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Archive-name: Changes/specfrn2.txt

Archive-author: The Armor Plated Wombat

Archive-title: Two Special Friends - 2 - The Apprentices

Copyright 1992, The Armor Plated Wombat . All rights reserved. License is 

hereby granted to republish on electronic media for which no fees are 

charged (except for the media used), so long as the text of this copyright 

notice and license are attached intact to any and all republished portion or 


Chapter 1: Massage for You

The stairs were dimly lit by footlamps and so while the two people 

descending could see their way clearly, all an observer would have seen was 

two shrouded figures, each carrying a large bundle.

At the bottom of the stairs  one of the whistled, and as the sound activated 

light switch triggered, the basement was bathed in a warm glow.  This 

revealed Paul and Tim dressed in robes, each of them carrying a sleeping 

young boy wrapped in a blanket.  Moving swiftly, the deposited each boy on 

a massage table located in a small glass walled room near the stairs.  The 

boys lay face up on the tables and as the blankets were unfolded, their play 

army fatigue uniforms were revealed.  Both Paul and Tim moved in unison 

as the began to strip the boys.  First the pants were unbuttoned and then 

pulled down to the boy's ankles.  After their boots and socks  were 

removed, the pants came off also. Gently unbuttoning the fatigue shirts, 

both Paul and Tim stopped for a moment to gaze at the boy's beautiful 

bodies. Then they slowly turned the boys onto their stomachs.  From this 

position they finished removing the boy's shirts.  They then removed the 

boy's jockey shorts.

Chapter 2:  Oils well that Ends Well

Gathering up the clothes, Paul carried them off to the laundry room to get 

them clean.  As he left, Tim explored the unfamiliar surroundings.  Finding a 

number of bottles, cloths, and massage aids, he decided to clean the boys as 

well.  Preparing a mixture of warm water and rubbing alcohol, he soaked a 

cloth in it and began to wash.  Stopping every so often to rinse the cloth, he 

quickly cleaned each boy all over, paying special attention to each boy's 

underarms, genitals, and buttocks.  The cleaning was effective, but the 

alcohol removed more of the skin oil than Tim had expected, leaving the 

boy's skin a little dry.  Looking among the bottles, he found a bottle of oil.  

Once opened, the oil emitted a slight strawberry-vanilla aroma.  Switching 

on a heat lamp and directing it at one boy's back, he poured some oil into 

his hands and warmed it under the lamp.  He then rubbed it into the 

boy's skin with firm but gentle strokes.  After the boy's back was 

oiled, Tim proceeded to oil the boy's buttocks.  After he did each half, he 

gently ran his oiled fingers down the crack.  When his fingers reached the 

anus, he gave a gentle push in order to see how much resistance there was to 

his attempted entry.  He had only penetrated about a quarter inch before the 

boy began to move a bit in response to the pressure.  Tim quickly withdrew 

his finger and continued down the crack, lubricating the tender skin with the 

fragrant oil.

Paul returned to his boy and seeing what Tim was doing, he quickly followed 

suit.  Gently they rubbed the fragrant oil into each boy's skin.  This 

continued for some time, until...

Chapter  3: The Awakening

Robbie first became aware that he was awake when he saw the red light 

filtering in through his closed eyelids.  He didn't want to move yet, so he 

sleepily took stock of his situation.   He could smell the  pleasant scent of 

vanilla and strawberries and a gentle heat was bathing his body from neck to 

crotch.  Just then, he felt two warm slippery hands begin to fondle his 

genitals.  Normally this would send any young boy through the roof, but the 

surroundings were so relaxing and the touch so gentle that he murmured, 

'"Nice", and pushed his groin up to increase the pressure on his 

penis. Shortly after his response he felt a gentle kiss on the tip of

his penis, followed by a similar kiss on his lips.  Deciding to see what

was going on, Robbie opened his eyes and saw Paul's smiling face looking

at him.

