  "Yes, and that's why I am wondering

what pregnancy is like from a woman to woman perspective, I mean I heard about

morning sickness and all, but I also know there are certain things a woman

discusses only with another woman" I said calmly.  "How can you be so calm when

your ex-roomate raped you???" she persisted.  "You should have seen me the

morning after...I was less than calm then" I chuckled.  "Oh by the way, I have

a tail now." I said pulling the rear of my spandex down and pulling my tail

out.  Kate feinted.  I had never seen her feint, she always seemed to have such

a grip on what was going on.  I took care of her though, putting her on the bed


	The next morning when I woke up (I avoided waking Kate up, in fact I

stuck her with one of Michelle's trank darts to keep her asleep) I did my

usual bodily inspection and I found nothing.  Then I heard a crash in the other

room.  I raced in and asked what had happened.  Suzi was there and she shouted


DONE A THING!"  I was shocked, because she shouted, but she looked like she

didn't.  She reached down, picked up a pin on the floor, and it slipped from

her hands and hit the floor.  At the same moment I heard the crash again,

though louder this time.  I cupped my ears and said "Ow, how did you get that

needle to make a sound that loud?"  "WHAT ARE YOU NUTS? CHARLOTTE, I DID NOT


ALLOW YOU TO STAY IF YOU ARE!"  I then screamed for her to shut up at the top

of my lungs, trying to be heard above her.  It was odd considering that Suzi 

was usually one of the shy girls.  She called me Charlotte because she never

knew me as a man.

	I buried my head in the sheets of my bed, to avoid hearing the constant

tearing sound from Suzi's room.  As I have said I am very slow mentally, but

after awhile, even I can pick up on some things.  I realized my hearing had

been enhanced.  I heard Kate breathing, and it sounded like she was breathing

ina microphone and pumping it through speakers!   Kate moaned as she started

waking up and it sounded like a thunder clap.  Then my eyes felt a peircing

sensation in them, and I looked at the bed, and I could see straight through

it!  It was transparent, like colored glass!  I then noticed a sweatlike smell,

and assumed it was from KATE, and that my sense of smell had also grown.

I began to panic, when the sheets rubbing against my skin began to stimulate me

enough to almost make me go orgasmic!

	Over the months that followed, I went into trining and learned how to 

sit next to a huge kicker, and still not feel pain, and  I learned how to

seperarate the sounds and identify them.  I also learned much better control

over my skin.  The skin was the wierdest, sometimes the slightest touch would

make me feel like I was in the middle of sex, other times like you had broken a

bone.  I learned it was mood related, and managed to cope, though I still

sometimes cry out, just because the wind changed.

	My mutations had aparently stopped, or as Kate put it, slowed down due

to the pregnancy.  during the early months I actually had no problems with it,

but about month 5 it kicked in.


Pregnancy!, The (Series #4)

	In case you are not familiar with my predicament, it is a doozy.

I have gone from being a studly man, to a desperate man, to a half-man half-

woman thing, to a sexy super-model type woman, to a mildly deformed woman,

to a mildly deformed pregnant woman.  All in the space of 3 months (for the

transformations...actually it was 8 months ago, I am 5 months pregnant)

	I was having a very easy pregnancy, no morning sickness, no cramps,

no anything at all.  Well not no anything, remember that milk episode? Well

it repeats itself twice a month, but I can handle it now, although it pretty

much wipes out the day it hits.  With my super-sensative skin though, I scream

like a maniac.  Enough so that Michelle asked me and Kate to either begin to

fulfill a more active role in the house, or leave.  We left.

	The two of us are now  living with Bob, my old roomate.  Bob is

paying all expenses and rent, because, after all, he's the one who raped me.

Sounds wierd huh?  Ok I will undergo a full recap for those who missed the

earlier fun (Whee! NOT!).  I was once a manly, ignorant stud.  Me and my

roomate Bob moved into a new apartment, and I took a bet from Bob that I 

couldn't get Katrina to want to marry me by the end of the semester.  I

tried, and failed.  Before halfway through the semester I got knocked into

a vat of chemicals connected to a funky mutation machine (hey if you want more

details read the earlier ones) and beecame paralyzed, only to heal and

transform slowly into a woman.  I then slowly mutated into what I am now, and

got raped by my former roomate who is now the landlord sorta.  Neat huh?

