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Archive-name: Changes/sylvia3.txt

Archive-author: Ruth White

Archive-title: Sylvia's Slave - 3

                            CHAPTER 7

     I awoke to find myself in a large sunny room. I quickly found that I 

couldn't move at all. I felt very strange and it didn't take me long to 

figure out that I was under the influence of some drug. I lay there in a 

kind of semi-consciousness until some people walked in. I saw a Doctor, 

Sylvia, and Julie. I knew that I was in for it now.

     "I see that sleeping beauty has awakened." Said Sylvia.

     "What are you doing to me?" I croaked out in voice hoarse from disuse.

     "Nothing yet my dear. You are recovering from what you have done to 


     "What's that? What are you talking about?" I asked.

     "Figure it out for yourself. I find you anesthetized and prepped for 

surgery in a clinic that is world renowned for sex-changes. What could I do? 

I let them finish the operation, that you obviously wanted so badly that you 

had to steal my money and jewelry to pay for it, before I took you back into 


     I wasn't really with it, but I noticed that I still had the large breasts

that I'd come to have removed.


     "Let's just say that your name isn't appropriate anymore Bill."

     What was she talking about? Oh my God!

     "No.  You didn't?"

     "Oh yes I did. You'd better get used to the fact that you are, for all 

intents and purposes, a full-fledged woman now and forever."



     I thought the pain would never end after the drugs wore off and my body 

recovered from it's reconfiguration. I thought about Vince, or rather Consuela,

and how prophetic she had been. I had been unable to escape from Sylvia, and 

as a result would be serving a life sentence in bras and panties.  

     The pain gradually decreased in intensity and finally faded away 

completely. The Doctor pronounced me healed and removed the catheter from 

inside me. 

     A nurse instructed me on how to care for myself and urinate. I had always 

pissed sitting down while hiding out in LA to minimize the chances of 

discovery, but now I had no choice and the process was somewhat different. I 

was quite embarrassed when the nurse told me that I should douche myself at 

least once a week, and then explained the procedure.


     I was given a robe and allowed out of bed. My experience had left me too 

weak to walk, so I was placed in a wheelchair and rolled to a balcony for some

sun. I couldn't tell where I was, except that it was a large estate in the 

country somewhere.      


     I was assigned to a physical therapist who got me walking again and 

exercised me. I developed some muscle tone, it wasn't much, but it was the 

best I could expect. As the nurse explained it to me. No testicles, no 

testosterone. No testosterone, no muscles. She told me that what little tone 

I had was suitable for a young woman, so why worry? I was given mega doses of 

female hormones to make me soft and curvy again. 

     After my body had stabilized I was weighed and measured and told that I 

possessed the following statistics: 5'7" tall, 115 pounds, and 38-23-35. Those 

breasts I had tried to have removed had grown even more and I found myself one 

of those "D-cuppers" that I used to admire so much.


     I was on my back strapped to an examining table with my arms restrained. 

Sylvia watched as the Doctor placed my feet in stirrups so that he could 

conduct a pelvic exam. I felt whatever it was he was using moving around 

inside of me. It wasn't uncomfortable, but it was somewhat unnerving.

     "It appears that the operation was a total success Mrs. Graham," said the 

doctor. "It will be my pleasure to sign the legal forms attesting that Bill is 

a woman."

     "Excellent Doctor."

     "I must tell you however, that she needs to occasionally insert some type

of form into her vagina and keep it there for a day to ensure that it does not

close up on her."

     "That's no problem Doctor, I know what's required and I'll see to it that

she takes good care of herself. What about her responses?  Sexually I mean."

     "Well let's see."

     "Perhaps Bill would like to watch.  Can she?"

     "I don't see why not."

     The doctor swung a large convex mirror out over the table and I saw my 

sex right there in front of me, every aspect of it magnified. I had a cunt for

sure, correct in every detail. My pubic hair had grown back, but it was now 

lighter and finer than it had been before.

     I watched as the doctor spread the lips of a vagina open. I couldn't 

quite connect with the fact that what I was seeing was me. Like a small animal

transfixed by a snake, I was powerless to turn away, and watched as he pushed 

his finger inside of me and moved it around.

