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Archive-name: Changes/starlet2.txt

Archive-author: Mark Rabinowitz

Archive-title: To Catch a Starlet, Part II - Nelson's Revenge

  In response to the "bifster" guy who wanted some sex change

stories: I was going to e-mail this to you, but lost your e-mail

address. To those who've read it before, skip or reread at your

discretion. For those who haven't, dig in. This is a sequel to a

previous story, but it stands well by itself, with only small

references to the "original".

To Catch a Starlet II: Nelson's Revenge

Chapter I: Transfigured

  Nelson Dewey Jr. was still in shock. He couldn't believe that I could even

meet Kellie Martin, much less get pix of her. The pictures were just as good on

film as they looked when I shot them. Scott and David saw them, too, and they

were just as impressed, to say the least. But Nelson was the one who made the

bet and lost it, and this affected him so profoundly.

  As I had done with my other friends, I showed Nelson the pix in his dorm room,

for the sake of not letting anyone else see them. I told all three that no, I

did not do it with Kellie, even though that's a lie and you, the reader, know


  About two weeks later, Nelson invited me back to his dorm. He said he had some

pornographic mags to get rid of and he wanted me to have them. I figured they

would be the inspiration for some more photo sessions this summer with my dear

Kellie-Bellie. I was in for an adventure.

  Without warning, Nelson gagged me and bound me to a chair. Then he drew a

hypodermic needle and injected me with it. I was so scared not only by the

suddenness of it--it felt like a bee sting--but I was afraid it might contain

some drug or virus. He shoved me into the closet and locked the door.

  It was so dark in there, and I could not kick or scream loudly enough. Due to

the lack of oxygen, and to being so helpless, I fell asleep.

  I woke up to a terrible pain in my crotch. It felt as if my dick and balls

were imploding. I thrashed around like crazy, only to feel that my hair was a

lot longer than usual--I usually don't feel it brushing against my face. What's

more, I was growing breasts, and shaking in the chair hurt them without having a

bra on. More pain came as I felt my waist shrink and my hips expand. Suddenly,

the pain disappeared as quickly as it began, and I felt a void where my, er,

family jewels had once been.

  Out of curiosity, I tried another muffled scream, and it came out

high-pitched. Then it hit me--that does sound like Kellie Martin, doesn't it?

  The closet door opened. Then I saw Nelson look at me. "Wow," was all he could

say. He felt up my body, and I was still bound so I could not fight him. But as

he felt me, I understood the curves of my new body. I wondered how he could do

this just by injecting something into me. Then he spoke. "Kellie, I want to fuck

you. I bet Marty didn't do that."

  Now it really sunk in: I had become the very girl of my dreams. And as a

celebrity, I knew that trying to escape from him screaming would be futile, as

so many people would recognize me. At this moment, I did not want to make love

to anyone but myself. I wanted to explore Kellie's body as my own and make

myself the Playboy Playmate I had wanted her to be. After Nelson took the gag

out of my mouth, I said, "Nelson, you're a creep."

  He untied my bonds. He then continued feeling my body, and started removing my

clothes. I let him do so because I wanted to double-cross him, but his exposing

my skin (soft and unblemished, remember?) got me excited. As he took off my

shirt, I used the shirt to try to bind his arms. That didn't work because he

wrapped his legs around mine and brought me down with him to the floor just

outside the closet. He got free of the shirt and tossed it, his legs still

wrapped around mine. I tried to push myself away from him, but his arms were

free and so he grabbed my bare breasts. I let out a long, soft moan. Now I was

beginning to melt, not because of him but because I was truly in love with

having Kellie Martin's body. I fell down on top of him and he continued to

caress and kiss me.

  "So do you like it now, my love?" he asked once again, still kissing my lips,

neck and breasts. (He didn't hit the back of the neck, though.)

  "No," I started to cry. "I want to be alone."

  He turned us around so that he was on top. "You'll be alone. I have to go to

class. But I don't want you to leave me, Kellie Martin. I want you to stay right


  Now was my chance. "Do you want me to sit back on the chair?"


  I went to get the chair and wanted to either hit him or trip him with it. But

he came from behind and pulled my Dockers down to the ankles. Then he lifted me

up by the ankles and dragged me to the bed. He took off my shoes and socks, and

I went and tied his shoelaces together. I must have tied a knot 5 or 6 times

over. He pulled off the Dockers, leaving me with only my BVD's.

  "Let me get on the bed, please, Nelson. I'm sorry I was so bad to you."

  "You are, Kellie? You're so sweet." He pulled me up by my legs, and my breasts

ran over Nelson's jeans.

  "Take me. I can't wait any longer," I whispered to him, revealing my nice


  "Let me join you," he said, trying to take off his jeans. But he fell when he

tried to lift up a leg, and I bound him with his blanket. Now it was my turn to

have fun.

  I got down on all fours. Already, my nipples and pussy showed signs of

excitement. I pressed my breasts, tummy, pussy and legs against the blanket as I

slithered over Nelson. He couldn't move anything below his neck. Then I said,

"Nelson, if you want me, you're buying my clothes."

  "Sure, Kellie. Just let me go."

  "No. I don't trust you. You can't get any girls, so you turn your friend into

one! What a pervert!"

  "But you're not Marty Coolidge anymore. You're Kellie. Please, let's make love

and we won't do it again. I promise."

  "And you will buy my clothes?"


  I thought about it. Then I realized, if I can become Marty again, Nelson would

feel so GUILTY about this. So I unbound Nelson, then wrapped my hot body around

his and put the blanket back over us. I gave him a very deep French kiss. (Not

very savory, as he must have had oatmeal for breakfast.) I felt his bare legs

with the soles of my feet, and the only thing keeping his throbbing dick from my

cookie basket was his underwear.

  "Will you please fix my shoes, my love?" he asked. I went back down to his

feet, and it took a while to undo the knot I made. I figured his erection was

subsiding, so I hiked up the blanket to expose my ass and legs, and swayed them

back and forth. After taking off the shoes, socks and jeans, I crawled back up

to take off his shirt, kissing every inch I exposed.