Imagine living it!  My former name was Chuck, I am now known as Charlotte.

	I woke up and was wracked with pain.  I don't mean I hurt a little,

I was in PAIN!  I let out a bettery of ear-splitting screams.  I hurt from head

to toe, to tail (yes I have a tail).  The pain centered on my cunt.  I began

rubbing it in the vain hope it would stop, but to no avail.  I did not even

feel the usual pleasure that fingering myself brings.  I began to wonder if

this was it.  Nah, impossible it's only been 5 months, but then I remeber that

I had gone from male to female in less than a month, and I screamed all the

louder, and wondered where Kate and Bob were.  I then actually bothered to open

my tear filled eyes and realized that they were already here.  The pain

continued, and despite various pain-killers, and sedatives that Bob and Kate

shot into me liberally, I kept screaming.  It continued the day after, and

kept going.  It never stopped.  I ate in bed, and had to muster all my

willpower to focus past the pain enough to eat, and I got hungry fast.  I

recall Bob and Kate telling me later that I was going through 7 or 8 full size

meals a day.  It kept going for a looong time.  I know now that it lasted 3 and

a half months, but then it seemed forever. Hours seemed like years, so you

can guess what those 3 and a half months felt like.  During that time what was

happening to my body was amazing.  I had been 5 months pregnant, but I appeared

like I was not pregnant at all, but in those 3 and a half months I went from

that to having my abdomen swelled up to a size that was amazing.  Let me

be more vivid.  Where my uterus bulge started was right below my breasts, in

fact they laid atop it.  It extended out approxamately 4 feet.  A tad larger

than average eh?  Well th lucky day hit, when the pain stopped.  I was

thankful, and slept like a baby for two days straight, when I woke up and

instinctively knew, it was time.  I shouted for Kate and Bob to take me to the

hospital, and that they had a good amount of time, so don't rush.  They did

not listen.  They ran around panic stricken, but for some reason, I knew there

was nothing to worry about.

	They grabbed everything I owned, and a couple things I didn't, smashed

them into a suitcase and shoved me into our car.  We were at the hospital in

record time, and one lucky cop wrote the city's biggest ever speeding ticket.

I laid on the bed waiting calmly for the doctor, while Kate was by my side

chanting her support, telling me that I shouldn't have vetoed lamaz classes.

I am a deformed mutant woman! What would lamaz prepar me for? What it was

"Supposed" to be like?   Nothing with my life was like it was supposed to be

ever since I took that bet!

	The doctor came in and saw my tail and I think he damn near almost

threw up.  I said in my sexiest voice "Doctor, don't worry about the

tail...worry about me and my spread legs."  It had the desired effect.  It got

him psyched up and able to face mutant childberth.  He asked me to sign a

disclaimer about if the child was deformed, I waived lawsuit rights.  I laughed

while signing said that if it wasn't deforemed, that I would pay extra.

	I decided that it was time, and the contractions started promptly.

I'll bet lotsa women would love to be able to do that, but I don't know

HOW I did it, just that I did.   I was in labor for 4 minutes before the first

child popped it's head out of my cunt.  Yes I said first.  That day I gave

birth to 13 little baby girls.  13 girls folks!  Each one was about as 

different as 13 baby girls could be.  Some were bigger, some looked like they

already knew all there was to know, they all were so unique, even at the moment

of birth.  Some were even black, and Bob and I are both do you

suppose that got pulled off?  All the children had enogh of a hint at hair on

their heads, to tell what color it was going to be.

  	My first born I named Katherine Shannon, and she had red hair, and was

one of the larger ones.  She was the toughest to get out though  she wasn't

the largest.  At birth she already had breasts!

	#2 was a blonde, and looked like she knew what was going on.  She was

a bit spooky, I thought, and I named her Samantha Mercedes.  She was the first

to cry.

