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Archive-name: Changes/specfrn1.txt

Archive-author: The Armor Plated Wombat

Archive-title: Two Special Friends - 1 - In the Beginning


Copyright 1992, The Armor Plated Wombat . All rights 

reserved. License is hereby granted to republish on 

electronic media for which no fees are charged (except for 

the media used), so long as the text of this copyright notice 

and license are attached intact to any and all republished 

portion or portions.


Chapter 1: The Beginning

It is said that if fate requires that two people meet, then 

they will meet, even if a thousand miles of mountains 

stand between them.  This must be true, for as we shall 

see, even the more impervious barrier of different social 

classes did not stop Paul and Tim from becoming special 


Paul was the son of two lawyers (thereby proving that not 

all lawyers are bastards) and while the family were not 

millionaires, they lived a very comfortable life.  Paul went 

to the upper class public school in his neighborhood.  He 

did reasonable well at his studies and excelled at 

wrestling.  Being able to overpower much larger 

opponents by a combination of stealth and grace had 

earned him the place as team captain and the admiration 

of the other students in the school.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be so lucky.  Tim lived on 

the wrong side of town in a rundown public housing 

apartment.  His mother supported them both by working 

two office cleaning jobs and so they made enough to get 

by, but without many luxuries.  But Tim was blessed with 

an extremely quick mind and his mother constantly urged 

him to develop it as much as he could.  When Paul's high 

school started a program to bring gifted students into the 

school from the surrounding area, Tim's academic record 

won him a spot in the program.  And thus the saga begins.

One of Paul's weakest subjects was chemistry and it was a 

constant struggle for him to keep his grades up so that he 

could stay on the wrestling team.  Chemistry  lab 

experiments never seemed to go quite right, and if the 

teacher hadnUt given him a great deal of credit for trying, 

he would have been in serious trouble.

On this day, Paul was running out of time as he struggled 

to finish the experiment before the period was over.  The 

test tube contents was bubbling furiously over the Bunsen 

burner, but it refused to change to the proper color.  It just 

sat there,  a defiantly boiling brown goo.  As Paul turned to 

the book to see what he had missed, he saw a hand with an 

eye dropper moving in on his experiment.  Before he 

could turn, the eye dropper reached its mark and 

deposited its contents in the test tube.  The contents 

immediately turned a vile shade of green, which was 

exactly the desired result.  As Paul completed his turn, he 

came face to face with a young boy with an slightly worried 

expression. "I'm sorry", Tim apologized, "you almost had 

it but if it had boiled for a bit longer it would have been 

ruined,  I hope you don't mind my helping".   Paul replied, 

"Gee thanks, I had no idea how to finish it up and I really 

need to do better in chemistry."  A discussion began about 

the wrestling team while they cleaned up the benches, 

removing everything but the test tube with the final results 

in it, which was saved to be checked later by the teacher.

Chapter 2: The Link

On their way to their next class, Paul and Tim walked 

together.  The were physically similar, except that 

wrestling had made Paul a bit stockier and Tim was 

slightly taller.  However, outward appearances made them 

seem more different than they really were.  Paul had an 

expensive designer flannel shirt on, unbuttoned half way 

down to expose a heavy silk tee shirt.  He also had a 

matching pair of silk boxer shorts lying hidden under the 

corduroy button fly pants.  A blue Nordic style cardigan 

with eight metal button  resembling coins completed the 

look. As they strode down the corridor, many girl's heads 

turned to watch his athletic posterior move supplely under 

the expensive pants.

Unfortunately, while Tim's wardrobe was within the 

bounds of decency, it lacked any style or grace.  A faded 

set of sweats, consisting of a zippered hooded jacket and 

pull on sweat pants was combined with a well worn tee 

shirt.  Money had many more important uses at Tim's 

home then the purchase of expensive clothes.

But Tim felt a certain sense of style from being next to 

Paul.  As they got to the point where their paths diverged 

Tim felt an impending sense of loss.  As he turned to Paul 

to say goodbye, a small misjudgment (or perhaps it was 

the fulfillment of an unconscious desire) caused Tim's 

hand to end up inside Paul's shirt at the base of the vee 

where the shirt opened.  His hand felt the expensive silk 

on one side and the flannel on the other side, both fabrics 

warmed by Paul's young body.  Tim froze, too 

embarrassed to move, but after a few seconds he 

struggled to meet Paul's gaze and apologize for the 

intimate contact.  When his eye's met Paul's, what they 

saw was understanding and a mutual yearning for the kind 

of physical contact that young men are not supposed to 

have.  "I know", Paul whispered, "it feels good to me too".  

