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Archive-name: Changes/sylvia1.txt

Archive-author: Ruth White

Archive-title: Sylvia's Slave - 1


     The story which you are about to read may, at times, seem

quite preposterous. I have often wished that it was an episode of

a nightmare or something, but I assure you that it is not. Why, you

may ask, have I written this account?  I have done so on the

explicit instructions of my mistress who hopes that in the

recounting of my ordeal I will once again relive all the shame,

humiliation, and agony I originally suffered. It is her intent

that, in the process of doing telling my story that I may come to

more fully realize and accept what I am, her slave, or to be

precise, her slave-girl.

                            CHAPTER 1

     I shall never forget the first time I set eyes upon Sylvia

Graham; I was outside the unemployment office in Monterey waiting

to see my counselor.  There was a bunch of us shooting the breeze

and horsing around when, all of a sudden, up pulls this long

limousine.  We all shut up and stared, I mean this wasn't how your

average person arrives at the unemployment office. Before our

disbelieving eyes, a chauffeur got out and opened the door for this

tasty babe. She was tall, blonde, and dressed all in black; from

her shoes to the tiny veil on her head. She exited the car and

walked towards the building. As she passed my buddy Mike questioned

me, "What does a babe like that needs with the unemployment office." 

     I answered that, "It looks to me like she needs some good hard

cock. Maybe she's here to hire a stud." 

     My buddies found my remark hilarious, but it was obvious that

the lady in question had overheard my remark, because she stopped

and glared at me for a moment or two before walking on in.


     I finally got in, only to be chewed out by Mrs. Jackson, my


     "What are we going to do with you Bill?  With your appearance

and attitude no one will ever hire you.  Your unemployment runs out

in two weeks, then what will you do?"

     I wasn't in the mood for this so I just told her, "I'll get a

job and keep it long enough to get back on unemployment." 


     She glowered at me.

     "Against my better judgement William I am going to offer you

a job which has just been listed with us. The pay isn't bad and the

work shouldn't be too hard. You'll be doing yard work and handyman

stuff. Oh, by the way, if you refuse the job you're off

unemployment immediately.  What do you say?  Take it or leave it."

     What choice did I have?  I took it.


     The address I was given was way out in Carmel Valley. I rode

the bus out as far as I could and walked the rest of the way. I saw

a mailbox by the side of the road with GRAHAM painted on it; this

was the place. I walked on in. What a spread it was, with lots of

wide open space. I got to the door and rang the bell. It was opened

by an older woman in a black dress.

     "Hi. My name's Bill Adams and the unemployment office sent me to

see about the handyman job."

     "Hello. I am Mrs. Hudson the housekeeper.  You'll need to

speak with Mrs. Graham. Please come in and follow me."

     She led me into the huge house. I was amazed at the luxury in

which I found myself; the Graham's were obviously loaded. I followed

the old lady into a sitting room, only to find there the lady I had 

encountered earlier outside the unemployment office. I thought to 

myself, "Shit! There goes this job."

     "Mrs. Graham I have here a Mr. Adams who has come to see you

about a job."

     "Thank you Mrs. Hudson. You may leave us."

     "Look, uh ... Mrs. Graham, I'm really sorry about this


     "Think nothing of it,  I didn't."


     Sylvia Graham was real cold and snooty to boot, but I kissed

her ass and got the job anyway. It turned out to be really great.

I was given a studio apartment over the garage, next door to the

one where the chauffeur lived. I got my meals for free with the

help in the kitchen and Sundays off. I found out that Mr. Graham

had passed away recently and I had been hired to do the work that

he used to do himself; gardening, yard work, maintenance on the

house, and anything else that needed doing. Life seemed too good to

be true.


     It was.


     I was bored.  There isn't a whole lot to do in Carmel Valley.

I didn't have a car, but I had plenty of money, so most nights and

weekends were spent drinking in my apartment and looking at magazines.

I really liked the ones that featured girls with big hooters. I won't

deny that I liked to look at the "D-cuppers", as I called them, and 

jerk off; big tits have always been an incredible turn on for me. 

It was the drinking that got me into trouble, as it often had before.

     That's how I had wound up were I was; on the streets, uneducated, 

and unemployed at twenty-one. My dad had died when I was young and my 

mother never even tried to control me after that. I was expelled from 

school because of my involvement with drugs and alcohol. Nothing much 

else happened to me until one night they told me that I had raped a 

neighbor girl. I was drunk and don't remember a thing about it. I drew 

a suspended sentence contingent on completing drug and alcohol treatment. 