Chapter 4: Putting on the Ritz 

"Welcome sleepy head, how are you feeling?", Paul questioned. The 

boy just smiled and stretched a bit.  Paul told him to just relax and after 

covering him with the blanket he went to the storeroom.  Inside, he found the 

boxes which contained the best clothes that he had outgrown over the years 

and that his mother had saved in case they had another boy.  Opening one 

marked "sports", he rummaged through it until he found his old 

Little League uniform.  Custom made for the championship game out of an 

expensive wool-cotton blend cloth, he marveled at its softness as he held it in 

his hands.  It looked like it would fit, so he returned with it to the massage 


He gently coaxed Robbie into a sitting position, with his legs dangling over 

the edge of the table.  Moving around back, he slid the baseball shirt up 

Robbie's arms.  The shirt lay on his shoulders, open at the front.  Paul 

moved around front and then couldn't resist hugging the boy with his 

arms going under the shirt around the boy's back.  The boy returned his 

hug with surprising strength and nestled his head on Paul's shoulder.  

They hugged for some time and then slowly let go.  Paul then buttoned the 

boy's shirt and stood back to critique the fit.

Tim had not been idle either.  He had gone to the storeroom shortly after 

Paul and found Paul's old Cub Scout uniform.   Like the baseball uniform 

it was custom made of the same type of fabric.  Both uniforms had button fly 

pants, since Paul's mother distrusted zippers.

Putting the uniform aside, he picked up a set of fur pads and began to rub his 

boy on the chest with one hand and around the groin with the other hand.  

The boy began to move around a bit and Tim continued the treatment until 

the boy's eyes opened.  Because he felt so good he was without fear, and 

gazed curiously at Tim.  Tim tousled  the boy's hair and then helped him 

sit up.  Moving around to the boy's back he put the boy's arms into 

the shirt sleeves and tugged the shirt on.  He then went to put the pants on 

and remembered that the boy's underwear was still in the wash.  Feeling 

the soft cloth of which the pants were made, he decided that  the underwear 

wasn't really necessary and slid the pants up the boy's legs.  The boy 

raised himself up a bit and Tim slid the pants over his buttocks.   As Tim 

buttoned and tucked in the boy's shirt tails, he pressed the cloth against 

the boy's skin.  As he tucked his way to the front, he arranged each shirt 

tail so that its edge touched the boy's penis at the base.  Softly rubbing 

the cloth against the sensitive skin, he was rewarded with a smile.  While he 

was buttoning the boy's fly he said, "What's  your name 

kid?".   "Tommy", the boy replied as he smiled at Tim.  Tim 

placed the neckerchief around the boy's neck and fastened it with the 

slide.  He then helped the boy off the table and they moved over next to Paul.

By this time Paul had also finished dressing Robbie.  He and the kid stood 

side by side with Paul's hand inside the neck opening of the boy's 

baseball shirt, stroking his shoulder.  Tim and Tommy stood facing them and 

Tim stroked the back of Tommy's neck.  As Paul and Tim looked at each 

other, a look passed between them.  The couldn't believe that they had 

lucked upon two lovely and cooperative young apprentices.  Actually, it 

wasn't hard to understand once you knew that both boys were from a 

foster home where the parents did not believe in touching to show affection.  

Both boys were starving for physical contact and would take all that Paul 

and Tim had to offer.

Chapter 5: Showtime

The group ambled into the entertainment room, where the scene was 

dominated by a wide screen TV.  There were four reclining chairs facing the 

screen.  Paul and Tim each chose a chair and opened their robes before 

sitting down.  They were naked underneath.  Each of then had his boy climb 

on top, with his head resting somewhat below the shoulder and the boy's 

posterior resting on the upper pelvis.  Paul switched on a cheap SF movie, 

but kept the sound low, since nobody was really interested.  To keep the boys 

amused, Paul and Tim began to ritualistically undress them.   Starting from 

the top the would unbutton a shirt button, and then explore as much of the 

boy's skin as they could reasonably reach.  They would tweak the 

boy's nipples and draw circles with a finger around their belly buttons.  