  And Nelson was satisfied. He, too (in his deranged mind) was making love with

Kellie Martin, the girl of his friend's dreams. He flipped me over so he was on

top, then he took off his underwear. He put on a condom, and I kept myself wet

and excited by rubbing my breasts and pinching my nipples. They seemed much

larger, but then, my hands were smaller as Kellie. He had me spread my legs, and

when the insides of my thighs rubbed against his flesh, my pussy was really


  I was about to kiss his lips again when his condom-sheathed dick touched my

joy button. I threw my head back and moaned. He entered me so slowly at first,

making me enjoy every inch of his dick--it wasn't as thick as mine, but at least

1/2 inch longer. Now my breathing started to get heavier. I wrapped my legs

around him. Before I knew it, he really was humping me. I wanted my orgasm as

much as he wanted his, and I thrusted my hips out in time with his thrusts

inside me. Then that feeling of lightness and ecstasy consumed me, and I lost

all control. "Ohh! Ohhhh!! OHHHH!! OH, GOD! Yes!! Yes!!" Then I felt my pussy

become warm and really wet, and I knew I had come. I was the first person on

Earth to achieve both manhood and womanhood in the same lifetime.

  When he exited me, he was still hard! I had expected him to have come, too.

Now, as he licked my legs, I wondered: What would he do next?

To Catch a Starlet II: Nelson's Revenge. 

Chapter II: Kellie Martin, Porn Star

  I lay on the floor in Nelson's room, enjoying the lingering sensations of my

first orgasm as a woman as he licked the rest of my juices. But I wondered why

he wasn't soft when he exited my love box. Either he was multiorgasmic (I

doubted that, because I thought only women were) or he hadn't come yet.

  Then he laid down on the floor next to me and asked me to, well, give him

head. Now, I had assumed that he had used a lubricated condom, like I did with

the real Kellie when I was Marty. So I told him "No, I don't like the taste of


  "Kellie, you do fool yourself. Your cunt was so wet, it must have felt like a

lubricated. No, I just use the plain kind. I'm so cheap."

  I should have known, I thought to myself as I crawled over to his dick. It

tasted rubbery at first as I took the first four inches into my mouth. I still

had fears about choking on it, and I tried use only my tongue and lips because I

didn't want to bite it. What's more, I didn't know what I would do when he

finally exploded. Should I eat it, swallowing it real fast so I hardly taste it?

Or should I switch to a hand-job before he explodes so I can rub his cum on my

tits? They were both disgusting options, but then again, so was wiping off the

cum and throwing it in Nelson's trash for all to see and smell.

  But I had read about oral sex in all those pornographic novelettes, so I was a

pro when I wanted it. And my hair tickled him, giving him a higher level of

arousal. He was already so close to cumming, so I decided to switch to the

hand-job. There was no way I was going to taste sperm.

  "Kellie, don't you want to taste me?" was Nelson's reaction. 

  "No, I don't."

  "Remember, Kellie, we do it my way or else."

  "What do you mean, your way?" I asked as I continued rubbing his shaft.

  "Or we will do it again. Or do you want me?"

  "You never said it had to be your way. Either I get your cum on my breasts or

you'll suck my ass."

  "Hey, I like that. How about both?"

  Oh, me and my big mouth. And my big ass. He actually liked that idea! I

figured he wouldn't because it would pleasure me a lot more than him. "Fine, but

only because I don't want to taste you," I said in mild frustration. I spit on

Nelson's dick for extra lubricant, then rubbed it vigorously. He began to squirm

like a fish, and I knew he was coming close. His screams ended when he

ejaculated like a firehose, first hitting my neck and then my breasts. I used

one hand to keep him coming while I rubbed my breasts with the other, then

rubbed them with both hands when he finally finished. My chest became all


  "Kellie, get on your hands and knees now," he said. He was spent, but ready to

suck my ass. He crawled over to my behind. He spread my cheeks open. His tongue

started at my perineum, then found its way to my other nether hole. He began to

probe it, and my heart skipped a beat and began to race. He buried his face in

my ass, held me so tight around my hips, and his tongue got deeper and deeper

inside me. I couldn't believe it. His tongue was so long! My ass must have been

squeaky-clean inside, too. I felt my ass and pussy-lips expand, my breathing get

heavier, my blood get hotter, and my breasts feel tighter. My ass was getting

really hot, and I started screaming again, begging for Nelson not to stop. I

slowly lowered myself to the floor so I could press my breasts against it for

additional ecstasy. I was getting weak. I wanted to cum again, too. Then I

simply melted, knowing I had just had an orgasm like I hadn't felt before. I

closed my eyes, occupied only by the feelings I had just experienced, and I went

to sleep.

  I woke up to see Nelson come back from whatever class he had, with a videotape

in his hand. I was still on the floor, covered only by Nelson's blanket. When I

got up, my chest still stuck to the floor from rubbing his come on myself. The

nipples were the last part to become unstuck, eliciting another moan from me.

  "Kellie, you are one hot babe! Everyone will love it!" he said.

  "What?!" I was absolutely shocked. Not only did he turn me into Kellie Martin,

but then he has sex with me and puts it on tape! I was so angry, and I knew I

had to find out a few things. Like where the hidden camera was, and how did he

come up with that "Sex Change in a Needle" thing? But first, I had to break down


To Catch a Starlet II: Nelson's Revenge. 

Chapter III: Looking for a Cure

  I had never been in such an awkward position. In the past, I thought that all

those women in the porno movies--Barbara Dare, Ginger Lynn, et al.--chose to

exploit themselves. Now, that thought was shattered. My beautiful body had been

presented to other mysogynistic guys as a sex object. And I knew that the real

Kellie Martin could be placed in the same situation.

  Nelson put the videotape into his VCR. It started with him opening up the

closet and feeling me up. Half of me wanted to watch myself having orgasms, but

the other half wanted to look for that hidden camera. The movie was at the part

where Nelson humped my pussy, so he turned around and grabbed me, saying, "Don't

you want to see your orgasms, Kellie?"

  "No," I said, still sobbing. "How dare you do this to me and Kellie? You said

we'd make love only once. That tape will show it more than once! I want it


  "I don't think you'll have much of a career thinking like that. When you were

Marty, you won a bet with me. Now I want you to make money for me. I want to

duplicate the tape and sell it to the tabloids! It'll be on Hard Copy, A Current

Affair, Inside Edition! 'A wholesome TV actress gets naughty: Caught on tape!'

