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Archive-name: Changes/stephen.txt


Archive-title: Stephen's Story - How I Became a Girl

My name is now Stephanie, once it was Stephen. I would like to relate how I

was turned into a girl (really a transvestite slave) by the beautiful young

lady who has become my mistress.  I have always felt that I should have been

born a female.  I definitely have female traits. I have a very feminine voice

and I cry over the silliest things. Just like a woman would.  Cindy's

dominance over me has expanded my submissive nature.  I love Mistress Cindy

and happily submit to her every desire.  In high school, I spent two

frustrating years trying to date the opposite sex.  I found girls to be rather

disbelieving: "Go out in public with a sissy like you?  I'd rather die." At

the end of my junior years all that changed.

Cindy, easily the cutest girl in my home room class, had become my friend in

the last month or so.  She would eat lunch with me every day ignoring her

other girlfiends and the athletic jocks who always seem to follow her around.

She would call me at home and we would spend hours on the phone.  We would

talk about everything even fashion, which had always been a passion of mine.

She even like the sketches of the design I showed her.  Taking my hand the

other day she gazed steadily into my eyes and told me that I was not like the

other boys in school.  That I was very special.

The Saturday before school was out for the Christmas break she called and

invited me to a party that evening at her house.  Her parents were away for

the weekend and she ask if I would like to come over.  When I ask who would be

there, she told me just a few of her close friends that had formed a  sort of


I arrived around seven and was surprised to find myself the first arrival.

Cindy was ravishing in a black mini-dress and black suede baby-doll sandals

with four-inch heels.  Pulling me by the arm into the den she quickly embraces

and French kisses me.  Her kiss was very passionate.  I was stunned and

stammered something about the other kids.  Cindy reached out and ripped my

shirt open then proceeded to try to undo my jeans.  I broke away as she said

"Take off those silly boys' clothes." I managed to utter a shocked "What?" as

she slapped my face saying.  "There's no use pretending with me, Stephen W..

I watched you for almost three years, every since I moved to this little town.

After our lunches for the last month or so you can't fool me.  Even my

father's medical books have a term for what you are.  All the jocks call you

The Sissy.  So take off your clothes.  I want to see you naked.  Do it now?

Stephanie!" she barked.

In a daze I obey.  I removed my jeans, shoes and socks and stood before her in

my underpants.  Slipping her manicured fingers under the waist band of my

briefs.  She lowered them down my now trembling thighs.  "My, my,' she

commented while looking at my privates.  "The guys were right that the puniest

looking excuse for a cock I've every seen. But such marvelous curves you have,

too pretty to hide."  She was looking with envy at my hips and bottom.  I

blushed and my little cock stiffened under all the attention.  She use my now

erect penis as a handle, leading me up the carpeted stairs.  "Tonight," she

whispered, "our little sissy Stephanie is coming out of the closet.  You'll be

a lovely girl in a little while, wait and see darling."

In her bedroom, soft and scented and piled deep with plush and lace.  Cindy

left me standing naked before a long mirror. Going to her dresser she returned

with a pair of silky panties.  I gasped as she slipped the pink pastel panties

past my thighs, tucking away my swollen genitals.  Running her hand over my

crotch my cock swelled even bigger.  Noticing how the silk bulged outward.

Cindy shook her head and patted my erection saying "This spoils the smooth

lines panties are suppose to have on a girl.  We'll have to fix that." Smiling

broadly Cindy lowers the panties to mid thigh, grasping my dick with her

dainty hand and begins to slowly masturbate me.  I could not suppress the moan

from my lips.  Cindy ask if what she was doing felt good.  Ready to erupt all

I could manage was a nodding of my head and a screeching "AAAHHHHH" as I

ejaculated.  Her eyes gleaming as she watched the sperm spurting onto the

ruffled bedspread.  The last of my cum dribble across her fingers coating them

with seminal fluid.  Licking her fingers clean she smiled at the astonished

look on my face and said "You don't taste bad Stephanie.  I hope you learn to

love the taste of my juices, some of the girls say I taste like strawberries."

