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Archive-name: Changes/terrdebb.txt

Archive-author: She Devil

Archive-title: Terry Does Debbie

     I decided that I was not going to let Deborah divorce me. She

had all the money.  What was I going to do after she left?  Get a


     I hadn't worked a day since college.  I had it figured out.

Marry rich and live off the fat of her ass.  Deborah was loaded

with everything.  She was movie star pretty with bags of inherited

money. Best of all, she owned the family business and ran it, so

that more money than we could ever spend rolled in  every year. I

couldn't think of ways to spend it all.

     Hey, don't give me that!  Broads do it.  They meet some rich

guy and stick their tits in his chest and make goo-goo eyes and

suck his dick until smoke comes out the top of his head. And it's

all okay because women are,  expected  to  fuck  and

suck their way into a rich guys' bed. Hell, they write songs about


     Deborah was finding herself.  She was defining her limits,

getting in touch with her inner child's need for respect and love.

What a load of crap!  She was getting ready to dust

me off. Sure, we'd start in therapy. Pretty soon, she's got me

painted as the bad guy. The therapist would be another cunt so you

know all this women's lib bullshit would dump on my head.

     I just didn't fucking need it.

     I decided then and there that the bitch had to go. But the

catch, of course, was to eliminate the slut but keep a tight grip

on the cash.  I was at a loss for words and she was getting


     My excuses to put off a visit to her ballbreaker shrink were

wearing thin. Then, I read in the newspaper about twin brother and

sister who had won a Halloween contest as each other.

     You see, one of the things that had drawn Deborah to me was

that we looked freakily  alike.  Height, weight, features,

coloring, we were unbelievably similar.  What if I had her

kidnapped and sold her, or something?  Then, I would take her place

and keep her going in the public eye.  When I knew that she was

disposed  of, I could set up an air-tight alibi for my male

identity and Deborah could vanish. Of course, a will that left me

everything would be found with lawyers ready to say they had seen

"Deborah" sign it.

     I started looking for advertisements in the mercenary

magazines but they all struck me as written by crazies.  Then I

tried the sex magazines.  I was getting pretty frustrated and damn

angry.  Deborah had laid out the law to me.  Either we started

therapy next week or I was out of the house.

     I  heard about a woman who offered complete passable

feminization and kinky behavior modification. I wrote to a post box

by priority mail. I was running out of time.  I was sitting by the

pool when the phone rang.

     "Hello?"  I was annoyed that Graciela, the lazy housekeeper,

hadn't answered.

     "Is this Terry?"

     The caller was a woman, a deep husky voice, warm and erotic

but very assured. The Woman?

     "Yeah, it is.

     Who's calling?"

     "I'm responding to your very interesting letter.  The one that

talked about your living as a woman and the involuntary training. 

I take that to mean, your wife."

     "Ah,.. well, let's not get too.."

     Was I being set up?  Was this a cop?

     "Look, ah .. Miss,   Miss..What is your name?"

     "I go by many names.  You can call me She Devil."

     "Gee,  uh..She Devil, why don't you come on over and we can

sit in the pool and discuss the whole thing?"

     "Afraid the call is being tape recorded.

     Shit, she was quicker than I expected. "Smart move.  You're

brighter than I usually see in my line of work."

     "And the pool is a nice touch. Naked, I presume.  No body

wires, no recordings.  You'll have the spa running and no one can

hear a thing."

     Silence.  Was she laughing at me?  I didn't like this nasty

twat one bit.  Too damn uppity for my tastes.

     When this was all over and I was rich as shit, I was going to

bring her ass down a peg or three.

     "I'll be there."  I gave her directions and waited.


     "Now I'll say this one last time and you agree with me as I

go.  I just want to make sure I understand."

     I nodded my agreement.

     "You want me to kidnap your wife. I'm to dispose of her anyway

I see fit.  I can kill her if I want as long as I make sure no one

will ever see her again."