It'll be great!"

  "Nelson, I want to be Marty again. You turned me into Kellie. Change me back!"

  "Well, there's good news and bad news. The good news is, you can be Marty

again. The bad news is, you have to be Kellie for the next three weeks."

  "What do you mean, three weeks? Just so you can harrass me some more?"

  "No, I'm serious. It works for three weeks, and then wears off. Now, Kellie, I

promised I'd let you buy some clothes. Here's $1000 for your hot performance."

Nelson actually gave me ten C-notes! I put the money in my wallet.

  Nelson went back to watching his film. He was so wrapped up in the scene where

I sucked his dick, so he was too distracted to see me look for the hidden

camera, still completely naked. I found it behind a lamp. It was like those

"Helmet Cams" that they had on those World League football telecasts--the size

of a lipstick. I disconnected it, then used Nelson's old condom to wrap it up so

I could safely insert it in my ass. Then I got dressed and left.

  Then some other guy came after me in the hall, whistling and making catcalls.

I ran away, but then he caught up and grabbed my ass. I turned around and gave

him a hard punch in the face, then kicked him below the belt. That subdued him

long enough for me to take the elevator to the ground floor.

  I darted out of the dormitory, got into my car, and left. Going on the freeway

in my '88 Festiva never felt so good. I was free from Nelson and anyone else who

would have wanted to play with my body.

  The first thing I had to do was to get some new clothes. I still had Nelson's

money; I put that into my savings account and decided to use my credit card

instead. I didn't want to look like a drug dealer with those $100 bills.

  I also needed to disguise myself. The last thing I wanted was for a horde of

Kellie's fans asking for my autograph, because I don't know what it looks like.

  Of course, because I was so unfamiliar with women's sizes, it took a while to

do my shopping spree. I decided that it was best to go on a small scale and hope

I could become my old self again real fast. The longer it takes the find the

antidote, the more clothes I'll have to buy. So it was a couple of shirts, a

couple pairs of jeans, a pair of tennis shoes, and... You knew I was going to

buy lingerie. I decided on a black satin camisole and a matching G-string, but

only for my personal sexual pleasure.

  Done with that, I knew that I still looked like Kellie. So I went to a hair

salon and hoped to God that nobody recognized me. Oh, now I was happy that "Life

Goes On" was on against 60 Minutes every week! I just asked the hair stylist to

cut it a little short in back, with some major bangs in the front, and dye it

red. Now that wouldn't look like Kellie.

  When I looked in the mirror, I was so stunned to see what I had created--yeah,

I lost Kellie, but in return was this exotic-looking redhead. Just imagining

myself with the lingerie I bought made my cookie basket run wet again.

  Now I was ready to begin my detective work. I didn't trust what Nelson said

because I wanted to change back to Marty now, not in three weeks like Nelson

wanted. The first thing to do was call Nelson's father, the owner of the

Southside, to see if he had any connections with the genetics industry. To

shorten the story, he did. His new burgers had been made from genetically

altered cows, and the alteration involved injecting a serum into the cows that

made them mutate into better cows. No wonder those burgers tasted so good!

Nelson had taken the process to a greater scale to make me! And what's more, I

feared he would begin to do this to other people at school!

  I asked if he knew anyone who had connections with this revolutionary genetics

breakthrough. He said the company that came up with the invention was called

GenTex, and he knew an executive there. He said that I could not go to him at

the GenTex building because it was off-limits (no surprise), but that he went to

a strip club called The Booby Trap after work.

  As it happened, it was around 7:30 p.m. (It had been around 6 or 7 hours since

Nelson injected the stuff that turned me into Kellie Martin.) So I decided to go

straight to The Booby Trap, though I wasn't crazy about it. I figured I could

bring the GenTex exec outside for just a few minutes.

  So I went there. The bouncer at the door said, "You here for Amateurs' Night?"

  "No," I said. "I need to talk to the man from GenTex. Is he here?"

  "If you can't strip, doll, we have no need for you," he said. He was about to

close the door.

To Catch a Starlet 2: Nelson's Revenge. 

Chapter IV: The Striptease

  I desperately needed to see the GenTex executive if I wanted to become Marty

again. Even if it did mean taking my clothes off. "OK, OK, I'll strip. But can I

take the guy from GenTex home with me?" I asked the bouncer.

  "Sure," he said. "How old are you?"

  I had to lie. "19," I said.

  "With the right lighting, makeup and moves, you could pass for 21. You see

Alan over there?" he said, pointing to a tall, slim guy at the bar with a

moustache and glasses. "He'll do your makeup and teach you the right moves.

What's your name?"

  Another lie: "Donna. Donna Coolidge."

  Alan led me to the dressing room, where he gave me everything that I was going

to take off tonight. It was some stuffy secretary's getup, complete with fake

glasses (the kind Becca Thacher wore on "Life Goes On"). I had some idea of how

strippers performed from watching trash TV, plus some late-night cable TV, but

no idea of how to cohesively package these moves. Or so I thought. I was putty

in Alan's hands (figuratively only), and I really impressed him. That was when I

realized that I not only had Kellie Martin's body, but also her tremendous

acting ability. I had turned myself from Kellie, a cute 17-year-old girl, to

Donna, a 19-year-old redheaded vixen of a stripper.

  I had butterflies in my stomach, but Alan massaged my shoulders and neck, and

I was relaxed. The music was some song by Nitzer Ebb (I forget what it was

called, but the dominant words were Baby, come to Daddy.) Through the curtains,

I walked seductively onto the stage and began dancing, at first rather slowly.

Then I took off my blazer (or whatever it is that goes over the blouse and above

the skirt), taking care to make my breasts stand out under the blouse. The guys

were instantly hooked. I gave them some inviting looks while taking off the


  I got on my knees in front of a nice-looking guy at the counter. I reached

behind me to unzip the skirt, down, then a little back up, further down, then

another inch back up, all the while making him wonder what was under that skirt!

I loved it. I finally threw it away in the blink of an eye, revealing in full my

black stockings with the seam on the backs of the legs. I didn't want to show

them my G-string just yet, for the sake of prolonging the striptease. I

stretched the front of my blouse over the front of my G-string accordingly.