     "I used a new procedure on Bill in which her vagina is constructed from a 

strip of abdominal skin instead of using the remains of the penis. Thanks to 

this she has outer and inner labia, an excellent clitoris, and her vagina can 


     "I'm sure that she is happy to hear that." Said Sylvia.

     I wasn't. In a mixture of horror and fascination, I watched the doctor 

touch what seemed to be a clitoris. I was totally unprepared for the sensations

that coursed through my body. He massaged it with two fingers and I felt 

strange things happening to my body. The clit seemed to get hard and I was 

astonished that my nipples did likewise. The doctor took one of my breasts in 

his other hand and started playing with it. The feeling was so intense

that I couldn't help myself. I watched my pelvis moving around on it's own, 

trying to get his fingers in further. Was I doing that?


     My nipples were so hard that they hurt. I wanted the doctor to take them 

into his mouth and suck on them. Soon I could concentrate on nothing except 

the stimulation of my new sex. It felt physically hot. I found myself panting 

and my clit seemed to be standing at attention, yearning for the doctors touch 

as he moved two fingers in and out of me. I was shocked to discover that I 

could enjoy this violation of my body, but I did, and found myself wanting 


     Without a word the doctor obliged me and inserted a third finger into the 

cunt he'd given me. It was starting to feel full and that felt good. He turned 

his hand up and used his thumb to caress my clit. I had no control over my 

body anymore and heard myself moaning. Without warning I felt my loins 

contract and then spasm, then again, and again. What a sensation. The doctor 

withdrew his hand and I lay there breathing heavily. I found my body covered

with a light sheen of perspiration.

     "Doctor. I had no idea ...," exclaimed Sylvia. How could you give her 

such responses."

     "It's just the wonders of modern medicine." The doctor said as he washed 

his hands at the sink. "With the drugs and procedures available today one can 

accomplish just about anything." 

     He talked to the intercom.  "Nurse will you come and remove the patient 

from room 2."

     Putting on his coat he told Sylvia. "If you think this is interesting 

then I'm sure that you'll find some of my other patients fascinating. Would 

you care to accompany me on my rounds this morning?"

     "With pleasure doctor."

     I was left alone to wait for the nurse to come and release me then return 

me to my room.


     The day I had been dreading arrived at last. Sylvia entered my room with 

a girl in a white uniform in tow.

     "Good news Bill. Today we go home. Joanne here will help you get yourself 

together for the trip."

     Joanne turned out to be a beautician.  My hair was washed, cut, and 

permed. I wished now that I had cut it short when I had the chance, but then 

what difference did it make anymore? While my hair was drying Joanne went to 

work on my nails, which I had ignored during my freedom. Shortly they were 

filed to points and painted bright red. Joanne brushed out my long blonde 

curls and left me alone.

     Sylvia returned shortly with some packages and cases. Handing me a case 

she asked, "You still remember how to put your make up on?  Be a good girl and

go do it while I get your clothing ready."

     I knew that any resistance at this stage would be futile so I complied 

with her instructions. I applied the cosmetics as I had before my brief stint 

of freedom: foundation, blusher, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, and lastly 

translucent powder. A pretty girl stared back at me from the mirror, and like 

the use of the pronouns she and her in reference to myself, I tried not to 

think about her as she related to me.

     While I had been occupied with my face Sylvia had put out clothing for me.

 It was all new and still in boxes from the stores. Sylvia chattered away, all 

the while maintaining the pretense that I had wanted the sex-change she had 

forced upon me.

     "I was so glad to find out that you kept up the commitment to become a 

woman Billie. I was afraid that you might have given up. I don't blame you for

stealing the money, but I want you to know that all you would have had to do 

was ask, and I would have paid for it." 

     "I brought some of your old clothes with me but, with the increase in your

bustline, I'm afraid they won't fit. I took the liberty of buying you some new

things. Don't worry about the cost, we can settle up later. Here see how these 


     She handed me a bra. It was a front-hook design, of white nylon and 

spandex. I had never worn one like it before. I got it on and managed to get 

my breasts into the underwire cups and hook it shut. It provided some welcome 

support even though the upper parts of the cups were lace and my nipples were 

visible through them. 

     "Before I forget, go ahead and put this in."

     She handed me what looked to be a small white tube.

     "What is this?"  I asked.

     "It's tampon silly. You've got to keep your lovely new womanhood open and

this will serve for now."

