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Archive-name: Changes/swittime.txt


Archive-title: Switch in Time

I was 20 years old and had limited sexual experience.  Despite being

in the Navy for 2 years, I hadn't  had a chance to experiment a lot.

My first lover had been the mother of my best friend.  She had taught

me a lot about how to please a woman.  I'd had some flings since then

with girls my own age and had developed a serious relationship with a

boy my own age!  Good thing I hadn't told that to the recruitor!

Anyway, I'd finally finished almost 2 years of training and was flying

out for my first assignment , Fort Meade, MD.  About midway between

Baltimore and DC.  Since I arrived at Dulles airport late in the day and

hadn't the slightest idea of how to get to Fort Meade from there, I took

a hotel bus into DC and got off in the heart of the city.  I asked the

driver for a clean but cheap place to stay and he pointed me to a hotel

a few blocks away.

After unpacking and showering, I decided to stow most of my cash in the

false bottom of my "combat boots" (issued in boot camp and not worn since)

and hit the streets.  I carried about $100 on my person.  I had decided

to get laid.  I had nothing at all against prostitutes.  Growing up in

a small town, I'd never met one.  For the past couple of years, I hadn't

had the chance to go looking for one, either.  Training had kept me much

too busy.  So here I was, a horny new kid in town.  I figured I didn't

have enough time to get to know anyone in the usual way, so this would

have to do.  I made my way to the red-light district, walking briskly.

I wore my navy peacoat over my civvies, technically a no-no, but it

was cold!

I turned the corner and entered the neon fun-zone.  Things were nearly as

bright as daylight here, but with plenty of shadows to hide in.  And there

was lots hiding in the shadows, drug dealers, winos, etc.  I ignored them

as best I could and decided to cruise up and down the street once before

going in anyplace.  There seemed to be a lot of action going on in the

parking lot across from the bus station.  From where I was standing,

I could see several ladies of varying ages and a few boys.  Close by,

I saw a couple of nice looking men kissing passionatly on the sidewalk.

I felt my cock start to harden and decided to check out a peep show before

purchasing my companion for the evening.  I went into the nearest arcade

and received a few dollars in tokens and headed for a booth.

This was a few years ago, before VCR's became the standard fair in the

video arcades.  Back then one would cruise the different booths before

finding a movie they liked.  As a result, there was a lot of cruising

going on and nobody seemed to care how many people were in a booth at

one time.  I'd found a fairly nice place, it seemed.  The boothes were

ample sized so as not to be crowded and had a comfortable chair within

easy reach of the coin box.

I had my pants down and was stroking myself when the door opened.

I couldn't see much of anything from the doorway, since the light was

behind him.  He shyly asked if he could come in.  I figured, what the

hell, and told him it was ok with me.  He entered and closed and locked

the door behind him.  As he stepped closer to me, I got a better look

at him.  He was young.  Too young for this place.  He couldn't have been

more than 16.  But damn, he was pretty.  Slender, firm, healthy-looking.

"I saw you on the street, Mister.  I was wondering if you could spare

a couple of bucks..."  I sighed, what else did I expect.

"Ok, what are your rates, kid?" I asked.

"Oh no, Mister.  I'd do you for free.  I just need 10 bucks to find

a place to crash for the night.  If you don't have the money, we can

still have fun."  I knew it was bullshit and that if I didn't have the

money the kid would be off like a shot, but I reached into a pocket and

pulled out a twenty.  I gave it to the kid and said,

"Ok, kid.  here's all the cash I've got.  Consider it a gift.  If you

still want to stay with me for a few minutes, that's great."  He replied

by crawling up into my lap and kissing me deeply.  His hard, little

cock poked against mine.  Soon his pants were down and he was stroking

us together.  He came suddenly, with more force than I would expect a

kid of his age.

He knelt over me, licking my crotch clean.  When he took my cock into

his mouth, I exploded, giving him all the more to drink down.  When I

was done, he gave me a happy smile and left.  Shortly after that, my

tokens were gone, so I also left.  I felt good, the urgency in my balls

was gone and I could make a discriminating choice as to my companion

for the evening.  After some window shopping, I decided on a young

black woman.  She was very pretty, tall with shapely legs and butt.

Her breasts were somewhat small, but seemed nice.

She asked me if I was looking for a little fun.  I told her I was and

asked her how much for her to spend the night with me in my hotel room.

She told me $50.  That didn't seem bad, so I waved down a taxi. (It was

a couple of miles back and she was wearing heals.)  Sitting in the back

of the taxi, we kissed lightly and held hands the rest of the ride.

I snuck her past the dozzing desk clerk easily enough and up into my

room.  I dug the money out of my wallet which she placed in her purse.

We began to kiss.  Her kisses were like nothing I'd ever experienced!

I was on fire, my cock was straining to get out!  But every time I

reached for her, she pushed my hands away.

"Look, Cynthia, I don't think this is going to work unless you let me

touch you.  You're driving me crazy here!"

To my amazement, she started to cry.  I held her close and comforted

her as best I could.  That's when she told me.

"You seem so nice, so big and good-looking, I just had to have you.

But things aren't as they seem, darling."

At that, she began to strip.  Off came the dress.  Off came the bra

and falsies.  Off came the panties and strap.  Up went "her" cock.

As I reached for her hand, I told her, "It doesn't matter to me, love,

if it doesn't matter to you.  I think you are very sexy and I want to

make love with you.  What difference does gender make?"

So this lovely person came into bed with me.  She was dressed only in

nylons and didn't have a single hair on her body.  Yes, it was strange.

She wanted me to call her cock her clit and her ass her pussy, but I could

live with that.  We came just holding and kissing eachother!  Then we took

turns licking eachother clean, which started us going again, of course.

Later that evening, she told me that she had been cross-dressing for

a few years and had managed to pass in public for months.  She had

decided to come down to the red-light area to see how far it could go.

She never intended on actually being picked up.  We'd fallen out of

touch when I was re-assigned a few months later.

Several years later, on a business trip back east, I looked her up.

She had gone through with her plans to have a sex change operation

and was married now.  We met for lunch and talked over old times.

She told me her husband knew about her gender change and didn't mind.

I told her that she was still one of the prettiest women I'd ever known.

After lunch, we went back to my hotel room, this time I was in a somewhat

higher class establishment.  Her kisses were still like fire, she could

still coax amazing orgasms out of me.  Afterwards, she told me, "You've

finally gotten what you paid for, sex with a lovely woman."

I replied, "Honey, 10 years ago, I paid a beautiful person to make love

with me.  I got what I paid for.  This was a recap.  I told you then,

gender doesn't make a difference.  You were lovely then, you're lovely




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