Just then, the approach of a group of students shattered 

the moment, but the link between Tim and Paul had been 


Over the next few months Tim and Paul grew to be real 

good friends.  Paul's grades improved as Tim helped him 

study and Tim got stronger and filled out a bit as Paul 

coached him in various physical sports.  As Tim filled out, 

he  looked more and more like Paul.  They didn't talk 

about their first moment together, but when it was private 

they sat more closely together than was usual for two 

teenage boys, and there was a good deal of casual bodily 

contact as the moved around.

Chapter 3: When the Cat's  Away

Paul had been raised to be a responsible, self reliant boy, 

so it was not unheard of for him to be left alone for a few 

days when his parents had to go out of town together.  On 

this occasion, his parents had to leave for the weekend.  

Since Paul had been alone a good deal over the past few 

months, Paul's mother suggested he have a friend over for 

the weekend.  Paul agreed, and immediately made 

arrangements for Tim to spend the weekend with him.

Friday night, Tim got off the bus and walked the last half 

block to Paul's house, arriving just as Paul's parents were 

leaving the driveway.  They waved to Tim as they drove off.  

Tim proceeded up the walkway and rang the bell.  Paul 

answered the door, and Tim got a mild shock, for Paul was 

wearing exactly the same outfit that he had on the first day 

they met.  "Come on in ", Paul said, "there's a great SF 

movie on and then we can listen to some music and talk a 


They amused themselves for a few hours and then it 

began to get late.  Paul suggested that they head up to 

bed.  A cot had been prepared for Tim, but Paul shoved it 

aside, stating that the bed was plenty big enough for two. 

First Paul kicked his shoes off.  Then Paul slowly 

unbuttoned his sweater and then cast it off, letting it land 

in a heap on the floor.  He then unbuttoned his shirt until 

he reached his waist, where he stopped to unbuckle his 

belt.  He then unbuttoned his fly and let go of his pants, 

which allowed them to drop to his ankles.  He stepped out 

of them and pushed them next to his sweater with his foot.  

Then he finished unbuttoning his shirt and shrugged it off 

into the growing pile.

Now clad only in the silk underwear, he stopped and 

stretched a bit.  As he leaned backwards, his penis 

became more sharply defined under the silk boxers.  It 

was somewhat larger than normal, no doubt stimulated by 

the contact during his undressing and the soft rubbing 

performed by the silk as he stretched.  He lifted the silk 

undershirt over his head and then unbuttoned the 

waistband and one button fly of the shorts.  Adding both 

items to the pile, he turned to the dresser and extracted a 

pair of cranberry silk pajamas.  Stepping into the pajama 

pants, he buttoned the fly and waistband.  Then he slipped 

on the coat and fastened its four buttons.  Turning back to 

the bed he saw that Tim was already in bed.  Having 

removed his sweat outfit and tee shirt, Tim had decided to 

sleep only in his underpants. The sweat outfit waited 

neatly folded on a chair, awaiting its owners return.

As they both lay in bed, they talked about the movie, 

school, and other things.  Finally, as they both grew tired, 

Paul announced that he was going to sleep, "Until 

somebody holds a mirror under my nose to see if I'm still 

breathing".  Further remarking that he was almost 

impossible to wake up until he was ready, he turned away 

from Tim and was soon fast asleep.

But sleep did not come so easily for Tim, the combination 

of strange surroundings and Paul's close presence kept 

him awake.   Also, the constricting feeling of his underwear 

(it was a bit small, since he had filled out a little) irritated 

him.  He used his hands to push his underpants down to 

his knees and then kicked them free from there.

As he lay there and thought about all of luxury Paul 

enjoyed, he felt a strange yearning grow inside him.  He 

was also a bit cold, since he had only the blanket to keep 

him warm.  Slowly, he slid over to Paul's side of the bed 

and gradually (so as not to wake Paul) worked his way up 

against him, so that soon they were like two spoons, side by 

side, his penis positioned in the crack of Paul's ass.  The 

smooth feeling of the silk against his skin and the extra 

warmth made Tim comfortable enough to sleep.   Draping 

his free arm over Paul's side, he pulled Paul in toward him.  

Paul responded by snuggling up against Tim and  

gradually, Tim fell asleep.

Small things can awaken you in the dead of night and so 

when Tim awakened a while later, he was not immediately 

aware of what had disturbed him.  He felt the touch of 

warm skin on the hand  he had touching Paul and after a 

bit of gentle exploration he discovered that the top button 

of Paul's coat was open, and his hand was gently touching 

his chest.  Suddenly,  Tim remembered a dream (or was it 

a dream) where he had been hugging Paul as he slept and 

playing with the buttons on his pajamas.  As Tim lay there 

and idea began to form, he wanted to try on Paul's 

sleepwear.  He tried to resist the temptation, but it grew 

and grew until it was too much to resist.  He snuggled even 

closer to Paul and slowly began to unbutton Paul's pajama 

coat.  After each button was unfastened and more of 

Paul's soft young skin was exposed, Tim caressed it gently.  