	Third on the hit parade was another blonde, this time though a big one,

and she already had a very curvaceous body!  I named her Candace Angela.

	Felicia Carolyn was fourth, and she came from the womb, and lept into

the air and crawled up me for a cuddle.  I figured she was the next Olympic

Gymnast.  She was the first brunette.

	Jaqueline Ingrid was next.  I know Ingrid sounds like one of those

middle names that makes a child hide it forever, but I was naming her after

my Aunt Ingrid who I respected alot.  She was the first of the children to

say something other than crying.  She said "Gaaaaa!"  Original it wasn't, but

right out of the womb, it was a welcome change.  She had light brown looking


	Next was Kelly Linda, she had deep brown hair, and was the smallest of

the group.  She was also the only one of them that, other than her shortness,

looked normal, all the others, had something.

	A strawberry blonde came out next, and I was more than slightly happy

that she had the same hair color as I did, but when she began to float around

the room as if wieghtless, I flipped!  I decided to name her Cynthia Rose.

	The first of the black girls came seventh, and she had pitch black

hair, and the lighter black skin, but still very much negro.  I figured

Tracy Shannon wouyld be a good name.  

	Diane Deborah was the name of my eigth girl, the second black, but

Diane had blonde hair, while being slightly lighter skinned than her other


	Nicolette Brianna was what I named my ninth child.  She had green hair.

Yes green.  I was taken abck as well!

	Christina Wendy was what I named #10, and she had the cutest blend of

red and brunette hair.

	Rachel Melissa was what I decided to name my blonde haired 11th child,

she stunned me by coming out and exploding in flames.   I began to think that

life was about to get wierd.

	My 12th child I was running out of good names, and decided that

Monica sounded good for a first name, but couldn;t think of anything to back it

up, so I threw in Evelyn.  She had red hair.

	The thirteenth and final baby had Brown hair, and I named her Victoria


	I had lived through chilcberth, but for some reason, I felt like

leaving my children.  I could not get over the feeling that it was time to move

on.  I made up my mind to leave, but I would at least stay for a little longer.

	After a week or two at home, I realized that my life no longer had

mexcitement.  I was settling down, and unless I wanted to become some dingy

old grandma, I would have to abandon the children.  I decided Kate and Bob

were capable of seeing to their development, and wen to my room to pack.

	While packing I heard a soft *bAmF* noise behind me.  I swirreled

around ready to defend myself with my tail (I had lifted boxes that Bob could

not with it), when I saw her.  She was gorgeous, but I was of course,

uninterested.  "Qapla sieve dorn teuxople vaught hercle." she said.  "Huh?"

I responded flatly.  "Torques..." she said raising a hand, motioning me to be

patient.  She took out a small mechanical item and placed it in my ear, then

she took out another and gave it to me.  "Swallow it." she said.  "You speak

english!" I said preparing to down the device.  "No I don't"  she stated "I

speak Grungarish, but that device fools your simple mind into believing that I

do.  I am kidding about the simple bit, don't take offense."  I didn't, and

she proceeded to explain that my next mutation would kill me, and that it would

be my lungs becoming water breathers only, but I would still be a rotten

swimmer (hey I don't go to the beach to swim!).  Therefore I would be unnable

to defend against sharks and their like.

	She then offered for me to come to the "Targian Moon Base" and get

restored to my manly self.  I accepted without hesitation.  She said "If you do

though, you cannot come back here for 5 years."  "Why?" I inquired.  "Wierd

Targian law, but it is recognized by the council, and if you break it then they

will break you." she explained.  I accepted quickly and she took me aboard her

ship, and I gasped at how beautiful it was.  It was made out of some sort of

crystaline diamond type stuff, and was absolutely incredible!  "Set course to

Targ's 5th moon area." She commanded, and we were off.


Restoration!, The (Series #5)

	We were en route to Targ, and I was very eager to be restored to

my full manly self.  I was so eager, that I failed to realize (until now that

is...this 20/20 hindsight is getting annoying) hiw sexy my hostess was.  She

had told me her name was Grethiyia.  She told me to just call her Yia.  I

started to look her over, but was not interested in the least.  After all I

was operating with women's hormones.