     "I have to make you look like her twin and set you up to

impersonate her."

     "And for all of this you pay me $1,000,000 on kidnapping.  And

another million when I come to take you for your follow up


     Do I have this straight?"

     That was it exactly.  I told her so and we shook hands. This

She Devil, or whoever she was, was surprisingly strong.


We begin with a much changed Terry.


     I examined myself in the mirror. I told Deborah that I was

going camping for the week end and that,  on Monday, we would call

the therapist together and make the first appointment.  She gave me

a big happy kissed and said she hoped that I would have a good


     Right!  Fuck off, slut.  Your days are numbered.

     Now I checked myself out head to toe.  I had long tawny hair

and full round breasts.  My hips were well rounded and I had great

legs. One of She Devil's technicians had injected me with dozens of

shots that had changed me outwardly into a girl.  A latex false

vagina concealed my last bit of masculinity trace. I was the

spitting image of Deborah.

     I sat in the van as they carried her out. A wide piece of

medical tape covered her mouth.  Deborah's arms were trapped in a

vicious looking straight jacket.  Roughly, they tossed my wife into

the van and left. I handed She Devil her million in small bills and

she was gone.

     Deborah usually left for the office at 8:00 A.M.  I cruised to

work in an olive silk suit.  The cream, patent leather heels had

taken a bit of practice to manage in, but I was comfortable walking

in them now.  She Devil had me listen to audio tapes under hypnosis

and I found the little gestures that girls make coming to me


     I came down the aisle, through the glass doors to the

Executive Suite of TRB, Inc.,  dreading an outcry.  I had never

been here before.  Nice digs!  No one said a word.  I sat behind

"my" desk and opened Deborah's mail.

      "Debbie," a voice came over my intercom. "Get your butt in

here and don't bother to change."

I recognized the voice.  It was Bruno, a neanderthal type Deborah

had hired, all of a sudden, to head up marketing.

     And what was this "Debbie" shit

     She hated to be called "Debbie". I did that once and she tore

my head off.  The bitch said it was a name for bimbos in pick up

"meat market" bars.  And why should I change my clothes?  I was

going to straighten this guy out fast.

     "Okay, Bruno", I answered. "Give me a few minutes and I'll be

right over."

     I finished the mail, downed the last of my coffee and went to

find his office.  When I went in, Bruno was behind the door.

Slowly, he pushed it shut.

     "Why did you keep me waiting, Debbie", Bruno demanded.

     Okay, here goes.  "I don't appreciate being called..."

    The next thing I knew I was over his knee being spanked!  Hard!

My legs flew up and I started to cry. It hurt as bad as anything I

had ever felt.

     Back on my feet, tottering on my heels and rubbing my sore

backside, I stood there.  Bruno came up and hissed in my ear.

     "What makes you think that you get to say anything, you stupid


     I didn't know what Deborah had gotten herself into but this

was very wrong.  Bruno had to be out of his mind.  As soon as I got

out of here, I was calling the cops.

     "Did you forget my dirt file on you, the one with the evidence

in it?  The one that has the proof that you sold defective goods to

the government?  The one that can put you in prison?"


     Deborah was being blackmailed and I had taken her place.  Now,

I saw why Bruno could call her "Debbie" if he wanted to.  If I

didn't go along with him, he'd smell a rat.  Debbie's disappearance

might turn up or he could turn me in for her crimes, collect a big

reward and I'd be a half-sexed male in prison.  Maybe for

kidnapping my wife, or for fraud, or maybe even both.  Either way,

I had no where to turn except to do as I was told.  I would have to

play along! ! !

     "No, Bruno, I didn't forget.  I'm sorry, Bruno..OOWWHH!"  He

smacked me on the ass again.

     "How did I tell you to address me?  As Sir, or Master,  or Mr.

Bruno. And, when I'm using you as my whore, as Honey and Darling,

right, Cunt!