Finally the coat was completely open and Tim lay there for 

some time, petting Paul's exposed chest and stomach.

Then Tim's hand went lower and found the waistband of 

the pajama bottoms.  First the two buttons of the 

waistband were released and then Tim's hand crept under 

the silk and timidly touched Paul's penis.  Slowly growing 

bolder, Tim stroked the penis until it was about twice its 

normal size.  Then, getting on with business, he 

unbuttoned the four buttons of the fly.

Then he had to get Paul out of the coat and pants, so he 

positioned Paul on his stomach, gently rocking him from 

side to side so that he could ease the two parts of the front 

of the coat from under Paul's body.  Then he placed Paul's 

hands behind his back and slid the coat off his sleeping 

form.  The pants were a bit harder, but with a little gentle 

rolling and lifting they were soon off as well.  Getting out of 

bed, he walked to where a mirror was fastened to the wall, 

next to the half open bathroom door.  Light spilled out 

from the doorway, since the light had been left on to guide 

him in these unfamiliar surroundings.  Bending down, he 

first lifted one leg and then the other as he slipped the 

pants on.  As he fastened each button of the fly, his hands 

pressed back against his own penis.  It grew bigger and  

more rigid with each touch and by the time he had 

fastened the waist band it was fully extended, pressing up 

against the silk like a caged python.  He then slipped on 

the coat and moved slowly around as he buttoned it up, 

letting the silk caress his chest and back.  Suddenly, 

realizing he was about to come, he raced for the bathroom 

and quickly unbuttoned the pajama bottoms.  Directing 

his seed into the toilet, he shuddered with pleasure as he 

stroked his penis and each new ejaculation sent a wave of 

sensation through him.  Finally, after he had spent his 

load, he took a washcloth and carefully cleaned his 

member (after all, the pajamas were not his).  The feel of 

warm wet washcloth was pleasant, and as he moved and 

the silk and terry both touched his body, he was amazed to 

see that he was starting to come again.  He spent quite a 

long time in the bathroom, alternately ejaculating and 

washing, until finally he was spent for the night.

He tiptoed back into the bedroom and got back into the 

bed.  Sliding up against Paul's now naked form, he started 

to  cuddle in preparation for sleep.  Getting a sudden 

inspiration, he unbuttoned the pajama coat and opened it 

so that his chest could press against against Paul's back 

without the intervening silk.  Draping the free half of the 

open coat over Paul's side and holding it in place by 

putting his arm around Paul, Tim went back to sleep.

Chapter 4: Clothes Make the Man

When dawn broke, Tim awoke and lay there for awhile, 

thinking.  He decided to get dressed and take a walk 

outside while Paul slept until he awakened naturally.  

Deciding it was too risky to dress Paul, he quickly took off 

the pajamas and left them folded on the foot of the bed.

He stood naked, staring at his clothes lying folded on the 

chair.  Though he had worn similar clothes all his life, his 

first experience with silk had made him aware that there 

are better things in life.  As his gaze wandered around the 

room, he noticed the pile of Paul's clothes lying discarded 

on the floor.  Slowly moving over to the pile, he picked up 

the silk boxer shorts and held them close to his face.  

Inhaling deeply, all he noticed was a faint musky odor 

which was not at all unpleasant, in fact it reminded him of 

Paul.  He reached down and picked up the rest of Paul's 

clothes and carried them over to the chair where his own 

clothes lay.  Contemptuously sweeping his own clothes 

onto the floor, he sat down to place his legs in the boxer 

shorts.  Then he slowly pulled them up his legs as he stood 

up, enjoying the slithering sensation as the silk rubbed 

along his legs.  He then buttoned the waistband and fly.  

Then he picked up the silk tee shirt and holding it over his 

head, slowly eased it onto his body, shifting slightly from 

side to side in order to tease every last possible drop of 

enjoyment from the experience.

Next it was time to put the shirt on.  He slid it on slowly, 

enjoying the feel of the slightly fuzzy flannel cloth as it 

rubber his arms.  When it was in place, he buttoned the 

cuffs and then started buttoning the front, checking the 

look in the mirror after each button.  A little more than 

half way up, he decided that he had gone too far and 

unbuttoned the last button, leaving the shirt half way 

open.  Next he slipped on the corduroy pants, and 

buttoned up the fly, once again pressing against his penis 

with every movement.  When he had finished, he looked 

in the mirror and then suddenly reached down and 

unbuttoned the bottom button of the fly.  Though this did 

not show very much on the outside, it gave him an intense 

momentary thrill as he thought of going outside dressed in 

this way.  Then he quickly dressed in his own socks and 

sneakers and was almost ready.  Lifting the blue Nordic 

sweater, he eased it on and buttoned it up until the open 

vee of the sweater matched the open vee of the shirt.  