When they reached the boy's pants, each fly button would be opened and 

the newly exposed pubic area rubbed and gently scratched.  When the boy 

was completely unbuttoned, the base of his penis, his crotch, and the bottom 

of the crack of his ass received similar treatment until he had a full

erection.  Not wanting to climax the boy now, they would then slowly dress

the boy again and wait for the erection to subside before they began again.

Each cycle took about twenty minutes and so they had time for six cycles

before the movie was over.

Chapter 6:  Goodnight Sweet Princes

Finally, everyone was tired and it was time for bed.  There was a problem 

finding pajamas for the two young guests, since there were none among the 

clothes that Paul's mother had saved.  While Tim was opening the scout 

uniform shirt he took the time to tickle and caress the boy's chest and 

stomach.  Then he pushed the boy back into a reclining position on the bed 

and unbuttoned his pants, exposing his young penis.  Only a few strokes 

were necessary to bring it to full rigidity.  Looking Tommy straight in the

eye,  Tim stated, "We can't let you go to bed like this, it might go off 

accidentally".  He then bent down and placed the boy's penis in his 

mouth, and with a gentle suction and a little tongue action, he climaxed the 

boy and was rewarded with a bedtime snack.

After they were done, Tommy lay on the bed, totally relaxed.  Tim removed 

Tommy's clothes and picked up the  heavy silk short sleeve shirt that 

Paul had placed on the bed.  While it was very tight on Paul (which allowed 

him to show off his physique), it made a roomy night shirt for Tommy.  Tim 

buttoned it up but left the part of the shirt covering Tommy's genitals 

open.   He then turned down the bed covers on his side of the bed, picked 

Tommy up and placed him in the bed.  Slipping off his robe and getting in 

beside him, he pillowed Tommy's head on one arm and placed his other 

hand on Tommy's buttocks, under the shirt tails.  While he gently 

fingered the crack in Tommy's ass, they both fell asleep.

Meanwhile , Paul has opted for a simpler solution to Robbie's nighttime 

attire.  He unfastened the boy's pants and removed them,  so the boy 

could sleep in just the baseball shirt.  He then removed his robe and donned a 

pair of light blue silk pajamas.  Leaving the coat unfastened, he turned to see 

that Robbie was already in bed.  Getting in beside him, Paul unbuttoned the 

boy's shirt so that their chests could touch.  Kissing the boy on the 

forehead, he drew him in tighter with an arm placed protectively around the 

boy.  With a contented sigh they both fell asleep.

Chapter  7: Perchance to dream

Paul awoke sometime later and found both of the boy's legs wrapped 

around one of his and the boy holding onto him tightly as well.  A protruding 

rod poked its way into his stomach and the slickness which he felt as it 

moved around told Paul what was going on.  Moving tenderly he 

disentangled himself from the boy's embrace and then threw back the 

covers.  He refastened the boy's shirt to replace the warmth that the 

blanket had provided and then slid down toward the foot of the bed.  Feeling 

his way he soon was next to the boys engorged organ, and a few drops of 

precum coated his cheek.   Taking the boy's penis in his mouth, he gently 

began to tease the tip of it with his tongue.  He then placed the rest of the 

boy's rod in his mouth and moved up and down it.   As he did so he 

varied the pressure with his lips and used his tongue to sweep around, 

providing the maximum arousal possible.

The first shot of juice caught him by surprise and he had to swallow hastily.  

However there was more to come (so to speak) and as each shot went down 

his throat he relished the feel and taste.  After seven shots the boy stopped 

and after a little more effort Paul ceased his activity.  He moved back up until 

his head was even with the boy's and kissed his lips.  To his surprise, the 

boy opened his eyes and looked at him sleepily.  "Pleasant dreams?", 

Paul teased. The boy nodded slowly and closed his eyes.  Paul kissed him 

again and this time put his tongue through in order to rub against the 

boy's teeth.  The boy opened his mouth and Paul's tongue went 

deeper.  The boy sleepily sucked on Paul's tongue, enjoying the taste of 

his own juice that was left in Paul's mouth.  They went to sleep this way 

and it was some time before Paul's tongue made its way back into his 

own mouth.