     "Yes, Sir", I stammered.

     "I bought you a new discipline uniform to wear.  I didn't

appreciate your crack the last time we played games that I must

like little boys.  So you put this outfit on and I'll teach you

something new."

     I opened the box up like a bomb was ticking inside.  It was

dark blue velvet and gleaming white satin and lace.   A Little Lord

Fauntleroy suit, this would be humiliating to any woman.  Worse

even than man in such a sissy get up.

     I stripped naked as  Bruno watched and started to get dressed.

There were opaque white hose that attached to a fat gartered belt.

I fought the tiny satin covered buttons on the sissy blouse.  It

was too small across the bustline and my nipples poked out through

the satin, like stiff little thumbs.

     The black velvet shorts were sizes too tight.  I pulled and

tugged.  It seemed to take forever before I got them up to my waist

and then I couldn't get the zipper closed.  Worse, the rear was cut

out to expose my ass, right down to my crotch.  Bruno made me put

my thumbs in my mouth as he used a fine steel hook to zip me shut. 

I felt like  a  vise had clamped me about the hips.

     Next came a little black velvet jacket and a big straw hat. 

I teetered in black patent pumps with six inch heels in front of

the mirror.  My ankles wobbled constantly, I couldn't stop it.  The

heels were too high and Bruno kept rubbing my ass.

     Without warning,  I was being bent over a padded rail.  My

waist was tied down to the padded bar.  My ankles were tied to the

uprights.  I was trapped.  Bruno took my right thumb and put some

kind of rubber doughnut on it.  My thumb,  rubber do-hickey and

all, was shoved in my mouth.  Bruno gave it a sharp squeeze.  I

could feel something break inside the rubber and suddenly my mouth

was filled.  I was gagged, sucking my thumb.

     "Now, I want you to hold onto this lace hankie while I fuck

you in the ass, Debbie.  If you drop it, I'm going to leave you

like this all day with a big dildo rammed up  your poop chute."

     "If it hurts too much, you can wave your hankie like the

little girl you are.  And just think, from now on, I'm going to

make you wear lace hankies to work everyday, just to remind you

that I can fuck you in the ass whenever I feel like it."

     I could feel the pressure as his prick was pressed against my

sphincter.  I didn't go for this fag shit.  I was all MALE, dammit!

I tried to scream but the gag muffled everything.  And I tried to

resist but a few ringing slaps to my head stopped that.

     As the head of his cock forced itself inside the tight ring of

my rear, sweat broke out on my forehead. My arm ached from waving

the lace hankie, anything to get him to stop.  Relentlessly, Bruno

sawed in and out of me.  It never got pleasurable.  It was rape,

pure and simple, and I didn't dare tell a soul.

     Finally, I could feel the hot spurts of his semen jetting into

my bowels.  I tried to shake him off.  I didn't want this last

ultimate invasion.  Amidst all the pain, I hadn't realized that

this was the obvious end of what was happening to me.  After he

pulled out, Bruno walked around in front of me.

     His glistening still erect organ was in my face.  I looked up

to see him smirking down at me.

     "Not bad for a cherry asshole.  After a while, you'll loosen

up and I'll fuck you like a hot iron in butter".  I lay there

quivering.  The hankie fell from my hand!.

     Bruno stooped and picked it up. "You must like getting butt

fucked more than I thought."

     I could feel the cold plastic vibrator filling the space

Bruno's penis had just vacated.  The thing was switched on and my

entire lower belly began to vibrate.  I could feel my penis begin

to swell inside it's tight latex cover.   I was in agony.

     And Bruno left me there the rest of the day.


We enter on another day of work for our hero(ine)


     "Debbie, get in here!"

     "Yes, Sir, Mr. Bruno".  I grabbed a new stick of gum and

popped it into my mouth.  I took a quick glance in the mirror.