	She was really tall, at least 6'7" and she was very curvy, but despite

my sex, I decided to say "You're very attractive, or at least you would be were

I still male."  She giggled, and her friend at the helm almost fell on the

floor laughing.  "Um, please, try not to think of me in a sexual way unless you

are interested in me right now.  You see I look female to you, but I am a guy."

she/he said.  I almost fainted again.  I said "No way!"  He then spread his

legs very casually, and pulled down his pants.  Sure enough there was a dick

there, limp at the moment, but it was there.  It was smaller than most newborn

baby's dicks, and I almost giggled.  He said "When I get excited, it can get

two or three feet long." He then put it away.  I thought about a 3 foot long

dick and I caught myself stroking my breasts with my left hand and my cunt with

my right.  I figured, 'hey IT's an alien!'

	We arrived at our destination and deboarded.  I was eager to get this

over with because I had almost made a homosexual comment on the ship there.  I

wanted my masculinity back fast!  I folloed her...damnit...him to a machine

on the other side of the complex.  He said "Ok, this is the machine.  It can

alter your physical and mental state however you'd like."  Mental state?

I asked "Could it possibly eliminate my memory of havong been female?  I mean I

do not want to know squat about women.  The less I remember about women, the

better!"  Remember when I said I was kind of dumb back then?  Well this was a

prime example.  I meant I wanted to return to my mental state of not respecting

women, and being a sex fiend.  I worded it fairly poorly don't you think?

He said ok, and said he would put me on earth afterwards, because I was not

going to fall under the boundries of the law that made him tell me that I would

have to stay in space for like 5 years.  I was happy.  They said I would wake

up in my bed, no problem.

	I woke up the next morning, and new somehing was different, I just

could not put my finger on what it was.  I got up and went down the hall.  I

turned into Kate's room.  Now let me tell you what wen through my mind as I

entered.  Kate was there sleeping, she had her white silk nightgown on, and I

turned in and thought 'Oh, there's Bob..Why is Bob wearing that, that, what is

that? '  I moved in closer and Kate moaned softly.  I thought 'Oh my god,

Bob'ss voice has returned to that of a young boy.'  I peered at her, and

noticed her breasts, and thought 'His chest has swelled up...He must have

gotten some sort of nasty injury there cus they swelled alot.'  I went over

to Kate and noticed her, how do I put this..her lack of a masculine crotch.  I

woke Kate up shouting "Bob!  Bob!  You dick is gone!  Bob!"  Kate woke up

quickly, Identified me back in my male form, and grabbed me, hugged me and gave

me a deep kiss.  I paniced.  Now, I knew nothing about women, but my knowledge

of homsexuality was not diminished, and although I did not know what normal was

(you cannot know anything about normal sex without knowing something about

women) I knew Bob should not be kissing me.  I recoiled and said "Bob you

faggot!"  "No, it's me Kate!" Kate said.  I looked at her face, and I realized

that it wasn't Bob that was going wierd.  'Ohmigosh!   It's some sort of

demon!' I thought.  I leapt at Kate and tried to strangle her.  I was almost

done killing her, when Bob came in in the nick of time and pulled me off.  Bob

was about to punch me when he recognized who I was. 

	An hour had passed since the bedroom incident, and I was alone with Bob

in the kitchen.  I had demanded that the "demon" stay out of the room.  I told

Bob what I remembered, I went to sleep the day after we had moved in, and the

next morning some demon was in my bed.  He told me that me and the demon were

lovers.  I was shaky on the term love, it had been made vague by the treatment,

but not completely wiped out as some topics were.  Bob and I talked for hours

as he tried to explain the concept of a woman to me.  I didn't get it, as I

said I was a slow one.  I eventually accepted the fact that she wasn't the

antichrist, and allowed Kate into the room.