Chapter  8: Breakfast in Bed

In the morning the two young boys were up shortly before Paul and Tim 

were awakened by their whispering and laughter.  Tim glanced at them and 

jokingly threatened, "There are two young boys that will get NO 

breakfast if they don't get ready for a shower IMMEDIATLY".  As 

the boys disrobed, Paul also removed his pajamas and soon all there was to 

be seen was smooth skin.  In addition there were two monstrous erections, 

since Paul and Tim had been without relief all night.  As Tim strolled to the 

bathroom he made the remark, "I'd like hot buttered buns for 

breakfast, how about you Paul?".  Paul was a little puzzled until Tim 

returned with two towels and a bottle of baby oil.  Spreading the towels on 

the bed next to each other, he patted the towels as he looked at the boys.  

Quick to catch on, each boy got on a towel and lay face down, cradling his 

head in his arms.  Tim applied a light coating of baby oil to each boy's 

bottom, paying special attention to the crack.  Both Tim and Paul mounted 

their boy and placed their penises so that they lay in the crack.  Fearing that 

any attempt at penetration would hurt their young friends, they contented 

themselves with rubbing their penises up and down the crack.  This had the 

side effect of pressing the boy's genitalia into the towel and rubbing 

them a bit.  Under this stimulation both boys had another erection.  

Meanwhile, Paul and Tim rubbed and pressed themselves until they reached 

climax.  Holding their bodies close to the boys, they jetted stream after 

stream onto the boys back and their chest.  When they were finally spent they 

flipped the boys over and immediately noticed their erections.  Paul 

remarked, "Sausage is good for breakfast" and both he and Tim  

teased and sucked the young boys penises until they climaxed as well.

Chapter  9: Singing in the Rain

Paul stood up and picked up Robbie and they both went into the bathroom.  

Paul hit the shower control and the infrared lights came on and the shower 

started to adjust itself to Paul's preset body temperature.  When the 

shower chimed to signal the temperature had been reached, Paul entered 

still carrying the boy and set him down.  He gave himself and the boy a quick 

once over and then shut off the water, knowing that the lights would keep 

them warm.  He then got a handful of shower gel and started to wash the 

boy.  He worked the gel into a lather, starting at the neck and working his 

way down.  To compensate for all the "work" they had been doing, 

Paul paid extra attention to the boy's buttocks and groin.  When the boy 

was all soapy, he suddenly grabbed Paul in an embrace around the neck.  On 

a sudden impulse, Paul put one hand under the boy's buttocks and the 

other arm around the boy's back.  Picking the boy up he triggered the 

shower control with the back of his arm and held him close as water from the 

multiple jets cascaded on them.  Paul stood there holding the boy for some 

time, each of them oblivious of everything except for the close presence of 

the other.

Eventually they were roused from their reverie by a knock on the shower 

door.  "Coast Guard", Tim joshed, "Heave too, we are going to 

board you".  Paul put he boy down and made sure the last traces of soap 

were off both of them.  He then shut off the shower, opened the door and 

stepped out with his boy.  With a wink from Tim, he and Tommy went into 

the shower and closed the door.  Paul grabbed a towel and began to dry 

Robbie.  When he was finished, he dried himself.  He then took a fresh towel 

and wrapped it around Robbie before leaving the bathroom.

Chapter 10: What to Wear

They proceeded to the basement, in order to find new clothes for the boy.  

Rummaging through the boxes, Paul came across a jumpsuit and pulled it 

out.  It was a lustrous black and the cloth was a rich blend of fine wool and 

silk.  It had a button front, with sixteen exposed buttons from neck to waist.  

