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Archive-name: Changes/suzie.txt

Archive-author: Le Carnard - The Purveyor of Fine Filth

Archive-title: Changing a Husband

I am writing to describe how I transformed my husband into the

docile, well behaving servant I've always dreamed of having.  We had

the typical husband-wife relationship for the first two years of our

marriage.  I grew increasingly tired of his chauvinistic ways and his

clumsy attempts at satisfying my sexual needs.  After graduating from

graduate school with top honors I had the opportunity to change

everything.  I received a excellent job offer in another state with a

starting salary twice what he was making.  I convinced him to quit his

job.  I told him he could always find work with his years of

experience, but I knew he would only work for me from now on.  I had

dreamed of turning the tables on him.  He would now become my

submissive little sister and servant girl.

Having moved, we had only two weeks before I started to work. I left

our new home to go shopping while he remained to continue getting the

house in order.  When I returned, I told him to take a bath and drew

the water.  He was quite surprised to see a bubble bath, but

reluctantly entered the tub.  Leaving him to soak, I returned with a

new razor and ordered him to shave off his body hair, leg, underarms,

chest and to just leave his pubic hair.  He refused.  I simply told him

that if he did not do as I said I would throw him out.  I reminded him

that everything was in my name.  The house, the cars and especially the

credit cards and the bank accounts and that being new in town he could

turn to no one for help.    I helped him shave and admired his now

almost feminine body.  Then I shaved his  pubic area so his bush

resembled that of a woman.

Taking him to the bedroom I showed him my purchases from the store.  I

handed him a pair of pink, nylon panties, full support bra with

falsities, long leg panty-girdle, nylons and full slip.  I ordered him

to put them on.  I explained that since I was working, he would assume

the housewife role and I intended him to look the part.  He was

adorable as he struggled to pull his girdle on and I laughed as he

tried to attach the nylons to the garters tabs on the girdle.  After

his undergarments were properly on, I snapped some photos as leverage

against him refusing to continue.  Next, came high-heels, a sheer

blouse and a straight skirt.  Everything fit perfectly.  My new servant

"Suzie" was becoming a reality.  The thoughts of little Suzie being

forced to perform cunnilingus on me was making me very aroused.

Sitting my former husband before the vanity mirror, I was doubly please

that I was able to convince him to let his hair grow longer last year.

I now set his hair in rollers, then applied nail polish to his somewhat

short finger nails.  I made a mental not to add more gelatin's to his

diet so that this nails would grow long and hard.  In the mean time

press on nails would have to do.  After forty-five minutes under my

hair dryer, I removed his rollers and applied make-up and eye liner.

While I combed out Suzie hair I explained the new arrangements.

"You will remain home and live full-time as a woman," I said.  "I will

work and you will do all the housework and be my personal maid.  We

will live as sisters and no one will ever know that you are not Suzie."

Tears rolled down her cheeks as what I said sank in and her mascara

started to run.  Bring her head up I stare into her eyes in the mirror

and say "Don't be foolish, Suzie.  You'll love being a woman.  You look

so pretty in your new clothes and after you trim down, maybe we can get

you from your size eighteen to a nice size ten.  Today, you start your

diet and Monday both of us will be going to "Spa Lady" three times a

week.  You'll look nice in you leotard and tights."

"Tomorrow, you have a nine A.M. appointment at the beauty salon for a

nice, curly permanent.  When your hair grows as long a mine we should

think about a nice, new color, perhaps blond to contrast against mine,

or may be just a frost,  We'll talk to your hair-dresser and see what

she suggests.  We also need to go shopping.  You're going to need quite

a few things for your new wardrobe."  Suzie just sat there in shock

with tears streaming down her face as I laughed.  We spent the rest of

the day learning the things a girl needs to know --- how to walk in

heels, sit in a skirt, apply make-up, do housework, and be feminine.

At day's end, I had Suzie put on a beautiful long, red silk nightgown.

I set her hair again and had her put on some heavy night cream before

we went to bed.

The next day I helped Suzie dress and put on her make-up.  At eight

forty I handed her a purse and we left the house.  It was her big

debut.  Suzie confided in me how nervous she was as we walked from the

car to the beauty salon.  "Don't worry, you're a pretty woman now and

after your perm you'll be quite sexy."  I giggled.  For the next two

hours I just admired my new sister as she got her perm, wash and set.