     Bruno had me visit a dressmaker.  I hadn't liked the way the

fitter laughed as she took my measurements. My skirt was mid calf

without a vent.  I was totally hobbled in my high heels.  My

matching jacket had big mutton sleeves and a velvet collar. The

artist's blouse sported a big collar and rolled back sleeves that

fostered a Victorian effete look.  And an oversized crimson, laced

hankie draped from my wrist.

     I looked like an overdressed fool.  Or Oscar Wilde's version

of a fag hag.

     "I'm here, Mr. Bruno,"  I panted as I walked in.

     Bruno liked to see me hurry over so quickly that I arrived out

of breath.  It made him seem even more important to the customers.

     "I want you to meet Roger Carasso from Los Angeles.  He's

talking about a joint marketing agreement for Southern California".

     "Oh that would be just super", I squealed.

     Bruno had made it clear.  In front of the customers, I was to

come across like an airhead.  If I showed one ounce of business

sense, I'd have a baseball bat shoved up my rump.  "Rog, Debbie

here is just the sweetest little gal.  Real enthusiastic, you know.

Not too much on the brains but a real entertainer."

     I blushed.  Bruno was always doing this to me.  Telling the

clients that I was stupid but a great fuck.  Like he was humping me

whenever he wanted.  True, he was, but I hated the way he

advertised it.

     "Can I get you some coffee?  Or maybe some tea?"

     I made myself useful as Bruno's "trophy" bimbo until they both

grew bored with me.  Gradually I drifted out and picked up the

phone.  I slipped the annoying chandelier earring from my left ear.

     She Devil answered.

     "Hello, it's Debbie..uh, I mean, Deborah.  How are we doing?

Is she disposed of?"

     If Deborah was gone, I could change back to my masculine self,

get out from under Bruno's thumb and take over.  I leaned back

towards the meeting and listened.  Bruno and the guy from L.A. were

still busy trying to screw each other.

     "The package is nearly tied up but there are still a few loose

ends", she said.  "But I assure you, when I'm done, other than

yourself, no one will ever see Debbie, ah..that is, Deborah,


     "Fine, but can't you move it along?"

     I didn't want to offend my accomplice but I wanted out of


     "I'm in sort of a fix here and I want to get on to Stage Two."

     "Somethings cannot be  hurried, Debbie.  A  place for

everything and everyone in her place."

     What an odd way to put that, I thought.

     "Just keep on being a perfect Debbie and I'll make sure it

turns out the right way."  She Devil sounded almost too amused for

my own good.

     "Debbie, get in here.  Rog wants you to join him for dinner

and I want you to promise him the time of his life."  Shit, they

wanted me back.  I said goodbye and hung up quietly and quickly.

     "I'd love to join you for dinner, Mr. Carasso."  I smiled as

brightly as I knew how.

     "Debbie, my old pal Bruno has told me what a terrific chick

you are and there's something I've always wanted.  Will you do

something for me, something I've dreamed about, just to get my

pecker hard?"

     I sighed internally.  There was no refusing this.  Bruno was

smiling so I already new I was going to hate it.

     "I just have something I want you to wear to dinner," Roger

said, as though it were the most natural thing in the world to


     "Of course, I will,"  I agreed.  I was always supposed to


     The vinyl of the chair was cold and clung to my bare ass.  I

was dressed in high heels with white anklets and a pink latex

string bikini.  My hair was teased in a wild pony tail.  And that's


     Eating in a beach front restaurant, they were going to ask me

to leave until the owner saw the crowd of guys ar the bar. 

Instead, he picked up our check for dinner and invited me back, my

bikini clad tits and ass on display of course, any time.


     I sat in front of Bruno's desk.  It was littered with legal

papers.  A lawyer sat across from me, next to Bruno.  I was

worried.  What was he up to?

     "Debbie, I want to do something symbolic to demonstrate my

control of you.  Oh, don't worry.  Horace", indicating the

attorney, "knows all about our unusual relationship."