     "But ... I don't ..."

     "How stupid of me. I keep forgetting that those of who were born female 

gradually absorb such Knowledge from our mothers and peers as we grow up. You 

poor girls who join us later in life have to learn so many new things."

     "Here, you hold it like this. You spread your lips .... yes, like that."

     " Now insert this end in you and put it in to about there. Good."

     "Now push on the other end so it slides up inside the other one. When it

stops, pull the applicator out. There you go. That wasn't so bad was it?"

     I could feel the tampon up inside of me and looking down could see a 

white string hanging out of me.

     "When you have to go to the bathroom, just pull it out by the string. 

Throw it away, don't flush it down the toilet, and when your done, wipe 

yourself and put a new one in. I figure two days a week will serve to keep you

open, and Bill if you ever have any questions about feminine hygiene, please 

feel free to ask me about them anytime." 

     I stepped into the white nylon and lace panty Sylvia handed me. It turned

 out to be a string bikini. I got it up over my hips, experiencing for the 

first time, but certainly not the last, the awareness of my new vagina in


     "I'm sure Bill, that you'll be much more comfortable now that you don't 

have to wear that tight compactor any more."

     I tried to ignore her banter as I put on the sheer white panty-hose she 

provided. I knew that I was back in dresses, this time to stay. I was given a 

white nylon slip. It was followed by a rose patterned cotton dress. I slipped 

it on, zipped up the back, and buckled the matching belt. I had expected 

something radical, but this was almost demure;  with a lace collar, short 

sleeves, and a full gathered skirt which fell from a dropped waist to 

mid-calf. I donned white leather pumps with three inch heels and sat there


     "Here Bill, I bought you some jewelry to go with you new wardrobe. Don't

worry about paying me back, I'll consider it a gift to my newest girlfriend."

     Sylvia was really getting on my nerves by now with her pretend sweetness.

I strapped on the tiny ladies watch she gave me and looked at the two large 

earrings in my hand. They were large pearls surrounded by a gold chain; 

obviously fake, they were for pierced ears.

     "I was disappointed to find that you had let the holes in your ears 

close up, but you'll be happy to know that I had the doctor pierce new ones."

     I felt my earlobes and sure enough there were new holes with tiny pieces 

of plastic to keep them open. I pulled out the plastic and put on the earrings.

     "Here's a new bag for you dear." Said Sylvia.

     I took the white handbag from her and asked, "What's going to happen to 

me now?"

     "I'm sure I don't know Billie. You'll just have to see what the committee


     "Are you kidding me! Isn't having my balls cut off punishment enough?"

     Sylvia looked at me with that icy look she was capable of.

     "Let's get this straight Bill, your punishment hasn't even started yet.

In fact, you aren't capable of understanding the meaning of the word as it 

pertains to what's going to happen to you."

                            CHAPTER 8

     I kept my mouth shut during the ride back to Carmel. I sat in the back of

the limousine with Sylvia and she kept babbling chit-chat and gossip about 

what had been going on since I left.  As if I cared. The chauffeur was new and

I guess that I looked like Sylvia's younger sister to him. He held the door 

for me, called me Ma'am, and treated me just like he did Sylvia. I also 

noticed him stealing glances at me in the rear-view mirror from time to time.

At least he didn't know the truth about who I was.

     When we arrived home, we got out of the car in the front of the house.

     "Why don't you take the rest of the day off Al. In fact, it's Friday and 

I won't need you this weekend so why not get away for awhile. Tell you what, 

go ahead and use the Mercedes."

     "Thank you very much Mrs. Graham.  Are you sure?"

     "Yes I'm sure, but you better be out of here before I come to my senses 

and change my mind."

     He squealed the tires he drove off so fast. I should have known Sylvia 

had hidden motives. We walked into the house to find the Committee already in 

session in the living room.

     Sylvia went and sat down as I stood before them. Judge Martin 

addressed me.

     "It pains me to see you in front of us again Bill, and for such serious 

offenses; assault with a deadly weapon, rape, and armed robbery to mention 

only a few of the more serious ones. We have heard all the testimony so,

is there anything you would like to say before we sentence on you?"