I went through the treatment center but nothing changed, except that now 

I had a criminal record and was truly unemployable. With no better 

prospects I hit the road, wandering around California, working at odd 

and seasonal jobs, and drinking, until I wound up in Monterey. 


     It was a quiet Sunday afternoon and the more I drank, the more I 

became resentful of Sylvia Graham. She was rich, beautiful, and, as I

had found out, a lesbian. She had a tall, dark-haired, good looking 

chick named Julie living with her.  I didn't figure it out right away,

I mean neither looked or acted like a dyke. They were both feminine, 

pretty, and wore make-up and dresses. I had no idea what was going on 

between them until one day I was raking the lawn by the window to Sylvia's 

study. I happened to glance in and saw Sylvia.

     She was naked!  

     I moved closer to get a better look. I saw that Sylvia was sitting 

back in a chair with her eyes closed. As I got closer the entire scene 

was revealed to me; Julie was also naked, on her knees, with her head 

between Sylvia's legs, eating her out. 

     This was too much.  I felt myself getting turned on watching these 

two good loooking chicks go at it. Sylvia glanced up and happened to see 

me staring at them. To my surprise she just laughed and said something to

Julie, who looked up and laughed also.  Red-faced and embarrassed I got 

back to work.  Evidently those two didn't care who knew what they were up 

to because they never mentioned the incident to me; then or later.

     I don't remember much of what they said I did, that day when my 

troubles started. I was laying around drinking some brews and feeling 

horny and lonely, but as I drank I became angry. Angry at those two 

bitches, Julie and Sylvia, who had everything I wanted, especially 

each other. Sylvia was out and I knew that Julie was home by herself.

Somehow I convinced myself that all she needed to be sociable was a good

hard fuck, and that I was just the man to give it to her.


     The story as I heard it later was that Sylvia came home and heard

Julie screaming.  She ran upstairs to find me struggling with her in their 

bed. Reaching for the nearest object, she grabbed a heavy lamp and cracked 

it over my head.

     I came to, face down on the floor, and found myself handcuffed. "Oh 

shit," I thought, "am I in trouble now." 

     "He's awake now sheriff."

     My arms were grabbed and I was pulled to a standing position. There

was a cop and Sylvia standing there. I was read my rights and asked if I 

wanted to make a statement. 

     "I don't remember anything."  Was all that I could blurt out.


     The cop told me. "You are facing some serious charges here young man.

I'd say about ten years in state prison."

     I was scared, but I wasn't stupid. I'd been around and knew that in 

California, that if I went up for rape, I'd only draw one to four years 

max on my first conviction as an adult.

     The cop went on.  "I know what you're thinking. That rape really isn't 

a serious beef, but using that gun made it one. Kidnapping under special 

circumstances; that's ten years minimum, mandatory."

     "What gun?  I didn't have a gun."

     "That's not what Mrs. Graham said, and I found this on the floor." 

     He held up a little black automatic pistol. I'd never seen it before.

Hell, I'd never touched a gun in my life. I knew now that I was being framed,

but I also realized that I was in deep shit now. Who would ever believe me? 

     Sylvia said, "Bud, perhaps we can handle this our own way."

     I looked at her.  What was she talking about. She went on "Perhaps Mr. 

Adams would prefer to take his chances with The Committee?"

     I looked at her. "What's the committee?"

     "It's the Citizen's Justice Committee.  A bunch of us in the valley here

are fed up with the way the criminal justice system works. The victims are

punished and the guilty are treated like royalty. What we do is offer 

criminals an alternative and a chance at some real rehabilitation. You'd

serve a sentence here in the valley. You'd stay here, get trained in a skill,

and then serve out your term here working for your victim. In this case 

Julie and me."

     "You mean that I wouldn't have to go to court or prison?"


     "Well, you would have to go before the committee, but I can

guarantee that you'd do less than ten years."

     I looked at cop. "Is she for real?" 

     I didn't know it at the time, I might have been more suspicious if I 

had, but that wasn't just any cop or deputy. It was the sheriff himself. 

What was he doing out on a call in person in the middle of the night? What

sheriff ever went out on calls himself? 