Then he backed off one button, so that you could see both 

the shirt and sweater surrounding a lustrous patch of 

creamy white silk.

Stepping over to where Paul was sleeping, he kneeled 

down and gently kissed Paul on the lips.  Then he slid the 

blankets down from his shoulder to just below his waist 

and move down to Paul's midsection.  He gently kissed 

Paul's penis and then held it briefly in his mouth, enjoying 

the sensation as the soft flesh stiffed against his tongue as 

he sucked slowly on it for a moment.  Then he slowly stood 

up, placed the blanket back on Paul and left the room.

When  Tim got outside it was still a bit nippy, since the sun 

had just come up.  The street was deserted, and he walked 

alone.  He felt more at home now, since he was dressed 

suitably for this part of town.  As he walked down the street 

and his clothes slid gently back and forth along his skin he 

felt himself to be in a constant state of mild arousal.  As he 

walked and dreamed of the day he would live here 

because of he had succeeded, he lost track of time.

Chapter 5: A Chance Encounter

Suddenly, he heard quick steps behind him and before he 

could turn around he heard someone run up behind.  

With a cry of "Hi Paul", two hands reached around him 

from behind and reached under his open shirt.  He 

reached up and disentangled himself and then turned 

around.  It was Cindy, out for her morning jog.  When she 

saw his face she became a little flustered and said, "Oh 

Tim, I didn't know it was you".  She then complimented 

him on his clothes and gave him a few gentle probes in the 

chest, as if she was checking the fit of his new wardrobe.  

As her eyes glanced down for a minute, she saw the 

bottom button of his pants fly (which he had left undone) 

peeking out.  She said, "Your fly doesn't look quite right".  

Blushing, Tim reached to fix it but Cindy stopped him and 

said she would do it.  She then reached down and 

unbuttoned the top button of his fly. "There ", she said, 

"Now its symmetrical".  Tim got into the spirit of things 

and unbuttoned the next bottom button and then Cindy 

undid the next top one.  Now only the belt, waistband 

button, and middle fly button were holding Tim's pants 

closed.  Cindy then moved out of turn and unbuttoned the 

final fly button.  As she toyed with the edges of his fly, she 

said "I win, where's my prize".  Tim replied "It's inside".  

Cindy reached inside and found the single fly button on 

his silk boxers.  She open them and slid her hand inside, 

following Tim's stiffening cock back to its base, and 

stroking it a few times with her fingers.  Suddenly excited,  

Tim reached for her and held her close.  "Not here", Cindy 

cried softly, "There's a better place".

Chapter 6: The Secret Place

She led him across a lawn to where the border of the local 

woods was located.  Plunging in among the trees, they 

came to a path that soon opened onto a small clearing.  In 

a hollow tree was a plastic bag,  from which Cindy 

extracted a blanket to place upon the ground.  Motioning 

for Tim to get down on it, she straddled him while 

kneeling.  For the first time, Tim paid attention to what she 

was wearing.  It was a grey polarfleece jacket with blue 

nylon tape running down the front which held the twelve 

snaps that fastened the jacket.  At the top the collar was 

rolled over on itself to form a kind of turtleneck.  She also 

had pants of the same fabric, but with the tape running 

down both outside seams and eighteen snaps to hold the 

leg side seams together.  As Cindy bent down to kiss him 

he reached up and began to unsnap her collar.  He 

continued down the front of the jacket until it was open 

below her breasts, at which point she stopped him.  "Not 

until I get my prize", she said.  She moved around to where 

she could remove his shoes. Then she moved back up and 

undid his belt and unbuttoned his waistband.  Then she 

eased his pants down slowly and removed them.  Going 

back up again, she unbuttoned the waist band of his 

boxers and slipped them off also. 

Tim didn't feel like he should take all this passively, so 

when an opportunity presented itself, he used a wrestling 

hold Paul had showed him to get Cindy pinned under him.  

She pretended to struggle but was secretly pleased at the 

turn of events.  He now continued to unsnap her jacket, 

which revealed that there was nothing else underneath it.  

Once he had the jacket undone, he spread it open and 

gazed at her young, taunt, runner's body.  Wanting to 

learn more, he placed his hands on each side of her pant's 

waistband and undid the first snaps holding the seam 

together.  As he undid each successive snap, he rolled the 

fabric released into a tight roll, in order to keep it out of 

the way.  Once he had revealed all of her panties he 

stopped to examine them.  They were light blue silk and 

were designed to be snugged up by tightening a cord that 

ran back and forth across the front.  He undid the bow that 

fastened the cord and was then easily able to slide the 

pants and panties down over her thighs.