  I walked back a few steps, gyrating my hips and showing sexual desire in my

face. I still had the front of my blouse stretched over the G-string, so when I

spun around, they could see my ass. They were crazy now, perhaps thinking I had

no G-string on because the back settled into the crack of my ass. ("I always

wish I got compliments on my cheekbones" had a whole new meaning.) I went into

some more dancing and hip-swaying while slowly removing my blouse. Now I was

down to the stockings, brassiere, G-string and high-heeled shoes.

  The stockings were next. For this, I got down on the floor and wrapped my legs

around a pole on stage. The feel of the cold steel against my cookie basket and

thighs got me so aroused as I exposed my legs slowly. I had to turn and face the

audience with some more hot looks because I didn't want to face that light. I

put my heels back on, spun around the pole on my ass, got up, and began waving

the stockings around. The guys at the front wanted one so badly. I used them the

way rhythmic gymnasts use their ribbons, only with some *suggestive* moves, then

put one between my swelling, hard-nippled breasts. With the other, I went for

someone who was patient. One guy grabbed the one I had tucked in, and I wrapped

the other around another's neck and shoulders, tousling his hair and running my

fingers over his shoudlers. 

  I walked back to another pole, this time facing the GenTex executive. (Nelson

Dewey Sr. had described him in the phone call earlier: Middle-aged, with a

rather thick head of brown hair, around 6 feet tall, medium build.) I undid the

back of the strapless bra, holding on to each end. I tugged on each end, back

and forth, back and forth, making my breasts move with the bra. If it wasn't

lace, everyone would have seen my nipples show through. I then stretched my arms

up over my head and dropped the bra behind my back, making my breasts bob up and

down a little. 

  I got down on my back on the floor, and lay down between two other guys. My

legs were over the edge of the table. They were so excited to see a nice pair of

cupcakes within their reach, although grabbing them would have meant a meeting

with the bouncer. I kicked off my shoes, each one landing in front of each man.

I sprung off the stage in the direction of the GenTex man, rewarding each man

for not touching me by running my fingers over their shoudlers.

  I had nothing on but a G-string now. The issue of exploitation was so far from

my mind. I walked slowly and seductively to him, hips swaying, breasts slightly

bobbing. Undulating right in front of him, I teased him a lot more by tugging at

the side of the G-string. I got onto the seat next to his, and kneeling on it,

whispered in his ear, "Do you wanna take me home?" I tried to press my breasts

against him while asking this, and I emphasized the arch in my back, too, so he

could see my ass when he looked down my back. He whispered back, "Y-y-y-y-yes,"

he was so stunned.

  Alan came to the stage and shouted, "That was Donna, the third entry for

tonight's amateur contest!" The crowd was wild now. I slithered back onto the

stage, and walked back towards the dressing room the same way I had done for the

whole striptease, slowly and seductively, hips swaying. I turned and blew a kiss

in the direction of where the GenTex man had been sitting before disappearing

behind the curtain.

  Alan caught up with me and said, "Donna, you've never stripped before? You

looked like a pro out there! You'll get first prize, hands down! You've got to

come back and go for the grand prize!"

  I wasn't sure what to say. If Nelson was right, there would be no harm done to

Kellie or Marty because I would still be Donna next week. But I wanted to find

that antidote, because I didn't trust that skinflint sex fiend. "Can I decide

tomorrow?" I asked.

  "How about midnight tonight? I've got to find out who among the past winners

are competing, so I can make final decisions on the posters I'm printing," he


  I was pressed. "OK, midnight."

To Catch a Starlet 2: Nelson's Revenge. 

Chapter V: Hot Champagne

  When I finished re-covering my hot body, I met the GenTex man outside the

dressing room. I could tell that he still the image of my nearly-naked body

burned into his mind.

  "Hi, my name's Peter. Donna, what did you have in mind for tonight?"

  "I..." I was living a lie. I had presented myself to him as a hot college

nymphomaniac when I was, in fact, looking to return to my former state. "I

wanted to spend the night with you."

  "'Making love' must sound so empty to you, Donna. Come on, we'll go to my

apartment for a drink," he said. I was so surprised by this smooth response,

especially from someone who stuttered so much when I pressed my body against him


  "Yeah, O.K. I like that."

  For a genetics engineer, Peter had a rich apartment. He led me through a

well-furnished living room and up the stairs to a beautiful bedroom with a

revolving waterbed. He asked me to take off everything except the G-string, then

lay on the waterbed. In the meantime, he went to the bathroom.

  He came out totally naked, with a bottle of Dom Perignon and one champagne

glass. He said, "Tonight, I'd like to celebrate the divorce of my wife. She set

me free in search of a woman who could satisfy my sexual appetite."

  "Oh, and I am that woman? How come you only have one glass? Toasting to

yourself?" I asked, with a prying smile, as he poured that glass.

  "Spread your legs, Donna."

  I did so, wondering what he had in store. He took off the G-string and put my

legs over his shoulders, then inserted the index and middle fingers between my

pussy-lips. He spread them open, then poured some Dom Perignon into my love-box!

That was the "second champagne glass"! I squirmed and moaned like crazy when the

chilled wine first hit the back of my pussy. He took his fingers out and kept a

warm hand over my pussy-lips, and while that was intended to stop the champagne

from bursting back out of me, it also aroused me so much more. 

  "Here's to the start of a beautiful relationship," he said as he touched the

glass against my pussy. Then he went and began to suck on it. The combination of

the fizzing inside me and his giving head made me go ballistic, even more so

than when I (as Marty) sucked Kellie's cookie basket. My orgasm seemed to last

so long, and I felt like it would last forever and I wouldn't cum. Then I did,

it felt like a hurricane! I wondered how it must have tasted, the finest

champagne mixed with Kellie-Bellie's feminine ejaculation.

  After this orgasm subsided, he crawled up to my side and said, "Oh, Donna, you

make champagne taste so exquisite!" He gave me the glass of champagne, and I

drank it. Sitting up now on the bed, we each had another glass, and during this,

he rubbed my breasts with his feet! I decided to return the favor by gently

rubbing his dick and balls with one of my feet.

