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Archive-name: Changes/shower.txt

Archive-author: Susan Lafrance  (c) 1989

Archive-title: Wedding Shower

          I thought I had the world by the tail.  In two weeks I

was going to marry the most beautiful girl in the world.....I

owned my own company.....and figured myself to by pretty much

the stud, if you know what I mean.  Well, it's true that I did

like to engage in a little diversion.  I'd been dressing in

ladies  clothing for years now--I couldn't seem to give it up,

and it  truly turned me on.  Karen didn't know about it...and I

couldn't figure out how to tell her.  It was too embarassing.

But no  bother.  I didn't have to tell her anyway.

          The only thorn in the ointment (whatever the hell that

means) was my future mother-in-law.  She hated my guts, and I

hers for that matter.  But I wasn't marrying her so if she

didn'tlike me, too bad.  Or so I thought.

          I received a call at my office that afternoon, from

Stella, Karen's mother.  Although it was odd that she seemed

nicer than usual, I readily agreed to see her that night at my

place.  Maybe she wanted to bury the hatchet.  In my soul she

was ready to bury it.  When I arrived the conversation was brief

and to the point.

          "Donald you know I've never liked you very much" she

said.  "Karen is very special to me, and you're not nearly

special enough for her.  So I figured before I permitted this

marriage I'd better check up on you....and you'll be amazed to

see what I found."

          And with that she placed several 8 by 10 color

glossieson the table.  Glossies of me.....with glossy lips, if

you will.  Yep, she had hired a private eye and the bastard had

caught me through a crack in the curtains of my place.  I was

dressed to the nines in my favorite dress....a black maid's

dress.  It had avery abbreviated skirt with a large petticoat

underneath, sheer black panties with ruffles of white lace on the

bottom, and more lace ruffles all over the place, at the sleeves,

the round neck, the cap, apron, and skirt.  It was

least that is the word she used, with a broad grin on her face.

"I especially like your legs" she added.  "Those four inch, or

are they five inch, black heels really do wonders for you" she


          I was dumbfounded.  Couldn't say a word.  Finally I

croaked "What do you want."

          "What I want you little sissy is to see you in this

uniform right this minute!" she sternly replied.  I hung my

head....there was no way out.  I couldn't stand the thought that

she could now force me to stop the wedding, but worse, she could

ruin my entire life.  I slowly followed her to my bedroom to

face what was sure to be a disaster.

          And it was.  She explored my closet with glee, holding

up various outfits and bits of lingerie, cooing about how cute

I'd look in this or that.  Unfortunately she also discovered my

corset, and when the time came, it was the first thing she made

me wear.  Standing in front of her naked was terribly

embarrasingfor me, but worse yet was the fact that she had forced

me to shave my ENTIRE body below the neck first.  She pulled the

corset tighter than I was ever able to get it and it squeezed me

terribly, to a slender 25 inches.  I slowly dressed in each

item, hoping to God that this would end soon.  She did my makeup

for me, and she was good.  I'd never been able to get the effect

she accomplished.  My false nails were superglued to my own nails

and painted a bright red to match my lips (and my cheeks).  I was

finally ready to view myself in the mirror, and she stood to one

side with this incredibly superior, gloating smile as she

presented my image to me.

          I could have DIED! I was more beautiful, attractive,

sexy, whatever word you could find, than I had ever believed

possible.  She christened me Debbie, and laid down the law as I

was forced to stand and look at my subservient visage.

          "You are now MY maid and will act accordingly, Debbie.

Do you understand?"

          "Yes" I whispered.

          "You mean `Yes Ma'am' don't you dearie?" she demanded.

          "Yes Ma'am" I repeated.

          And it continued.  I was to act as a MAID, not as a

little sissy pretend man, but as a cute, sexy, demure, obedient,

girlie maid.  And if I did exactly as I was told, and performed

as expected, I would not be exposed to my fiance.  I couldn't

figure it out.....could I marry Karen still? After this? Was I

going to have to be under her thumb forever? I didn't have much

chance to think these things out because she decided that there

was work for me to her house!

          If I thought I'd died when I saw myself in the mirror

I don't know what I felt as I traipsed down the street in my

maid'suniform to her house a few blocks away.  She had driven

ahead in her car, so I minced along by myself, deathly afraid

that someonein the neighborhood would recognize me.  Some high

school girls were walking in my direction and stopped to stare at

the image ofa sexpot maid swishing down the street.  I blushed

furiously as Ipassed them, trying my hardest to be as feminine as

possible.   And it was thus that I came to Stella's house where

she met me at the front steps.

          "Debbie dear" she said with a sugary sweet smile.  "I

have a few guests inside and you're going to help me out with

them.  Just remember, if you keep your part of the bargain and

act as the pretty little maid that you appear, then your secret

is safe with me!"