     He nodded to me. "Yep son. It's the only way your gonna get out of a lot

of hard time."

     "O.K.  I'll do it."

                            CHAPTER 2

     I stood in Sylvia's living room facing a group of men and women. Sylvia

and Julie were there, the sheriff, a man named Alan Martin who I found out

later was a local judge, and some other people whose names and positions I 

never did discover.

     "William Adams. How do you plead to the charges lodged against you?"

     "Guilty sir."

     "Do you have anything to say in your behalf?"

     "No sir."  I'd been told what to say.

     "Then it is the decision of this committee that you be remanded to the

custody of Sylvia Graham to undergo rehabilitative servitude for a period of

not less than five years. Mrs. Graham you may take custody of him now."


     Sylvia led me out to the kitchen.

     "We might as well get started right now Bill. Here, drink this,"

     I took the offered glass and swallowed it. It was pretty vile. I gagged, 

but managed to keep it down.

     "I want you to know that I have a lot of ideas on how to rehabilitate

you Bill, but there is one thing which you must always remember; I am in 

complete charge of you now. If you resist, your punishment will get worse.

Can you remember that? It will always get worse. I guarantee it!"

     That was all I remembered.


     I slowly came to with a splitting headache. Whatever it was that Sylvia 

had slipped me sure left a hurting on me. I discovered myself gagged and

restrained. It took me a minute to realize that my head wasn't the only thing

hurting.  My body hurt and I noticed that my ass felt sore. I had no track of 

time as I lay there unable to move or make a sound. Finally Sylvia came in.

     "Good morning Billie. Ready to start a your first day in rehabilitation?"

     All I could do was shake my head. She removed the gag from my mouth.

I worked my jaws to get some of the stiffness out. Sylvia untied my hands. 

I looked down to see something black wrapped tightly around my waist. Then I

noticed that I had no hair. My arms, legs, chest were all bare.

     "What the hell have you done to me?"

     "Why we've started your rehabilitation Billie. Your basic problem, as 

indicated by your record, is a lack of respect for women. It is therefore my

intention that, while you are in my custody, you be forced to dress and 

appear as a woman, in the hope that in addition to punishing you, we may

cure your attitude about women by making you respect how they have to live."



     "You're in the Twilight Zone Billie. I have taken control of your life

You will do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it. Feel something 

in your ass. It's a butt-plug. I have even taken control over your bodily 

functions. If I say 'SHIT!'  You'd better say yes ma'am, and ask me how 

much and where I want it put."

     I looked down at the black thing around my waist. From the front of it

a piece stretched down between my legs, covering my crotch. I could see no 

sign of my cock.

     "That's a corset you've got on Billie.  You will be wearing one all the 

time during your stay here. Let's get up and get going. The day's wasting 

away and you've got your new job to be learning."

     "Which is?"  I asked.

     "Well I have to get some use out of you so you're going to be trained to 

take over as my housekeeper for when Mrs. Hudson retires."

     "I can't be a housekeeper."


     "Why not Billie?"


     "Well, I'm a man."

     "That's not an insurmountable problem.  Let's go."

     I followed her into the bathroom. It was obvious that the tub was where 

my hair had been removed; there were hairs all over it.

     "Cleaning that tub out is going to be one of your first jobs Billie. Now

turn around."

     I did, and could feel Sylvia untying my corset. It loosened up and I 

could feel the pressure on my ribs ease up. I took a deep breath. The strap

between my legs fell down when Sylvia released it and I looked to see my 

cock still stuck up between my legs. It seems that my balls were somehow 

pushed up into my body, then my cock was pulled back. Over it was pulled 

the strap which was then cinched tight which flattened everything, leaving 

no indication of my sex.

     "Bend over Billie."

     I felt Sylvia tugging on whatever it was in my ass. I guess I'd gotten 

used to having it in me, but it sure hurt as she withdrew it. Now I'd seen 

butt plugs in adult stores and wasn't thrilled to have one in me. It was

made of rubber and cone shaped so it wouldn't slide out. Trust Sylvia to 

go one step further.

     "Here Billie wash this off while you're in the shower."

     What Sylvia held out to me was a butt plug shaped like a big cock.

     "Do I really have to keep that in me all the time?" I asked her.

     "Yes, and you'd better shut up before I get one for your mouth."

     I shut up.

     "Time to go to the toilet Billie!"