Wiping my now shrunken and flaccid penis with the corner of the bedspread

Cindy pulls my panties back up.  Then she slides her hand between the back of

the panties and the cheeks of my ass.  Reaching through my legs and takes hold

of dick.  Pulling it between my legs she says "See your panties now look as if

you have a vagina in there.  Instead of this tinny little thing you call a

cock."  Looking down she was right the panties were tight and smooth in the

crotch and you could not tell where my penis was.  With my prick tucked

between my legs Cindy put a pink waist-cinch trimmed with ribbons on me.  It

fit so tight I could hardly breathe.  Touching my cheek she purred "You'll get

use to it darling and it does wonderfully things for your figure." Next she

was hooking me into a pink nylon foam padded bra with push-up design.  After

stuffing the cups with scads of her scented panties, she stepped back and

laughed.  "A pretty padded brassiere is a sissy's best friend,Stephen.  We

won't tell a soul what's in the cups."

I could only hope not, because next she found a pair of sheer pink tap pants

with garters sewn into the lacy spandex.  "I wish they looked half as sweet on

me," She sighed.  She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and started

to protest, but she shushed me.  "Here," she said, pushing me back on the bed.

"Let  me put your stockings on." Running her hand up my calf she said

"Tomorrow we'll shave your legs.  That way your stocking will feel really

sexy." Hooking the white nylon to the garter tabs she had he stand.  I

marveled at my reflection in the long mirror.  "You must be the cutest sissy

in the whole wide world Stephanie," she bragged and I was beginning to agree.

It felt fabulous and exciting wearing her lingerie.  Before I could speak, she

had taken a pair of pink leather high heel pumps from her closet and pushed me

back on the bed.  Slipping the pumps on my feet she pulled me up.  I rocked

uneasily in the shoes.  Cindy giggled and said "You will need a little

practice walking before you can sway your hips the way I do darling."

The last vestige of my manhood seemed to be disappearing.  I really didn't

care though.  It felt good being a girl.  I wanted Cindy to tell me again how

cute I looked and how beautiful I was as a girl.  Cindy rushed to the closet

and took down the most fabulous pink dress I had every seen.  "How do you like

it?" she asked.  I could not answer tears were filling my eyes.  Cindy

squealed and hugged me tight saying "I bought it especially for you last week

I was hopping you wanted to be a girl.  I'm so glad I was right about you."

The dress was stunning --- lacy soft puffed sleeves with a gathered crepe

bodice. Three tiers of lace for the generous skirt sashed at the waist.  Once

wearing the dress I felt just a princess.

Cindy sat me down at her dressing table, applying a liquid foundation to my

face.  She followed this with eye shadow, liner and mascara to my already

almond-shaped eyes.  She then rouged my cheeks and painted my lips a very hot

pink.  It was hard to believe that the reflection in the mirror was actually

me.  Cindy teased my long dark hair for half an hour before she had it styled

the way she wanted it.  She applied a spray net and my transformation was

almost complete.  Patting my shoulder she commented "Beautiful aren't you

Stephanie."  The jewelry she chose for me consisted of a strand of perfectly

matched pearls and a pair of pearl ear rings.  She said the ear rings were

just temporary until she could pierce my ears for the diamond studs she would

buy me later.  Kissing me she slipped her tongue into my mouth.  Frenching me

so that it took my breath away with excitement.  Breaking the kiss she said

"C'mom, lets have a beer down stairs.  We can have a little girl-talk before

the other arrive."  I had forgotten that this was suppose to be a party.

I was petrified and panic stricken. "Dressed like this!"  I cried.  Laughing

Cindy takes my hands in hers and says "Why not?  If anyone asks, you're my

cousin from out of town.  No one will recognize you, besides it only the girls

from school.  We have sort of turned to each other because we are sick of

being tread like whores.  Every boy in town thinks they can fuck you to death.

If they take you to a movie and buy you a hamburger and Coke."

"Not you thought Stephen you're special.   That why I ask you here tonight.

You're more like one of us, and not at all like those big prickhead jocks.  I

melted in the  warmth of her smile as she continued.  "You understand that a

female needs soft loving sometimes and not hard fucking.  That women also

enjoy receiving head and that to kiss someone's anus is a sign of love between

two loving people, male or female.  Let get those beers darling.  All this sex

talk is starting to making my pussy wet and you have all my panties in your

bra." Laughing she pulls me up and wraps her arm around my waist as we start

down stairs.