They made love for quite some time and after it was over 

Tim lay on the blanket, completely spent.  He heard Cindy 

say, "Here, help me get you dressed".  So as she slid the 

underwear on he moved around in order to assist her.  It 

felt a bit different than it had that morning, and when he 

moved his hand down to touch them, he discovered that 

he was not wearing his underwear, but Cindy's panties.  

"Something to remember me by", Cindy cooed, as she 

tied the string.  She then helped him into his pants and in 

no time there was no visible evidence of their morning of 


Cindy finished fastening her own clothes and then took a 

moment to kiss Tim softly. "It was nice", she said, "be sure 

to call me soon".  She then continued her jogging, leaving 

Tim standing in the clearing.

Chapter 7: The Capture

The walk back to Paul's house was uneventful, which was 

just as well, since Tim was in a partial daze.  When he 

returned, he walked quietly back into the room with the 

intent of undressing and getting back in bed, so that he 

would not have to explain what he was doing in Paul's 

clothes.  But when he came within sight of the bed, Paul 

was lying on his side propped up on one elbow, wearing a 

pair of yellow silk pajamas, with the coat unfastened.  Tim 

noticed the outline of Paul's penis under the silk, 

stretching  it out almost like his had done in the early 

hours of the morning.  Paul said, "You look real good in 

that outfit, why don't you keep it, I've got lots more stuff".  

Tim went over to Paul and without saying a word and 

started to ease his fingers under the waistband of Paul's 

pants.  He then slowly unbuttoned the waistband, which 

caused the tip of Paul's penis to stick out, as if it was 

curious about what was going on.  Tim then bent down and 

kissed the tip which made it grow even bigger.  Then Tim 

undid each button of the fly, pausing between buttons to 

trace patterns on the newly exposed flesh with his finger.  

Paul had laid back down and was mostly quiet, except for 

the occasional shudder.  When everything was undone, 

Tim turned away, pretending that he was going to leave.

Paul suddenly erupted and and brought Tim down on the 

bed and then straddled Tim while on his knees, holding 

Tim's thighs immobile.  In this position, Paul's straining 

cock was almost touching Tim's crotch.  Paul started to 

undress Tim, first unbuttoning the sweater and shirt to 

expose more of the silk undershirt.  Tim would 

occasionally struggle  and each time he did so, Paul would 

stop undressing him and caress him through the silk until 

his struggles subsided.  Then Paul started to work on the 

pants, unbuckling the belt and then slowly unbuttoning 

the waistband and fly.  Between each button, he stopped 

to run his fingers around the outline of the cloth, which 

clearly showed the size of Tim's straining member.  After 

the pants were unbuttoned, he  spread them open as wide 

as possible.  Then he finished unbuttoning Tim's shirt and 

moved it out of the way.  As he was admiring the view, he 

noticed a small length of blue silk cord running up under 

the tee shirt.  He curiously pulled the tee shirt up to Tim's 

stomach and revealed Cindy's panties. "What's this", he 

cried, "these look like Cindy's, what's the story here?". 

 Chapter 8: Mom's Closet

 After Tim told him Paul spent a moment fingering the 

light blue woman's silk panties that Tim was wearing.  

"You know", Paul said, "if you like silk panties, I know of 

something that you will like even better.  Get your clothes 

off and I'll show you".  Paul stood up and as he did so his 

pajama pants fell to his ankles.  He stepped out of them as 

he shrugged the unbuttoned coat off.  Meanwhile, Tim 

was quickly removing his clothes and when he stood up, 

there was nothing to be seen but smooth soft skin.  Paul 

motioned for Tim to go ahead of him and as Tim passed, 

Paul got him in a half nelson and used the other hand to 

cover Tim's eyes.  Knowing better that to try and beat Paul 

at wrestling, Tim went where he was led.  The trip was 

uneventful except for the one time he was led gently up 

against a wall, with his head and hips pressing against it.  

For a brief time, Paul's rigid penis probed the crack in 

Tim's ass and he experienced a number of pleasant 

sensations as Paul's rod explored his ass gently.  Paul was 

too afraid of hurting Tim to attempt penetration, so after a 

few more rubs along the crack, their journey continued.  It 

ended when Tim was guided to a bed and told to sit down 

on it.

When Tim was released, he saw that they were in what 

must be Paul's parents bedroom.  As Paul opened his 

mother's closet, Tim was suddenly reminded of the close 

resemblance that Paul bore to his mother.  She was a 

compact, athletic woman and at this stage in his growth 

Paul was very close to her size and general build.  Of 

course, this meant that Tim had the same general build as 

Paul's mother, since he was so close to Paul.

