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Archive-name: Changes/starlet1.txt

Archive-author: Mark Rabinowitz

Archive-title: To Catch a Starlet, Part I

  But first, these disclaimers: This did not happen. Also, all characters other

than Cindy Crawford and Kellie Martin are not real; name coincidences are just

that. Batteries not included. If you want lots of graphic stuff, this story

won't satisfy you right away.  See, I donUt want to skip straight to the sex

without any of the sensitive, real stuff that usually comes before good sex.

Besides, the more the rising action, the better the climax.

To Catch a Starlet, Part I: Shopping For a Dream

  Friday, February 26, 1993 was a sunny day in Hollywood. But as I headed into

town, the scene looked bleak. It was the last day of Spring Break and I was on

the verge of losing a bet I had with a friend of mine.

  It all started at the Southside Cafe (on my college campus) a few months back.

Scott Seeley, David Rockwell, Nelson Dewey Jr. and I were checking out page 53

of the November 23, 1992 Newsweek over breakfast. It had a picture of a nude

Cindy Crawford lying down, backside up, with some huge pearl necklace draped

over her long legs. Her arms were positioned just to show the perfect roundness

of her breasts (but obviously not the nipples). Her thick, long hair and puffy,

pouty lips topped it all off the way a maraschino cherry does a hot fudge


  At some point in the conversation, I said, "I wish that was Kellie Martin with

pearls over her legs."

  David said, "Kellie Martin? Who's she?"

  "She's the actress who plays Becca Thacher on Life Goes On," I humbly


  "I've heard of it. It must be a bad show to be on against 60 Minutes every

week. It's that Down syndrome show, right?" said Scott, ever the critic.

  By contrast, Nelson always had girls on his mind. He put me on the spot: "So

what makes her so hot?"

  "I think she can be sweet by day and spicy by night. There must be a hot,

voluptuous young woman under her clothes. She's got these sparkly brown eyes,

and her lips! They stick out just a little, and when she makes an O with her

mouth, it is the perfect combination of surprised innocence and inviting


  "You want her to suck your dick, right? So how old is she?" Nelson


  "No, I want to know her first," I said. "And even then, Nelson, having her

suck my dick is not my first choice. Oh, and she's seventeen."

  David, the sympathetic reasoner, said, "Marty, Kellie's just a girl living

2500 miles away from us. And you said yourself that you could make anyone feel

like a Playmate of the Month. Any girl on campus!"

  "Most don't want that," I retorted. "Besides, I hardly get the opportunity to

know any of them."

  "You don't know Kellie," David responded.

  "I read what I can about her. I know she prefers jeans over skirts. I know

what movies she's done. Yeah, that's cold facts, but that's better than  what I

can say for any woman here."

  "So do it," Nelson said. "And to prove it, you have to bring back a pair of

her underwear or a picture of her in Cindy Crawford's Playboy pose. Or you'll

pay double the price of the airline ticket I'm buying you. LA, right?"

  "Yeah, LA," I said in shock. The bet seemed unreasonable, but Nelson,

sex-minded creep that he is, was the son of the Southside's owner and so had the

money to buy me the ticket. And I had never been south of Toledo!

  "Uh, the underwear's a bit easy. Anyone can buy it," Scott commented.

  "You think Marty's stupid?" answered Nelson. "He knows he has to get an

authentic pair soaked with Kellie's own love juices, right, Marty?"

  He's skipping dinner for the dessert. I'll do it my way, I thought to myself.

  So when Spring Break started, I boarded that plane. But unlike that sex snob

Nelson Dewey Jr., I thought of brightening her world, making her heart soar, not

just entering her cookie basket.

  Let me tell you more about her body--the cold facts I'll sprinkle throughout

the rest of the story. She's got these shapely, ice-skaters' legs. And I like

the depth of the arch formed by her back and ass. Her hair is silky and bouncy,

a little shorter than shoulder length. Her skin is soft and unblemished. Her

breasts, while not the kind that jump out at the eyes, can fit in my grip.

Small, they're not. And oh, her face is almost enchanted. Whatever emotion a

director wants her to show, she'll show in a split second. Of the pictures of

her that I've saved, I find it amazing that they're all of her, because the

faces are so different.