  Now I, in trying to talk to him about the stupid "sex change serum," was drunk

and under his power. He embraced me, my breasts pressed so hard against his

chest, and kissed my neck and lips. I wanted to take control so badly, so I

kissed him really deeply. But that didn't stop him from staying in control. He

kept trying to thrust inside me, and each time he kept missing because he

couldn't see. I was so afraid of getting pregnant now--after all, if I did, I

might be stuck as Kellie/Donna for another 9 months--if not more! He still held

me so tightly, and the only thing I could do to stop him was to keep my legs

together. But he put one of his legs between them, so I couldn't even do that!

  Then he did thrust inside me. I cried, "Stop," and he pulled out.

  "Why? I thought you were enjoying this," he said in amazement.

  "I have to tell you the truth, Peter. I'm not Donna," I whispered.

  "Well, a lot of strippers have stage names. But not amateurs. Am I wrong,


  "I was changed into Donna through the GenTex genetic alteration process.

Please, understand, I stripped for you and took you home because the bouncer

wouldn't let me talk to you."

  "Donna, I'm so sorry. But don't you have to call someone at midnight? You have

that decision to make about stripping next week for the grand prize. And even if

you wanted to change back now, you can't for another 3 weeks."

  Nelson was telling the truth! I decided right then to let midnight come and

tell Alan I was coming back. I would have to live inside Kellie Martin's body

and talk with her voice for the next 20 days. 

  Peter continued, "It's so hard to imagine you as a man. Why don't you stay

with me for the next three weeks, and I can say you're an illegal alien and

marry you! You've been such a good woman to me, Donna. I don't want to let you


  My mouth gaped open. This was one plan that seemed impossible to crack. This

day had seen me turn into Kellie Martin, get my pussy fucked and my ass sucked

by Nelson, give him a combination blow job/hand job, then I strip almost

everything at a strip club, then the guy who helped turn me into Kellie drinks

champagne out of my cookie basket! Now he wants to marry me and have Marty

Coolidge wiped off the face of the earth! Personally, I had to weigh things

out--after all, it took me 20 years to lose my male virginity but just minutes

to lose it as Kellie Martin.

To Catch a Starlet 2: Nelson's Revenge

Chapter VI: Voluptuous

  Wait a minute, I suddenly realized. I am missing classes, and my parents

probably think I'm missing! I've got to get out and try to be Marty again! 

 I tried to escape. But then Peter threw something like a rope with weights on

each end, and that tied me up at the knees, and I fell down on my face and

breasts. He came over to me and held a cloth soaked with chloroform to my mouth

and nose. I fell asleep.

  The next morning, when I woke up, I felt... bigger. I was naked, and on my

back, and when I opened my eyes, I was shocked to see that I could only see my

toes. My feet were almost completely blocked by my enlarged breasts! I was also

in a different room from where I had been before, an empty bedroom. I got up and

walked to the mirror, and realized once and for all my worst fear: I had somehow

gained an extremely well-endowed figure. I think my bust and hips increased by 6

inches each. Aside from that, I still looked like Kellie Martin with short red


  I wanted to get out right away. Peter had been every bit the sex-minded creep

that Nelson was! But the room was locked from the outside. Noticing that it was

nothing but a conventional hook-and-eyehole latch, I looked for something like a

ruler or a card to undo it. But I had nothing in the room but a bed and a

dresser. My breasts were really getting in the way, too, so I had to crawl

around just to see if there was anything of use on the floor. 

  Then I realized that all this time, I had Nelson's lipstick-sized hidden

camera (the one he used to make his porno flick) inside my ass. Maybe part of

the camera would lift the hook out of the eyelet, and I would be free. This was

no time to be discreet, so I got it out of me, untied the condom that I had

wrapped it in, and threw it on the floor. A piece of the camera's shattered

housing worked perfectly. Now I was out of the empty bedroom.

  Still crawling, I found my way to Peter's bedroom and found my clothes. I

needed my shirt just to stop my breasts from bobbing, but it fit so tightly

around them, and on top of that, it only went down to a few inches above my

waist! The only other things I could wear were my G-string (thank goodness for

Spandex!) and my shoes. The jeans simply would not fit, now that my hips were

wider. I spent the next hour looking for some women's clothes, but no luck

there. I would have to shop.

  In a closet, I found a nice, oversized coat that worked perfectly, and it had

pockets to hold my wallet and keys. I left the house. The cold Michigan winter

air enveloped my legs, and because extreme temperatures arouse me so much, I was

running wet again. As I went out to my car, I could see other people simply

staring at me, with those shapely, bare legs. I tried to start my car, but it

wouldn't. I looked under the hood to find the battery missing. 

  I went back in to have breakfast, as now Peter's food was at my disposal.

After that, I realized I never had a chance to enjoy my body by myself. I looked

for a bathroom to lock myself inside, but I found something better--a whirlpool

sauna. I turned it on, and in minutes it bordered on hot, just the way I liked

it. I took off my coat and those few other items of clothing, then sunk my feet,

legs, pussy, glorious globes and shoulders inside. Going from the cold room air

to the hot water really aroused me. So did the feel of bubbles all over my soft


  I began fingering myself with the middle and ring fingers of my right hand. My

pussy-lips had already begun to expand, so they went in so easily. I knew two

fingers were not enough to bring me to an orgasm, but I figured that women had

to be patient with their orgasms. A few minutes later, I added the index finger.

It fit better than I thought. I had expected three to do the job, because put

together, they were thicker than, say, the dick I had as Marty.

  I thought, Whoa, my cookie basket must hold a lot of cookies. I added the

pinky finger, and now it was working. I had been holding back my moans before,

but now I had to let go. For added pleasure, I lifted my left breast to my mouth

with my free hand. I was able to lick and suck on the large, erect nipple. All

the sources of arousal--sucking my breast, fingering my extra-large pussy,

grinding that nice ass against the smooth side of the sauna--brought to me

another great orgasm. I dropped my breast from my mouth and really started

screaming in ecstasy, "Ohhh! Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhh! Yes! Yes! Ohhhhhhhh...."

  As this orgasm subsided, I turned around, now pressing my breasts hard against

the side of the sauna and rubbing my legs together. I especially wanted to feel

bubbles all over my pussy and ass. But then I saw Peter again, and he came back

with a bag full of something. He was wearing a robe, as far as I could see.