     Even as a man disguised as a woman, I had to blush.

     "Horace has prepared some papers that I want you to sign.  I'm

going to hold most of them for a rainy day but one is going to get

filed in Court."

     "This is a change of name petition, changing your name from

"Deborah Tremaine" to "Debbie".  Not "Debbie Tremaine", just plain

"Debbie".  And that'll happen right away."

     "Then, you sign papers that give me medical and general power

of attorney over your affairs.  I hold them in case you ever get

out of line."

     I looked down at my long legs. I was wearing a black spandex

micro-mini skirt.  Bruno liked to see me sit at the end of my

chair, my knees well apart, offering an unobstructed view of my

g- string covered false pussy.

     "You promise that if I stay in line, you won't use these

papers against me?"

     "Then, you have to agree, Debbie, to have your new name

tattooed on your ass."

     Bruno promised and I signed.  It didn't mean much but I had to

say something before I signed away my life.

     I was tattooed that day and he lied to me.  Bruno had me

tattooed on both asscheeks and my left breast.


     "She's   quite    unrecognizable", She Devil assured me.

     "No one, not even you, would be able to pick her out of a


     Frankly, I wasn't satisfied.  I squirmed on my seat.  Bruno

had me sitting on a hard wood chair from which towered a fat dildo,

well planted in my rectum.

     It was all part of what he called "staying in shape".

     "Won't she just talk or go to the police or something?" She

Devil didn't reply right away.  I could hear small sounds of


     "Give me some credit, please, Debbie."  Everyone called me

that now, it  was  natural.

     "Deep hypnotic conditioning by an expert in the field, Barbara

Lane, based on psychic driving techniques created by the American

intelligence community has blocked her ability to discuss that fact

with anyone but you.  She has been given a radically new identity,

one that has no relationship to who she was."

     "What did you do to her mind", I asked with sick fascination.

     When I did the deal with She Devil, I had never envisioned

brainwashing.   I had figured that they'd ship Deborah to some

foreign country and sell her into some godforsaken  brothel, to be

fucked to death.

     "She is a poorly educated, all brawn and no brain,  white

trash slut.  If you would ask her about her past, she will tell you

that her father raped her for years until she ran away.  She was

arrested as a delinquent and, in jail, the guards raped her. Your

wife would tell you that she has worked as a prostitute and has had

five abortions.  Two times, she had the clap."

     "She looks nothing like she did. She acts nothing like she

did.  For all practical purposes, your wife is dead."

     "Alright, then get me out of here and I'll pay you the second


     The details were worked out. Right after Bruno's dinner party

on Friday night, She Devil would intercept me and take me off for

corrective medical treatment.  And I would be wealthy beyond my



     I didn't mind the dress, although it was the most demeaning

thing I had ever worn.  My big breasts were left free above the

gleaming satin bodice.  Long glittering chandelier earrings dangled

from my recently pierced nipples.

     My skin tight skirt buttoned up the left side with big

brilliant covered buttons.  I was gloved to the shoulder in white

kid with big white satin bows at my wrists, ankles, neck and, in a

wide sash, at my waist.

     I ignored the stares.  These were all Bruno's friends.  Some

of them had already enjoyed my rear passage.  And more came up to

tell me how much they looked forward to a future tryst. 

Apparently, Bruno was selling an hour of my time for $500.  He had

turned me out as a whore.  Until now, I hadn't known that.  It was

just like Bruno to let me find out for myself.  Somehow it made it

all seem worse.

     I smiled and nodded and agreed that a few hours of being

cornholed by the charming gentleman from New York, and his two

friends from Des Moines, sounded lovely.  At Bruno's suggestion, I

made sure to obviously feel some of the larger erections tenting

the trousers of my admirers.

     What did I care, I was out of here tonight!