     "Yes there is.  I don't deserve any punishment. Look what she was doing 

to me; she made me look and act like a girl, I needed to get my masculinity 

back.  Not only that, but down in LA she finished the job and had me operated 

on and turned into a woman. I've suffered enough and I should be let go now."

     "Bill I must tell you that everything Mrs. Graham did to you here, was 

within her rights and, as for the rest, while I'm certain we all sympathize 

with you over your loss, it happened well outside our jurisdiction and will 

not be taken into consideration by us."

     "Now if the defendant will strip and face the court we will pronounce 

sentence on him, excuse me, her." 

     There was snickering at this last.

     "Fuck you, I will not!"

     "Bailiffs!  Remove the prisoner and return her when she's ready."


     I don't know if I was more angry or ashamed as I stood before them. I was

naked and the modifications to my body were revealed for all to see, even the 

tampon string hanging from my pussy.  For some reason I found that to be 

particularly degrading. I was gagged and couldn't make a sound, with my hands 

cuffed behind my back.  A big goon stood at each side of me, holding me 


     "William Adams, because of your continuing record of criminal misbehavior,

lack of either remorse or repentance, and proven inability to rehabilitate 

yourself, it is the judgement of this committee that you be stripped of your 

identity. As of this moment, William Adams has ceased to exist, as Dr. Colfax 

will attest on his death certificate. You are now a nameless nonentity and, as 

such, we declare you to be chattel."

     "In order that justice may be served, and as reparation for the inequities

she has suffered, we do hereby transfer to Sylvia Graham all rights and title 

to the slave standing before us. If any person wishes to speak, he or she may 

do so now."

     I tried to speak and squirm around, but to no avail.

     "No comments?  Then I declare that this court is adjourned."

     The committee broke up into smaller groups and started chatting. I stood 

still, the shock, of what had just been done to me, just beginning to sink in. 

Judge Martin and Sylvia walked over to where the two thugs still held me.

     "Well Sylvia, it looks like you came out rather well after all. Tell me, 

what do you plan to do with your new slave? If you're interested in selling 

her, I might be persuaded to make an offer."

     "Thank you Judge, but for now I plan to keep her.  My first order of 

business will be to mark my new possession so that in case she should wander 

off whoever finds her will know where she belongs.  Would you care to observe?"

     "Certainly Mrs. Graham, it may prove enlightening."

     "Take her out to the garage boys."

     I was frog-marched out to the garage, from which all cars had been 

removed. In the middle of the garage was a saw horse with padding on the top.

I was led to it and picked up and placed over it. My arms and legs were 

strapped to each legs of it and were cinched tightly. I couldn't move a 

muscle. Then I noticed a huge man wearing a leather apron and pumping what 

appeared to be some sort of a bellows. Wasn't that Sylvia's barbecue grill?

 He picked up what appeared to be a long stick.  One end of it glowed cherry

hot and I knew then what was going to happen to me.

     Every muscle in my body strained as the branding iron burned into my left

ass cheek. I tried to scream , but the gag prevented the escape of any sound.

Just when I thought I'd die, it was pulled away. I went limp on the sawhorse, 

panting.  Thank God that was over.

     Then I felt the reheated iron sear into my right ass cheek. 



     I looked over my shoulder at the mirror.  On each globe of my plump ass 

there was an  "S"  burned into my pink skin.  Not only had Sylvia turned me 

into a woman, she had marked me as her slave for life;  She told me that the

"S S" for Sylvia's Slave.

     I'd been taken good care of while the burns had healed. I'm sure Sylvia 

didn't want anything happening to her valuable property. I was starting to 

dress when Julie entered my room.

     "Come with me slave.  Sylvia wants you."

     "Yes Mistress." That's how I had to address them now. "I'll be right 

there. Just let me put a robe on."

     "No slave.  Come as you are."



     I followed Julie down to the living room and saw that there were two 

large beams formed into an X on the floor.  Under Sylvia's direction, I laid 

down on it and they bound my wrists and ankles to it. Then the two of them 

stood it up and leaned it back against the fireplace. I found myself 

spreadeagled, exposed, and unable to move.  I was beginning to get very 

apprehensive about this.

     "You know slave that you haven't been punished yet."

     "What do you call all this you've done to me?"

     "Circumstances slave. You still have to be punished.  I'm sure that 

you'll be glad to hear that it will serve a couple of purposes."

     Sylvia rubbed her hand across my belly.