I had taken two sips of my beer when the doorbell rang.  "Answer It,

Stephanie." Cindy ordered.  Cautiously, I approached the front door, dreading

who might be on the other side.  The chimes rang out again, Cindy was suddenly

beside me opening the door.  Three of our classmates (Heather, Denise, and

Kim) crowed into the foyer.  Each girl quickly kiss Cindy on the cheek and

gave me the once over, trying to figure out who I was.  After shedding their

coats we all moved off toward the rec room, Cindy and myself lagging somewhat

behind the others.  Cindy whispered in my ear "You like all these girls, don't

you Stephanie?"  "OOOHHH YEEES they are all lovely but none of them can

compare with you Cindy." I gushed.  Cindy squeezed my waist tightly and said,

"Follow my lead and obey me Stephanie.  I will make you the happiest little

sissy that every lived. OK darling?" Nodding my head yes we enter the rec room

where the other girls awaited us.  Telling the girls to sit on the sofa, Cindy

stood proudly by my side and ask?   "Do any of you recognize this ravishing

beauty I've invited here tonight for our mutual pleasures." The three of them

looked at each other then at me.  Heather squealed loudly an announced to the

others "It's him the little faggot that Cindy's been sucking up to lately."

Cindy immediately slapped Heather hard across the face and told her to get out

before she beat the hell out of her.  Heather instantly started crying and

started to protest but Cindy jerked her up and shoved her toward the door.

Heather ran from the room as Cindy turned toward the others muttering "Dumb,

stupid slut."  We heard Heather's car leave almost instantly.

Putting her arm around my shoulder Cindy stared at the two girl who were

speechless.  "Kneel Stephanie," she commanded. I obeyed falling quickly to my

knees.  Patting my head she said.   "That's a good sissy.  Stay just like

that, while I explain."  "Stephen is not a faggot girls.  He's really a female

trapped in side a males body.  I spotted his femininity the first week I moved

here.  Being new I had to try out all the cocks this place had to offer.  Like

you I'm tire of being shit on.  How many times has your so called boyfriends

force you to give them head.  Then when you suggest they do the same to you,

they, freak out saying NO FUCKING WAY.  Or they fuck you until they get the

rocks off not caring if you have an orgasm or not." Both girls nodded in

agreement with what Cindy was saying.

Denise, our beautiful homecoming queen, ask  "What's he got to do with all

this!  He's got a cock doesn't he!"  Cindy looking down at me saying "I guess

will have to show them won't we, Stephanie.  Stand and raise your dress and

show them your pretty pink panties." Glancing at the expectant faces of the

now giggling girls on the sofa.  Standing I grasp the hem of the dress and

slowly bring it up.  With my lower body is fully exposed Cindy has me spread

my legs slightly apart.  Running her hand over the crotch of the panties she

says. "Although there's not a vagina in there girls, Stephen definitely

identifies with females.  I have read and studied my father's medical books.

Together we can teach him to be a girl.  He needs to be taught female anatomy.

Things like the slang and proper names of the female organs.  He needs to be

shown where the clitoris is located so he will be able to worship ours with

his lips and tongue.  Stephanie understands that females love to have oral sex

and I'm sure he eager to learn everything about the wonderful world of

womanhood."  In an instance they both jump up and rush to where Cindy is

standing with her arm around me.  Every one is talking at the same time. They

begin taking turns kissing my painted lips and fondling my body.  Each girl

has to feel the crotch of my silk panties.  My mind is in a whirl, I was

hearing such things as "His dick must be tiny if he can hide it in those

panties so it doesn't show."   "What's your dress size?"  "Have you all ways

want to be a girl Stephen?"  "Will be allowed to play with his penis Cindy?"

"When will he perform orally on us?" "My pussy dripping already." "Let's get

naked!  I want to see him without clothes." "I want to sit on his face for


Cindy puts a halt to the questions and discussion.  The girls wanted

to see me naked.  So I was marched back up to Cindy's bedroom where they

picked out the prettiest night clothes they could find.  They finally decided

on a naughty little satin and lace pinafore in baby blue with little matching

ruffled back panties that tied on the side.