Paul selected several hangers from the familiar contents 

of the closet, which were  obscured by dry cleaning bags.  

He laid these on the bed next to Tim and then started to 

rummage through the dresser drawers.  Selecting two 

items, he threw them on the bed.  Tim examined them 

and found them to be two panties of heavy silk, 

unremarkable in design except for a six button and loop 

closure running down the front.  Paul took one of the 

panties and with some help from Tim, slid them up over 

Tim's legs to his waist and then gently fastened them.  He 

then quickly put on the other pair of panties, but only 

fastened the top button, so that his penis poked out a bit 

from the opening.

He then started to remove the clothing from their plastic 

wrappings. First he unwrapped a pair of soft tan cashmere 

pants which had six buttons running down both sides to 

close them.  He next unwrapped a off white sleeveless 

cashmere sweater which has a twenty button and loop 

closure running down the front.

Finally, a red cashmere sweater with eight pairs of buttons 

arranged down the front opening was revealed.  Paul left 

all these on the bed for Tim to examine while he returned 

to the closet and pulled out a three quarter length mink 

coat.  Since he knew from previous experience that the 

lining was tough enough to stand it, he turned the sleeves 

inside out and put on the coat with the fur side inward.

Returning to the bed he found Tim touching the sweaters 

and wondering at their marvelous softness.  Instructing 

Tim to lay back, he then rubbed one of the red sweater 

sleeves along the insides of Tim's thighs, while Tim rocked 

and moaned softly in response to the sensation.

After some time had passed, Paul coaxed Tim back into 

an upright position and then moved behind him. He 

slipped the sleeveless sweater over Tim's arms and onto 

his shoulders.  Moving back around front, he slowly 

buttoned the sweater, stopping every few buttons to either 

nuzzle the bare skin still exposed or run his hands under 

the open edges so that he felt the cashmere on one side of 

his hand and Tim on the other.  When the sweater was 

finally closed, he kissed Tim tenderly on the lips as Tim sat 

with his eyes closed, awash in pleasurable sensations.  

Paul then picked up the cashmere pants and bending 

down, placed Tim's legs in the waist opening.  He moved 

them up the legs slowly, gently pressing them against the 

flesh.  After a minute or so, he had reached the point 

where Tim had to rise up slightly while Paul coaxed the 

pants over Tim's buttocks.  He then tucked in the sweater 

and buttoned the pants.  Finally he eased the red sweater 

over Tim's arms and then started to button the sweater.  

As he watched the red sweater cover up the white 

cashmere he decided to stop about one third up.  He also 

unbuttoned the white cashmere sweater until it was about 

one third open.  This made a compelling fashion 

statement, as the colors progressed from red to white to 


Tim then stood up and grasped Paul around the waist 

under the mink coat.  While he hugged Paul his head 

nestled in the mink collar and his pelvis rubbed up against 

Paul.   The cashmere rubbed against Paul's penis through 

the panty opening and his member quickly swelled 

greatly.  Feeling this, Tim dropped one hand to Paul's 

buttocks and slipped it under the panties, gently fingered 

the crack in his ass, going so far at to gently press against 

the rim of Paul's anus.  He continued this until Paul 

shouted,  "Enough".  They broke apart just before Paul 

climaxed, sending a shower of his juice onto the tile floor.  

While Paul lay back down on the bed to recover, Tim went 

to get a wet rag from the bathroom and returned to clean 

up the mess.  When he was finished he went back to the 

bathroom and returned with a wet washcloth which he 

used to clean Paul.

Now it was his turn, so Tim went to the closet and tried to 

find something suitable for Paul to wear.  A shimmer of 

grey caught his eye and he selected a silk blouse which 

was fairly conservative in cut with a few feminine touches.  

It had seven sets of four buttons arranged in little squares 

and an attached strip of material designed to be tied in a 

bow around the collar.  Searching further, he found a soft 

dark grey jumper which started buttoning around 

midstomach and finished at the hem about six inches 

from the ground.  There was a matching  waist length 

jacket which was somewhat military in appearance.

Tim returned to the bed with his booty and coaxed Paul to 

a sitting position.  He slipped the blouse on Paul and 

started to fasten the buttons.  As each square was 

completed he made sure to stroke Paul along the back 

and front in order to heighten his pleasure.  As he finished 

buttoning the collar he grasped the ends of the strip of 

fabric and tried to tie a bow.  After several attempts he 

succeeded in tying it correctly.  As he looked at Paul, he 

began to see a softer, more feminine person than he had 

before.  In order to keep his concentration, he told Paul to 

get up.  He reached down and fastened the opening of 

Paul's panties and then slipped the jumper on Paul.  