     "First. This will allow me complete control over your body."

     Her hand traced a path down across my pubic hairs and continued to the 

inside of my thigh.

     "Second. This is going to hurt. That will go away in time, but you will 

always carry a reminder of what you did and your punishment for doing it."

     She had brought her hand up and was now caressing my breast with it.

     "Third.  I know from your performance with the doctor that you're a hot 

little bitch and would gladly put out for any man. So I am going to ensure 

that I exercise complete control over your sex life and remove that temptation 

from you.  At least, unless I want you to fuck someone."

     Sylvia started really playing with my titties.  In spite of my fear I 

felt myself become aroused as a result of her fondling me. My nipples 

stiffened and I could feel my crotch heat up.  Sylvia put one hand down and 

started stroking my pussy. I could feel her fingers on my clit and the 

stimulation was almost too much for me. Then she stopped abruptly. From the 

table she picked up a little foil packet and tore it open. What use did she 

have for a needle?

      Oh no!

     "Go ahead and scream slave.  There's no one to hear you."

     I watched in horror as she held the needle point against my right breast.

     "And so you are further marked as a slave."

     I felt pain lance through my breast as Sylvia pushed the needle through 

my nipple. I cried out in agony. I looked down to see the point exit the other

side and a tiny drop of blood form on it, then fall to the ground. Leaving the

needle as it was Sylvia picked up another packet. I started to lose touch with

reality as another needle was forced through my left nipple.

     I hung there with both breasts feeling as though there was a blowtorch 

burning them, but the pain was gradually subsiding. Julie came up and pulled 

the needles out of my breasts. She then pushed a gold ring through the hole 

in my right nipple. Pushing the ends together, Julie touched them with 

something that looked like a soldering iron. The ring got hot for a minute 

then she removed the tool and let the ring hang. It was sealed permanently. 

The process was repeated with my left nipple.

     Julie commented on her handiwork.  "Don't you just love your new rings 

slave?  I think you should go topless all the time so that you can show them 

off to everyone."

     Just then Sylvia dropped a handful of the needle packets on the table.

     "Be sure you remember slave; it always gets worse."

     Sylvia resumed petting my cunt. The pleasure mingled with fear and the 

pain from my breasts.  


     She's got a needle out and she's putting it down there. Please God, NO!.

     It was that afternoon that my spirit was finally and totally broken; as 

the lips of my new vagina were pierced repeatedly. If that sounds painful, it 

was nothing compared to when the piercing needle passed through the sensitive 

clit that had been formed from my cock. As you can imagine, my memory is kind

of hazy about the whole affair.  


                            CHAPTER 9

     Sylvia told me that the Committee would be having a big party one evening

and that we would be going. She had an outfit for me to wear, which I would 

get later on.  

     After I had cleaned up the kitchen from dinner, I reported to Sylvia. She

opened the tiny padlock hanging from my clitoral ring and I was able to remove

the fine gold chain which was laced through the rings in my vagina and served 

to keep my pussy off-limits. Then I pulled out the dildo and washed it off.

Remember how I was supposed to keep a tampon in me to keep my operation from

closing up on me?  Well Sylvia decided that using a tampon was too much like 

something a real girl would do, so she got me a fake cock to keep in my fake 

cunt. I carry it around inside of me all day; constantly aware of it chained

inside me, where I can't do a thing about it. Sylvia says that's what my 

pussy was made for anyway. A cock that is.  Then I got the butt plug out and 

washed it off. Yeah, I still have to keep that thing inside me all day also.

     I took a bath and washed my hair. Sylvia had decided that I needed to be 

a red head for awhile, so my hair had been died scarlet, even my pubes. I 

douched myself as I'd been taught, slipping the nozzle between my ringed cunt

lips, and filling myself up with hot soapy water. It wasn't an unpleasant 

experience. I changed nozzles and gave myself an enema. No telling what 

orifices would be in use tonight. I dried off, brushed my teeth, applied

deodorant, and dusted myself with a pleasant smelling powder. Going to my 

room, I put on my make up, then sprayed myself with perfume, having the scent

of the powder, lightly on my neck, shoulders, between my breasts, behind my

knees, and, of course down there. My toilette completed I went naked to 

Sylvia's room.

     There was a pile of black lingerie on her bed.

