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Archive-name: Changes/summgirl.txt


Archive-title: My summer as a girl....

My aunt stood there for what seemed an eternity, just staring at me,

saying nothing.  For the last hour I had entertained myself by trying

on her clothes and had only just started experimenting with her makeup

when she had unexpectedly returned from work and discovered me.  Now she

was just standing there looking at me as I desperately tried to think of

an explanation.  Not a good way to start the summer I had planned to

spend with them.

After what seemed like hours, she finally asked me what I was doing.

I was at a loss for a good explanation and started to stammer on

about just being curious what it felt like to be a girl.  This didn't

produce much of a reaction from her, she just continued to stand in the

door looking at me with the most awful look on her face.  Aunt Laura

was in her mid-thirties and worked as an investment banker for a large

bank.  Her husband was a bit older and was a corporate attorney for 

a development company.  My mother had suggested in the spring that I

might wish to spend my last summer before high school graduation living

with them, getting a job somewhere in Chicago.  The idea had been to

give me some time away from home and to let me get used to a large city

before I started college in a year.  I had jumped at the chance, it beat

hanging around with the local kids and being bored all summer.  I hadn't

seen either my aunt or uncle for years, since I was a little kid.  But I

remembered them as nice people who I used to enjoy visiting.  Before

leaving for Chicago, my mother had sat me down and told me to behave myself

and stay out of trouble.  Somehow I doubted that the trouble I was in now 

in was quite what she had had in mind.

I was continuing to stammer on, groping for some sort of explanation

that would extract me from the embarrassing position I found myself in.

Nothing I was saying seemed to have an effect on Aunt Laura, she just

kept looking at me and not saying anything.  It would have been easier

had she started yelling at me.  As it was, the silence was speaking 

volumes, as was the look on her face.  I finally broke down and started

crying, apologizing over and over again.  The mascara I had rather

ineptly applied started to run down my cheeks.  This finally provoked a

reaction from her, she started laughing and told me I had just had my

first experience as a girl, having my makeup ruined by crying.  She

gently told me to stop crying before I got tears or makeup on my dress.

She grabbed a wash cloth and wiped the tears away from my face, told

me to relax, and carefully looked at the makeup I had applied before 

telling me that I had better take it off.  Her tone was very soothing

and I started to think she was going to forget the whole thing.  She

told me to take off her dress, remove the makeup, and to then go take a 

bath to get cleaned up.  I was feeling incredibly relieved as I ran the 

bath water, but once I got in and turned off the water, I heard her 

talking on the phone to my uncle and began to get worried again.  She

saw that I was now in the bath and closed the door to the room she was

in so that I couldn't hear the conversation she was having.  My mind

started going a mile a minute, thinking of what she must be saying,

worrying that they would tell my parents and then send me home to whatever

discipline my parents would think up.  

I just sat in the bath, my mind racing, when she came in and sat down

next to the bathtub.  She wanted to know how long I had been curious

what it was like to be a girl, whether I thought about it alot, whether

I had ever tried this before, and what I thought about it now.  I answered

her somewhat honestly, I said that I had wondered about it for most of

my life, that it seemed to me that it would be nice to be a girl, and that

they were more popular at school.  She asked me if I had ever dated a 

girl and I told her no, that I was terribly socially awkward and not

well liked by the girls at school.  We talked for a long time about what

I thought it would be like to be a girl.  Throughout the conversation,

she was pleasant and seemed genuinely sympathetic to my feelings.  It was

the first time that I had been able to talk to anyone about these things

and it felt like a great weight was being taken off my shoulders.  The fact 

that she the kind of attractive woman I dreamed of being made it all the 


As we talked, I started to find myself getting aroused.  This often 

happened when I thought about being a girl, but now it was a most unwelcome

experience since it was impossible to hide my erection with her sitting

next to the tub looking at me.  I turned red, but she just smiled and

told me to relax, that she understood.  She told me that she thought it

was nice that I felt this way and that if I wanted, I could dress up as

a girl and be her daughter.  I was a bit embarrassed but excited, so I

quickly told her that I would love it.  She smiled and told me that she

suspected I would find the reality a bit different than the fantasy.  She

then handed me a razor and told me that if I was going to be her daughter,

then I needed to shave my legs and underarm hair.  She gave me directions 

on how to shave without cutting myself or causing a serious razor burn.  

Once she was satisfied I had the basic idea, she left the room, telling me 

to stay in the tub until she returned.

I was so absorbed in shaving my legs that I lost track of time.  Aunt

Laura came in after awhile and watched me finish up.  When I was done,

she had me get out of the bath and apply some perfumed lotion to my body.