	Kate and I spoke for a while, just little chit chat, then we got into

the wierd conversation.  "So what exactly are you 'Kate'?"  I asked.  "A

woman." she answered.  "What's that?" I inquired.  "Um, I am just like you in

every way, except instead of having a dick like you do, I have a vagina.  You

see when we have sex, you put your dick inside my cunt, er..that's the same

thing as a vagina, and it feels really good for both of us.  Then sperm comes

out of your dick, and goes into my cunt.  That makes me pregnant, and I have a

baby 9 months later.  Understand?" she explained.  I didn't.  I asked "Are

those lumps on you chest your cunt?" I asked.  She giggled and said "No silly

they are my breasts.  My cunt is between my legs like you dick is."  I was more

confused.  "So um, if you don't have a do you take a piss?" I asked

in an unrelated question.  "It comes out of my vagina." she said.  I then

asked "So, you have me stick my dick into you cud and you get pregnate and

that's where little boys come from?"  "That's cuNT and pregnANT, and I give

birth to little boys or little girls." she answered.  I was lost.  "How do

you give birth?" I asked.  She sighed, and answered "Well, when you put your

dick inside me, your sperm comes out and goes around inside my uterus, and

fertilizes my eggs and then a baby starts to grow inside of my womb, and after

nine months of growing, my body decides that it's time, and I go into labor.

Then after, oh I don't know, maybe 8 or 9 hours of labor I have a child.  Labor

is very painful.  "Where do you put the child while it is growing in your

woom?" I asked.  She sighed again, but I ignored her, genuinely curious about

this new creature I had met.

	"It grows inside me.  My stomach gets really big as it grows, and I get

morning sickness and all that good stuff, and then it comes out through my

vagina, understand?" she said hopelessly.  "I think so, let me check.  Ok, you

are a woman, and instead of a dick you have all sorts of wierd organs that let

you have morning sickness for nine months and labor at the end of that, whenerv

I put my dick inside of you. Right?" I verified.  "Well, oh forget it, close

enough!"  she surrendered.  "can you explain some other things?" I asked.

"Sure, I suppose." she said tired of this crap.  "Why do I feel so wierd when I

look at you?" I asked.  I was feeling very horny.  She smiled, got up and came

over to me and asked "What is it that you are feeling Chuck?"  "My dick is

growing, and I feel like I want to, to, to grab you or something." I explained.

She smiled ear to ear.  She said "Tell me if you feel more of it, I want to do

something."  She stood up and slowly began to unbutton her blouse, and my dick

startd to throb with anticipation.  She opened her blouse and I saw some sort

of white thing with lace all over it supporting two lumps of flesh.  I could

not control myself any longer.  I reached out and felt her lumps and said "What

are these?"  "Those are my breasts, silly.  Do you want to play with them?" she

asked as she sat back down.  I never answered, but began thrustng my hands

around while holding them and Kate said "Ouch, not so rough ok? They are really

sensative, here, let me take my bra off so you can..."   She had removed her

bra and I saw her nipples grow and point at me.  I began to fidget with them,

gyrating my thumbs about them.  I forced my hands up violently again, and Kate

responded again with "Ow, stop being so rough, I can see this is going to be a

long night!"

	She stood up again, eager to divert my attention from her breasts that

I was blatantly abusing.  She unsnapped her jeans, and slowly slid the zipper

down.  She spread the flaps of the jeans, and revealed that she was wearing

some kind of pink undershorts.   'Pink?' I thought 'What a dipstick this guy

is!  God I'm glad I am not a wooman!'  I look back on this and appreciate the

irony to it's fullest.  I said "Pink? You're wearing pink undershorts?" I

snickered, it was funnier than my drive to explore this thing called Kate.

	She zippered up her shorts and put her blouse back on.  "I thought you

were wierd when I saw the frills on that shirt of yours, and the wierd things

attached to your body, and your miscolored face, but pink underwear??? That

takes the cake! wait till I tell Bob!" I began laughing hysterically.  Kate

ran from the room crying.  "God what a wimp that Kate thing is.  She cried over

that, so I was a little rough on her lumps.  Big deal!  It's not like she

wasn't asking for it wearing pink underwear!" I thought.  