     Bruno led me over to a metal frame.  My sash was untied and

then refixed, binding my waist to the frame's crosspiece.  There

were articulated arm sections that were snapped and fitted to my

limbs and tied on with more gleaming satin.  My legs were equally

fitted until even my neck had been bound to the articulated frame.

     Suddenly, I was tilted back to a forty-five degree angle.

Bruno began to adjust my hands until my breasts were firmly cupped

and pushed high on my chest by my gloved, frozen hands.  My neck

was set to look straight ahead and last but not least, from the

crowd a woman walked up carrying a  doctor's bag!

     "Go ahead, Barbara".

     I tried to resist but several injections were made around my

jaw and mouth.  I was growing numb.  I couldn't speak anymore. The

best I could do was a soft mewing sound.

     Barbara Lane stepped back and stood next to  She Devil!  And


     What the hell was going on?

     I started to struggle but the satin ties were too tight.  I

stopped when I saw an Amazonian bitch coming towards me.

     Her arms were thickly muscled and her breasts seemingly had

disappeared in the overdevelopment of  her pectorals.  Her head was

shaved into an extreme mohawk and this dyke had been in a lot of

fights - and lost from the looks of her face.

     Slowly, she began to unbutton my dress.  I tried to kick her

away but I was no match for her.  Soon my legs were free and this

banshee from Hell was lifting my legs into the air, like some tramp

looking to get fucked.

     "Doan' youse kno' meh, Dehr-ree?"

     I looked at her.  It couldn't be!

     A gag was white satin belted into my mouth.  She Devil tied it

off with a big party bow.


     She Devil was right, I hadn't recognized her until she told

me.  But I'd tell her I was sorry, make her see how it all went

wrong.  Together, we could escape.  She looked strong enough to

kick the shit out of half the room.

     "EBB-BEH, EBB-BEH, led meh guuh!  Ahh ken essplahnn.  EBB-


     "Whacha' sayin', sweet meat?  Dats right, I used to be yur

wifey, ya kno'.  But like, dey fucked wid my brane  and like I hab

dis baa chile-hood.  I he's raped a lot and fucked an' shit.  So's

now, I hate guys.  Ands I luv's da' girl meat like you."

     She unzipped her tight leather pants.  I hadn't noticed the

enormous bulge caused by the long thick  dildo. How had I missed

that monster?

     I luv ta' fuck a hot cunt like you, Dehb-bee".

     Deborah roughly rammed her false cock into my artificial

vagina.  All during the time Bruno and his friends had been raping

my rear,I had gotten some measure of relief,despite the horrible

embarrassment of what was happening to me, from the fact that any

chance of exposure by them detecting my latex vagina was


     Soon, Deborah was pounding  away.  And harder than Bruno had

ever put it to me.

     Of course, she shuddered through her orgasms while my penis

became more bruised by its entrapped mauling.  My screams of pain

sounded more like cries of pleasure coming from my  drug muted


     A video camera was set up, and then another, and a third and

a fourth.  Bruno walked around taking pictures with an expensive

35mm camera.  Helplessly, I played sex doll to Deborah's bizarre

lesbian rape.  In the monitor though, her leather with its cut outs

and jutting cock seemed right in place with my sexy satin, jiggling

tits and splayed legs.

     Any onlooker would think that this was a professional porno


     Finally, Deborah shook herself through her umpteenth orgasm

and pulled  out.  I was stood up and released from the fucking

frame only to have my hands tied behind  my  back and a dog collar

buckled on my neck.

     "Here are the papers you require", Bruno said, handing Barbara

Lane the medical power of attorney.

     She Devil, Bruno and Deborah stood on the front step as we

drove off.  I knelt at Barbara Lane's feet.  She had insisted and

backed up her demand with a hat pin in my right breast.

     First, we'll get rid of that artificial vagina and give you a

real one.  Then, I'll work on correcting your hormone imbalance

with a regime of massive doses of a mutated form of estrogen.  Very

powerful.  And interesting side effects.   I've had lots of

experience doing this, no doubt you'll be happy to know."