"Donna, you were supposed to be in that bedroom." 

  "I had to have breakfast, Peter," I replied.

  "Donna, you belong to me. You should stay when I tell you and eat when I want

you to eat. Now come on, out of the spa."

  I slowly stepped out of the sauna, my body glistening and dripping with water.

It was so cold, not only did I get goosebumps, but my nipples got really hard. I

wrapped my body around him and said, "Oh, it's so cold."

  "Go back to your bedroom."

  "No," I whispered seductively in his ear as I pulled his robe down from his

shoulders. "You wanted to fuck a queen-sized pussy. Now's a good time to get

warm in this cold bathroom, " I continued. As the robe fell to his feet, I felt

his naked body  and I felt his dick with my hands and his ass with my breasts.

  "Huh?" he said. And then I took the belt that tied off the robe and made a

knot with it, just like I did with Nelson's shoes in Chapter I. He began hopping

after me, and I desperately searched for something to trip him. Nothing worked,

but then I looked in the bag and found some sexual aids, one of which was Motion

Lotion, a sex lubricant. I squirted some on the floor and that made him slip. I

ran out of the bathroom, wet and totally naked, taking nothing but Peter's

oversized coat with me.

  After putting it on, I had no choice but to run for freedom. But I had to put

my arms around my chest just to keep my breasts from chafing, and the other

extra weight I had gained overnight wasn't helping. Worse yet, I heard a car

coming from behind. I just wanted it to pass me by, and hope I wouldn't be

noticed. But it came to a stop!

To Catch a Starlet 2: Nelson's Revenge.

Chapter VII: Lust Behind the Toolshed

  I stopped, acting as if to check the nearest mailbox, hoping to God that the

car would just pass by. But it didn't. I heard Nelson's voice: "Want a ride,

(chuckle) lady?"

  I was so pissed. He had put me in the position of a slut, and then he has the

nerve to treat me like that after all I've been through. I turned around and

said, "You should recognize me. Does my voice sound familiar?"

  Nelson was once again surprised, just as he was when he saw those beautiful

nude pictures of Kellie with the pearls over her legs. "Kellie?"

  I realized that Nelson was here for something. So I got in the car and asked

him, "What are you doing here?"

  Nelson responded, "I, uh... I just live in the neighborhood."

  "You know something about the cows! Your father told me all about them."

  "OK, I got the needles from some guy named Peter from GenTex. Now, Kellie,

what are you doing here? And how come you look so different?"

  "Well, I didn't want to look like Kellie Martin, so I changed my hair. Then I

called your father about GenTex and he had me go to a strip club. Then the

bouncer wouldn't let me talk to Peter, so I had to strip and then take him home!

I wanted to talk to him, but then he tied me up and injected me with something,

so now I have Ashley Richardson's bust and Morganna's hips!"

  "My God.." was all Nelson could say. He desperately wanted to rip open my coat

and see my fantastic body.

  "How about getting an antidote, Nelson?"

  "I don't know. Maybe Peter has it."

  "I want that antidote!" I said.

  "Hold your horses, Miss Nude Universe," Nelson said. "You haven't even seen my

new dick yet! I think your pussy's the only one that can take it right now..."

He burned rubber. And the thought of my pussy taking in a bigger dick intrigued

me. I said, "OK, Nelson. Here's the deal: Make love to me, then come back for

that antidote. I can't go to classes looking like this!"

  "OK. Looking like what?"

  I unzipped my coat and revealed my wet, naked, full-figured body to him,

giving special attention to those big, supple breasts. He couldn't concentrate

on driving now, and I could tell that he indeed wasn't sporting any old woody. I

zipped my coat back up.

  About a mile away now, we pulled up into the driveway of a house that had yet

to be sold to a new owner. Nelson told me a girlfriend used to live there and

that they made love behind a toolshed in the backyard. He saw how red my feet

were from walking barefoot and said, "Oh, those poor feet. They can't stand the

snow. Let me carry you."

  I didn't think he could, but as long as I held on to him, he could carry me. I

simply loved the feeling of being carried like a virgin bride to the site of her

marriage's consummation. The back of my coat hung free while he carried me,

exposing my warm ass to the cold air. That made my pussy get wet again. He

dropped me gently onto the ground behind the toolshed, then roughly unzipped my

coat. "Wow!" he said. "I never thought I could see a woman with a body like that

in front of me."

  "I'm only doing this for the antidote," I reminded him. Then I felt the bulge

under his pants with my foot. "... And your tower of power," I whispered.

  While he took off his sweatshirt, I lowered his pants, taking care to better

feel that bulge with his hands. That dick was harder than steel! Lazily taking

off his shoes and socks with his feet, he then took off his pants and underwear

in one fell swoop! Then I slowly removed my coat.

  Now we were both naked. We held each other tight as we kissed so passionately,

then he went around to the back of my neck! That made me hold him tighter and

arch my back. He guided his hands to my breasts and began to grab and rub them,

and I fell back to the ground, moaning. He then got down and began to suck on my

right breast, and I tousled his hair as he did so. He did it for so long, I

wondered if he wanted to be a baby again and have me breast-feed him. I kept my

lower half excited by grinding my ass against the wet ground.

  When he finished that, I spread my legs as wide as I could, gently caressing

my pussy-lips with my fingers to get them really wet and open for service. He

opened them further, then entered me so slowly. That dick was 1 1/2 inches

thick, and about 8 inches long! Yet my pussy was just the right size for him,

and I felt no tearing at all, anywhere. My breaths were shorter and shorter now,

and when the head of his Cadillac of members hit the back of my cookie basket, I

let out a quick, load moan.

  Then from there, it was just like any other coital union, only 2 1/2 times

greater. (Well, his dick was 2 1/2 times as big as previous.) He made it last

much longer; it seemed like forever before his thrusts got really fast. I

wrapped my legs around him again, and I found I could even touch my feet

together and still allow him to hump me.

  Then he suddenly hit a place inside me that set off some switch that had never

been turned on before. It was my G-spot! I was screaming so loudly for joy, and

Nelson French-kissed me to stop me from disturbing the peace. Now I was in

heaven, being French-kissed and fucked like never before. Getting lighter and

hotter, I let out muffled screams. So did Nelson! My vaginal walls tightened

around him, and I could feel him spurt inside me. I could not even realize in

the heat of the moment that we had forgotten to use a condom.