At the waist there was a self belt with a seatbelt like clasp.  Below the belt 

was a hidden five button fly.  Laying under the jumpsuit was another 

garment.  It had short sleeves and legs and a button and loop closure 

running from the crotch to the vee neck.  As Paul handled the silky garment 

he remembered that he use to wear it under the jumpsuit.  Suddenly he 

remembered that this outfit was one of his mother's favorites and that 

she had always kept one in his wardrobe.  Paul wondered if his mother was 

still keeping up this tradition, so he decided to dress Robbie and then check 

his own wardrobe for a matching outfit.

He helped Robbie slip into the soft undersuit.  As he adjusted the fit and the 

cloth rubbed against the boy's penis and sack, an erection began to grow.  

Paul stopped fastening the fly and after kissing his fingers, used them to push 

the boy's emerging penis back inside.  "Not now little 

playmate", he chuckled, "get some rest".  He finished buttoning 

the undersuit and then ran his hands all over the boy, smoothing the fabric 

into place.  The boy gave a little shiver of pleasure and then stretched a bit.  

Paul then helped the boy into the jumpsuit and fasten the fly and belt.  He 

then continued to button the jumpsuit until only three inches of the white 

undersuit were exposed.  Then he fastened the two buttons on each of the 

wrist and ankle cuffs.  Helping Robbie on with a pair of shiny black boots 

completed the outfit.  Realizing that they might go out later, Paul found a 

waist length military style jacket for Robbie, which was very similar in style 

to his mother's jacket, which he had been wearing the day before.  This 

jacket was dark blue and had snaps instead of buttons,  but other than that 

it's style was very similar to his Mom's jacket.

Paul decided that it was about time he got dressed, so he turned around, 

kneeled down and bent forward and patted his rump expectantly.  He was 

quickly rewarded by two arms wrapped around his neck and two legs 

pressed against his side as the boy climbed on his back for a ride.  Carrying 

the boy up the stairs, Paul was constantly aware of the boy's jumpsuit 

rubbing against his skin.  The soft caress of the fabric and the sharper 

sensation provided by the smooth buttons and belt buckle rubbing against his 

skin was a real turn-on.  He could also feel the boy's cheek against his 

back, with the boy's warm breath and soft hair both providing additional 


Arriving back at the bedroom, he deposited the boy on the bed and went to 

his rather large closet.  Checking the corners where he didn't usually 

look, he found a copy of the boy's outfit, including the jacket and 

undersuit.  Placing the garments on the bed he turned to the boy and said, 

"Want to help me get dressed?", then he sat on the bed.  The boy 

immediately went to the clothes and picked up the undersuit.  Kneeling, he 

slipped it over  Paul's legs and with some help from Paul got it up to 

where it covered Paul's rear.  He then helped Paul to slip the rest of the 

way into it.  As the boy started to button the undersuit, he stopped to 

examine Paul's erect penis.  As he fondled it, Paul had to resist with all 

his will to prevent from climaxing immediately.  "Not now", he 

admonished gently, "later".  The boy continued fastening the 

undersuit until all twenty buttons were done.  He then helped Paul get into 

the jumpsuit and proceeded to fasten it until the proportion of exposed 

undersuit was the same as the boy's.  He then waited expectantly, and 

Paul dropped to his knees, gave the boy a big hug and then a small swat on 

the bottom.  "Stay out of trouble while I check on Tim and Tommy", 

Paul suggested.  The boy went off to watch some TV in the corner of the 


Just then Tim emerged from the bathroom.  He was carrying a bundle 

wrapped completely in a large and fluffy white towel.  The bundle didn't 

move except for occasional giggles which started and then stopped 

suddenly.  "Look what I found", said Tim  as he deposited the bundle 

on the bed.  Unwrapping the bundle carefully, Tim exposed a grinning boy, 

trying rather unsuccessfully to play dead.  Tim grabbed a corner of the towel 

and began to remove some remaining droplets of moisture from the 

boy's skin.  Once the boy was dry, he began to rub the towel very gently 

against the boy's scrotum.   The boy opened his eyes and smiled.  Tim 

asked Paul to take over and went to the basement to find some new clothes 

for the boy.