     "Put this on first." Sylvia directed, handing me a black satin 

garter belt.

     I got it on, then pulled on the seamed black stockings she gave me, and 

attached the garters to them.  I stepped into a pair of black satin and lace 

panties, only to find out that they were crotchless. I usually have to be 

careful with the rings in my vagina and clit and arrange them in my panties 

so that they don't pull when I sit or cross my legs, but this pair just left

them hanging out. The demi-bra she gave me was no better; it had no cups.

My nipples were uncovered and the bra held them up, with the thick rings in 

them held out for all to see, swinging as I walked. Black patent pumps with 

five inch heels completed my outfit.

     "Go downstairs and wait for us."

     "Yes Mistress."

     Knowing better to question anything, I did as I was told. Shortly Sylvia 

and Julie came down.  Sylvia help up some handcuffs. Without a word, I turned 

around and put my hands behind my back. Click. Click; they'd be staying back 

there. A gag was put in my mouth and held in by straps buckled behind my head.

It was a penis gag and I knew that my jaws would soon be aching from the large

rubber cock jammed between them. Then the final touch was added; a dog leash 

was clipped to my clit ring and I was led out to the car.

     After we arrived and had been introduced to the hostess, I found out that

I was to be the guest of honor that night. Some honor. I was told to kneel 

down and my clit ring was locked to a short chain in the floor. I wouldn't be 

going anywhere until it was released. Sylvia removed the penis gag, whispering

in my ear. "Remember slave.  No matter how bad it seems, I can always make 

it worse." 

     I believed her now.

     I worked my jaws to ease their stiffness, but before they felt better, I 

discovered that not only was I the guest of honor, but that I would also be 

providing the evenings entertainment. 

     I have heard it said that when you swallow your pride a spoonful is as 

good as a taste, but I had no pride left to swallow. Now I'd be swallowing 

cum. The penis gag was replaced by the real thing and I was literally sucking

for my life.


     This went on over and over throughout the evening. Occasionally Sylvia 

would come over and give me a sip from her drink to wash the taste of cum out 

of my mouth and refresh my lipstick. I saw Consuela, who was working as a 

cocktail waitress this evening, and she stared at me with pity and 

understanding. Many of the men critiqued me, giving pointers and advice, 

and by the end of the evening I was quite an accomplished cocksucker. The 

worst part, as far as I was concerned, was when that faggot hairdresser 

George Llewellyn walked up and watched me with my mouth full of cock. When I 

had finished we looked at each other for a minute.

     "I suppose your next?"  I asked him.

     "Oh no!" he replied, "I only like men, and dearie, you ain't no man," 

 then he pranced away cackling with glee.

      I knelt there in shame and degradation, blinking back tears. He was 

right. I felt the heat run out of my chained pussy as a door opened and a 

breeze blew in. More men entered. Time to make myself useful.


     I found out later that my performance that evening was only a preview,

for both me and the many men I serviced. In order to recoup some of the money 

I had cost her, Sylvia decided that I would be made available to anyone who 

could afford her price for me. You would be shocked, I'm sure, to hear about 

some of the things I've been hired out to do, But Sylvia says that I don't 

have to write about them now.  


                           CHAPTER 10

     Over time, the reality of my situation has sunk in and, somehow, I have 

been able to accept it. Having your cock and balls cut off and getting a cunt 

to replace them can really change your outlook on life. It is brought home to

me, every time I pull down my panties and sit down to piss, that under no 

circumstances can I ever again hope to be a man. Eventually I just surrendered,

deciding that the best I can ever aspire to is to escape humiliation and 

beatings.  Towards that end I have applied all my energies.

     As a slave-girl I have no name, but after the improvement in my attitude 

and behavior Sylvia gave me one. Since I belong to her, and please my customers

so well, she named me Tricksy Graham.

     I even discovered that there were some things I liked about myself now.

As I told you big tits have always turned me on and now that I have my own ...

     Oh there's one other thing you might be interested in knowing. Remember I

got hired after Mr. Graham passed away?  Well it seems he didn't exactly die.

I recently found out that Julie used to be a man; Sylvia's husband Robert.

The money I took from the safe was the proceeds from an insurance scam they 

had pulled by having Judge Martin declare him dead, but that's another story.

                             THE END



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