Once they had my outfit chosen the girls piled on the bed and Cindy order me

to strip.  Shamelessly I did a strip tease for them.  The girls clapped as

each piece of clothing was removed.  With my back turned I slowly worked my

final article of clothing off, the silk pink panties. As the panties slithered

down my legs my erect penis sprang from between my buttocks.  Whirling around

I face them, my hard dick sticking out like a sword.   They all laughed and

snicker poking fun at my small cock.  My peter begins to deflate and I try to

hide it with my hands.  Cindy instantly orders me to put my hand on top of my

head and to spread my legs widely.  After several cutting comment Cindy comes

to me and her touch make me rock hard again.  I'm  made to kneel on the bed

and each girl was give the opportunity to play with my penis and testicles.

Kim suggest that I be made to drink my own sperm to prove that I really wanted

to be a girl.  Everyone quickly agreed it was a great idea.  They agreed that

it would show that I truly want to one of them.  I was made to lie on my back

on the bed.  My legs were brought back toward my head.  My cock was now inches

away from my face.  Denise slowly started jacking me off.  It was strange and

exciting to feel another feminine hand squeezing my rod and doing something

that until tonight I had only done to myself.   Turning my head I saw Cindy

and Kim whispering together.  They soon joined Denise, each of them took turns

masturbating me until I cried out at my approaching climax.  Sensing my

nearness to orgasm Cindy reached down and tapped my tightly clinched teeth

saying "Open your mouth wide Stephanie.  You must swallow the sperm like a

good little girl.  If you spit it out you'll be punished!"  I erupted and jets

of sperm splatter my face.  Cindy used her fingers to feed me what missed my

mouth.  The taste was salty but now I knew what a man's spunk tasted like.

Something of what a girl must go through when giving head.  When It was over

each girl kiss my lips saying "Welcome Little Sister".  After Cindy kissed me

she announce that each girl would have something new to teach me about being a

girl.  Sending me to the bathroom to clean up she said she had to something to

discuss with girls.  As I left the room they had all gather on the bed and

were whispering again.  I felt accepted by them and rejected at the same time.

After taking a quick shower, I returned to the bedroom to find Cindy sitting

at her vanity brushing her long blond hair.  She was dressed in a beautiful

green satin dressing gown that matched the color of her sexy eyes.  Seeing

that I had showered she became angry.   Glaring at me in the mirror. she

turned abruptly and shouted "Stephanie you Bitch!  I meant for you to wash off

that silly little thing you call a cock.  Not to take a complete bath.  Damn

You!!"  Tears came to my eyes immediately and I began to stammer "I'm sorry

Cindy! I didn't meant to make you angry!  Please forgive me, it won't happen

again!"  Falling to my knees I put my head in her lap and began to cry.  Cindy

stroked my wet hair saying "It's OK baby!  Stop crying!  I know that if my

orders and commands are unclear to you that in the future you will ask for

clarification.  You do want to obey me don't you Stephanie?"  Still sobbing

somewhat I managed to gasp out "OOOHHH YES CINDY!!!  I LOVE YOU AND WILL OBEY

YOU ALWAYS!!  You have showed me that I am not some freak but that girl,

females will accept me.  I feel like I belong now." Cindy leans down and

kisses my cheek then says. "I know Stephanie, you are one of us now but you

must show me the proper respect. You must address me as your Mistress from now

own and obey my every command no matter how humiliating.  You must also show

proper respect for all my female friends by calling the Miss or Ms.  Can you

do that Stephanie?" Kneeling back I lower my head and whisper "YES Mistress."

Lifting my head with her fingertips she smiles and says "That's a good Sissy

Slave.  You're Slave Stephanie from now own and you belong to me.  You must

learn to be a very obedient and submissive little girl.  My friends are

waiting to show you what it going to be like to be female.  In a few minutes

will look in on them.   Since you've washed off you makeup, I think I'll let

Kim show you how to do your face again and maybe Denise will help you pick out

a nice perfume.  First thought I have to punish you for taking a bath and

undoing all my hard work."  Reaching back she picked up her large wooden hair

brush.  This was the beginning of my live as a girl and as a submissive Slave





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