Starting at the top, he buttoned the jumper and finished 

eight buttons later at the bottom.  He then slipped the 

jacket on Paul and buttoned the two button waistband tab 

and three of the four buttons up the jacket's front.

Chapter 9: The Journey

Once they were dressed, the question was what to do next.  

Since they had been in the house  all day,  Paul suggested 

they go for a drive.  His car had tinted windows and so no 

one would be able to see them.  He was sure that once out 

in the country they could find a place to enjoy themselves 

in the fresh air without being bothered.

They packed a picnic basket with various goodies, 

including a couple of bottles of a sweet desert wine.  They 

then loaded up the car and set out on the road.

The car had cruise control and held the road well, so that 

once they were on the interstate the drive did not occupy 

much of Paul's attention.  He asked Tim to remove his 

seatbelt and come over next to him.  At the same time he 

unbuckled his seatbelt.

Tim laid down across the seat, with his head in Paul's lap.  

In this position Paul could easily reach Tim's stomach with 

his right hand, and if he leaned over a bit he could reach 

Tim's crotch.  Keeping his eyes on the road, his right hand 

explored the warm soft territory of Tim.  Coming to the 

point where the red sweater was buttoned, he slowly 

released each button he came to, with a long , slow caress 

between the red  and white sweaters between each 

unbuttoning.  When he got to the last button, he flicked 

the sweater open and leaning over a little, proceeded to 

work on one of the side fastenings of Tim's slacks.  He 

opened three buttons to loosen them and then slid his 

hand under the waistband, hiking up the white sweater's 

tails so that he could unbutton the silk panties.  He then 

removed his hand and gave Tim's a quick pat, pushing it 

up against the cashmere.  He then said, "the rest is up to 

you, Tim", and placed his hand in his lap. 

Tim lay there in a half doze and intermittently stroked his 

penis in order to rub it against the soft cloth.  Eventually, 

he fell asleep.

Paul drove on for another hour until he reached a turnoff 

for a secluded spot he really liked.  Engaging the four 

wheel drive, he drove down the rough dirt road until it 

ended in a secluded clearing.  He pulled off the road and 

shut off the car's engine.  They had arrived.

Chapter 10: The Picnic

Looking at Tim, peacefully dozing in his lap, Paul mused 

on how to wake him.  First he leaned over and slipped a 

hand into Tim's slacks in order to refasten the panties.  

Then he closed the slacks.  Bringing his hand up, he 

placed it directly over Tim's heart, rubbing the soft cloth 

against Tim and gradually increasing the pressure until 

Tim opened his eyes.

"Going to let me do all the work", Paul teased, "Get your 

butt out of the car and help me unload".  Quick to spot a 

pun, Tim replied, "I thought you had unloaded enough for 

one day already".  Moving quickly up and out of the car he 

easily avoided Paul's half hearted swing at him.

They set up their picnic under a tree with blankets and the 

basket, and were soon consuming the goodies they had 

brought.  It was not what you would call a balanced diet, 

for Paul had chosen food to compliment the sweet desert 

wine, so there was a good deal of cheese, including an 

entire cheese cake.  There was also some fruit and some 

cold cuts.  The boys ate with gusto, alternating bites of food 

with large sips of the rich red wine.

They were well into their repast when they were suddenly 


Chapter 11: The Young Warriors

The two young warriors, dressed in pseudo combat 

fatigues and carrying replica M-16s burst from the 

underbrush into the picnic site that Paul and Tim had 


For a moment, the two young warriors were confused, 

because with the combination of the longish hair and 

clothes it was difficult for a stranger to tell either Tim's or 

Paul's sex.  Thinking quickly, Paul used a rather high 

pitched voice to invite them over.  After a short 

conversation he invited the boys to have a snack and since 

they were hungry from playing all day, they quickly 

agreed.  He poured each of them a large glass of the 

desert wine and each of then took a small sip.  They stood 

there with quizzical expressions on their faces, but in a bit 

their boyish love of sweets overcame their caution and 

they finished the wine.  To keep them there longer, Tim 

offered them some cheesecake and as they started to eat, 

he suggested that they take small bites to make it last 

longer.  When they were about half way finished, both 

their forks and plates started to waver.  Paul and Tim 

lunged for the plates and got them just as the boys 

collapsed, overcome by the potent wine.  Their heads 

hung forward as  they sat cross legged on the picnic 


Tim and Paul each took a boy and a blanket and arranged 

themselves, sitting up with their back against the tree and 

the boy in their lap.  For some time they just sat there, 

listening to the boys breath and enjoying the warmth from 

their bodies.  Then Tim became bolder and lowered his 

arms to his sides.  Unbuttoning the cashmere pants slowly 

on each side, he then slid the boy forward for a moment so 

he could fold the front of the pants down and unbutton his 

panties.  He then put the boy back in his lap, so that the 

boy's crotch was an inch or so above his penis.  He then 

pushed the boy's legs together with his hands so that his 

stiffened penis was clamped between the boy's 

legs.  By increasing and decreasing the pressure on the 

boy's legs he found that he had a gentle but effective 

means of masturbating.  As he masturbated, he removed 

a neckerchief from around they boy's neck, in preparation 

for his impending climax.  At the last instant he opened 

the boy's legs wide and shot his load into the waiting cloth.  