  We remained in an embrace as he slowly exited me, and I moaned once more the

head of his dick was out. Then, a couple of minutes later, the aftershock of

this tremendous orgasm rocked my body, and I whispered more soft moans: "Oh,

ohhhh, uaaohhhhhhh, yessss, yessssss..."

  We went to sleep and woke up a few hours later. "Was it as good for you as it

was for me?"

  "That depends on the antidote. It might not work."

  "What do you mean?"

  "I'm so sorry."

  "What, about the orgasm?"

  "No, we forgot to use the condom."

  "Then we have to get the antidote now!"

To Catch a Starlet 2: Nelson's Revenge.

Chapter VIII: Working Up a Sweat

  The sensations of my last intercourse as a woman had simply disappeared when I

realized that Nelson and I both forgot to use the condom. Finding clothes to fit

my full figure was hard enough! Over the course of two days, I had become a

redheaded, big-titted, full-figured teenage girl, and unless we acted fast, I

would be pregnant, too. 

  Nelson was frustrated, but only because he had promised to get me the antidote

to make me my old self again. Now he wished he hadn't made that promise, because

now he wanted me to have a baby and be his sex object. He kept trying to

reassure me with his money as we walked back to his car.

  But I insisted that we go back to Peter's and at least try to get the

antidote. We did, and Peter  was still pissed off about my leaving him. "Why,

after binding me and making me slip?" he asked.

  "I'll be pregnant with Nelson's baby if you don't," I said.

  "You try like the dickens to leave me, then make out with him. You'll get the

antidote on one condition and one condition only: That you become Donna again

and then get pregnant with my baby afterwards. I'll need a lock of your hair to

make some more serum."

  As he got my hair sample, he noted that I got my full figure from the hair of

another stripper at the Booby Trap. So that's why he went there so often, I

realized. He gave me the antidote, and I became Marty again. He was absolutely

amazed, as he had said he could not imagine "Donna" as a man. Hours later, he

reinjected me with the full-figured Kellie Martin serum. When he saw that my

hair was not red, I explained to him that brown was my natural hair color.

  It was several days before I was to return to The Booby Trap. I thought about

a lot of things: Would the Booby Trap disqualify me from grand-prize contention

just because my body had changed? Or should I win and become a featured dancer,

doing a few shows a night, making easy money (and taking some of Nelson's)? The

possibility of constant financial and sexual satisfaction was there for me to


  In the meantime, clothing was a pressing need. I was in a Catch-22: I couldn't

go out because I didn't have clothes, and I couldn't get clothes because I

couldn't go out. Fortunately, I avoided this Catch-22 by ordering some stuff

from my Playboy catalog, "A Catalog for Men and the Women They Love". What

caught my fancy the most was a black lack bodystocking, as shown on the body of

Echo Johnson, Playboy Playmate of January 1993. I remembered how hot Kellie's

legs were when I removed her stockings during that romp in the woods on February

26, and thought of how hot my body would get. I added a couple of extra-large

T-shirts and had it all sent as quickly as possible. In the meantime, I redid my

hair in the short red style.

  I spent my showers caressing my body, rubbing my breasts, pinching my nipples,

and fingering my pussy. In my apartment, I was always half-naked due to the

aforementioned lack of clothing. I listened to music, dancing to it wearing

nothing but a sweatshirt (tightly stretched over my bountiful breasts) and my

G-string. I was working on what I hoped would be my final striptease. I slept in

the nude, completely exposed. My nipples and pussy-lips were in sexual

excitement all night long. If and when I became Marty for good, I would miss

being a woman in heat, capable of multiple orgasms.

  Finally, the day of the Booby Trap Grand Amateurs' Competition came. Nelson

drove me there. I got in through the back, not only for the more direct access

to the dressing room, but also to avoid having crowds stare at my new figure. I

had taken off my coat when Alan saw me and said, "Donna! That's one surefire way

of improving your chances of winning!"

  "Well, whatever works," I shrugged.

  "Are those real?" he asked in wonder.

  "See for yourself," I said sweetly, removing my shirt. Now I had nothing on

but my bodystocking. "You know you can't wear that stripping. We wouldn't want

you naked in one fell swoop," he replied. "I know," I whispered to him, slipping

out of it. I was totally naked and hot now in front of him. He just stared at

me, then went to get my outfit.

  "We had no idea you'd get bigger tits, Donna," he said as he came back with

it. "The tops may still fit, but tightly."

  What he had was a softball uniform, complete with cleats. "Now, in your act,

you just played a big game, and you're going in to the locker room to change.

There'll be a fake locker and bench on stage. We want you to look all sweated

up, especially when you strip, so you've got to put this baby oil all over you."

  I started putting the sweet-smelling, somewhat slippery and shiny stuff all

over my body. It felt wonderful as I rubbed it on my breasts and on the insides

of my thighs. Alan got to rub it on my back.

  Next came putting on a royal blue thong bikini bottom, which complemented my

curves nicely. Then came a long-sleeved shirt--the kind that ballplayers wear

under their uniforms in April and October when it gets cool. Alan wanted it to

give my breasts an "uplifted" look, so he asked if he could hold them. I

consented, and those hands felt so good as I stretched the shirt over my bust.

It worked so well! My breasts did look even bigger. Now I could not see my feet

at all.

  I had to put the uniform pants on by feel now. Alan had to help me, as they

stuck to my baby oil-covered legs. The uniform top required some effort

buttoning because of my bust. "This was supposed to be baggy, but then again,

your figure should be a winner."

  To add to the sweat effect, he had me bundle up in a blanket until it was my

turn to strip. When I finally got on the stage, I was so anxious to take those

clothes off.

  With all the sweat and baby oil, I never felt heavier. After tossing my cap

into the fake locker, I began to take off the uniform top. Unbuttoning it was

hard, so when I popped the buttons, it got loud approval from the fans.

  Now came even harder parts--those cleats, socks and pants. I lay on the bench

in front of the locker, sensually bending my legs toward me to take off the

first two. But those pants were really tight! They clung to my legs. I got off

the bench, and finally decided to go to one side of the stage, roll them down

and gracefully step out of them.