  I headed toward the Vineyard Mall, one of a bunch of shopping malls I scouted

out in search of my sweet Kellie-Bellie. Shopping, as with many teenage girls,

is one of her favorite things to do. I wanted to get something for her, but no

man goes into Frederick's of Hollywood alone. Besides, I didn't think I'd see


  I sat down inside the Mall on a bench near a fountain. Near me on the ground

floor were an accessories boutique called Afterthoughts and a hosiery store

called Hoseywood. Up above was a store called The Denim Demigod, which sold new

and used blue jeans. I was reminded of what Prince Charles supposedly said to

Camilla Parker Bowles. Living the next life as Kellie Martin's favorite pair of

blue jeans would indeed be nice, being wrapped

around those beautiful legs of hers.

  After looking up at the Denim place, I turned back to the bench and I saw her.

She was squirming on the bench for a second, then got up and walked off upon

seeing me. Realizing that she may have been embarrassed or in a bad mood, I

tried to think of why she was squirming. Maybe her jeans were tight, but they

looked right to me. I check to see if anything was wrong with the bench--nothing

wrong there, either.

  I sensed defeat. Might as well look for something to cheer myself up. But my

hunger came first.

  I found a small deli/cafe. The furniture inside reminded me of the Southside,

where this all got started. So what if a cappuccino clashes with a Dinty Moore

and fries? That's what I ordered.

 When I was halfway through, some guy two seats to my right left. What he

revealed was the return of my dream princess. The glow of the jukebox at the end

of the counter lent an aura to her hair. Right away, I had to buy her a song.

  Part II: Time to Go to the Wire

  The moaning at the beginning of the song was perfect. Were they moans of

frustration, or of ecstasy? The title was "Cream" (by Prince), which lent other

dualities: "Cream of the crop " or "come"? And if come, male or female

ejaculation, or both? These questions were far from answered. Those questions I

asked by sticking two quarters in the jukebox.

  Three seats away  at the front counter was Kellie Martin, the beautiful

princess of Hollywood. But this was no place to establish intimacy. I moved the

remaining 44% of my lunch to a small table with a red-and-white checkerboard

tablecloth--the kind Snoopy sat at in his Red Baron fantasies.

  Kellie had finished her light lunch (probably afraid of ruining her nice

figure) and had turned to throw out the trash when she saw me again. My eyes

gazed at her like a Tomahawk missile would Saddam Hussein. "You're everywhere,

aren't you?" she said in a surprised tone of voice.

  (Note: Her voice is more the typical teenager's voice, not the slut type you'd

think of.)

  "No, Kellie, I'm just where I want to be."

  "What's your point?" Kellie was getting mad.

  I had nothing to lose. I had to say it. "I want you, Kellie. You're so


  Kellie was incredibly nervous. She stumbled through "Thank you." Not the

Kellie on the Warner Bros. set, was she.

  "I haven't said enough for you to thank me for."

  "Oh, God.." she whispered up to the fake antique light fixture above her.

There were a few seconds of silence.

  "I saw you squirm on the bench, and then you left. What happened?"

  "Ohhh.. It's not me to say this.. I'm supposed to be dating some actor around

my age, but then I see you and that cute ass of yours! I swear, I pictured you

holding and caressing me. That's why I squirmed on the bench. You looked at me

like you were too good for that."

  "No, I didn't. I know you're not easy. I want you, but I know it's best to

know you. The reason you date those actors is that they know your world. They

don't see the hot, voluptuous lovey-dovey inside you."

  (Kellie is usually very talkative, bubbly, and cheerful. In this case, she was

quite shy. Sexuality was the kind of subject to change her personality.)

  She asked, "So you want my body," with that prying kind of smile. "What's your


  "Marty Coolidge. I'm a college student from Michigan."

  "I'm going to college next year. Looks like New York U."

  "So I've heard." (USA Today, Jan. 15 '93)

  "How old are you?"


  "Listen, Marty, I've only got a minute. I've got to help my sister find a

dress for some dance next week."

  "A minute's enough."

  I leaned over the table slightly, reaching for those silky strands of Kellie's

hair. I stroked her soft, supple lips the way Robert de Niro did with Juliette

Lewis in Cape Fear (the 1-student drama class scene). Then our noses touched,

and I rubbed noses with her in a nodding motion. Suddenly, our upper lips came

in contact, setting off electricity in each of us. Like some cycle of

electricity and magnetism, our lips made more and more contact. I wanted to put

my arms around her, but she had her business. She pulled away and said, "Maybe

I'll catch you later?"

  "Yes. The night has a thousand things waiting for us."

  "Like what?" Kellie's smile became seductive.

  "Oh, dinner--"

  "I'm having dinner with my family tonight."

  "Darn, how are we going to get together with your family in the way?" I asked.