He then rested while he waited for his strength to return.

As Tim rested he started wondering if "his" boy had 

reached puberty yet.  He started by pushing  the big 

plastic buttons through their buttonholes.  After opening 

four of them he had exposed the boy down to the belt line.  

He stroked the boy inside his shirt, but could feel only a 

trace of downy hair on the soft skin on the boy's chest and 

stomach.  Going further, he unbuckled the military web 

belt and started to unbutton the fatigue pants.  In doing so 

he exposed the final button of the fatigue shirt and 

unfastened it also.

Now the boy's torso lay exposed, with only a pair of white 

cotton briefs covering his goal.  He gently grasped each 

side of them and folded them down, exposing the boy's 

private parts.  A gentle physical examination determined 

that yes indeed the boy's testicles had dropped and there 

was definitely some hair forming in the pubic region.  But, 

wanting final confirmation, he took the boy's penis in his 

hand and gently began to manipulate it.  Stopping every 

so often to moisten his hand, he massaged the boy's penis 

until first it was stiff and hard and then it started to ooze 

some pre-cum from the tip.  He then kept the kerchief at 

the ready and as the first spurt appeared he covered the 

head of the penis, to prevent the soiling of either of their 

garments.  Though the boy had been relaxed during most 

of the process, he now started to squirm around a bit and it 

was necessary for Tim to hold him in place with one arm 

while his other hand teased the last drops from the boy's 

throbbing organ.

Then Tim rolled a bit to one side, easing the boy to the 

blanket beside him.  He then buttoned up his panties and 

refastened both sides of the cashmere pants.  He then 

kneeled over the boy and buttoned his fatigues back up to 

protect him from the chill.  He did the shirt first and then 

tucked it in and buttoned the boy's fly.  A spirit of 

mischievousness came over him and he unbuttoned the 

bottom button of the boy's fly, wondering as he did so if 

this would result in the boy having a similar adventure to 

his with Cindy in the woods.

He looked over at Paul, who was lying motionless with his 

boy on top of him just as Tim had been a moment ago.  

Paul had drank a bit more wine than Tim had so that when 

he saw Tim undressing his boy (and guessed correctly 

why), he had only gotten as far as opening the boy's 

clothes and inserting his hand under the boy's jockey 

shorts before deciding to have a nap.  Tim decided to wake 

Paul in an interesting way, so he moved the boy to one side 

and closed the boy's fatigues but did not fasten them.  He 

then started opening Paul's clothes, starting with the 

jacket.  Next he unbuttoned Paul's jumper from the 

bottom up, caressing Paul's legs on the way up.  Then he 

untied the bow on Paul's blouse.  "Just like Christmas", he 

thought as he gently unbuttoned the blouse,  enjoying the 

show as more of Paul's  flesh came into view.  Finally, only 

the panties remained.  He unbuttoned them quickly and 

then bending closer, took Paul's penis in his mouth.  As he 

massaged and sucked it, it became large and rigid in his 

mouth.  Taking as much of it into his mouth as he could he 

continued to stimulate it until he felt the first shot of Paul's 

juice slide down his throat.  He heard a low moan and then 

suddenly Paul was awake.  He grabbed Paul's hips to keep 

him from moving around too much and then waited a few 

seconds for Paul to get his bearings.  When he heard a 

sigh of content, he continued until the last drop was gone.

Then, while Paul basked in the afterglow Tim wondered, "I 

wonder  what it tastes like when it's fresh?".

So he slid over to Paul's young boy and opened his clothes 

and pulled his underpants away from his cock.  He 

performed the same service on the boy that he did on 

Paul, but a bit more gently in order to lessen the chance of 

waking him up.  The boy did move and moan a bit during 

his climax, but the wine was sufficient to keep him asleep 

through the experience.  Tim then tenderly redressed the 

boy and gave him a small kiss on the forehead.

During Tim's desert,  Paul had made himself presentable 

again and they tried to decide what to do next.  Looking at 

the two young boys they thought, if we knew what we know 

now when we were their age, think what we would know 

NOW.  Simultaneously, they said, "Let's take them back 

to the house and educate them".

This ends the first part of the series "Special Friends, in the

beginning", the next part of the series will start with "The Apprentices".



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