Sitting under the dryer with all the other women, Suzie fit right in

and when she was finished, her hair was gorgeous.

Suzie next big surprise came after we returned home. After doing the

morning dishes I had her give me a pedicure.  "You know, the only thing

that separates you form me, now is I get my period once a month and you

don't.  But that's going to change.  I think your period is starting

today, Suzie honey."  I ordered her take off her cloths.  Then I handed

her a feminine napkin and a deodorant tampon.  "Each month, for five

days, you will have a period.  Since your menstrual flow is heavy,

during those five days you'll use both a Kotex and Tampax and you will

change them every five hours. Since you don't douche you will receive a

enema at the beginning and end of your period.  When I have my period

you will be required to give me my douches and change my Kotex and

tampons as part of your duties as my personal maid.  Tears were

beginning to form in her eyes as I lowered her panties.  Telling her to

turn I said that we would pretend that she had already had her

beginning enema.  I greased her virgin ass hole with K-Y jelly.  I

talked to her gently as I inserted the thin, pink plastic applicator up

her rectum.  Suzie groaned as I inserted the applicator, and expressed

an almost pleasurable sigh as I slowly pressed the tampon in.  I

explained to her about the string and asked her how it felt.  Suzie

complained of fullness saying it felt like a tree stump was inside her.

I told her she would get used to it and that five days of discomfort a

month was part of being female and she could now sympathize with women

all over the world.  Then I showed her how to stick the napkin inside

her panties and how to adjust her penis between her legs.  Wearing a

panty-girdle helped keep everything in place for her.

I relaxed as Suzie cleaned the house.  She became quite docile as the

day went on.  I changed her tampon and pad for her during the day but

before bedtime.  I watched as she inserted her own tampon quite easily.

The next day was more lessons on being feminine, shopping and meeting

some of the neighbors.  I punished Suzie with a spanking over my knees

when I caught her standing before the toilet urinating.  After the

spanking I demonstrated how a female squats to relieve herself.  I even

made Suzie drink ten glasses of water so she could pee the correct way.

I even threaten to secure her penis permanently between her legs if I

ever caught her pissing that way again.  Suzie and I were accepted as

two sisters and I then knew that I would never again have to worry

about housework or woman's work again.  Suzie would take care of my

every need.  Over the next week, Suzie accepted her role as a woman

well.  She started with me at Spa Lady and stuck to her diet.  She was

extremely pleased when her period ended but I reminded her that it

would be with her before she knew it, again.

After her period was over we had a long discussion about sexual

matters.  I told her "obviously, when either of us has our period, sex

between us is out.  And since I was now the breadwinner I was to be the

boss.  Sex would be when and how I wanted it.  It would be composed

mostly of oral sex. She would eat me out and licking my pussy anytime

and anyplace I desired it and for her it would be anal sex and

masturbation.  She was only to ejaculate when I commanded and if she

climaxed at any other time she would be punished."  I showed her the

seven inch strap on dildo I had purchased saying "Since you are a woman

now, you will assume the role sexually also."  I then ordered Suzie to

strip and get down on all fours.  "I feel like fucking my little

Suzie."  I greased her up good with K-Y before I penetrated her easily

with the fake cock.  As I slid the dildo deep up her rectum Suzie

started gyrating her hips up and down.  "Fuck me deeper Baby,' Suzie

screamed in a high pitched feminine voice.  "I'm a woman and I love

it."  Her transformation was truly complete now.

All this happened one year ago and Suzie and I are still living as

sisters.  She does all the chores, I do nothing.  She waits on me hand

and foot.  She still has her monthly periods, goes to the beauty salon

weekly and freely walks around town as a woman.  We both belong to a

the local Woman's club.  She completely satisfies me sexually and has

accepted her position as the receiver of anal love quite well.  I

actually enjoy fuck her bottom with my now large collection of dildo's

and she has become a expert eating my pussy and asshole.

We are about to enter the bedroom for the night.  Suzie is in the

middle of her period and is now changing her Kotex and tampon.  I have

relaxed my rule about sex during menstruation.  Just writing this has

made me hot and I think I'll have little Suzie's tongue dancing on my

clitors in a little while.

Life couldn't be better for me.  I enjoy the life of leisure at home

now while my former husband and present sister and lover enjoys the

good life of womanhood.



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