Looking through the boxes he was intrigued to find a large package carefully 

wrapped in cloth.  Unwrapping it he found a leather outfit, carefully packed 

so that it would not crease while in storage.  There was a soft leather shirt 

and a pair of leather jeans with a snap fly.  There was also a leather jacket 

which had a line of fringe running around at chest level and five horn toggle 

buttons to close it.  Looking for underwear in the boxes, he found another 

undersuit and decided that this would do just fine.  Grabbing a pair of 

cowboy boots from a box, he returned to the bedroom with his booty.

Chapter 11: The Boys are Tested

Back in the bedroom, Tim saw Paul watching proudly as Tommy lay back on 

the bed with his eyes closed and Robbie skillfully stroked and teased 

Tommy's penis.  Tommy was obviously close to climaxing and Paul 

stepped in to provide a washcloth to catch the emission.  As Tommy 

ejaculated into the cloth, Robbie switched to a gentler technique which 

helped to prolong the experience.  Smiling, Paul said, "I thought I would 

give them a test and I think they deserve an A+".  Drawing Robbie to his 

side, Paul started to pet him as a reward.

Tim went over to Tommy and after rubbing his chest playfully, he bent down 

and placed the boy's penis in his mouth, intending to finish the 

ejaculation if necessary and clean off the penis.  He sucked very gently and 

got a few small spurts.  Drying the boy's organ with a towel, he 

prepared to dress him.  Slipping the undersuit on he fastened it quickly, 

watching the boy's eyes and enjoying his evident pleasure as the suit 

hugged his body in its warm embrace.  He then slipped the leather shirt on 

and fastened the little bone buttons, stopping when only a hint of the 

undersuit could be seen.  Pulling the leather jeans onto the boy, he carefully 

snapped the fly and was pleased to see that the mild pressure exerted by the 

leather enhanced the bulge of the boy's endowment.  The jacket would 

wait until they were outside, so Tim now started to look for his own attire.  

He looked through Paul's closet and though there were many  beautiful 

clothes there, nothing seemed quite right.  He wandered out of the room and 

without realizing it was on his way to Paul's parents bedroom and 

Mom's closet.

Chapter 11: I Feel Pretty and Witty and Gay

Realizing that they would be going out among other people this time, he was 

extremely careful in choosing what he would wear.  He found a bra and 

some foam rubber falsies (since Paul's mother was not large) and after 

deciding on another pair of the button front panties with white hose and 

garters, he looked for the appropriate outer garments.

Knowing from his study of anatomy (he wanted to be a doctor) that the 

prominence of the Adams apple was a sign of masculinity, he chose a soft 

wool knit turtleneck.  It was peach colored and also a bit fuzzy.  There were 

matching buttons running from the end of the turtleneck to the bottom hem 

in order to make it easy to get on and off.  He also chose a soft grey skirt

with built in suspenders.  The skirt had a full button front and a hemline

six inches from the ground, since Tim was not sure his legs looked feminine


He completed the outfit with a cashmere cardigan with a grey and white 

diamond pattern and an eight pearl button closure.  He buttoned the 

cardigan half way up, and then unbuttoned the button on the very tip of the 

turtleneck, which allowed the collar to spread a little.  He then selected some 

sensible shoes and a matching purse, and the look was almost complete.

He found a light brown wig of shoulder length to match the ensemble and 

then applied a little makeup, relying on his experience as an amateur 

thespian.   After he was done he stopped for a last minute look in the full 

length mirror.  Bending down, he unbuttoned the bottom two buttons on the 

skirt, allowing a bit more leg to show. 