  I danced to the other side of the stage. I reached for the bottom of that

shirt, stretching and straining to get it off. I had to keep pulling them up in

front, then in back, slowly revealing my tummy. I swayed my legs and hips while

I did this, keeping the guys really hypnotized. When I finally got to the

breasts, I bent over, pulled the shirt over my back, then sprung back up to make

those breasts really bounce! Now I never heard cheers so loud.

  But I didn't care about winning anymore. My pussy and ass were sweaty, and I

desperately wanted to cool them off. I thumbed that thong bikini and stretched

it as I lay on the bench. I kept teasing them like crazy with those sparkling

Kellie-Bellie eyes, making them wonder if I would ever reveal that queen-size

pussy. Then I fastened my bikini to the end of the bench and slithered down to

the other end, and it felt as if it slid down my ass and legs all by itself. I

did some more sexually suggestive dancing--no getting off the stage this time.

  When Alan came out to announce the next entry, he was so shocked to see me

naked. I shut him up by taking the thong bikini off the floor near the bench and

shoved it down his pants. I knew from how hard he was that I got him excited,


  I went back to the dressing room and showered. I had just put my bodystocking

back on when Alan came back and told me that I was the undisputed winner of the

Booby Trap Grand Amateurs competition. All I did was be a hot young woman for a

week, and now I had a contract to sign to be the Booby Trap's newest featured

dancer. Oh, my, I was in a jam, what with that and Peter's demand for me to have

his baby!

  NOTES: This is not "written in stone" like the previous eight

chapters. Coming up with an ending to match the excitement (sex-

ual and plotwise) is hard!! I am currently thinking about what

would happen if Peter, not Nelson, were to pick up our beloved

heroine/hero "Donna" from the Booby Trap strip joint.

To Catch a Starlet 2: Nelson's Revenge.

Chapter IX: A World of Difference.

  OK, OK, let's be reasonable. There is no birth certificate or Social Security

number for "Donna Coolidge," I thought as I signed that name on the contract to

strip and dance at the Booby Trap. How in the world could Peter think he could

get me to marry him and have his baby? And how would I pay taxes on my stripping

if, in fact, this was what my life would be?

  After the contract bit, Nelson picked me up. I thought he was driving me back

to my apartment, but instead he took the route to Peter's place! "Peter says

he's got a better serum. It can make you a natural redhead... and a better

stripper," he said.

  My mind boggled at going from a college-aged man to a teenage TV actress to a

redheaded, full-figured nymphomaniac. With this next injection, it would be even

harder to go back to being Marty as the nymphomania would make me forget about

ever being a man.

  Then I realized, I had forgotten what Kellie Martin and I had together when my

body turned into hers. I enjoyed being a woman so much, but something was

missing when I had all that wild sex, and took off my clothes twice... love.

  The wish to be Marty again was irresistible. I wanted more special times with

Kellie in the coming summer, and I knew I had disgraced her. Thoughts like these

went through my mind as we went up the steps to Peter's house.

  "Donna, honey," Peter greeted me, throwing his arms around him. Then I felt

his right arm move away from my back. I reached back, and felt a needle about to

be injected into my back! I grabbed Peter's arm and got it and the needle away

from me. I saw a tiny bit of the new serum squirt out of the needle as Peter and

I struggled.

  "Nelson, help!" Peter yelled. Nelson tried to take me down, but not before I

kneed Peter in the balls. He fell backwards into the house, dropping the needle

on the ground. I got free of Nelson's hold, giving him a good elbow in the jaw.

I picked up the needle, and decided right then to give Nelson what he deserved.

I injected him in the leg, and he let out a loud scream. Peter had tried to stop

me, but it was too late.

  In anger, he said, "Don't worry, Nelson, I have the antidote in my basement

lab. Donna, you will have my baby now!" Nelson held my arms down. Peter used his

knees to hold my legs down as he unzipped my coat, revealing my tight T-shirt

and bodystocking.

  Knowing that I was helpless, I screamed, but then Nelson put a hand over my

mouth and put a knee near where his hand had been. Noting that my bodystocking

had a split crotch, Peter felt my pussy under it with one hand while undoing his

pants with the other. My pussy was wet now, but it was betraying me; my mind

said no. I began to cry from the helplessness.

  Just as Peter was ready to penetrate, the police arrived! Someone must have

called about the screams. The two sex crooks were staring down gunbarrels, and I

wrapped my coat around my body again.

  As they rose up with their hands up, I ran for that basement that Peter was

talking about, looking for the antidote. (I remembered what it looked like

because Peter had injected into me to prevent me from being pregnant with

Nelson's baby.) Another cop came after me as I locked him out of the basement.

  "Come out or we will break in!" the cop yelled as I went down the stairs to

the basement, found the antidote and injected myself with it. I had to hurry

back up so the cop would not have to see the lab; that would complicate things

quite a bit at this point. Just as the door frame started to give, I was at the

top of the stairs opening the door.

  He and another cop interrogated me about the events here, so I explained to

them that I was Donna Coolidge, a stripper at the Booby Trap, and that I had

consented to letting them take me here not knowing they would attack me. When

they asked why I ran from them, I said that I simply wanted to hide due to the

shock the attack gave me. They believed that.

  I saw Peter and Nelson being taken to the police cars, which would take them

to the local jail. Nelson looked very scared, his mind boggling now: Will this

stuff just turn my hair red, or will it turn me into that busty stripper? What

if I turn into a woman in the jail cell?? Will I have to strip now at the Booby


  I was in trouble for a week, being an exquisitely beautiful creature. As a cop

drove me to my apartment, in my last moments as Kellie Martin/Donna Coolidge, I

thought, We women deserve more respect.

  My troubles weren't all over yet. One of two things left to resolve was the

missing car battery from my '88 Ford Festiva; I would simply have to deal with

that later--have my car towed home, and get a new battery. The other was that

videotape Nelson made--I hoped he didn't copy and distribute it.

  Now back to normal (having re-transformed in the privacy of my apartment), my

next thought was: When Kellie and I see each other again, I'll be sure to see

her in a whole new light. 

  One more thing: This ending was quite anticlimactic, as one reader put

it. I hope to have a real climax should I write a new ending.



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