	Bob finally returned from his "errand" that came up as soon as Kate had

walked in the room hours earlier.  I said "Bob, come here.  You'll never

believe this! It's hilarious!"  I explained my misconceptions about the pink

underwear and the make-up, and her body.  "You idiot.  Women are like that!

they like soft colors, and they wear make-up to look sexier, and they like all

that frilly stuff.  That was perfectly normal for a woman, and you almost got

laid!" he said angrily.  "What's 'laid' mean Bob?  I know what laid means, I

mean why did you use it in that sentence, no one lays me out.  Are you saying

this Kate thing was trying to lull me so she could pop me in the mouth?" I

concluded.  I immediately began walking to where I had seen the Kate thing go.

Bob stopped me and said "You don't understand.  Laid the way I used it means

fucked, had intercourse...get it yet?"  "What the hell is this sex thing?

Kate mentioned it also." I responded.  He sighed and told me to sit down.

	"Ok, sex is a very pleasurable thing where the man, you in this case.."

he said and then muttered under his breath "and in most cases"  "...sees the

woman, Kate, and if he thinks she looks really nice, or sexy, he starts to get

excited.  When he gets excited his dick gets really big and hard and with me so far?" he continued.  "Yes." I said.  "Ok, then he

courts the woman.  That means that he trys to get her to like him, alot.  He

does thing slike taking her out to restaurants, and going places with her all

the time.  Its supposed to show that you are dedicated to her."  "All this

cus you got excited once?  Seems iffy Bob." i interupted.  He ignored me and

said "Anyway, one day the man and woman will be in a particular mood that gets

them both excited really easily.  It's called being horny.  The man and woman

then decide to have sex.  Having sex is called intercourse, or fucking.  Some

call it making love.  When you fuck, you take your hard dick, and put it inside

the woman's vagina, don't ask yet, I'll get to that later.  When you put your

dick inside her vagina, it feels really good.  I mean it is one of the best

feelings around, and you will feel good for a long time.  She also feels..."

I interupted him.  "Why do you and Kate keep using this word 'she'? what does

it mean?"  He sighed and said "It is like 'him' but instead of referring to a

man, like us, it refers to a woman, like Kate.  May I continue? Thank you. 

While you and she are fucking, and feeling really good, Your dick begins to

release a really sticky liquid into her  That sticky stuff is

called sperm.  It swims through her body and tracks down these really small

eggs below her stomach area.  They begin to try to get inside the egg, and when

one finally does, the two begin a process that will make a baby grow in her

womb, which is below her stomach.  While the baby grows, her stomach get really

big, and she eventually has to squeeze a baby about the size of a small

basketball through a ten-inch hole.  you see the 10-inch hole is her vagina,

which expands to allow the baby to pass, but it is still small enough so that

it's very painful and hard work for the woman, who at this point has become the


	"Now on to the anatomy differences," he said. "first we'll start with

the head.  You probably saw that she has long hair.  Most women like having

long hair.  You know how we guys usually have short hair, well they usually

have long hair, and actually hers is very short for most women."  I stopped him

there.  "Wait.  There are more of them?" I asked nervously.  "of course there

are, in fact there are more of them than there are of us.  Don't worry they are 

not going to blow the world up or anything.  Now, women are more sensative

emotionally than we are, Chuck, so they hug people alot, and kiss guys and get

us thinking they like us, when it was just a thnk you or something.  They also

are more exhibitionist than we are.  You saw how tight Kate's jean's were?

well, women will wear bathing suits that just cover their vagina's barely, and 

fit around their chests to cover their nipples.  They are called bikinis.

But back to the importnt stuff, you saw that Kate's chest was swelled up right?

Well that's normal, in fact, her chest is a lot smaller than most women.  These

things are called breasts, and they are used to feed young baby's before they

can eat solid food.  Well, most women's breasts are a lot bigger than Kate's

and some have knockers like this.."  He made a gesture about his chest,

signifying an invisible pair of items that were each approxamately canteloupe

size.  I shuddered.  He said "It's great when they are big like that, it makes

them look really attractive, which makes you all the more excited, get it?"

I nodded, lying.