     It was a relief to piss, but I didn't have to take a crap then and 

told Sylvia so.

     "Remember what I said Billie?"  Asked Sylvia producing a big red 

rubber bag.  

     I got my first enema.


       I found out that the corset I'd woken up in was for sleeping in. 

The one I wore during the day was much more severe. After my shower I'd 

been taken back to the room. There Sylvia tightened leather straps around 

each wrist. They were connected and I noticed a rope leading from them. I 

found out what it was for shortly. There was a pulley in the ceiling and 

the rope was pulled until I was dangling in the air. Sylvia wrapped the 

daytime corset around me. It was made out of what looked like white canvas 

and as I hung there she started tightening the laces. Tighter and tighter 

it got, but she still kept tugging on them.

     "Come on Billie, let your breath out and suck that gut in."

     How could I let my breath out? I couldn't take one in to begin with. As 

for my gut, it had disappeared long ago under the compression of the corset. 

At last she was satisfied and tied off the laces. I hung there feeling as 

though I had been cut in half. When I was lowered and stood on my feet the 

pressure increased on my tortured midsection.

     Under Sylvia's direction I stowed my balls and pushed my cock back.  

She fastened the crotch strap in back. Then she produced some long black 

nylon stocking and instructed me in how to put them on. They were fastened

 to garters hanging down from the corset. I remembered reading somewhere 

about guys who dug having this kind of stuff done to them in some adult

magazine.  Oh yeah, it was NUGGET had this kind of stuff in it. If Sylvia was

into this kind of stuff so much why couldn't she find a guy who liked it too? 

     I had to get out of here. This was getting out of hand. The uniform 

they made me wear was too much. High heeled shoes with ankle straps fastened 

tight. With the corset on there was no I could reach down and undo them. 

Then she put a dress on me. It was black like Mrs. Hudson's, but with lace 

on the collar and sleeves. That was it. I'd expected Sylvia to put falsies 

and a wig on me and make up my face, but she didn't, instead leaving me 

dressed as a woman while obviously a man. Trying to balance in those shoes, I

stumbled after Sylvia and began my first day.  Only 1,825 more to go.

                            CHAPTER 3

     About six months later I stopped on my way downstairs to look at my 

reflection in the mirror. I was still Bill Adams, but it was getting 

difficult to tell that by my appearance. My hair had grown out some and 

Sylvia had taken me into town where her faggot hairdresser George had styled 

it in a noticeably girlish style. He'd also pierced my ears. I checked my 

lipstick. Yes, Sylvia had eventually made me start wearing cosmetics. It 

seemed as though every day brought some new modification to the terms of my 

service. I wore a new corset now. Sylvia said that the old one had gotten to 

loose. I didn't think that was the case. Thanks to the corset and not being

able to eat, I had gotten thinner. Except on my chest and hips that is. It 

seems that as it held me in, the corset pushed any excess flab out of the way, 

and that's where it wound up. Or so I thought at the time.

     I hardly noticed the fact anymore that my shoes had four inch heels on 

them. In fact, most of the time I also forgot about the rubber cock jammed 

up my ass. They kept me pretty busy cleaning, dusting, and learning how to 

cook. This new job of mine was harder than my old one. Sylvia had even 

brought in a speech therapist who gave me some lessons in speaking as a girl.

Mrs. Hudson, Sylvia, and Julie all kept at me until it was second nature to 

talk in the soft throaty drawl I'd been trained to. Sylvia kept hinting about

testing my ability to pass. I didn't know that today was the day. 

     I heard the doorbell ring and opened the door to find myself face to 

face with my mother!  

     "Good morning miss, my name is Mary Adams and I've come to see Mrs. 

Graham." My heart stopped for a minute.

     "Er, ah, yes ma'am. Come right in."

     What was my mother doing here?  I led here in to the sitting room.

     "Please make yourself at home Mrs. Adams. I'll get Mrs. Graham."

     I went upstairs and found Sylvia.

     "What the hell is going on?  My mother is downstairs."

     "Billie!  Is that how you announce guests?  You're supposed to say  

'there is a Mrs. Adams to see you ma'am. ' I can see that you

require some remedial instruction.  I'll tend to you later."

     Sylvia went downstairs to meet my mother.

     I was helping Mrs. Hudson in the kitchen when I heard the bell

ring summoning me.  I went to the sitting room.