I had to either make love to her by the end of the day or get her in that Cindy

Crawford pose. Dinner with the folks was a major impediment.

To Catch a Starlet, Part III: The Pay Phone Pickle

  "How are we going to get together with your family in the way?"

  It had to be tonight. The other half of the round-trip ticket that Nelson

bought me was a flight departing at noon the next day, Saturday, February 27. I

had less than 23 hours to either make sweet love to Kellie Martin or shoot nude

pictures of her and some 20-lb. fake pearl necklace. Then I got a great idea.

  "Kellie, my dear teenage beauty, let me give you the number of that pay phone

over there. If you can convince your parents to let you skip dinner, call it."

  "On short notice? That's tough, but I'll try," Kellie said to me as we walked

to the pay phone. She still had butterflies in her stomach.

  "I know. But we want each other so much." I looked down to see the number on

the pay phone.  "Here it is: 555-3217. Call it before 6 tonight; that's when the

mall closes."

  Then I felt a sharp pain in my crotch. Kellie grabbed it to feel how big my

breadbasket was. It was big, all right, due mainly to slight tightness of her

yellow French-cut T-shirt and the Exclamation! perfume she was wearing. I needed

to ease the pain, so I hugged her and gave her a deep, long, passionate kiss

while feeling the curves of her figure. I held her tighter to feel her breasts

press against me. She had a bra on under the T, so feeling the heat of them was

impossible. But she needed that, lest the nipples show through for all to see.

  "Marty, stop. I see my sister. I can't let her see me like this," Kellie

whispered in my ear. I let go of her. Then she brushed off the wrinkles, and

that excited me because she was feeling her own body.

  "Bye for now," I said to her.

  "I hope so," she replied. Her face showed the fear of not seeing me again

(like with Marty McFly leaving the 1955 Dr. Emmett Brown in Back to the Future).

Mine showed happiness in that I made a good impression on her to see her

anytime, whether or not I lose this bet.

  She gracefully walked up the staircase (fitness-minded, you know) and met her

sister waiting above. All that was left were me and pay phone #555-3217.

  It was around 2:00 p.m., and I had four hours to kill. Good time for some

Kellie-Bellie facts.

  Kellie really is a terrific actress. Last year, she won the Viewers for

Quality Television (VQT) Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama. Besides

playing the brainy, precocious (!) Becca on Life Goes On, she recently appeared

on Live! with Regis & Kathie Lee and on the NBC game show Scattergories. So

she's got a good agent. Besides her current movie appearance in Matinee, her

other films include Troop Beverly Hills ('89), Body Slam ('87) and Jumpin' Jack

Flash ('85). Her acting career began with a role in an episode of Father Murphy.

She was just 7 back then.

  Among the episodes of Life that she's done include: Becca competing in a

beauty pageant, Becca wearing lingerie (albeit in the privacy of her room), her

boyfriend Jesse painting a nude portrait of her, and Becca running for

Homecoming Queen.

  These expressions of sexuality prove that Kellie knows about the beautiful

girl waiting for both security and sexual satisfaction within her. As for me,

I've always been a sucker for the "adorable" type. While they're no supermodels,

they can look like Playboy Playmates with the right makeup and lighting. They

appreciate sex better, too, because they know it's based on feelings and not

looks. Kellie, therefore, can be both adorable and sexy. That's why I fell in

love with her.

  Fast forward to 5:53 p.m. 7 minutes from closing, some guy calls on my pay

phone to Citibank regarding a lost card. Now, asking him to take his story to

another phone would be downright rude. But Kellie could be trying to call! I

thought. My anxiety in standing around could lead to suspicion among the

security guards.

  But the anxiety, was, after all, justified. My chances of having Kellie Martin

for dessert were about to be flushed down the drain by a Citibank cardloser!

To Catch a Starlet, Part IV: And Now, the Night Goes On

  In order to have any chance of winning the Barbara Dare Award for Best Actor

in a Novelette, I had to do something about that guy on the pay phone. In hopes

that he may be a criminal, I listened closely, hoping he would give himself


  Then I heard--and felt--some hot whispering in my ear. "You know, Marty,

listening to lost credit card stories is not a spectator sport."

  I could tell by the voice that it was my Kellie-Bellie supple-lipped

shapely-legged lovey-dovey Martin. "Neither is love," I said. "So where are we

gonna go?"

  "Oh..." (I told you how sexy she was when she made an O with her mouth.) "I

decided to give you a choice. We can go to the woods or do it in your car."