           "But....but" I tried to protest.  But I stopped as she

opened the door wide and gave me a shove into the house.

          "Mother dear, you shouldn't have.  Going to all of

that trouble, getting a maid for my wedding shower!" It was my

fiance, Karen, standing three feet away from me with a huge grin

on her face.  I couldn't believe it but she didn't seem to

recognize me.  For a few awkward moments I stared at the floor.

Stella prompted me to introduce myself.  Somehow I gathered my

wits and dropped a pretty curtsey to her.  "My name is Debbie.

I'm at your service Ma'am" I said softly, not daring to meet her

eyes with mine.

           "Well get to work, honey.  The refreshements are in

the kitchen, and I'm sure everyone is anxious to be served." It

was Stella, and I knew she meant what she said.  But how could I

do this???? How could she do this to me??? I walked past the

foyer and looked into the large living room as I went to the

kitchen.  Oh shit! There must have been at least 30 women in

there ......  including my mother and sister! I was doomed.  I

just knew it.

          But maybe she would keep her promise.  Maybe I could

pull this off.  I had no choice, and I knew it, so I picked up a

tray of canapes and minced into the crowded living room.  Karen

was opening presents and most everyone's attention was focused

onher.  For the first few minutes no one paid me much attention.

But I can't say it gave me much solace.

          Karen opened a prettily wrapped gift and all of the

women ooohed and aaahed at the little pink baby doll nightie as

she lifted it from the box.  "I'll bet Donald will go wild over

you in that" said her maid of honor, Annie.  "You're so lucky to

be marrying such a hunk" she added.  I couldn't help but blush

as her other friends joined in and agreed at what a great catch I

was.  I never knew I was that popular with them....and now....if

they knew the truth!

          More presents were opened until finally the attention

of the group began to focus on me.  I had been swishing about

the room, curtseying properly and hoping that I could continue to

pull this off.  I actually started to gain some confidence in my

efforts until I stood over Karen with a tray, offering it to

her.  She looked at the tray, and then at my hand......slowly a

look of surprise came over her face, and she stood up.  Karen

took the tray from me and stared at my face and then back at my

hand.  And then I realized what was happening....she had

recognized a small scar I had on the back of my hand! I quickly

pulled my hand away and tried to retreat to the kitchen, but

Stella was standing right behind me and I couldn't get past her.

           "Donald, is that you?  It is, it IS you!"  The ladies

started to crowd around me and the crowd buzzed with excitement.

My mother and sister stepped through the throng and joined

Karen.  "It is Donald Mom.  He's doing it again!" It was my

sister Judy.  I simply stood there mute, nothing to say and

nowhere to go.  Finally Karen pulled me to the center of the room

and demanded an explanation.  Stella spoke up.

          "I found him this way when I went to visit him.  Can

you believe it? I figured it was better that you found out

first....  before you married ...that Donald is really a cute

little sissy maid.....a Debbie."  "He used to do this all of the

time when he lived at home" joined in Judy.

          By this time I was near tears, but things got worse.

My mother stepped up to me and demanded that I explain what was

going on.  Stella stood off to the side with a real shit eating

grin on her face....she had fixed me but good.

          I still couldn't talk and my Mother slapped my face a

few times.  Finally I whispered that I liked to dress up like a

girl.  Only Karen could hear me but she was beginning to get into

the flow of things.  "What did you say Debbie?  My friends didn't

hear you."

          And so the group was reseated and I was forced to

stand in the middle of the room, wearing my cute little maids

uniform with the rows of frilly lace showing on my exposed,

pantied bottom, and tell everyone there how I liked to be a

"little sissymaid."  Now that the secret was out all eyes in the

room were focused on me, and I was compelled to again begin

serving the ladies while the guests alternately teased me and

discussed what Karen should do with me.

          "Kick the sissy out!"

          "Let's see another darling curtsey Debbie.  You do it

soooo well!"

          "Let's spank his, I mean her, little butt!"

          It went on and on, crashing over my ears as I

curtseyed to the guests and minced around the room.  Finally

Karen spoke up.  She made me stand next to her in a model's pose,

one knee bent forward, as she caressed my bottom.  "No, I don't

think I'll kick little Debbie out.  I think you ladies are

missing the great opportunity I have here.  I'm going to marry

this little sissy."

          "You're going to what????" shouted Stella, her triumph

apparently vanishing before her eyes.  "Mom, don't you

see...this is perfect.  I'm going to marry Debbie.  She'll give

me her company......and I think I'll hire her as my secretary.

And then at night she can take care of the house and be my maid.

In fact,I think we'll move in here, with you.  She can be OUR

maid.  Now what could be wrong with that?" The anger slowly

disappeared from Stella's face as she realized the advantages of

Karen's plan.

          At that moment my Mother walked into the room with

Karen's gorgeous white lace wedding dress on a hangar.  "Shall

we have a fitting, ladies?"



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