     "Mrs. Adams and I will take tea here Billie."

     I curtseyed and left.  Sylvia had made me look and talk like a girl and, 

until now, I hadn't realized how successful she had been. I didn't have any 

tits, but I guess a flat chested girl isn't that unusual. I wasn't that flat 

chested though. As I said, the corset had displaced a lot of flesh and that

made it appear as though there were small tits on my chest. As I was serving 

tea I listened as Sylvia asked; "So Mrs. Adams do you have any children?"

     "Just one.  A son named William, but I haven't heard from him in years."

     "There was a laborer around here a while ago named Bill Adams. Maybe 

that's him?"

     What the hell?  Was she going to reveal who I was to my mother?

     "It might well be, but more than likely he's in prison or dead. If he is, 

I'd rather not know, and if he isn't I definitely do not want to know."


     Later, I cried by myself in the kitchen. Sylvia had made a donation to 

some charity my mother was involved in, and used that as an excuse to get her

here and rub my status in my face. 


     "Billie! We must discuss your bad behavior this afternoon."

     I could tell that I was in for it by the tone of her voice.

     "Take off your dress at once."

     I untied my apron and removed my black nylon uniform.

     "Slip, and panties too."

     I did as ordered and shortly was standing there in only my corset, 

stockings, and black patent pumps. Of course that damn chastity device was 

locked on me hiding any sign of my male organs and holding the butt plug 

in securely.

     Julie was there and, after looking me over, told Sylvia. "You win dear, 

you did it."

     She handed Sylvia a dollar bill. Sylvia had bet her a dollar that she 

could transform me so well that my own mother wouldn't recognize me.  

     I stood there and Julie came and looked me over. 

     "Look his little titties are coming along wonderfully." 

     "What are you talking about?"


     "Shut up Billie! You speak only when spoken to." Ordered Sylvia. "Yes 

I believe they are beginning to swell quite nicely. Perhaps I should increase 

the dosage and help them along?"




     Pointing to a bar stool, Sylvia told me, "Shut your mouth and assume the 


     This was too much. They must be sneaking me hormones and making me grow 

tits. "I will not!"

     Sylvia slapped me across the face. "Get you ass over that chair now 

young lady."

     I slapped her back. A right to the jaw took me completely by surprise. 

I staggered wondering how a lady could hit that hard. Sylvia grabbed me and 

nodded to Julie. I felt the prick of a needle as it entered my ass cheek. As 

reality faded away I heard Sylvia say, "Remember Billie, as long as you resist,

it always getsworse."



     I awoke with my throat on fire and my chest sore, restrained in my bed.  

     "Don't try to speak."  Said a woman dressed like a nurse. "Open your mouth

and say ahhh."

     I did and she sprayed some antiseptic tasting stuff on my throat which 

numbed it. The girl walked off leaving me strapped down in the bed, returning 

shortly with Sylvia.  

     "Good morning Billie.  How are you feeling?"

     I tried to tell her that I felt like shit, but all that came out was a


     Sylvia laughed loudly. "Oh you're gonna have such a pretty voice when 

your throat heals. I had vocal chord modulation surgery performed on you, 

and you'll be happy to know that while the doctor was down there I had him 

do a trachial shave. Now you'll never have to worry about your Adam's apple 

giving you away now."

     The nurse had released from the restraints and helped me to sit up. 

I felt very odd, something wasn't right. Then I noticed that I had a bra on.

A very well filled bra. I remembered those stories in NUGGET where some poor 

guy would have breasts bonded to his chest. I wondered about the solvent, 

which always seemed to turn up missing in those stories. How could a guy like 

having stuff like this done to him?

     The nurse unhooked the bra and slipped it off of me. Sylvia reached down 

and grabbed one of the falsies.  

     Wait a minute!  

     I looked down at my chest. I could feel her hand. Noticing the shocked 

look on my face she told me. "Oh yes Billie, we found your magazines. I hope 

you still think huge breasts are so wonderful, because now you have two of 

them of your own."


     Sylvia had left me with the voice and breasts of a woman!

     I hadn't had a hard on for, what seemed to me to be, ages and now it 

seemed that, until I was out of here at least, my now insignificant male 

organs were for decoration only. They made quite a contrast with the boobs 

on my chest. I found myself needing an unpadded C cup bra.

To be continued...



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