  "I know you love nature because when you did Scattergories, you were in this

nice wooded place--"


  "--where you'd say thing like, 'I always wish I got compliments on my


  She giggled delightfully when I mentioned the cheekbones.

  "But why not your bed?"

  "My family's still home. I convinced them that I had to leave, but I didn't

call because I don't want anyone to hear about my raging lust. Besides, you'll

make me holler and scream for joy, and there'd be stains on the bed."

  "Then let's go to the woods."

  "Your car or mine?"

  "Mine's just a humble '88 Ford Festiva."

  We took her car--a red 1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT she got immediately after Life

Goes On got renewed for this past season. We talked a lot--first about college,

but then Kellie talked a lot about Matinee, Life Goes On, and her shopping. She

thought she was boring me. I said, "No, I want to hear your delectable voice."

  Kellie whispered seductively, "Have you done it before?"

  "No, but I read about it."

  She laughed so hard, she had to pull the car over. There were some trees by

the side of the road--not the woods she had in mind, but OK. I chased her into

the trees as she screamed, "Marty, you're too much!!"

  I caught up to her, we fell to the ground, and we began kissing each other

lustily. I kissed her lips, then around her neck. The back of the neck was a

sensitive spot for her; she melted when I kissed it. I put my hands inside her

shirt, only to feel something made of lace under it. "Surprise, Marty. Unwrap

me," she said with that juicy smile.

  I took off her shirt, shoes and blue jeans to unveil her body. As I took off

the jeans, I felt the stored heat of her legs in the lace-topped stockings.

  The bustier, stockings and the straps holding up the stockings were all

turquoise. Unfortunately for me, there were no panties or a G-string for me to

win my bet with. Her cleanly-shaved cookie basket, already starting to run wet,

began to get wetter upon exposure to the cool night air.

  "Is this hot or what?" Kellie asked with an inviting pose.

  "It's hot! I love it. I love your body, Kellie," I whispered in her ear as I

flicked at her earlobe with my tongue. Then I lay kisses around her cleavage.

That made her arch her back (I was on top of her), and then I grabbed her bare,

soft, hot ass. All the while, Kellie expressed her arousal with moans--not the

throaty kind, but beautiful nonetheless.

  Then I went down and kissed her belly button. Kellie ripped off my shirt,

pulling at the back of it, begging for my chest. I decided to rub her legs

against it, rolling down her stockings. I then bent them back towards her so she

could feel it with her hands, too.

  We rolled over and changed positions so that Kellie could take off my Dockers,

revealing a tight pair of silk bikini briefs. They really showed my breadbasket,

and Kellie felt my  6 1/2" long, 1 1/4" thick dick. She wanted to expose it,

too, but then I reached and grabbed her and thrust my tongue between her wet,

soft, pink pussy-lips.

  Kellie then let out a short, high-pitched scream. 'Eeeek! What are you doing?"

Clearly, Kellie Martin, wholesome 17-year-old TV star, did not expect anyone to

suck the sweet nectar from her cookie basket. I got myself back on top of her so

I could go deeper and deeper inside her tight love-box. The deeper I went, the

more she screamed.

  "Ohh! Ohhhhh!! Ohhhhhhhh!! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yessss...." I heard

her scream as she came. It was so sweet, with the consistency of warm Jell-O. I

sucked on her pussy like a vacuum, so nothing ran down her legs.

  I was still giving head when she regained her energy and shoved me away from

her with her feet. "MARTY, GIVE ME BACK THAT DICK!" That startled me. Kellie is

a young woman with everything--smarts, money, a great future, money, charm,

beauty... Penis envy I did not expect.

  My bottomless angel got up and pushed me to the ground, then pulled off my

briefs. My dick, excited by the taste of her cum, was still hard. Would she take

it in her? No, she simply stroked it and felt it, regarding it as a fine piece

of art. I sat up so I could remove her bustier, revealing her glorious breasts

and their hard nipples. I took to sucking on her left breast while she continued

stroking me.

  She was so aroused by this sensation. "Oh, Marty, I can't help myself. Come

inside me, please!!" she whispered.

  I spread her legs back apart. Then she said, "Wait, I've got a condom."

  As she went back, I wondered why she would not let me use mine. Then she

brought this odd-looking thing.

  "What is it?"

  "It's one of those 'female condoms.' (A first for a sex story!) They're

thinner, so your cock can feel the heat of my pussy." After inserting it in her,

she got up and crawled on all fours,  her hair tickling my chest as she crawled

over me. We did more passionate kissing, as we tousled each other's hair and

felt each other's bodies. I noticed that her cookie basket wasn't going to be as

tight--my dick would not cause any tearing.