     "Have you ever met Erica Katt?  She's been working for me for

a while now and you two have so much in common, I just know you'll

get to be like sisters."

     "But back to these delicious side effects.  Your breasts will

grow.  Sometimes, it's by quite a bit.  Maybe, we'll be lucky and

see something in the DD cup size."

     "And so will your hips, by the way.  Strict corseting will

give you a waspy waist.  I really like that look.  Frankly, I'm

hoping for something of a total look in the 40DD-19-44 range.  And

your hair will really sprout. Easily waist-length."

     "But best of all, you will find your feelings changing. 

You'll find yourself thinking about sex for no reason.  And with

all those female hormones, it will be sex with men.  Rough sex,

nasty sex."

     "You'll crave being spanked, dream of being fucked, cornholed,

and sucking cock. You'll beg strangers to whip your nipples while

you play with yourself.  But deep inside you'll remember who you

are quite clearly.  I have no intention of taking that away. 

Instead, I'll just strip off any chance of you trying to kill your

self, or escaping, or even resisting one little bit."

     "And Bruno has some special modifications he wants."


     How was I going to get out of this?  How was I going to get at

my money?  I didn't want to be a girl.  I just wanted to be rich 

Where was she taking me?


     Bruno pushed the buzzer.  The public offering for TRB, Inc.,

had gone well.  He was a paper half-billionaire.  Another push of

the buzzer.  Where was she?

     Debbie wiggled in.  Her 4OFF beasts wobbled wildly in her low

cut dress with every gyrating step she took.  It often occurred to

Bruno that Debbie's tits looked like two ten pound bags of jello on

a trampoline when she walked by.

     It had taken a while but Debbie had mastered the seven inch

heels.  The platform sole looked dated but that only added to the

fun.  So did the Fifties fashions and the big bouffant hairdo.

     "Debbie, I want you to make a reservation for four for dinner

in a private suite at the Plaza".

     "Yes, Sir." Debbie's voice shrilled back nasally.

     The welts Debbie's dyke lover, Rebbie, left on her fat udders

were still fresh. "Is Rebbie available to put on a show?"

     "Yes, Sir.  Rebbie told me that she can be there any time you


     Debbie and Rebbie had been "married" in a video-taped lesbian

ceremony that had been consummated on the spot.  It was a big

seller in the porno market.

     "And tell Rebbie I want to see you hung by your tits." Debbie

paled under her heavy pancake makeup but promptly smiled.  The

cheap jersey of her dress molded itself to her mammoth udders so

clearly that the, four inch thick, chromed rings in her nipples

were clearly outlined.


ENTERTAIN YOUR GUESTS THAT WAY."  Debbie was compulsive about

keeping Bruno happy now.  If he so much as scowled at her, she

broke into tears.

     Sometimes, Bruno yelled at Debbie just to watch her thick

mascara run.

     Bruno watched Debbie's fat ass wiggle out.  His cock stiffened

a bit thinking about the hard and fast fuck he was going to give

the simple minded bitch after lunch.  The fact that he could see

the suppressed male humiliation in her eyes only made it sweeter

when he shot his load into the submissive slut.

     Bruno picked up the phone and dialed.

     "She Devil?"

     "Yes, Bruno."

     "Just two things.  First, dinner is on and I've lined up some

entertainment.  Debbie and Rebbie with something special.  Could

you let Barbara know?"

     "Certainly, I'd be only too happy to.  It sounds like fun.

What else is on your evil mind?"

     "Well, I've come across a couple who are advertising to meet

a dominant couple.  He's into crossdressing.  She's into whore

fantasies.  The interesting thing is that he holds exclusive

license on some very useful patents for industrial drill bits. 

There's an immediate market for them in Paraguay."

     "Interested?", Bruno asked.

     "When do we start?", She Devil purred.



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