After I had applied it to the parts of my body I could reach, she applied

some to my back.  She asked me how I liked the fragrance and how I would

like to live in it full time.  This provoked an even harder erection than

I had had before.  She noticed that and moved her hand to caress my

penis.  At this point, my heart skipped a beat and I became terrified.

This was a woman touching my penis, and my aunt at that.  I had no idea

of what was going on or how to react.  She didn't seem to notice however,

she continued to stroke it and I started to experience new feelings I had

no idea existed.  As she got me more and more excited, she whispered into

my ear that this wasn't a very "girl like" thing to do, that girls don't

get erections, that if I was going to be a girl, I had better start thinking

about how life would be without a penis.  But as she spoke these words,

she continued to stroke my penis until I erupted in a strong orgasm.

Once I had come, she washed her hands and told me to clean up the mess I

had made on the floor.  She left the room and came back carrying a full

length night gown.  She told me to put this on and come help her start

dinner.  I came into the kitchen in the nightgown, but was now beginning

to get a bit worried again.  I asked her if maybe I shouldn't put on my

own clothes since Uncle Charles would be home soon.  She told me to not

worry and to just get busy peeling potatoes.  I complied, though I was

by now really getting a bit scared that my uncle would get home and see

me this way.  I didn't have long to wait, Uncle Charles came in a couple

minutes later and walked directly into the kitchen.  He looked at me for

a minute before turning to my aunt and starting to talk about how the day

had gone.  He didn't say anything to me about being dressed in a nightgown,

he just ignored it entirely.  This continued through dinner and the rest

of the evening, both of them acting like nothing unusual was going on.

Finally it was time for bed and my aunt told me to go upstairs to my

bedroom and wait for her.  I climbed the stairs in a fog, truly confused 

about what was going on.  After a few minutes, my aunt came up to my room 

and told me to close my eyes.  She then sprayed me with perfume and applied 

some lipstick to my lips.  She then lightly kissed me on the cheek and told 

me to sleep well.  I was in shock.

I didn't sleep much that evening.  I was by now very confused and very

scared, wondering just what was going on and expecting something horrible

to happen at any minute.  By daybreak however, I had dropped off and was

sleeping like a log when my aunt started shaking me to wake up.  As my

head cleared, I realized she was sitting on the bed next to me dressed

only in a see through nightee.  That woke me up!  I bolted upright in

bed and almost yelled out.  She smiled and pushed me back down in the bed.

She then leaned down and kissed me firmly on the mouth.  As she kissed

me, I felt her hand exploring my genitals again.  I was trying to cry

out, but she had put her tongue into my mouth and was pressing me harder

and harder down onto the bed.  I started to push her away, but she

grabbed my hands and pushed them down onto the pillow, over my head. By

now I was fully erect, but truly terrified.  She just kept kissing me,

exploring my mouth with her tongue, even as I started to gag.  As she

did this, I felt her sliding her body on top of mine.  I tried to struggle

harder, but she grabbed my hair and started pulling it hard.  I felt

one of her legs pushing my legs apart, then she slid both legs between

mine and spread my legs further apart than I thought possible.  I was

struggling hard now, but she was pulling my hair hard too and she told me

to quite fighting or she would rip it out by the roots.  I was almost

crying now, she was pulling my hair hard and I was in alot of pain.  I was

also totally confused by what was going on.  I asked her what she was

doing and she told "shut up bitch"!  The reference to me as a woman

escaped me in the panic of the moment.  She released my arms, but continued

to pull my hair and to tell me to quit struggling.  With her free arm,

she grabbed my penis and started to massage her vagina with it.  At this

I started to protest again, at which point she grabbed my balls and

squeezed so hard that I screamed.  She told me to "shut up bitch and take

it like a girl".  That did register.  More than the physical abuse, her

reference to me as a girl had the effect of stopping my struggling, at

least for a minute.  She didn't stop however, becoming ever rougher in

the way she used by penis as a vibrator.  I was now in pain not just from

my hair but also from my penis.  She clearly realized this and it seemed

to make her more excited.  She started asking me how I felt about being

a girl now?  As she did so, she squeezed my penis and balls even harder, 

so that I once again cried out in pain.  This continued for awhile and

then suddenly she shoved me inside her.  I had always imagined that being

inside a woman would be pleasant, but she was going up and down on me 

extremely roughly so that my already sore penis was hurting even more.

As she became more aroused, she pulled my hair harder and harder so that

I lost all sense of erotic arousal and was consumed by pain and fear.

Finally she convulsed and it was over.  As she relaxed on me, she kissed

me and told me how much she and her husband were going to enjoy the summer.



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