  This time, I held her tight as I entered her, her breasts pressed hard against

my chest. In her second orgasm, she let out more screams of ecstasy, and her

pussy was burning me up. I was on the verge of losing control. Knowing I could

bring her to yet a third orgasm, I had to leave prematurely, even when she

moaned, "Keep going!" And because female condoms aren't as reliable as the male

ones, ejaculation had its risks. I had to exit.

  She screamed, "NO, NO, I WANT YOUR CUM!! MARTYYYY!!!!!"

  I held her tight, still. "Kellie, you'll get your cum, I promise."

To Catch a Starlet, Part V: Great Pearls of Fire

  "Why did you leave me?" Kellie whined to me. She had expected me not to hold

my fire inside her. I had my explanation.

  "I only have one orgasm to use up, my sweet. But women are multiorgasmic," I

said while putting on my own condom. "Why waste it now when I know I can bring

you to another one?"

  "Men only have one orgasm to balance their greater sexual desires, Marty. So

what's next?"

  "Spread your legs and close your eyes and you'll get a nice surprise."

  She did, and I turned her sideways and grabbed her from behind. I guided my

dick into her tight, steamy ass. Then slowly, I entered her. She gasped, for it

was the start of an orgasm the likes of which she had never known. Besides her

ass, I pinched her right nipple with one hand and fingered her pussy with the

other. She was being double-fucked, and she was screaming and crying in such

orgasmic joy, like never before. She came again! And I finally let go of my


  We spent the next hour in the more romantic mode, just out beautiful, nude

bodies in an embrace, kissing and petting each other. This time, we talked about

Chris Burke and his potential as an actor. I suggested he could play Batman in a

combined parody of the Batman and Back to the Future movies: BAT TO THE FUTURE.

Kellie said he could play Wayne Campbell in a Wayne's World Spoof, among other

ideas (remember, she's so talkative).

  Suddenly, she started weeping. "Kellie-Bellie, my poor weepy lovey-dovey..

What's wrong?"

  "Will I ever see you again?"

  I thought for a moment and realized that none of my future classes would meet

in the summer. "I guarantee it," I said.

  "How will we survive the time without each other?"

  "I've got a camera and film," I said, and then I realized I still had a chance

to win the bet! "We'll take pictures of each other and we'll have each other's

pictures. And we'll never forget tonight."

  "We have no lighting here, college boy."

  "We do at the Vineyard Mall parking lot, starlet."

  So we collected our clothes, but we couldn't find my briefs. So I had to put

on my Dockers without those nice silk bikini briefs. Darn. After getting

dressed, we drove off to the lot.

  When we got out of the car, Kellie couldn't help but wonder what I was doing

with that huge faux pearl necklace. I dug the Newsweek page out of the camera

bag, the one that started this whole story.

  "Marty, you're crazy," she said. "We'll get caught."

  "Kellie, take off your clothes. I want you on film just like that. I always

wanted it to be you in that picture."

  Nervously, she did. "Lay down on your stomach, under that light there. Good,

you're on your elbows." I got down to see if her arms were hiding her nipples

(that Cindy Crawford pic was so classy!) and corrected them accordingly. Then I

took out the faux pearl necklace and draped it over her legs. She loved the feel

of the pearls rubbing against her legs, ass and feet. Taking note of that, I

massaged her legs and ass with the pearls. When I finished by dumping the

remainder of the necklace over her feet, I took to kissing her feet all over,

sucking her toes. Kellie was excited so much by that and by the danger she was


  "OK, my beauty, lift up your feet, yes, now turn to me and pucker your lips.

No, don't smile, it's a straight face. I love your smile, but not this time. Now

hold that." I shot half the roll of film with her in this pose--not just from

the angle shown in the Newsweek/Playboy picture, but from other angles as well.

  But then a police car came around. "You know, this is public indecency," the

cop said from inside the car. The cop was a woman! Well, the LAPD must have

figured out that a male cop  would be attracted to Kellie-Bellie. She said,

"Sir, may I see your identification?"

  As I got that out, Kellie tried to put her clothes back on. The cop said,

"Don't go anywhere. You can get dressed later."