	He proceeded "Ok, a woman had just a small little slit between her

legs, and doesn't have any balls, dick or anything like that.  We call this a

vagina.  Men will usually call it a cunt, or pussy.  Women will not like you

referring to it as such ok?"  "But Kate called it a cunt when she tried to

explain it." I confessed.  He looked surprised.  "Hmmm, I thought women hated

that.  Of course, kate is a little wierd as women go, so maybe it's just her.

Anyway, this thing is fairly small and covered with hair, and inside it is

where all the baby-making stuff is.  It's also how they take a piss.  Ok,

that's all I can think of...ny questions?" he said.  I did not say anything,

the last thing I needed was to be confused some more.  I decided that if they

were superly emotional as Bob had said, then I should apologize to kate so that

she didn't come in one night and kill me.

	"Kate?  Woman, Kate whatever the hell you are?  I want to apologize for

being so mean to you, and I want you to help me learn more about women, cus Bob

explained it, but he isn't one like you are.  I want to know more about these

Kate things." I said knocking.  Kate opened the door and said "We are women,

not Kates.  Kate is MY name.  Like yours is Chuck."  She was wearing a long

pink thing that was open at the bottom like her thing she was wearing last

night, except it was cotton not silk.  I assumed that women liked to have these

things so if they had a baby unexpectedly they didn't have to take off their

jeans.  Boy as I stupid.  She also wore a different blouse, and a vest that was

buttoned up all the wat.  She invited me in, and I saw that her room was filled

with pink colored things, and I supressed laughter again.  "Chuck, when you

told me I was stupid it hurt me a lot.  I really never realized how much I

loved you before.  I don't want to lose you again ok?"  she said sniffling back

her tears.  "Lose me?" I asked.  "Nevermind...wait till you have a good grasp

on the male/female thing ok?" she said giggling.  I nodded, and she said "What

don't you understand?"  "Well I have never seen this cunt vagina thign before,

and I was wondering about it.  I also wanted to know what breasts felt like

on the person wearing them, and what does a cunt feel like, I mean, Bob

described it as a cut in your crotch.  That sounds like it hurts.  Oh and.."

"Woah!" she interupted "lets go 1 at a time ok?  Breasts.  What do they feel

like..hmmm...Well you always feel them sitting proudly upon your chest, and the

nipples are fairly sensative, and they feel good I guess, I cannot describe it

becasuse I cannot remember what it feels like not to have them, and I am not

'wearing' them.  They are part of my body, like an arm, or your dick.  They

don't come off silly."

	"My cunt...hmmm..well, you really don't feel anything, actually unless

something hits the little thing in it that makes sex nice.  Um, it feels like

it wasn;t there.  I don't know how to explain it to someone who doesn't have

it...I have never had balls, so I cannot compare it..I can't exlain, corry

Chuck."  She smiled.  "That brings us to what does it look like.  Do you want

to see it, prod it, and put your dick in it?  I want you Chuck.  I want you

inside me, take me."  I needed no more inspiration.  Instinct took over as I

grabbed her vest and frantically began popping buttons off it.  I was at my

birthday, and this present was over wrapped!  I eventually got her clothes off

her and mine off me.  We dropped onto the bed, and I felt something.  No not

that, a spark of recollection.  I let instinct take over, and I began to fuck

it, and I felt like I had been here before.  Like I knew women, even though

before this morning, I had never seen any of them.  

	Anyway, that's about how it went, and we basically just went in and out

until morning, when both of us collapsed.  That's when the cries came from the

other room.  We rushed in and I saw all 13 of my children, and when they

finally got me to understand what was going on, I almost fainted.  The children

had grown almost two years in size, in two weeks.  I learned more and more

about women, and that prompted me to think "This woman thing looks like a good

rap.  They get married and sit home goofing off while the men go out and work. 

Then when the men come home they get screwed for making dinner.  I liked it.

I decided to get a sex change operation.  I decided I would surprise them, and

took my money and things and snuck out late that night.

This has been the 5th in the series.  stay tuned for 

Series #6 The Operation!

the others were

Series #1 The Mistakes!

Series #2 The Transformation!

Series #3 The Deformation!

Series #4 The Pregnancy!

Series #5 The Restoration!  (this one)



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