Tim didn't just enter Paul's bedroom, he made an entrance. As he 

swished into the room he noticed the two boys were on the bed.  Robbie's 

jumpsuit and undersuit were open from neck to crotch and Tommy was 

giving an oral thank you for the gratification he had received from Robbie a 

few moments before.  Paul coached a bit from the sidelines and alterantly 

petted each boy, Robbie on his exposed chest and stomach and Tommy on his 

leather covered back. 

Chapter 12: Sneak Attack

In his best "motherly" voice, Tim exclaimed, "What are you two 

boys DOING?".  In a flash, Tommy stopped and sat erect, Robbie's 

erection disappeared, and Paul whirled around to gaze in shock at Tim.  

Shock changed to wonder as Paul slowly realized who was standing there.  

"Tim", he said hesitantly, "is that you?".  Tim just nodded 

and smiled.

The two young boy's rushed over to Tim as he knelt to hug them.  

Holding them tightly, he crushed them against his "breasts".  One 

they were released, Tommy stared with amazement at the chest he thought 

he knew.  Taking matters into his own hands, he started to unbutton the 

turtleneck until the bra was exposed.  Running his hands over the satiny 

fabric, his fingers explored the edge and felt a trace of foam rubber.  Spying 

the front snap, he unsnapped the bra and the two cups came forward and the 

foam rubber falsies came out.  "Had you fooled, did I", Tim said as 

he readjusted his bra and refastened the turtleneck.

Paul suggested that they go to the State fair and everyone agreed.  He 

grabbed his and the boy's jackets and they all proceeded downstairs with 

Robbie refastening his clothes as they went.

As Tim was looking through the front closet for a suitable coat, Paul 

appeared with a beautiful button front Icelandic wool cape.  He explained 

that it was a Christmas present for Mom, but that it wouldn't hurt to try 

it out to see if it was warm enough for this climate.  Tim put on the cape and 

left it open. 

Chapter 14: To the State Fair

In the garage. Paul donned and fasten his jacket and then put Robbie's 

on him.  Tim helped Tommy into the buckskin jacket.  They then got in the car 

with Paul in front and Tim in back, each with their boy.  As Paul pulled out 

onto the road, everyone got comfortable.  Soon Robbie was lying with his 

head in Paul's lap and Paul opened Robbie's clothes so that he could 

give him a massage.  It was cooler in back, out of the sun coming through the 

windshield, so Tim placed Tommy in his lap and buttoned the cape over them 

both, until only Tommy's head showed.  He then opened the boy's 

shirt and unsnapped the jeans and pulled them down a little.  Opening the 

boy's undersuit fully, he then brought one arm out through its arm slit so 

that he could press the soft wool against the boy's flesh.  The boy 

snuggled closer and was soon fast asleep.

When they arrived at the fair, Paul pulled to the side of the road so that 

everyone could make themselves presentable before they parked and joined 

the crowd.  Then Paul drove into the parking lot and stopped.  Playing the 

perfect husband, he opened the rear door and said, "Tammy, we're 

here".  Tim responded to his new name and stepped out of the car.  He 

stumbled a bit in the unfamiliar shoes and Paul caught him.  As they stood 

with their faces only inches apart, Paul suddenly and forcefully kissed 

Tammy.  His hands dropped to the skirt waistband and he unbuttoned its 

two buttons.  His hands then moved behind Tammy and went under the 

suspenders.  He hiked up the turtleneck hem and ran his hands along the 

smooth panty fabric covering Tammy's behind.  Tammy responded by 

kissing back hard and running her hands along the crack of Paul's ass, 

outside of his clothing.  After a minute they parted, a little embarrassed but 

also very pleased.  They gathered the kids and went to buy their tickets.

As Paul paid for the tickets, a familiar face came out of a small shed set up 

behind the table.  "Hi Paul",  Cindy said, "Who are your 

friends?".  Paul shot a quick look of concern at Tammy, what were the 

going to do now?

This ends this episode of "Two Special Friends, The Apprentices".  

Stay tuned for the next episode, "Two Special Friends, At the Fair".



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