Part VI: The Famous Final Scene

  Kellie slowly crawled away from her clothes when the policewoman told her not

to go anywhere. The very sight of her vulnerability manifested in her nakedness

revived my erection. I undid my fly before the policewoman turned back, and when

she did, she saw my hotrod. (And remember, it was still clean because I had used

a condom when I brought Kellie to her anal orgasm.) I figured, Hey, weUre

getting arrested for public indecency, anyway. And this just might distract the


  The officer didnUt look too bad herself. I figure she was between ages 33 and

35, blonde with nice breasts and hips. Her uniform hid the rest of her figure.

But I could imagine her with the right makeup and lighting and no clothes on, so

I knew she looked good.

  So she saw my dick, and at first, she was pissed. She tackled me and threw me

to the pavement, then turned me over and handcuffed me.

  Then she turned me over and was zipping up the fly. RNo underwear?S she asked.

RNo, someone sprayed them with Ben-Gay,S I joked, reciting a story Scott Seeley

told me back at the Southside. I felt her touch my dick, still sticky from

cumming almost 2 hours ago. It jumped back to extreme rock-hardness. Her hands

were hot.

  RWow, this dick is so soft, mister,S she said. RAnd you need to pay a fine for

that photography. I think this will do the trick.S

  I didnUt know what she was going to do.  Then she got down and lowered her

mouth onto my dick. I didnUt know if the feeling of her giving head would

overcome two things: My fear of having my dick bitten off and the pain of laying

on my back with my hands cuffed behind. But that pain and fear was gone. Oh, and

so was Kellie. I saw her slowly walking away and she looked so sad when she saw

the policewoman sucking my dick. She knew so well that I was doing this for her

freedom and security, not for my sexual pleasure. Then she got away in her

3000GT, and the policewoman never noticed.

  She kept sucking on that dick, wondering why I wasnUt cumming yet. But hey, it

had only been two hours since my last orgasm, and I had never even experimented

with the possibility of having two orgasms in such a short span. I had spread my

legs to accomodate her head, and not only was her mouth hot, but so was her

head, and that heat consumed my whole crotch. ThatUs when I exploded. It

obviously wasnUt as much cum as before, but it satisfied her. She got up, turned

me back over, and took the cuffs off. RYour fineUs paid. Now you have a record,

kid,S she said. She walked off, got in her police car, and drove off.

  How mysterious. What kind of woman would swear to serve the law and then not

arrest me for my crime, and then suck my dick on top of that? That question

would have to be answered in a subplot in the sequel, for I just thought of an

idea for it.

  My Ford Festiva was the only car left in the lot now. My nervous system looked

as if it were wracked by a dozen cups of cappuccino, I was really shaking. The

only cure for that was to rest, so I got up, gathered my camera equipment,

checked to see that my film was still in it, and got in my car. I just reclined

the seat and went to sleep.

  A little less than 7 hours later, around 2:50 a.m., I heard tapping on a

window. I looked up and saw Kellie once more. She had tears welling in her eyes.

I sat up, moved the driverUs seat to its normal position, and rolled down the

window. I said, RKellie, shouldnUt you be at home?S

  RMarty, I know that was no way to say goodbye. I want to thank you so much for

distracting the cop so I could go free. Why are you still here? I thought youUd

be arrested!S

  RI thought so, too. Then she wanted me. I did it for you, Kellie.S

  RItUs O.K., I understand. IUm so glad we can say goodbye. But I want to take a

picture of you before I go.S

  ROh, yes. Lemme get my camera.S I handed my camera bag to her.

  RI wish I knew how those pictures will turn out, Marty. Just smile at me...

(CLICK) ThatUs nice.S

  Then she walked over to me, holding out the camera with her right arm and the

lens pointing towards her. We kissed once more, and when it started to get

passionate, she pressed the button and the camera shot the rest of the roll. She

put down the camera and put her other arm around me. This kiss seemed to go on

forever. It sure will play forever on film.


  I got my film processed when I got back from LA. I was crying tears of joy,

too, on the flight back because I had just given a special loved one a really

good time. Now, Nelson Dewey Jr. was shocked when he saw the photos of the nude

Kellie. Not to mention being shocked about losing the bet, something he rarely

suffers. Oh, and I told them about the February 12, 1993 Entertainment Weekly,

so they know something about her. They were truly impressed when they saw the

shots of me and Kellie kissing so hotly. I had no idea we had been that hot. It

would get hot again; I had no idea how hot or even how it would heat up again,

but my affair with Kellie would continue in the summer.



turn against Marty and end his love affair with Kellie! And you wonUt know how

until you read it!

  Oops: Do forgive me for the messed-up punctuation marks. Those U's were

SUPPOSED to be apostrophes, and the R's and S's quote marks. I'm so sorry.



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